Chapter 869: Sweeping the Enemies Away

 Chapter 869: Sweeping the Enemies Away

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Besides the cultivators with lower cultivations that gathered together and awaited good news to arrive, the rest of the Immortal Soul Stage Elders of the Samsara Sect had also gathered together.

Although Shi Tianfang led the elites of the Samsara Sect out, the Path of the Heaven-Born remained. On one hand, he was considering the possibility of things going wrong, thus it was critical to leave some of his forces behind. On another hand, he needed people to watch over Mo Xiuluo, who had not submitted to Shi Tianfang.

These elders were very calm now and they looked indifferent, but they were interacting non-stop with their supernatural awareness.

"If a snake is bitten and does not die, it will retaliate someday. If we can get completely get rid of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, it will be the best."

"This will be very difficult. Although the Great Void Sect has tweaked their style following the battle at Xiling City, Lin Feng has become very established in the Divine Lands. While the Great Void Sect is not pleased with him, they won't allow him to be killed by others because of his immense power."

"Weakening the Celestial Sect of Wonders and making them paltry will be what the Great Void Sect wishes to see instead."

"When the treasures of the Celestial Sect of Wonders land in our hands, as they are weakened while we are strengthened, it will be fine as long as we don't kill Lin Feng and his powerful Immediate Disciples. This will maintain the strength of the human cultivators, which is the bottom line of the Great Void Sect."

"Hmph, Lin Feng is riding his luck!"

"Even if we don't kill him, he can't do much in the future either. If he has the balls to take revenge, all of us will teach him a lesson. But if he still remains stubborn, I guess we can only..."

"After so many years, the Samsara Sect is finally going to rise again! The past glory shall return to the Path of the Heaven-Born!"

At this point, all the elders smiled. Their mighty aura shot into the sky. Although they made no noise, this aura rumbled void space, making it seemed as if the Heaven and Earth were resonating with a cheerful laugh.

But at this point, outside the mountain of the Path of the Heaven-Born, the sky cracked open suddenly. From void space, a foot landed on the ground!

It was a huge foot formed from purple gas. It was extremely gigantic and countless radiances surged around it. But they couldn't be seen clearly.

As this foot landed, the Heavens collapsed and catalyzed the destruction of void space. Everything seemed to return the point when the Heavens and Earth were first opened up.

Whereas this huge foot was stepping towards the mountain of the Path of the Heaven-Born!

The laughter of everyone from the Path of the Heaven-Born stopped and turned into horrifying screams.

A formation that was even more powerful than the mountain-guarding formation of the East Heaven's Gate was summoned. Six gigantic formations came together to form an even more enormous formation in the shape of a wheel. This formation appeared in the sky above the mountain of the Path of the Heaven-Born, covering it.

The six formations represented the Six Paths of Samsara. As they gathered together, they converted into the Six Paths of Samsara Grand Formation. This grand formation acted out the cycle of Samsara.

Although it was not controlled by an Immortal Soul Third Level cultivator, it managed to unleash a horrifying force under the control of an Immortal Soul Second Level Elder along with the help of other Immortal Soul Stage Elders.

However, it's a pity that everything was for nothing!

As the feet stepped down, radiances flashed within the purple gas, causing the Six Paths of Samsara to collapse instantly!

As the Six Paths were destroyed, Samsara ceased to exist!

The enormous formation was crushed directly. Following that, the feet continued to step and squashed the mountain of the Path of the Heaven-Born!

It was like a giant using his feet to squash an ant's nest!

Many of the disciples were confused but realized that they had left the mountain. They were now in the wilderness. As they looked at one another, they were perplexed.

As they looked far away, the scene that welcomed them made them horrified. The mighty mountain that they called home was now entirely flat. It was as if it was removed from the Heavens and Earth by someone and disappeared.

At this point, they realized that those who were cursing previously had all disappeared too. The bunch of Immortal Soul Stage Elders was not around likewise.

In the face of such a situation, all of them were entirely confused. They could only stare blankly at what was in front of them, but none of them could mutter a word.

In void space above the mountain of the Great Barren Sword Sect, two streaks of sword radiances intersected at this point.

One of the sword radiance was bright and colorful, whereas the other sword radiance was like an intense flame, burning half of the void space.

From the sword radiance that was like an intense flame, a voice resonated, "Great Barren, do you want to walk this path of darkness? The Celestial Sect of Wonders is in danger. After they are destroyed, the foundation that the Great Barren Sect has laid all these years will perish along with them!"

Before the Great Barren Sword Sect could reply, void space jerked violently.

The two streaks of sword radiances moved slower. The jerk experienced by void space seemed to have been caused by a foot landing on the ground. But it sounded too exaggerated to be true.

In the next moment, a huge hand formed from purple gas extended out from void space. As the fingers opened wide apart, the Intense Flaming Swordmaster, who had converted into a sea of fire, was grabbed!

A boundless sea of fire seemed to become an illusion in front of this hand. As the palm of the hand squeezed, the flames were extinguished. The rising temperatures in void space had also started to drop significantly.

The Great Barren Swordmaster revealed himself as he watched this scene in shock.

Only a calm voice rang in his mind at this point, "It's been tough on you, my comrade. You can come to Mount Yujing to rest after this."

The voice then disappeared far away.

As void space shook, it was as if a huge giant was walking on it. This giant soon arrived at the mountain of the Lightning Sword Sect.

Over there, lightning rumbled and struck continuously. It was in an intense battle with a boundless ocean in the sky.

"Lightning, I advise you not to do anything. What you are doing now is to seek trouble for yourself. Believe me, in time to come..." The Vast Sea Swordmaster was speaking, but void space cracked suddenly.

The Vast Sea Swordmaster was shocked, and he saw a hand coming for him suddenly!

At the same time, in the dark void space that had cracked open, there seemed to be a huge mouth as a tremendous suction power was unleashed. The boundless ocean that had engulfed the mountain of the Lightning Sword Sect had been sucked within!

The Vast Sea Swordmaster wanted to resist and he converted into light rays. But as the hand grabbed harder, he was squeezed back into his human form instantly.

In the next moment, the hand grabbed onto the Vast Sea Swordmaster and pulled him into void space. He had disappeared completely.

The Lightning Swordmaster was at a loss for words now. In such a short period of time, his view had returned to the blue skies like before. The Vast Sea Swordmaster and the ocean had completely disappeared. Only he was around now.

"It's been tough on you, my comrade. You can come to Mount Yujing to rest after this." A mighty voice rang in his mind, before disappearing far away.

Above the Purple Clouds Peak of Mount Thunder that led to the Mount Kunlun, a boundless power was summoned in void space. This caused the sounds of thunder to roar.

Layers of layers of formation spells were summoned, preventing the ferocious thunder and lightning from striking outwards. At the same time, a huge, ferocious beast was running riot inside the formation, battling the lightning.

Ming Zun of the Path of Hell and Wu Xusen from the Path of Beasts were stopping the Thunderclouds Holy Man and the Blue Pavilion Holy Man.

The Nine Heavens Divine Thunder was striking countless demonic beasts, tearing apart formations after formations.

But the methods of Ming Zun and Wu Xusen were endless, as they trapped the Thunderclouds Holy Man and the Blue Pavilion Holy Man over here.

Wu Xusen laughed, "Why are the both of you trying so hard? While your ties with the Celestial Sect of Wonders are good, your sect doesn't belong to them. It's meaningless to fight so aggressively with us because of them."

"Furthermore, even if the both of you can arrive there, things cannot be reversed. Mount Shu, the East Heaven's Gate and the Samsara Sect have gathered to destroy the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Since Lin Feng is not around, how long do you think they can last?"

"It's almost certain that they will be destroyed, just like the War of Buddha Annihilation in the past. I think it should be successful by now..."

Wu Xusen stopped talking, as he felt a giant walking towards him in void space. It was very far initially, but the giant only took one step to reach him.

Two huge hands extended from void space and grabbed hold of both him and Ming Zun!

Wu Xusen's expression changed. As he thought of something, countless demonic beasts came in front of him to protect him. There were even two beasts who were in the Undying Demon Soul Second Level among all the beasts protecting him.

But as the hand grabbed, the beasts were killed instantly. Even the two powerful beasts were distorted before being killed.

As the five fingers grabbed, Wu Xusen was taken away.

Ming Zun shone with lights around his body and powerful formations surged around him too. His black robe also flashed with radiances and was filled with different types of runes. It was a magic treasure in the metaplasia realm.

These hundreds and thousands of formations seemed to be only as big as palm individually, but they managed to do so by shrinking space. This allowed all of them to gather in front of Ming Zun.

Each and every one of these formations were formed from countless talismans. When they were set up together, they filled the Heavens and Earth and the formation created was extremely vast.

Each formation was special on its own. They could engulf, trap, defend, ambush, deplete powers....

A hundred of them converted into doors. Behind each of those doors was an alternate plane of space, like a hell.

Black sand hell, Ice cold hell, Flaming hell, Thunderstorm hell, Volcanic hell...

Different types of frightening, disastrous powers descended, revolving around Ming Zun. Even the Thunderclouds Holy Man and Blue Pavilion Holy Man raised their brows as they saw this.

But the hand seemed to be unstoppable. It was unbothered by the formations in front of Ming Zun. As the fingers opened and closed, the formations were crushed. And before Ming Zun made any further moves, he was already caught.

The Thunderclouds Holy Man and Blue Pavilion Holy Man were shocked as they saw this. A voice rang in their minds at this point, "It's been tough on the two of you. After this, the both of you can come to Mount Yujing to rest."

As the voice finished speaking, it had already disappeared far away. The two hands grabbed hold onto Ming Zun and Wu Xusen before disappearing into void space.
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