Chapter 868: Someones Things Are Going to Get Confiscated!

 Chapter 868: Someone's Things Are Going to Get Confiscated!

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This sudden change left everyone present slightly stunned.

The Life and Death Book was about to escape the control of Xu Anda and leave.

After a period of momentary shock, Xu Anda was enlightened, " are still the best at doing this!"

The Life and Death Book was about to fly to a place in void space, where there was a young kid who looked like he was only two or three years old but carried with him the stature of an adult. He looked even eviler than Xu Anda.

Not only the Life and Death Book, even the three Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruit that Xu Anda cultivated moved suddenly. They converted into a dark light and were about to follow the Life and Death Book.

Xu Anda took in a deep breath, "Master, please forgive me, but I cannot concede defeat so easily."

Black light surged around his body and countless souls rose from within. He retrieved another three Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruits. These three Dao Fruits were all formed from his own powers and they flew into the sky, trying to stall the Dao Fruits that were about to leave with the Life and Death Book.

Xu Anda unleashed his powers to the fullest and streaks and streaks of black lights appeared, engulfing the Life and Death Book. They prevented the Life and Death Book from leaving the control of Xu Anda.

The light ball of the Yin-Yang Sea was the least of his worries now. Right now, the most important thing was the Life and Death Book!

The Life and Death Book was a magic treasure in the destiny realm that he had worked so hard to cultivate!

As Xu Anda retreated, Shao Dongtian was in deep trouble. With only him commanding the Great Heavenly Wheels, how would he be able to overcome Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi, Wang Lin and Shi Tianhao?

This replica of a magic treasure in the destiny realm could overpower other treasures that were below the destiny realm.

But against the Higan Golden Bridge that was in the same level, it lost its might.

Xiao Yan and the others were decisive too. They ignored Xu Anda and the Life and Death Book temporarily and focused their firepower on Shao Dongtian. After that, they intercepted Jie Luoshi, preventing him from escaping with the Heaven-Destroying Sword.

Shao Dongtian was annoyed and could only retract the powers of the wheel into his body, before converting into a light wheel to resist the pressure brought about by the Higan Golden Bridge. He watched as the power of the light wheel depleted quickly and its radiance became dimmer and dimmer.

The white jade wheel was also starting to surface with cracks too.

Shao Dongtian turned dismal and an ominous feeling struck him. Besides the problem that he was facing now, there was another reason.

His normally calm state of mind developed a sense of panic. It was as if he felt that something disastrous was going to happen.

When one was at Shao Dongtian's level, his sense would be quite accurate. It could not have been a coincidence.

But he was unable to get his head around it as if there was something blocking his mind.

Not to even mention getting his head around what exactly was that thing, he did not even know whether the thing had happened, was happening or was going to happen.

The more it was in this way, the more it showed the danger of the situation. That's because the risks exceeded what he knew!

Shao Dongtian looked at Mount Yujing in front of him and a thought rose in his mind, "Don't tell me it is...."


In the Divine Lands, to the southeast sea border of the Great Zhou Empire, waves struck a reef. Everything seemed peaceful and was not affected by what was going on over at Mount Yujing.

The fishermen went out to the sea to catch fishes as usual. In the sky, a few streaks of light appeared. But these lights were caused by Aurous Core and Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators passing by. They received the deepest respects from the ordinary citizens around.

And above this peaceful sea, in void space, a figure appeared subtly. But the figure wasn't really in the Greater World, but within space-time turbulence. It's just that a door was opened, which was connected to the Greater World.

Outside of void space of the Divine Lands, inside dark space, there was a huge pagoda that floated in mid-space. The pagoda shone with beams of crimson red light that extended till the depths of void space.

One of the Nine Treasures of the Heaven's Gate, the Zhu Heaven Pagoda of the West!

This magic treasure was in the metaplasia realm. There was a world inside it, that contained vast powers and was extremely divine. It was one of the few magic treasures from the Heaven's Gate that did not experience a catastrophe.

The biggest power of the Zhu Heaven Pagoda was that it was able to hide inside void space and was difficult to track. That's why the East Heaven's Gate used it hold all their disciples within.

However, while the Zhu Heaven Pagoda could shift freely, it could not shift its position in void space if it was used as a cave for the East Heaven's Gate. This made it less secretive than Mount Yujing.

No matter which position of void space it hid itself in, it would be at the original spot when it returned to the Greater World.

Right now, inside the pagoda, there was a bunch of East Heaven's Gate cultivators gathering together. They were engaged in a heated discussion, hoping that their leader would return with something as he went to Mount Kunlun. They hoped that he would be able to destroy the Celestial Sect of Wonders with the other great powers.

One East Heaven's Gate cultivator said hatefully, "Yin Cangchen was abducted, exposing the location of the Zhu Heaven Pagoda. This has forced us to shift it away, in case we are found by Lin Feng. If we can destroy the Celestial Sect of Wonders, we'll be able to avenge our humiliation at the Ying Sea!"

Someone beside him shook his head, "Master is not acting according to his emotions as he is out this time. If he can obtain Mount Yujing, the East Heaven's Gate can replace the Celestial Sect of Wonders. When that happens, even the Great Zhou Empire have to be respectful to us. We shall then become a considerable power in the Divine Lands."

Another person commented, "Even if we can't get Mount Yujing, getting the white jade pillar from the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain would still be a boost to the powers of the East Heaven's Gate. When Master forms the Immortal Soul Third Level, we shall become the top power in the Divine Lands. What we lack is a magic treasure in the destiny realm."

"The Great Heavenly Wheels is in the hands of the Marquis of Xuanji, while the Nine Heavens Sword is still incomplete. This white jade pillar is extremely important to the rise of the East Heaven's Gate."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, "Since Lin Feng is missing, the alliance to rid the Celestial Sect of Wonders is our best chance."

Someone questioned hesitantly, "I'm afraid Lin Feng will take revenge when he returns. Although the Zhu Heaven Pagoda can shift its position, Lin Feng is a very resourceful person. What if he has a way of finding us..."

The cultivator who first spoke snorted, "What are you so scared of? When he's back, Mount Yujing, the white jade pillar and the other magic treasures would already have been taken away. His powers would be greatly depleted. When he faces the encirclement of everyone then, he should be the one who's afraid!"

"If he is clever, he should hide himself at the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain and accept his fate. Otherwise, when he is chased by the others, he is likely to lose the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain too. The Celestial Sect of Wonders would be destroyed then!"


Before they finished speaking, they sensed a violent jerk from the Zhu Heaven Pagoda.

It was as if the room that they were in had just experienced an earthquake.

But they were in void space and inside the Zhu Heaven Pagoda!

The rest of the cultivators who were of lower cultivations were unaware of what's going on, but the Immortal Soul cultivator instructed by Shao Dongtian to remain at the mountain was fearful.

Through the mana restrictions of the Zhu Heaven Pagoda, he could clearly see a huge hand formed from purple gas. This hand extended from void space and the fingers opened wide apart, grabbing hold onto the Zhu Heaven Pagoda.

Treasure lights started to revolve around the Zhu Heaven Pagoda. The size of the pagoda increased, hoping to escape. At the same time, countless streaks of radiance shone outside the pagoda, converting into a light fog and creating a world. Thousands and millions of runes gathered to form a huge formation, protecting the pagoda.

But the huge hand was unbothered. It did not seem very scary, but wherever the hand went, the Heavens would collapse instantaneously. Space, time, thunderstorm, all matter in the Heavens and Earth were crushed. The formation was converted to nothing in an instant.

The hand grabbed onto the Zhu Heaven Pagoda, causing it to stop moving immediately. The treasure lights around the pagoda dissipated soon after.

This hand grabbed onto the pagoda-like it was holding a teacup, before shaking it slightly in space.

No sound resonated from the pagoda. Whoever was discussing previously had been converted to ashes and disappeared. But the Zhu Heaven Pagoda was not damaged. Those who did not speak were fine, as they were stunned by what they saw.

The bunch of them quickly shut their mouths with their hands subconsciously.

After the hand grabbed the Zhu Heaven Pagoda, it pulled the pagoda back into void space.

Those in the Divine Lands could not see what happened. But everyone was weirdly shocked and looked up into the sky in confusion. There seemed to be an invisible giant that transcended void space, as it walked in the Heavens and Earth leisurely.

Right now, on the mountain of the Path of the Heaven-Born, the cultivators were monitoring the situation at Mount Kunlun closely. They were hoping for good news to return.

Meng Bei and Du Ting, the two cultivators who followed Shen Qifeng to the Spiritual Conference of Kunlun Mountains, were now discussing the battle that was going on at Mount Kunlun.

Du Ting eyes shone and he said excitedly, "Master, this time, we can make the arrogant Celestial Sect of Wonders pay for what they have done in the past!"

Meng Bei nodded his head, "That's right. The Celestial Sect of Wonders has been too domineering these few years. Right now, Lin Feng is also missing. The time has come for the Celestial Sect of Wonders to fall!"

Du Ting rubbed his hands, "Since so many of the Samsara cultivators have been activated for this mission, it is obvious that we are eyeing a lot of the treasures of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. But I wonder how much will we benefit from this?"

Meng Bei replied, "The Great Zhou Empire is restrained by the Great Qin Empire. Our greatest rival this time is the Mount Shu Sword Sect. I don't think we can determine how much we can benefit from this battle as of now. But if we can get Mount Yujing, it'll be the best."

Inside another room, there was another person, who laid down. His complexion was pale and his originally plump figure had slimmed down considerably. But he still seemed very swollen, as his eyes flashed with an evil radiance. He was Yang Likun, the cultivator who was disabled by Zhou Yuncong during the Spiritual Conference of Kunlun Mountains.

His laughter was like a night owl, "Rascal, you are lucky to land in the hands of a Demonic Saint. Otherwise, I will torture you when we take over Mount Yujing!"

"But don't be smug. Even if you die, the other disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders won't be able to avert their deaths."

"Kill! Kill! Kill! Everyone from the Celestial Sect of Wonders deserves to die!"
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