Chapter 862: Virtual Entity

 Chapter 862: Virtual Entity

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Inside the Spirit Sea, at the boundary between the world of the Spirit Sea and the ocean, within the light ball, Lin Feng's actual body and Thunder Dragon Avatar both kept their eyes shut as they sat facing each other.

His Avatar of Ares sat on one side and stared at the Heavenly Oyster's Golden Pearl above. He watched as streaks and streaks of flowing light surged inside before shooting out again, landing on the actual body of Lin Feng and his Thunder Dragon Avatar.

"Oh?" The Avatar of Ares blinked his eyes suddenly. As his gaze flashed, an image surfaced in his mind.

On the familiar Mount Yujing, the defensive mechanism of the Grand Heavens Pavilion was called into action. A layer of light was coated over the entire mountain as a result of that.

But a projection of an elder was trying to take down the defense of the Grand Heavens Pavilion.

A youth in white who looked like he was only 14 or 15 years old took the opportunity to penetrate through the layer of light and stepped on Mount Yujing.

As he saw the looks of the both of them, the gaze of the Avatar of Ares flashed, "Samsara Priest? Shi Tianfang?"

The image flashed through his mind instantaneously. Following that, whatever happened next couldn't be seen.

"Hey, you dare to attack my mountain? I welcome you with open arms. There's a huge surprise waiting for you." Lin Feng smiled. Although the image appeared very briefly in his mind, Lin Feng could also spot that intense battles were going on within the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

At that moment, three Taiji Diagram started to shine brightly, shaking the entire Heavens and Earth. These Taiji Diagrams seemed to originate from the same source.

"From the looks of it, Xiao Yan, Wang Lin, and Tianhao have all formed the Immortal Soul. Very well, very well." Lin Feng cheered in his heart.

However, as there were enemies attacking Mount Yujing, Lin Feng was infuriated.

The Avatar of Ares stood up and walked around Lin Feng's actual body and the Thunder Dragon Avatar. His vision alternated between the Heavenly Oyster's Golden Pearl and the ocean outside.

In the ocean, countless principles of Great Dao filled it, trying to mend the hole that the Hades Emperor left in the Spirit Sea.

Purplish and white light flashed above these formless light belts.

The white light had the advantage, but the purple light was unyielding. Even though it was at a disadvantage, it did not back down. This made it difficult for the white light to emerge victorious even though it had the advantage.

Lin Feng stared at the white and purplish light before muttering to himself, "Right now, it's still not the time for the Hades Tribe to reveal themselves. However, I can't watch as the Great Void Sect attains control of the Spirit Sea."

"Besides, I need all of you to stay out of the matter for a while. In this way, it'll be much more convenient for me in the future."

Lin Feng's eyelids drooped a little and a few streaks of dark radiances flashed across his squinted eyes.

He let out his breath, "I have to thank both parties for saving so much of my time. Now that the time is ripe, let's start!"

The eyes of Lin Feng's actual body opened wide suddenly. As he blinked, countless radiances flashed. In an instant, the Heavens seemed to have opened while the Earth was destroyed. As changes occurred, destruction ensued and the cycle repeated.

Whereas his Thunder Dragon Avatar also opened his eyes. The thick, purplish light in his eyes consolidated to form a real entity, which was like a purplish crystal.

The forehead of Lin Feng's actual body surfaced a Taiji Diagram. This Taiji Diagram kept on spinning and a light projection was shown on this Taiji Diagram.

The structure of the light projection was not fixed. As it kept on changing, it revealed the image of a vast cosmo, boundless Heavens and Earth, deep blue sea and a sky full of moving clouds.

In an instant, the image changed to a tall mountain before becoming a long river, followed by a desert and then a forest.

Besides the sceneries of nature, life was also revealed. There were leopards, birds, fishes, worms, and humans all around.

At times, the light projection would turn into something that was not eye-catching. A piece of rock, a blade of grass, a speckle of dust, a streak of sunlight.

These were only some of the examples around.

But all these things represented everything in the world and the destiny of all life.

Black and white radiances flashed within these light projections. As these light projections changed, Lin Feng's mind seemed to have traversed across countless paths too.

He felt as if he had converted into the eternal universe, watching as life perished, luminaries revolving continuously, as the most miraculous of views in the Heavens and Earth were broadcasted.

He felt as if he had converted into the vast Heavens and Earth, driving all life silently, nourishing their growth and nurturing their spirits.

He felt as if he was the boundless sea. As the tides rose and fell, they tolerated everything when they were calm and became devastating tsunamis when they surged furiously. As the countless lives in the sea swam, they basked in their own happiness.

He felt as if he was the clear breeze in the Heavens and Earth, which guided the path of the clouds. The breeze was not only formless but unpredictable.

As mountains stood tall, they allowed wind and rain to erode them, sunlight to shine on them, beasts to walk on them and humans to carve paths out on them.

In the long river, the river water never stopped flowing, but they still remained smooth as mirrors. Fishes leaped out of the water occasionally, and seagulls dived down to hunt for fishes at times too. People rocked their boats on the river water, as they felt a sense of peace traveling on this river.

In the desert, the Sun bore down and heatwaves ensued. Even sunlight was distorted, causing one to be disoriented as he looked at it. A random tourist struggled as he crawled towards the city.

In the forests, the leaves of trees were shone on by mottled sunlight. As the sunlight landed on the grass on the ground, they formed countless light spots. The ground jerked for a moment, while the leaves shook too. A deer passed through the forest before disappearing far away.

Lin Feng's mind was like that deer, as it never stopped progressing forward.

Suddenly, the deer fell to the ground. It felt an intense pain on one of its leg. It groaned as he turned its head around. It saw a huge beast trap, that left its leg bleeding profusely, even to the extent where its bones were revealed.

After a brief moment, a huge hunter walked out and followed the bloodstains to the deer. As the hunter grabbed onto the neck of the deer, he lifted it up.

Lin Feng looked at the deer in his hand. His mind had become the hunter now. The hunter was excited, while his family awaited his return. Over there, his elderly mother, beloved wife, and kid were waiting for him.

As he walked in the dense forest, Lin Feng lifted his head up suddenly. He saw a rare sparrow on a tree with beautiful feathers. If he could catch it, the elderly merchants in the city would definitely love it. When he sold it for a good price, he could then buy a few pieces of quality cloth for his mother and wife to sew new clothes.

He placed the deer in his hand down and climbed up the tree slowly. He tried his best to remain quiet, but the bird was still scared away. As its wings flapped, it had already flown off.

Lin Feng's mind converted into that bird as it flew into the sky. The bird even turned back to look at the annoyed hunter, as it whistled crisply, seemingly mocking the clumsiness of the hunter.

After that, in a matter of seconds, Lin Feng's mind seemed to have circled one round among all life in the world.

Following that, he turned into an ordinary mountain rock. The rock remained in the chilly wind, not shifting for a long time. It only moved when someone kicked it off the mountain.

Lin Feng did not feel anything. As the rock rolled down the mountain, it finally ended in a deep valley. There were many cracks in its body and its appearance had changed totally. But there was no feeling of pain. It remained at the bottom of the valley just like that, as if only its position and nothing else had changed.

Lin Feng converted into a blade of grass, rooted in the soil. The four seasons passed and the grass alternated between withered yellow and bright green. Without movement or thought, time passed for the blade of grass slowly.

Lin Feng then converted into a streak of sunlight. From its birth to the point when it landed on the ground, everything happened very fast.

But as long as the Sun never set, it was as if he was eternally present. The sunlight absorbed by the plants on the ground was him. The sunlight in the air was also him. Eternity and an instant existed as one at this point. At the same time, Lin Feng could not differentiate which was the real him.

Just like that, Lin Feng's mind had gone through the life of all matter in the world, regardless whether they were sentient or not.

He seemed to convert into a world on his own and seemed not to be himself anymore.

The idea of "I" became more and more blurry, till it was difficult to recognize.

But Lin Feng was calm and his state of mind was still stable.

He was the Heavens and Earth, but the Heavens and Earth were not him.

Lin Feng's actual body became more and more unclear, whereas the light projection above him became clearer and clearer. The light projection seemed to be independent of the Spirit Sea, Greater World, and the Grand Celestial World. It became a world on its own.

In this world, everything changed, which was very miraculous.

Although this world was still new and illusory, it had already transcended the Heavens and Earth.

At this point, Lin Feng had taken a further step out. He was no longer under the Heavens and Earth.

Everything in this world was an independent entity from his point of view now. Everything was different.

But away from his perspective, everything seemed to be a part of destiny.

One cultivated to strip himself off of the ordinariness that everyone else was. Even from the wider perspective of the Heavens and Earth, one would still be extraordinary.

The virtual entity was the first step to that. Breaking out of the restraints, leaping beyond the Heavens and Earth, understanding the true meaning of the Great Dao and forming a Heavens and Earth on one's own.

Streaks and streaks of radiances surged. Yin and Yang, Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Eternity and Instant, Reality and Illusion, Vast and Tiny, Life Creation and Destruction.... countless Great Dao started to gather towards the light projection.

At the same time, Lin Feng's Thunder Dragon Avatar also carried out an action. It did not form the virtual entity, but runes started to light upon his body. These runes started to gather towards the forehead of the Thunder Dragon Avatar.

More and more runes gathered at the center of his forehead. A huge amount of radiance dissipated and converted into sashes. These sashes extended to the Heavens and Earth, becoming more tightly linked with the Heavens and Earth.

Void space seemed to light up. The Thunder Dragon Avatar was slightly rumbled at this point, as he felt something nobler than him trying to interact with him. It was a will, which was immense and noble.

He continued to remain clear in his thoughts and consciousness. That noble will did not disrupt his thinking too, but he felt as if he was infused with it, as they became more connected.

Lin Feng's Thunder Dragon Avatar felt that his demon soul and blood were experiencing huge changes.
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