Chapter 853: Youngest Immortal Soul in History!

 Chapter 853: Youngest Immortal Soul in History!

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Wherever Shi Tianhao's "Huang" word went, the Shaoze Swordmaster was affected. The Shaoze Sword seemed to be restrained by chains of locks, as it was unable to move forward.

Even the blade of the Shaoze Sword was revealed now. From the looks of it, the Shaoze Sword seemed like an average green bronze sword.

Shi Tianhao extended his hands and grabbed the blade of the sword. He did not seem to care how sharp the blade was. He grabbed hard onto it and prevented the Shaoze Swordmaster from retreating.

At the same time, a bright radiance flashed across his brows. This also caused the Shaoze Swordmaster to feel the frightening Final Holy Light shining out. The holy light converted into a long rainbow which stabbed towards the Shaoze Swordmaster!

The Shaoze Swordmaster was also provoked and he turned fierce. He did not abandon his sword to dodge the attack of Shi Tianhao. Rather, he roared and his virtual entity & Immortal Soul were both entrusted onto the Shaoze Sword. As his person combined with the sword, he summoned his powers to the fullest.

It was no longer the Shaoze Sword that was being unleashed. It was the Lixiong Sword instead!

The Lixiong Sword which had the most ferocious offensive strength among the Mount Shu Six Passages of Sword!

Countless ferocious, cold radiances were shot out of the sword. These countless streaks of sword radiances filled the place that the Shaoze Swordmaster and Shi Tianhao were battling in!

And these sword radiances gathered together to form an extremely thick and bright beam of sword radiance. As the powers of the radiances gathered, they stabbed towards Shi Tianhao.

The Mount Shu Lixiong Sword needed just one strike to kill the enemy!

Out of both parties, one had to die!

On the right hand that Shi Tianhao used to grab the blade of the sword, fresh blood started to spurt out. His burning energy caused the temperatures around to rise.

The Shaoze Swordmaster stabbed brutally towards the chest of Shi Tianhao. Wherever the Shaoze Sword could not penetrate, the Lixiong Sword managed to penetrate with just one blow. He stabbed so hard that the sword almost came out from the other side of Shi Tianhao's chest!

But at the same time, Shi Tianhao's Final Holy Light flashed across and landed on the Shaoze Sword. At this moment, the bright sword radiance of the Shaoze Sword was destroyed!

The Shaoze Swordmaster screamed in horror. His virtual entity was jerked out of the Shaoze Sword but was only left with half of it. The bottom half of his virtual entity had disappeared.

The Shaoze Sword revealed its original form, but its sword radiance had become dimmer. On the blade of the sword, there was a horizontal mark. Countless radiances surged out from it as if the sword was bleeding.

This magic treasure in the metaplasia realm was damaged greatly by Shi Tianhao and was almost destroyed!

And at this point, Shi Tianhao unleashed another fist and the ferocious strength of the "Hong" word was summoned. The Kun Peng Pavilion crashed down again. Under the combined attack, the critically injured virtual entity of the Shaoze Swordmaster was further hurt and was eventually crushed!

"Shi Tianhao!" The Shaoze Swordmaster was heartbroken, as his virtual entity was crushed by Shi Tianhao!

His hard work over a thousand years had been wasted!

As his virtual entity was destroyed, he fell back to the Immortal Soul First Level!

After the Guanchong Swordmaster, yet another swordmaster of the Mount Shu Sword Sect was thrown back into the Immortal Soul First Level by the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

The Shaoze Swordmaster was no longer capable of avenging himself now. He could only convert himself into a sword radiance and escaped.

Shi Tianhao looked at him coldly and did not chase after him. He used his unhurt left hand to grab onto the Shaoze Sword and pulled it away from his injured right hand.

The Shaoze Sword shook tremendously and its sword radiance flashed. It was resisting Shi Tianhao.

Shi Tianhao said, "Do you want to be crushed?" As he grabbed even harder with his left hand, his powers caused the Shaoze Sword to tremble. The radiances that came out from the horizontal mark on the blade of the sword increased, whereas the sword radiance of the Shaoze Sword became dimmer.

After he pulled the Shaoze Sword away and held it in his hand, Shi Tianhao's brows summoned the Original Holy Light. As the light landed on his body, it allowed the injuries on his chest and right hand to be healed gradually.

He returned to the Kun Peng Pavilion and sat on his knees. He used the Kun Peng to suppress the Shaoze Sword, before retrieving the Cloud Forest Tree branch again to restore his powers.

As he felt his powers restored, he summoned the Original Holy Light again and restored the Kun Peng Pavilion that was hurt by the Shaoze Sword. But the effect of the Original Holy Light on his body was much more pronounced than that on anyone or anything else.

Shi Tianhao remained calm and looked at the Cloud Mirror City in the distance. He was extremely anxious by this time. He was fearful that he was still late by one step. But the more anxious he was, the faster he was able to restore to his peak state. This allowed him to regain his powers to deal with anyone who wanted to violate the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

In the horizon, a radiance flashed suddenly. Shi Tianhao commanded the Kun Peng Pavilion to break through void space and rush in that direction. He saw that the formation on the mountain was being summoned. Inside the formation, there were many people fighting!

"I'm back!" Shi Tianhao hollered. He burst into the formation. But as he just entered, he saw something that left him extremely furious!

Xiao Yan summoned the Yin Yang Burning Heavens Formation. But he did not use it to attack but instead, defend himself. He was under the attack of both Shao Dongtian and the Xuan Heaven Seal.

The Immortal Royal Flag and the Divine Token of the Five Thrones flashed with radiances, trying to help him defend. But the radiances were becoming dimmer and dimmer.

As the Xuan Heaven Seal crashed down, the Divine Token of the Five Thrones were thrown away.

As Shi Tianhao saw this scene, his eyes burned with fire.

Among all the Immediate Disciples, he shared the best relationship with Xiao Yan. More accurately speaking, the two of them were the first two disciples of Lin Feng. When they were younger, they went through a lot of things together. They were even willing to die for each other.

When his parents were being pursued and forced into the Void Battleground, Shi Tianhao was still in retreat. When Xiao Yan received news of this, he did not even hesitate to find the Yu Clan to help him take revenge.

As Xiao Yan saw Shi Tianhao, his eyes brightened and he laughed, "Just in time, I have something good for you!"

Following that, he shouted, "Yuanfang, send Tianhao onto Mount Yujing and give him what I prepared for him."

Before Xiao Yan even asked, the formation had already experienced some changes when Shi Tianhao just entered it. Shi Tianhao was immediately sent onto Mount Yujing.

"Rascal, I don't have time to figure this out with you. Whether you can succeed depends on you. But I believe that you can!"

Following Xiao Yan's voice, the last thing Shi Tianhao saw was the Yin Yang Burning Heavens Formation under the incessant attacks of Shao Dongtian and the Xuan Heaven Seal.

Shi Tianhao was sent straight to the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. Over there, Li Yuanfang looked very serious, but he still remained calm. As he gestured with his fingers, he sent in spells after spells into the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

He did not bother too much with formalities and handed two ceramic bottles to Shi Tianhao, "This is the blood essence of a Qiong Qi in the Demon Lord realm that Master prepared for you and the Trayastrimsa Elixir of Creation that Eldest Senior prepared for you!"

"Thanks, Sixth Senior!" Shi Tianhao received the two ceramic bottles over and cracked one of it.

Suddenly, a fishy-smelling and dirty black substance floated in mid-space.

Inside the substance, a light projection flashed. There was a figure with two wings and had fur that seemed to contain pricks. The figure had an appearance that resembled a cow and a tiger. As it spoke, it sounded like it was roaring.

It was a Qiong Qi, one of the Four Immemorial Fearsome Beasts!

As a light projection flashed above Shi Tianhao's head, his Cosmic Form was revealed. Above his Cosmic Form, there were four cauldrons. The last empty one pointed towards the Qiong Qi blood essence and sucked it in.

Once the blood essence of the Qiong Qi was sucked in, it was immediately converted into a black water flow. In an instant, it was cultivated by Shi Tianhao.

His cauldrons were already extremely cultivated, but only lacked the blood essence of a Qiong Qi that was of sufficient quality. Right now, everything was about to be completed.

Inside the four cauldrons, the powers of the Hundun converted into a hurricane, the powers of the Qiong Qi converted into lack water, the powers of the Taotie converted into the Earth and the powers of the Tao Wu converted into a green fire. As they resonated, the majestic power of the combination of the four words of the Xuanhuang Four-Words Mantra also expanded.

In each of the eyes of the four heads of his Cosmic Form, a light was shot out.

The left eye shot out a radiance that represented the end of everything. Wherever this light went, everything would be forced to stop.

The right eye shot out a radiance that represented the beginning of everything. Wherever this light went, everything would restart.

The second ceramic bottle was also broken. The Trayastrimsa Elixir of Creation appeared and Shi Tianhao swallowed it.

In the next moment, besides the Cosmic Form above Shi Tianhao's head, another light projection flashed. It was a youth, which looked like Shi Tianhao when he was 15 or 16 years old. It was his Nascent Soul.

In two years in the Greater World, more than ten years had passed in the Void Battleground. Shi Tianhao's cultivation had already reached the peak of the Advanced Stage of the Nascent Soul Stage. His Nascent Soul Stage was extremely well-built and he could even subtly see the door to the Immortal Soul appearing in his mind. But after trying, he realized that the time was not ripe.

Initially, he was not in a rush. That was because he was still 30 years old.

But today, with the crisis that the Celestial Sect of Wonders was facing, he wanted to break through the last barrier and achieve the Immortal Soul!

It was not for the reputation of being the youngest Immortal Soul Stage cultivator in history. Rather, the Celestial Sect of Wonders needed him to form the Immortal Soul now and defend the sect!

At this moment, Shi Tianhao could see the door clearly. His energy had reached its peak.

He could clearly feel that all he needed was a light push on the door!

In his mind, countless images flashed across.

When he was a baby, his Natural Supreme Spiritual Altar was taken away from him, leaving him helpless and tormented as a kid.

As he lived in a small village, he forgot about everything and lived a worry-less childhood life.

As he finally accepted discipleship with Lin Feng, he cultivated and got along with his fellow seniors.

During the battle at the Dragon Battle Arena, he sought redress for himself.

As he reunited with his grandfather, he was still worried about his own parents.

Right now, there were enemies attacking the Celestial Sect of Wonders, threatening to create a bloodbath.

Everything converted into the most primitive and pure strength, consolidating to form an extremely powerful will. This caused the door to the Immortal Soul to be pushed open!
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