Chapter 773: Yeah, its you

 Chapter 773: Yeah, it's you

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Zhu Yi unleashed the Heavenly Market Enclosure Divine Palm. Before the palm was out, merely the terrifying explosive force within was enough to cause the surrounding Void to collapse in huge patches.

The next instant, everyone in the Galaxy Illusion suddenly felt as if every single star in the universe has dimmed simultaneously for a moment.

The stars flickered, from bright to dim and back again; correspondingly, every single pore of the giant formed by Zhu Yi's starlight opened together, as if at this very instant, it was connected with the boundless Milky Way in the cosmos.

Countless stars were born, lived, and eventually destroyed, narrating the most ancient laws of the universe.

The universe changes, the stars shift.

Anything and everything, inevitably, experienced the process from gestation, birth, growth, aging, and eventually, annihilation.

Even for the most long-lived entities of the universe, the stars of the cosmos that have existed since the beginning of time, it was unavoidable. As constellations shifted and galaxies roamed, they headed towards death, towards the final destination of the cosmos.

The vast body, formed by starlight and sustained by Zhu Yi's soul, moved abruptly as it took three steps in an instant.

With the first step, his body swung sideways, seemingly melting to form countless projections at once, shining together like millions of stars.

With the second step, they became twenty-eight human forms, each taking up one position of the Celestial Fist of the Twenty-Eight Mansions and together, let out a loud yell.

With the third, final step, every single projection disappeared together, as if they have never appeared in the first place. Only Zhu Yi remained; the air of blood and masculinity boiled violently, like innumerable stars exploding at once.

The fatal move of the physical martial arts of Emperor Chen - Shifting Stars Technique!

With the three steps, the strength of Zhu Yi's body, formed by converging starlight, was at its extreme, as if a casual punch would blast a star apart.

From the bottom of the feet, to the legs, to the waist, all the way up along the spine and reaching the top of the head. The entire person shook violently; instantly, it was as if the stars rippled and the universe wavered!

After the three steps, Zhu Yi's body just disappeared from the field of stars. When he next appeared, his location has already shifted; however, he was not attacking the Golden Crow and the Dark Shadow, but was instead right in front of the Boundless Blood Sea!

Right now, as it attempted to take control of the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars, the Boundless Blood Sea was at a crucial time. Although its power was at Immortal Soul Third Level, but distracted and facing the massive explosive force of the Shifting Stars Technique, a gap was instantly ripped open in the turbulent Blood Sea.

Zhu Yi raised his right hand; the Heavenly Market Enclosure Divine Palm, ready to strike long ago, continued to blast the Boundless Blood Sea.

"Knowing my identity, with Big Senior's character, even if he had only a Starlight forged by the Remnant Soul of an Immortal Soul First Level cultivator - or even a Nascent Soul Starlight - he would still take the job of blocking the enemy without a second's hesitation and let me go and take control of the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars."

Zhu Yi stared at the roaring Boundless Blood Sea silently, his gaze calm and composed. "What's more, yours is the Immortal Soul Third Level Blood River Prince?"

Although I can't be certain which was Big Senior, but I can be certain that you are definitely not!

Since you're not, what else is there to be said?

Yeah, it's you that I'm beating up!

You want me to block the enemies and create time for you, but do I not want you to try to take control of the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars?

With his own Abhijna hard to use, if he wished to defeat the opponent, who has controlled the Blood River Prince, Zhu Yi also needed him to focus on taking control of the Door so as to increase his chances of success.

Meanwhile, at almost the same instant that Zhu Yi made his move, the Starlight formed using the Hell Shadow Holy Man's Remnant Soul transformed into clouds of shadows. As they flickered, they converged again to form an ancient mirror, black as ink.

The light of the mirror, however, did not towards those present, but instead enveloped a ball of starlight in the distance.

It was a ball of chaotic Starlight without a Remnant Soul. It was flying towards the center of the Cloud of Stars from faraway; around the Starlight, bursts of milky-white flames floated about, forming the shape of a phoenix.

Those milky-white flames were none other than Pure Yang Primordial Fire, one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires along with the Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

This ball of Starlight was sustained by the Remnant Soul of a Phoenix Grand Sage who died in the Ying Sea.

The light of the mirror fell on the Starlight surrounded by Pure Yang Primordial Fire. Hazy white spots instantly lighted up on the surface of the Dark Shadow Ancient Mirror; the next instant, it forcefully retrieved large amounts of Pure Yang Primordial Fire.

Grand Sun Primordial Fire, blazing golden and so bright it pricks the eye, appeared in front of the starlight of dark shadows.

The Starlight transformed into a black-clad Taoist priest, wearing a high hat and traditional robes. His face emotionless, the Taoist priest held up the Grand Sun Primordial Fire and Pure Yang Primordial Fire with both hands and abruptly clapped them together.

Immediately, an extremely terrifying aura radiated from before the black-clad Taoist priest.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Yi instantly smiled.

The person controlling the Stalight formed by the Remnant Soul of the Hell Shadow Holy Man was none other than Xiao Yan!

Although the black-clad Taoist priest was completely expressionless, but Xiao Yan laughed coldly as he stared at the Boundless Blood Sea before him. "Regardless of whether you and that man who cultivated the physical martial arts of Emperor Chen knew each other's identities, both of you cooperated before this. Your cultivation level is higher, but you rushed to take control of the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars and let your companion come to intercept us."

"Second Junior is good at strategy, but he's definitely not one who's shrewd but lacks determination. He is one of decisiveness and resolve, as well as the boldness to be the first. Even if we are well aware of each other's identities, if we were together and meet this sort of situation, unless it was obviously inappropriate, he would fight with me to be the one to stop the enemies."

"Zhener did not enter; Fifth Junior, Sixth Junior, Jieyu, Baiguang, Kui Cow King, Spiritual Sea Horse King, none of them could control the Avatar of an Immortal Soul Third Level Master so easily and effortlessly."

"I indeed do not know who you are, but I know that you are definitely not Second Junior."

"So, if not you, who should I attack first?"

The hands of the black-clad Taoist priest formed by the Starlight controlled by Xiao Yan's Soul started to move ceaselessly, forming countless arcane gestures. Countless spells were sent into the two Primordial Fires, both of which were almost going to lose control.

It's just that, as he attempted to forge the Heaven Fire Lotus, Xiao Yan also felt his Soul reverberating continuously, causing a kind of disconnect between it and his body of starlight.

As if two obviously incompatible things were forcibly integrated; not only are they not compatible, but they will wear down on each other.

"I am already using this Taoist's own Abhijna to recreate the Grand Sun Primordial Fire and the Pure Yang Primordial Fire; only the spell for the Heaven Fire Lotus was from myself. Even so, it experienced rejection?" Xiao Yan remained composed, without fretting. "This illusion is indeed troublesome."

"However, I had not demanded to succeed in unleashing the Heaven Fire Lotus this time," Xiao Yan suddenly started to chuckle. "That day when I failed to merge the Primordial Fires on Mount Yujing, I still have to be cautious. Now, I have nothing to fear!"

With a silent cry, the black-clad Taoist priest that Xiao Yan transformed into, carrying the two Primordial Fires - which were still violently colliding and did not merge - charged towards the Boundless Blood Sea.

"Failing to merge them simply means that I myself could not control the Primordial Fire either. If they were to actually explode, the destructiveness would not be much less than a fully-formed Heaven Fire Lotus!"

Obviously, the Boundless Blood Sea has realized this as well. Despite being severely wounded by Zhu Yi, it still steered the torrential Blood River Primordial Water, in an attempt to extinguish the fiery flames flowing towards it.

This action of Xiao Yan's allowed Zhu Yi to fully confirm his identity, and others did so as well.

The Golden Crow suddenly turned around and attacked towards Xiao Yan, but at this moment, Zhu Yi, again repelled by the Blood Sea, intercepted him once again.

Seeing this, Xiao Yan smiled as well. "Hah, so it is Second Junior. No wonder that previous battle was so enjoyable."

Facing the torrential Blood Sea, Xiao Yan detonated the two Primordial Fires, already at the edge of losing control, straight away. Even Blood River Primordial Water, used to everything filthy in the world, was blasted into disarray in front of such a violent explosion.

The dark shadow Starlight that hosted Xiao Yan's own Soul was damaged severely as well, becoming even dimmer. However, as he was already prepared, it was at least not fatal.

The Blood Sea, meanwhile, was in even worse shape than him. A deep pit was instantly blasted in it, and massive amounts of Blood River Primordial Water was incinerated and evaporated.

If not for the incredible defense and peculiar absorption of the Boundless Blood Sea, or if this was a complete dual Fire Lotus, this ocean of blood would have been completely destroyed.

However, even so, the Blood Sea was greatly weakened, to the extent that even the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars, which has almost cracked open, appeared ready to close again.

The vast Blood River Primordial Water retreated swiftly, once again forming an Unholy Blood River that flowed around the Starlight.

With Zhu Yi's previous blow, it could still hold up, but Xiao Yan's hit wounded it gravely straight away.

This person was a decisive one as well. He abandoned the attempt to control the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars to avoid benefiting Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and the others, as well as to reorganize and recover.

However, at precisely this moment, Sanskrit Buddhist chanting sounded out yet again as the Monk Da Kong finally appeared.

Previously, he was severely injured by Zhu Yi and the Blood River Starlight together. Right now, he was extremely weak as well; his condition was much worse than even the Blood River Starlight.

However, the opportunity the Monk Da Kong found was very good. The Blood River Starlight has already paved the way for him, lacking only the last stroke. Without a moment's hesitation, the Monk Da Kong transformed into a ball of golden Buddha's Light, colliding with the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars.


The Starlight was silent, but the Souls of the four masters - Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi, Blood River, and Golden Crow - vibrated at almost the same time, as if they had snorted simultaneously.

"Crooked baldy, you think you hid yourself perfectly? You shall be used as the sacrifice to offer up to this Door!"

The next moment, the four turned together, their unrestrained attacks hitting the Monk Da Kong and the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars simultaneously.

The explosive force shattered the Monk Da Kong's Starlight straight away. The Mana and Starlight merged into a raging torrent, blasting the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars open completely as well!

Bright light shined out from the door, casting its glow over the entire Galaxy Illusion.

Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and the other two charged into the door together as well.

Bright light flashed before his eyes; Zhu Yi felt the Starlight body hosting his Soul being annihilated gradually, but his Soul was uninjured. As the world spun before his eyes, everything suddenly brightened - he has returned to his own physical body again.

However, just one moment after his soul returned to the body - before he could communicate with Li Yuanfang and the others - the scene before his eyes changed tremendously as his entire person was teleported to an unknown location.

By the time Zhu Yi regained control of his senses, only he himself remained. Before him, was a pitch-black corridor that led to God knows where.

Outside the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain, the three - Lin Feng, Liang Pan, and Shi Yu - were still in a standoff. Together, they witnessed Zhu Yi and the others blast open the Door in the Center of the Cloud of Stars and then, the obliteration of the illusion.

At the same time, the massive Yingzhou Celestial Mountain trembled in its entirety.

"The core illusion of the Celestial Mountain has been destroyed. Next, it would depend on who could achieve the recognition of the Celestial Mountain first and take control of it," Lin Feng's eyes narrowed slightly. "It was shrouded by the entire Celestial Mountains, and can't be seen clearly. However, it seems that some other extraordinary thing is hidden in the mountain. What could it be?"
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