Chapter 706: Internal Daoist Naming Order

 Chapter 706: Internal Daoist Naming Order

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The light flashed in mid-air and many jade plaques appeared. On every single jade plaque, a person's name was carved. Xiao Yan and the rest all crowded forward to look at them curiously.

They noticed that one jade plaque was twice as big as the other jade plaques. There was only a single word carved on it, and that was the word 'Founder'.

Underneath the plaque with the word 'Founder', there were eight smaller plaques. On every single of them, a single name was carved.

Lin Feng laughed softly and said, "The reason why I did not bestow honorary titles to you lot after you had formed your Aurous Cores and your Nascent Souls was because I much rather see you make a name for yourself first."

"Isn't it more awe-inspiring if everyone know you guys first before you have your names?"

He pointed to the name on the plaque and said, "Internally, we have our own Daoist Names that we use to denote seniority and succession."

Lin Feng smiled and said, "The only one that doesn't have one is me."

There was no need for him to have one. In the entire sect, he was its founders and the teacher of all teachers. He had no seniors and no one belonged to the same generation as him.

Xiao Yan looked at the eight jade plaques in the second row. The right-most one had the words "Xuan Yan" written on it. He pointed to it and asked with a smile, "Master, that's for me right?"

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, "Correct, as my first bunch of disciples, all of you shall have the word 'Xuan' in your names."

Zhu Yi, Shi Tianhao and the rest smiled and bowed to Xiao Yan. "Xuan Yan Master, we offer our respects."

Xiao Yan smiled at them and said, "You guys should check yours out too."

Zhu Yi stepped forward. In terms of order, he was right after Xiao Yan. He noticed that the jade plaque next to Xiao Yan's one bore the words 'Xuan Yi'.

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled, "Your mother named you 'Yi' in hopes that the fortunes of the world would come to you. I await that day."

Zhu Yi smiled and said, "These few years, through my cultivation and research, I have some views of my own. After I organize them, I hope master can help me vet them."

Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "I will be delighted to do that."

Wang Lin looked at the third jade plaque and inquired, "Xuan... Ni?" His fellow disciples looked at the words curiously, and their gazes alternated between Wang Lin and the name. They all had confused expressions on their faces.

Lin Feng smiled slightly and said, "Think about this name carefully. This is related to your cultivation. There's no need to look too far into the future, when you try for the Immortal Soul stage, your rewards will be abundant."

Wang Lin nodded his head seriously and said, "I understand, master."

Shi Tianhao smiled and said, "Third Senior, only your jade plaque has something else to it."

Indeed, including Xuan Yan jade plaque and the Xuan Yi jade plaque, the other jade plaques had nothing underneath them. Only the one with the words Xuan Ni had another jade plaque, which was the only one in the third row.

On that jade plaque, one could see the words 'Tian Quan'.

Yang Qing looked at it and asked, "Is this for Yuting?"

Lin Feng smiled and said, "Correct, this is for Dao Yuting, the Tian Quan Priestess, of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

He then said, "Second-generation disciples shall have the word 'Tian' in their names."

Everyone raised their heads and Li Yuanfang said, "They must form their Aurous Core first before they could be listed here."

Lin Feng's left hand sliced through the air again and another light flashed. This time, it was a ball of golden light. Lin Feng smiled and said, "Every single disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, including Foundational Disciples, shall be included in the Natal Light. However, only those who formed their Aurous Cores shall have their names in jade plaques."

Luo Qingwu clasped her hands together and smiled at Wang Lin, "Congratulations Third Senior, congratulations Xuan Ni Master."

Wang Lin shook his head and laughed, "Yuting joined the sect when she was in her Advanced Foundation Establishment stage. It is normal for her to advance into the Aurous Core stage before everyone else. We still need to see her performance in the future."

The other disciples smiled and their gaze went back to the second row of jade plaques. To the left of Wang Lin's one, they noticed that the fourth one had the words 'Xuan Lan' carved on it.

Yue Hongyan's lips twitched as she bowed to Lin Feng and said, "Thank you master."

Shi Tianhao, Luo Qingwu and the rest looked at her curiously. Zhu Yi explained quietly to them from the side, "Many years ago, the capital of the Arctic State was known as Xuelan City. The reason why was because there was a mountain outside of the capital known as Mount Lan."

Yue Hongyan smiled and her sword-like eyebrows became a lot more gentler. "I grew up in Mount Lan. That is my hometown."

The other disciples nodded their heads in silent as they tried to divert the conversation away. Luo Qingwu said, "Let's look at Fifth Senior's! Oh.... Xuan Ming?"

Yang Qing noticed that the fifth jade plaque had the words 'Xuan Ming' carved on it. He tried to understand the meaning behind it as he thought, "Yin and Yang come together and the Way of the Dao is mysterious. This represents the hopes master has for me...."

Luo Qingwu smiled and said, "Looking at it now, it is very likely that Fifth Senior may have another jade plaque underneath his own."

Yang Qing waved his hands hurriedly and he said with a smile, "Yuncong still has much to learn. While his battling style is ferocious, it does not mean that his mastery would increase quickly. He still has much to learn."

Xiao Yan smiled and said, "I wonder who would be the next one to form his/her Aurous Core after Tian Quan."

Li Yuanfang said quietly, "It should be either Zhou Yuncong, Xu Yunsheng, Liu Xiafeng, Li Xingfei or Ying Luozha. Lin Tong, Zhuge Wanqiu and Huang Zhenting still have a long way to go."

Shi Tianhao smiled and said, "You are right, Senior Xuan Luo."

On the sixth jade plaque that represented Li Yuanfang, there was the name 'Xuan Luo'.

As they thought of the name Li Yuanfang had given to his own abode, the group of disciples began to laugh, "Master knows us all very well."

Li Yuanfang looked at the words 'Xuan Luo' on the jade plaque and his gaze flashed slightly. He turned and bowed solemnly to Lin Feng, "Thank you master."

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head and said nothing. On the other side, Luo Qingwu's gaze turned to the last two jade plaques. "The seventh one should be Little Senior's! Oh, ?"

"The last one should be mine! Let me see what is it! Xuan Che?" Luo Qingwu smiled and looked at Lin Feng. "Master, you have thought of it since the day you gave me the Xuanche Sword!"

Lin Feng smiled and said, "Of course!"

Shi Tianhao mumbled, "Master is the real lazy one here. Giving names is the hardest!"

Lin Feng looked at him as a hint of a smile crept on his face. "If I want to save time, I would have carved 'Tianhao' on your jade plaque. Isn't that the most convenient way?"

Shi Tianhao opened his mouth and said, "Then it would mean that I am in the wrong generation of disciples!"

Xiao Yan laughed loudly, "Tianhao Master! have a present for you...hahaha!" Before he could finish, he could not help but to burst out laughing. Yue Hongyan and Luo Qingwu joined in too.

Zhu Yi, Wang Lin, Yang Qing and Li Yuanfang too smiled.

Shi Tianhao ignored Xiao Yan and said, "Xuan Huang sounds much nicer."

Lin Feng pat his head and said, "Silly child, like the 'Ni' in your Third Senior's name, your 'Huang' is related to your entire cultivation life. Do you think I'm really as lazy as you?"

Ever since Shi Tianhao grew up and matured, Xiao Yan and the rest no longer pat his head anymore. Only Lin Feng continued to do so, just as how he did when Shi Tianhao was younger.

Shi Tianhao did not mind. He giggled, "I understand. Let's not talk about the future, my very own Xuanhuang Four-Words Mantra had the word 'huang' in it. I understand Master's expectations."

Lin Feng nodded his head contentedly and then pointed at the 'Tian Quan' jade plaque under Wang Lin's 'Xuan Ni' and said to Wang Lin, "Originally, you should be able to pick your disciple's Daoist Names. However, due toTian Quan's special circumstances, I had to pick hers."

Wang Lin thought about and said, "I don't mind. You must have your own reasons."

"I wonder if it's related to Mr Dual Polarity Peak who had joined our sect."

Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "Correct, that's why. This is part of my promise to him and hence, I must keep it."

"The Heaven Lack Sect?" Shi Tianhao said dismissively. "They deserve what they got. Since that's the case? Why don't we just call Yuting 'Heaven Lake' instead?"

Lin Feng smiled and said, "You will understand."

With that, Shi Tianhao was taken aback. His gaze flashed as he thought about it. Then, he slowly nodded his head.

At that moment, Xiao Yan began to laugh in earnest. The group of them turned their heads to look at him. Xiao Yan said while laughing, "I suddenly thought of the Xuan Lin Holy Man."

Everyone began to laugh. Zhu Yi shook his head and laughed, "He got his name from his Natal Magic Treasure, the Supreme Xuan Light Jade Tablet. Hence, he got such a honorary name."

"However, while his Supreme Xuan Light Jade Tablet was destroyed in the War of the Two Worlds, everyone was used to calling him the Xuan Lin Holy Man and hence, everyone continued calling him that. However, in the Great Void Sect, he was known as something else."

Xiao Yan smiled and said, "I know about this, but it's still interesting."

As he listened to his disciples, Lin Feng stood by the side and chuckled too. His gaze occasionally fell onto the three rows of jade plaques and he paid special focus to the second row of jade plaques.

Heavens could attest to the fact that the names he wanted to give to Xiao Yan and the rest at first were definitely not as proper as Xuan Yan Master, Xuan Yi Master, Xuan Ni Master, Xuan Huang Master, Xuan Lan Master, Xuan Ming Master, Xuan Luo Master and Xuan Che Master...

He considered naming them 'Torch', 'Nerd', 'Butcher of the River Styx', 'Big-Mouthed Shi', 'Black Widow'...

As his mastery became higher, Lin Feng became more and more adventurous and mischievous. Before others, he must act like a master and a teacher. However, his desire for mischief had never been greater.

Lin Feng looked down at his body, brimming with power and the formality of a Daoist. Then, he arched his head and looked into the sky and thought, "The road of life is truly lonely. As you gain, you lose too."
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