Chapter 667: Master Scamming Disciple, The More He Scams, The Better It Is

 Chapter 667: Master Scamming Disciple, The More He Scams, The Better It Is

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"These Wuyang beasts came from the flesh of the Tao Wu, as they were formed from the evil energy around it." Shi Tianhao's expression did not change, as he wore a smile on his face. "The flesh of the Tao Wu was suppressed by me, but did not lose its life and spirituality completely. That is why it treats me like an enemy."

"As a result, these Wuyang beasts naturally treat me like an enemy. They are very sensitive to the vibration of mana that I possess. For all of you who have inherited your skills from me, you possess a similar vibration of mana."

Right now, Shi Tianhao used an encouraging tone to guide the Successive Disciples, "Those who are under me, you must take note. After entering the battlefield, the Wuyang beasts will attack you first. All of you must be wary."

All the Wasteland Valley disciples swallowed their saliva subconsciously, as they looked at the ten Wuyang beasts surrounding Huang Zhenting.

All the disciples from the factions turned to look and revealed a reluctance to watch what was going to happen.

Their own Junior Uncle was too evil!

Inside the Grand Heavens Pavilion, Xiao Yan and the rest sat separately. But now, their actions were all the same. They looked down at their toes, as if they could see something special on their shoes.

Only fools would believe that Shi Tianhao forgot to say. He was definitely doing it intentionally!

The poor Huang Zhenting was scammed by his Master again. This was not his first time doing something behind Shi Tianhao's back and revenge got taken on him. Huang Zhenting was also someone who didn't learn from his lessons. No matter how many times he paid the price for his mistake, he would still commit the same mistake in the future.


The few of them turned to steal a glance at Lin Feng. They saw that Lin Feng looked the same as he watched what was happening.

The seven Immediate Disciples wondered.

Xiao Yan had the strongest feeling and felt a little bitter in his mouth, "He is becoming more and more like Master..."

The bunch of Immortal Soul Stage Elders also could not help but smile.

The Supreme Radiance Swordmaster, Vivant Joy Holy Man, Sun Radiance Swordmaster and the other Immortal Soul Stage Elders who took part in the Spiritual Conference of Huanghai looked at one another. They shook their heads. This bearish child had indeed grown up, but he was more bearish than ever!

Inside the room where the Great Qin cultivators were in, Shi Xingyun laughed until she teared as she watched this scene. She was speechless and only sighed after a while. "Tianhao is too much!"

A young lady sat beside her, who seemed around 11 or 12 years old. But she had already reached the Foundation Establishment Stage. She looked beautiful and she raised her nose at this point, "Sister, this Shi Tianhao is too ridiculous."

Shi Xingyun laughed, "Jingyun, don't look at everything on the surface."

The lady sitting beside her was her youngest sister and the youngest daughter of Shi Yu. Although she was still young, she was already another rising star of the Great Qin Empire. The expectations of her from the Great Qin Empire was no lower than Shi Chongyun or Shi Xingyun.

Shi Jingyun snorted, "He is powerful, I know that. I watched his battle with Shi Tianyi too."

"While his powers are strong, they cannot hide his ridiculous personality. He is a Master. Which Master scams his disciple in this way? Ten Wuyang beasts in the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage surrounding him. The situation is too precarious."

"Even if he could handle at the start, right now, he is totally unprepared. He will be easily trounced."

Shi Xingyun laughed while shaking her hand, "That's why I say that you should not see things on the surface. Look more closely. Tell me if it is that dangerous?"

"Oh? That's right. This space is around the same as the Hidden Dragon Gorge. There's no risk to their lives, but injuries cannot be avoided." Shi Jingyun said while looking over at the arena. "But that guy definitely has some talisman or magic item as protection. Although the rules say that he can't use them, in critical times..."

As she said, her eyes stared widely.

"Ha!" Inside the arena, Huang Zhenting shouted and punched a Wuyang beast that leaped towards him away!

Following that, his body leaped up flexibly and he had already disappeared from where he was. He managed to avoid the attack of two Wuyang beasts with his quick reflexes.

A tremendous strength was released from the short stature of Huang Zhenting. He quickly lifted up his arms and his palms smashed down like a knife, hitting the waist of a Wuyang beast.

The Wuyang beast resisted this attack with a golden radiance on its body that shone with green light. Who knew that the green light became unstable and it was about to be dissipated.

This demonic freak was formed from the evil energy of a Tao Wu. Its body characteristics were similar to that of a Tao Wu. When it attacked, it was very determined. When it defended, it was very resilient.

But now, as Huang Zhenting attacked it, it was about to be defeated!

Huang Zhenting might be innocent and rash, but he was very flexible in his attacks. He knew when to attack and when to defend. His first hit did not destroy the defense of the Wuyang beast, but he did not follow it up. He quickly hid himself and dodged the attack of another Wuyang beast. He kept on moving and prevented himself from being trapped by the Wuyang beasts.

Around his body, squalls and thunder started to rumble. This caused his entire person to become like a beam of lightning. Under the encirclement of the Wuyang beasts, he was still able to move around with ease.

As time passed, the Wuyang beasts were the ones who could not take it anymore. More of them started to be hit with injuries.

Every time Huang Zhenting attacked, he was not greedy. He did not bother too much about the result and did his work neatly and quickly. While the Wuyang beasts could withstand a single attack, as they were attacked continuously, the injuries started to pile and they had no choice but to retreat.

Whereas Huang Zhenting was full of energy. The more he fought them, the more energetic he became. He even revealed a relaxed smile on his face. His attack became more and more sharp. From the passive one, he became the active one. He attacked the beasts who were more gravely injured first.

Shi Jingyun was stunned, "Wow, this guy is really good. I couldn't tell!"

"Tianhao may be wild, but he knows the limits. He has full confidence and understanding in his disciple." Shi Xingyun said. "Furthermore, his actions can train this guy."

But Huang Zhenting's opponent was a little uncertain of what to do. That disciple was called Yang Tie, a member of the Heavenly Temple.

Yang Tie was a little speechless as he watched Huang Zhenting go up against the Wuyang beasts. He became a bystander.

At this point, Shi Tianhao's voice seemed to drive a mistake, "All of you, please take note. If you get trapped by the Wuyang beasts and cannot escape, you must be especially careful of your opponent attacking you along with the beasts."

"Once you face pressure from both sides, you will be at a higher risk of being defeated. But don't think that this is unfair. The rules allow this."

"When you leave the sect, there will be many types of enemies that can pose a danger. You may meet them. In the Dharma Hall, all of you have the protection of the mana restrictions. But in the outside world, you can only count on yourselves."

This was the proper guidance, and was also something that was very valuable towards the Successive Disciples.

But to say it during this time and place, Shi Tianhao seemed to be encouraging Yang Tie to attack Shi Tianhao along with the Wuyang beasts.

Shi Jingyun turned her head and looked at Shi Xingyun. Shi Xingyun placed her palm on her forehead and doubted her judgment of Shi Tianhao previously.

Yang Tie heard Shi Tianhao's words and could not help but stutter. He turned to look at the Wuyang beasts and laughed bitterly before shaking his head, "Don't even mention that he is a fellow disciple. Even if he is someone else and is facing such ferocious enemies, I won't have the heart to attack him too."

He looked at Huang Zhenting and sighed, "I am not being generous, but Zhenting is indeed more powerful than me. I am ashamed. I have lost this round."

When the lots were drawn for this round, everyone knew that while Huang Zhenting was young, his cultivation was already in the Advanced Stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage. Whereas Yang Tie might be older, but he had only just opened his aura sea and started establishing his foundation.

As he faced Huang Zhenting, there was almost no way he could have caused an upset. But the current situation now was a little unexpected. All the Wuyang beasts surrounded Huang Zhenting and gave him a slim hope of winning Huang Zhenting. But Yang Tie chose to give up this chance.

As everyone saw what he did, most of the people approved of it.

"The culture of the Celestial Sect of Wonders is a very positive learning example!" Everyone complimented. As they watched the sparring, on one hand, they observed the cultivation of the disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. On another hand, they also observed the personalities of these disciples.

Most of the time, it was through the minor details that the realest things could be seen.

While Yang Tie might not be high in his cultivation, he was a righteous person. He did things honestly, and was also a little suave too.

Some people might be thirsty for victory and would feel indignant. They would think that it was a pity they got eliminated in the first round.

While Yang Tie felt that it was a little pitiful, it was because he believed that his skills were inferior. But he was not down. On the other hand, he was motivated to work harder.

As everyone saw this, they nodded their heads. Especially the ones with higher cultivation, they could tell that Yang Tie might be older than Huang Zhenting, but he did not cultivate as long as him.

He might have a lower cultivation now, but it did not mean that he would not achieve anything in the future. With determination and suitable environment in the Celestial Sect of Wonders, his future was bright.

Inside the Grand Heavens Pavilion, Xiao Yan turned to look at Zhu Yi. He smiled, "Second Junior, this kid is indeed a talent. He has not disappointed you."

Just like Zhou Yuncong and Huang Zhenting, Yang Tie was accepted by Zhu Yi when he went out of the sect to roam the world. He had not even joined the sect for a year.

Wang Lin and the rest smiled at Zhu Yi while congratulating him. Zhu Yi also revealed a smile on his face, "Yang Tie is an honest person. He is also very resilient. His cultivation may be low now, but it's because he came in late. But I believed that he has a bright future."

Lin Feng smiled and thought, "Who ever said that he does not have a bright future?"

His gaze landed on Yang Tie before he scanned Huang Zhenting again. Eventually, his vision was fixated on Zhou Yuncong. He thought to himself and laughed, "They are all the future of this sect."
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