Chapter 660: The Day of the Sect-Opening Ceremony Has Come!

 Chapter 660: The Day of the Sect-Opening Ceremony Has Come!

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"Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and the rest want to determine their First Disciples?" The Nascent Soul Stage cultivator's expression changed. "This is important news."

He pondered for a moment before raising his brows, "Every one of them will have their own First Disciple? But from what I know, among the eight Immediate Disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, not all of them accepted disciples. Some of them have many Successive Disciples, while some of them only have one or two disciples, or even none."

"Those who have not accepted disciples can be excluded. But for those who have only one or two disciples, won't there be no choice too?"

The other party replied, "There will be Foundational Disciples who will become Successive Disciples in the future. If there are no suitable candidates right now, they will open the spot until a suitable candidate comes along."

The Nascent Soul Stage cultivator asked immediately, "What is the requirement to be a First Disciple and how confident are you?"

The other party was silent for a while before he answered, "The day-to-day performance is an important aspect. Besides this, the internal competition that is being organized is also very important. Besides sparring with those within the sect, there will also be opportunities to spar with other talented cultivators from the other sects."

"I believe that the elders will observe the performances and consider their options. The outstanding ones will be then be chosen."

The Nascent Soul Stage cultivator looked at Liang Yuan. Liang Yuan remained calm and waved his hand slightly. The Nascent Soul Stage cultivator nodded his head. After pondering for a while, he said, "Go and prepare. When the time comes, just unleash your all. You don't have to bother about anything else."

"As for the sparring with the talented cultivators of the Great Zhou and the other sects, I will arrange naturally. I will help you achieve this position of First Disciple. The rest will be up to you."

From what he said, it meant that not only the Great Zhou Empire could arrange, the other powers also had room to control things.

The other party was a little confused, but he stabilized his emotions and replied, "I understand."

After they ceased the communication, the Nascent Soul Stage cultivator turned to look at Liang Yuan. He said hesitantly, "Your Highness, is it worth it for us to mobilize so much of our resources?"

Liang Yuan did not answer immediately. He was a little distracted and remembered that before he came to Mount Kunlun, Liang Pan said something to him.

The contents were very simple. It was only one sentence. But it greatly moved Liang Yuan.

"Besides the Great Void Sect, it's the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

Liang Yuan digested what Liang Pan told him. After a while, he sighed and looked at everyone in front of him. He said calmly, "Just follow my orders."

Everyone acknowledged in unison, "We are awaiting the orders from your Highness."

Two days passed very quickly. On Yun Peak, Xiao Yan and the rest received the guests and everyone on the invitation list had already arrived.

The few of them gathered together. Xiao Yan looked at Zhu Yi, Yue Hongyan, and Li Yuanfang, and said, "The guests are almost all here. Sixth Junior, go to the Yin-Yang Sea and see Youngest Junior. From my calculations, she should be out of retreat soon."

Li Yuanfang acknowledged, "Yes, Eldest Senior."

As he arrived on Mount Yujing, Li Yuanfang came to the cliff. Beneath the cliff, the black sea was raging with waves. It was the Yin-Yang Sea.

He jumped off from the cliff and entered the black sea. He dived into the sea.

As he was diving halfway, he felt a wave of tremendous demonic powers floating in front of him. He stopped and he greeted, "Greetings to Elder Eye-less."

In the seawater in front of Li Yuanfang, a human figure appeared gradually. As he got closer, he could see that it was a youth in black. He looked ordinary and his pupils were entirely white, which was a little scary.

The youth in black was indeed Eye-less. He was a little startled and greeted Li Yuanfang back, "Greetings to you too."

"Elder, do you know where my Youngest Junior is?" Li Yuanfang asked. Eye-less said, "Follow me." He turned around and Li Yuanfang followed him.

The both of them progressed in the deep sea and very soon, a huge whirlpool appeared at the front. Seawater was raging non-stop.

The formation of the whirlpool was due to the countless golden-eyed black fishes. As they swam rapidly, they formed a huge wall in the shape of a ring.

As Eye-less arrived, all of them were stunned. They slowed down their swimming speed and Eye-less gestured to them, "Go on, don't stop."

After receiving his orders, the fishes picked up speed again and continued to swim.

In the center of the whirlpool formed from these fishes, there was a human figure.

Li Yuanfang observed carefully and nodded his head slowly. After that, he thanked Eye-less seriously, "Elder, it must have been tough on you. Thank you for taking care of our Youngest Junior all this while."

Eye-less shook his head, "There's no trouble, no trouble. Her cultivation benefits my species too."

As the two of them were conversing, the whirlpool in front became even more turbulent. A huge suction power came from the center of the whirlpool.

Eye-less looked over with his eyes and as his mind wavered, the golden-eyed black fishes started to disperse.

Whereas the huge amount of seawater was sucked into the body of the human figure in the center of the whirlpool.

In the next moment, the brutal Yin-Yang Sea calmed down and the human figure sat on her knees. At this point, she stood up and her body was shining with a warm radiance. While the radiance was engulfed by the dark seawater, Li Yuanfang and Eye-less could both see the person that shone with the radiance.

She was a young lady in purple who looked no older than 14 or 15 years old. Her look of innocence was still present, but she appeared charming too.

This lady was indeed Luo Qingwu, Lin Feng's youngest Immediate Disciple.

Over these years, as she grew up, her height also grew significantly too.

As she saw Li Yuanfang, her face revealed her happiness, "Senior Yuanfang!"

Li Yuanfang nodded his head, "Youngest Junior, congratulations on your achievement."

Luo Qingwu was smiling brightly and came before Li Yuanfang and Eye-less. She greeted Eye-less first, "Elder, thank you for your help all this while. I am extremely grateful."

Eye-less was a little stunned as she waved her hand, "No worries, no worries. To me, it's nothing much. I have been teaching my own species in the Yin-Yang Sea anyway."

"I still have to thank you." Luo Qingwu smiled. After calculating the time, she cheered, "Fortunately, I am not late. I managed to complete this before the Sect-Opening Ceremony."

Li Yuanfang nodded his head and said seriously, "Naturally, you won't be late. You are even faster than your expected completion time by 8 hours."

Luo Qingwu was proud of herself, "I am very hardworking!"

Li Yuanfang replied, "You have to be more hardworking in the future."

Luo Qingwu shrank her neck and said obediently, "Yes, Senior Yuanfang."

"Let's go. The Sect-Opening Ceremony is about to start. We don't need you to receive guests. Return to your cave and nurture your powers first. Consolidating your foundation will be beneficial for you. Don't tire yourself out." As Li Yuanfang said, he turned to look at Eye-less, "Elder, we shall leave first."

Luo Qingwu also looked at Eye-less and the many golden-eyed black fishes behind him. She laughed while saying, "Elder, I will be back to see you in a couple of days. I will also be back to see everyone else."

Eye-less laughed, "No rush, no rush."

Li Yuanfang and Luo Qingwu left the Yin-Yang Sea together and came to the top of Mount Yujing. Luo Qingwu stretched and said happily, "I wonder if there will be many people choosing me as their Master."

Li Yuanfang did not speak. With regards to such uncertain things, he would never express his opinion.

Luo Qingwu also knew the character of Li Yuanfang and she only sighed to herself. She looked at void space, "Now, only Youngest Senior is not back."

Li Yuanfang said, "He told us that he will be back on time."

Luo Qingwu looked downwards. Although she could not see Yun Peak, her gaze still landed there. "There must be many guests this time around? Senior Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Yue Hongyan must be very busy? I can go down to help."

Li Yuanfang shook his head, "All of the guests have been settled. They were busy the past few days."

Luo Qingwu nodded her head.

In a blink of an eye, the next morning had reached. As the sun rose, the clouds above Mount Kunlun scattered. The day of the third Sect-Opening Ceremony had finally arrived.

On Yun Peak, in the inns behind the pavilion, the guests that came from the various sects and powers also started to leave the place slowly and walked towards the pavilion.

Chu Yang walked with the Ethereal Mountain Sect, behind Wu Yunliang and Meng Chaoran. As they walked, they were observing the scenery on Yun Peak.

In front of the pavilion, there was a huge plot of empty space. Above the ground, the image of a huge Taiji Diagram was inscribed onto it. Yin and Yang intersected and black and white met.

Whenever something happened in the sect, the Foundational Disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders would gather here for instructions.

At the same time, this was the venue that the Foundational Disciples used to spar with one another.

In front of this empty space, it was the door to Yun Peak. As one left through the door, he could descend the mountain using the Heart-Revealing Steps.

On the right of this empty space, it was the place where the Foundational Disciples lived in. There were many houses, and each person lived in a room all by himself or herself. There were small-scale spiritual formations in each of the rooms. Although the effect of the formation was not as powerful as that of Mount Yujing or the Universal Light Hall, it also had the effect of gathering spiritual energy. Cultivating inside the rooms would also allow the cultivators to achieve progress more significantly.

On the left of this empty space, there were other buildings around. They were used for a myriad of purposes, to provide elixirs, to provide magic items and talismans, etc..

Of course, whatever there was inside these buildings were of lower levels. While the Foundational Disciples were treated differently from the Successive Disciples, when they reached a certain cultivation realm, the sect would give them appropriate rewards. This was to motivate them, which was a good welfare.

As Chu Yang watched from one side, he nodded his head. He had the same idea as Shi Xingyun previously, "Not to even mention Mount Yujing, Yun Peak is already a magnificent place to be in."

As he thought of that, there was a huge jerk in space above him. Purple Clouds started to appear and the jade mountain and black sea exited void space, descending in the Greater World!
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