Chapter 571: The Beast in Human Form, Shi Tianhao

 Chapter 571: The Beast in Human Form, Shi Tianhao

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Shi Tianhao's expression was akin to half-smile, but from his body, an unrestrained aggressive aura emanated.

When he was still a child, he moved to and fro Mount Yujing often, going into the depths of the Kunlun Mountains. While his objective was primarily to hunt for food, he did kill many ferocious beasts during that time.

However, only his master and some of his fellow disciples knew that Shi Tianhao would often go to the Southern Territories and crossed through the dimensions into the Barren Expanses!

There, he would kill many demons. His hands were stained with the blood of his vanquished foes. While he was young, he had experienced life and death.

Amongst everyone in the Celestial Sect of Wonders, Shi Tianhao's killing intent and savagery were amongst the top few.

He was truly a bloodthirsty demon child.

The entire Shi Family could clearly feel the bloodlust from Shi Tianhao's body. The two people that he had just knocked out did not actually encircle and attack his parents. When his parents left the Void Battleground, they too did not participate in the hunt for them.

Hence, Shi Tianhao spared their lives. However, in the crowd, some of them were active participants.

Now, when they met Shi Tianhao's gaze, they felt a chill in their hearts despite their thousand years long lives. They felt as if they standing before a dangerous Primordial Age beast.

Shi Tianyi's father was even more pressurized. He fell silent for a while and suddenly, a golden light shone from his back. A dragon roared and from the golden light, a white-scaled giant dragon emerged. The white-scaled dragon's body glowed with golden light and every single ray of golden light was like a sharp blade that sliced the dimensions around them into bits.

He directly revealed his own cosmic form.

"Little Tianhao, since you are full of confidence, then let Big Uncle exchange a few moves with you. I want to see what you have learned from the Master of the Celestial Sect."

The two late-Nascent Soul stage cultivators by his side fell silent. However, the vibrations of their mana could be felt too.

Shi Tianhao smiled and said, "Big Uncle, you jest again. Between us, how could we just 'exchange a few moves'?"

His body trembled furiously and was aggressive and it brimmed with powerful, raw energy and in the blink of an eye, he was before his opponent. "You have to pay your debts."

The white-scaled giant dragon cosmic form charged towards Shi Tianhao head-on. He completely disregarded it and a black hole appeared on his forehead.

From the hole, one could hear the roar of beasts, that resembled infants crying. The sounds were extremely ear-piercing.

The Great Furnace of the Commons was covered with black soil and akin to a black hole. Directly, it sucked in the white-scaled giant dragon!

Everyone in the Shi Family was shocked by this scene. The Great Furnace of the Commons above Shi Tianhao's head was like a ferocious Primordial Age beast that opened its mouth to bite onto his opponent's cosmic form.

The top part of the white-scaled giant dragon was chomped by the Great Furnace of the Commons and his bottom half twisted and gyrated in mid-air. The dragon tail whished in the air but it was still unable to escape.

The hall's space was limited initially and the white-scaled giant dragon had controlled its size within the hall to ensure that there was no space constraint. However, now that it was trapped, it no longer cared so much for it anymore and immediately grew by to tens of meters and swept through the entire hall.

If not for the protective spell formation of the Shi Family Mansion, the great tail of the dragon would have flattened the Shi Family Mansion.

The golden light on the dragon flashed non-stop. It was akin to a countless amount of sharp knives that sliced through the void. However, they were unable to hurt Shi Tianhao.

The other grandmasters of the Shi Family could clearly see that the white-scaled giant dragon could not escape the furnace on top of Shi Tianhao's head. Instead, it was gradually sucked into it.

Everyone inhaled in shock. "What powerful move is this?"

The white-scaled giant dragon was the cosmic form of a late-Nascent Soul stage cultivator. It represented the cultivator's many years of cultivation and the essence of his mana. It was his most powerful move but yet, it appeared to be swallowed by Shi Tianhao right now!

"Just now, I saw in the furnace the outline of a Tao Tie. This could be the Tao Tie's signature move, devour! However, even if it was a pure-blooded Tao Tie, it must have a Demonic Lord level cultivation to possess such powers. Shi Tianhao only possesses an Aurous Core stage mastery."

The Shi Family's Supreme White Dragon Mantra was derived from the one of the Great Qin Empire's Imperial Household's Secret Manual of the Five Imperial True Dragons, the Imperial Script of the White Dragon. Once the golden light was successfully cultivated, it was nearly invincible and much more powerful than ten thousand divine soldiers. It was the pinnacle Metal Type move.

For such a powerful move, it would not be easy for even a Tao Tie to devour because its mana was too sharp and too vibrant. It brimmed with offensive powers.

However, at that moment, the white-scaled great dragon was sucked in by the Great Furnace of the Commons and completely unable to escape.

Furthermore, that was not the entirety of Shi Tianhao's powers. The Great Furnace of the Commons trapped his opponent's cosmic form but Shi Tianhao's movement was not restricted. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before his enemy.

With his cosmic form trapped, the late Nascent Soul stage cultivator's power was no different from a mid-Nascent Soul stage cultivator's power. As he was pummelled by the physically apt Shi Tianhao, he was unable to retaliate.

Shi Tianyi's father was not the most senior but his mastery was amongst the best in the Shi Family. At this moment, however, he was not Shi Tianhao's opponent.

He groaned and a golden light shone from his body and turned into the shape of a dragon. Within the dragon, one could see an odd square-shaped seal that was like a dragon's head. That was a Nascent Soul stage magic item, the Supreme White Dragon Seal.

Shi Tianhao did not even look at it. He extended his hand and grabbed it. Immediately, his hand, which was originally white and clean turned black and green. All of his blood vessels burst forth and they turned and twisted together. His fingers grew to be as big as a lock.

His five fingers extended and they resembled the claws of a demon. They grabbed the Supreme White Dragon Seal and crushed it in his palm. Immediately, one could hear the Nascent Soul stage magic item crack.

"Such ferocity! That is not the physical prowess a mere Aurous Core stage cultivator could possess!" The Yu Family Nascent Soul stage grandmasters were all shocked as they could feel clearly the killing intent from Shi Tianhao's body.

Even if their stance changed, they could not bear to watch Shi Tianhao kill someone. A group of Nascent Soul stage cultivators began to surround him.

"Don't interfere!" Shi Tianhao raised his other fist and said, "Yu!"

A powerful energy paralyzed everyone on the spot.

Cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage were all flung back as blood spewed from their mouths. They were completely knocked over by Shi Tianhao's 'Yu'.

As the Nascent Soul stage cultivators learned about the secrets of space, they were still able to resist its powers. In the next instant, however, Shi Tianhao's "Zhou" activated too. When the mantras of both "Yu" and "Zhou" activated, they swept the entire surroundings and sent even the Nascent Soul stage cultivators flying!

And that was just the beginning!

The Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness appeared and Shi Tianhao grabbed the Hammer of the Yellow Heaven Bell and smashed. Ripples appeared and space and they combined the powers of the "Yu" and "Zhou", completely suppressing the powers of everyone below the late-Nascent Soul stage.

In the flick of a finger, other than Shi Tianyi's father, only two other Nascent Soul stage cultivators were able to stand. They looked at Shi Tianhao with a stunned expression.

This little one was actually a beast in human form!

F*ck, did it mean that every single disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders was this powerful?

In that time, Shi Tianhao's claw-like left hand once again gripped tightly on the Supreme White Dragon Seal again. It whimpered out pitifully. Shi Tianhao, with his bare hands, completely shattered a Nascent Soul stage magic item.

The two Nascent Soul stage cultivators decided to give it one last go as they both revealed their cosmic forms.

Shi Tianhao was, of course, not scared. The space behind him twisted and suddenly, a second Great Furnace of the Commons appeared!

At that point, the grandmasters' eyes flashed. Shi Tianhao's face was expressionless as his gaze turned elsewhere.

Over there, the space rippled and a tall youth stepped out slowly. His expression was calm and his two eyes were shut.

Like Shi Tianhao, he did not tie his hair as they hung loosely over his shoulders. Compared to Shi Tianhao, he had a deeper aura.

It was the cultivator with polycoria, Shi Tianyi.

"Good brother, could you not wait?" asked Shi Tianhao calmly. He did not open his eyes as he extended his right arm forward.

White clouds began to fill the room as an infinite amount of light appeared. They turned into runes after runes and floated in mid-air. A powerful force locked Shi Tianhao's first Great Furnace of the Commons, preventing it from further devouring the white-scaled great dragon.

With its sucking powers restricted, the white-scaled great dragon writhed furiously as it sought to escape from the furnace.

Shi Tianhao's expression did not change. "Of course I can't wait."

"I am scared that before we fight, another one of my fellow disciples would blind your other eye."

With that, the second Great Furnace of the Commons expelled a gust of wind which sliced the white-scaled great dragon in half by the waist!

Shi Tianyi's father cried out in pain. His cosmic form was sliced in half in a single moment by Shi Tianhao!

The most precious and powerful item of a late-Nascent Soul stage cultivator, his cosmic form, was destroyed!

In that instant, Shi Tianyi finally opened his eyes. His left eye was ordinary and no different from a normal person's.

However, his right eye gave off a startling glow at this moment. The glow from his eyes turned into a light and fog which then covered the whole room. In the light and fog, a heavenly glow flashed as mystic runes floated. It was as if another world was being created at this instant.

Shi Tianyi said quietly. "Since you cannot wait, then I will kill you here and now. Then, I shall go and find Wang Lin."

"You have no chance of finding Third Senior," said Shi Tianhao with the same expressionless face.

The two powerful talents of the cultivating world faced each other. Since the incident of their youth, they had finally met each other in person.

"The Dragon Battle Arena will open in 3 days. Can the two of you not even wait for 3 days?" The Qin Emperor's, Shi Yu, voice suddenly sounded.

The space behind the two Shis trembled as Lin Feng and the Xuan Lin Holy Man stepped out at the same time. They looked at each other calmly.

The head of the Shi Family, Shi Wu, finally appeared. However, he was silent. His gaze alternated between Shi Tianhao and Shi Tianyi.

Shi Tianhao smiled at Lin Feng and then looked at Shi Tianyi and his father. His gaze fell on Shi Tianyi's father for a long while before he said, "Of course I can wait, there's something waiting for me in the Dragon Rock Gate."

Shi Tianyi walked to his father's side and looked at his wounds. His gaze turned icy cold as he turned his head to look at Xiao Budian, Shi Tianhao, and said, "What a shame. No matter how long you wait, Uncle Ziling, will not be able to appear in Xiling City to watch our battle."

Your hurt my father and I would take avenge him. While my father was hurt and his cosmic form was destroyed, he would still be able to watch our fight.

However, no one knew where your father was.

That was what Shi Tianyi implied.
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