Chapter 474: Magic Treasure of Cultivation

 Chapter 474: Magic Treasure of Cultivation

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300,000 exchange points was equivalent to the summary of the exchange points of the previous 3 items that Lin Feng obtained.

What made people speechless was the usefulness of this item. Besides the price, all Lin Feng could tell about the item was that it was only a painting.

It was blurry and nothing could be seen clearly, but there was a voice telling him something.

It was a huge bell.

There was no reason or evidence, but as Lin Feng looked at the painting, he felt as if what was behind the chaos in the painting was a huge bell.

The worth of this item was not only demonstrated in the hefty 300,000 exchange points that it costed. It was also demonstrated by how Lin Feng's chips had only gotten him one red lot.

That was the lowest probability reached. In other words, there was only less than a 4% chance that the item could be obtained.

In the first round of lucky draw, Lin Feng used a very good Nascent Soul Stage magic item, but only obtained one red lot, six long white lots, nine normal white lots and an alarming fourteen short white lots.

Under such a circumstance, the system determined that the Nascent Soul Stage magic item that Lin Feng had used as collateral was nothing compared to the worth of the huge bell.

Therefore, in his second try, Lin Feng used a piece of damaged magic treasure from the Secret Manual of Kun Peng. This magic treasure was the same as Shi Tianhao's stone sword. It was not damaged physically, but its original soul had been destroyed. However, its foundation was still very good. If an Immortal Soul Stage cultivator used some effort to cultivate it, it could return to its former peak again.

This time, the number of red lots were more.

Two red lots.

There were two red lots, nine long white lots, twelve normal white lots and seven short white lots in the lot pot.

After failing in two tries, Lin Feng was even more excited. After pondering for a moment, he retrieved the Water Spirit Heavenly Pearl.

Among the treasures that the Golden Roc Grand Sage and the Grand Sage of Qiong Qi used to form the Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation, the Water Spirit Heavenly Water was used as the carrier of the powers of Mercury. It contained extremely nourished water-type spiritual energy. Although it was not a magic treasure or a magic embryo, it was an extremely precious water-type treasure.

If it landed in the hands of an Immortal Soul Stage Elder, it was also a good material to cultivate a magic treasure.

Lin Feng passed the Water Spirit Heavenly Pearl to the system. The lot pot in the lucky draw system showed thirty lots again.

There were three red lots, ten long white lots, twelve white lots and five short white lots.

As the lucky draw started, all of them entered the pot. After they were spun rapidly, Lin Feng grabbed a lot randomly.

It was a white lot. He did not get the huge bell and there was no other item he obtained. The Water Spirit Heavenly Pearl was returned to him in the original state, but he had wasted an opportunity.

Lin Feng did not give up. Although he was left with a last chance in the draw, he did not panic. He looked at the Water Spirit Heavenly Pearl and went into deep thought.

"Even something in the level of a magic treasure embryo is too lousy. I think only an Immortal Soul Stage magic treasure can make it."

Lin Feng pondered for a while and passed the broken rag that recorded the Vairocana Sutra to the system. Since the sutra had been recorded, the broken rag was not worth that much to him anymore.

Although the rag did not contain the outline of the Vairocana Zen Palm, it was still very valuable.

As expected, it produced a better effect than the Water Spirit Heavenly Pearl. The system produced five red lots.

The highest number of red lots was only six. For five red lots to appear was already very rare.

Lin Feng was not depressed and became even more excited, "There's not even six red lots, does it mean that the worth of the huge bell is even higher?"

As the draw started, the lots in the lot pot spun rapidly. They soon stopped, but Lin Feng did not rush to pick one. He paused for a moment before deciding to take one of the lots.

Once this lot was taken out of the lot pot, Lin Feng took in a deep breath.


He had struck lottery!

"Haha, 300,000, 300,000. I have obtained an item worth 300,000 exchange points. Even if I sold myself, I will not be able to get 300,000 exchange points."

The rag disappeared and Lin Feng waited for the system to hand over the huge bell. Who knew that nothing happened for quite some time.

"Oh? Is the system down?" Lin Feng raised his brows. Although he knew that the system possessed no morals or ethics and often scammed people, he would be enraged if it decided to come up with funny tricks at this critical moment.

At this point, Lin Feng heard a weird noise resonating in his ears. It came from within his soul, but seemed to transcend boundless space.

"Is that...the ring of the bell?" Lin Feng wondered. In Lin Feng's mind, there was a blurry figure appearing. Following the sound of the bell, the figure became clearer.

It was indeed a weird huge bell. It was filled with a sense of dilemma. At first, it looked extremely tiny like dust. But in the next moment, it seemed to be extremely huge and covered the entire universe.

Lin Feng's mind transcended boundaries at this moment and was no longer restrained. As he stared at the huge bell, he seemed to see the most primitive form of chaos. And as the bell rang, the primitive form of chaos converted into the universe. The cosmos were born and lives started to grow. But then everything disappeared.

Lin Feng watched as the Greater Worlds were birthed from chaos one by one. They divided to form the two extremes, defining the Earth, Water, Fire and Wind elements. As the Heavens and Earth split open, lives sprung and the development of life occurred. Eventually, they walked towards destruction and everything went back to chaos.

As he saw this, Lin Feng realized the meaning of this huge bell.

This huge bell was Lin Feng's own mantra, formed from the true meaning of the Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues.

The Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues was formed from Lin Feng's various mantras, Great Way of the Tao and the will of the Heavens and Earth under the help of the system. It explained the true meaning of destiny and represented the cycle of life as well as the power concept of the world turning to dust.

When the system helped Lin Feng, it created this huge bell at the same time.

The Bell of Destiny!

The bell was still in its embryonic form. It only existed in the mind of Lin Feng. It could not even be considered a magic item, but was a magic treasure that fulfilled Lin Feng's concept of mantra. It was a magic treasure most suitable for Lin Feng. When Lin Feng formed the Immortal Soul and as his cultivation reached a higher level, it could be a magic treasure of cultivation and life.

Lin Feng watched the Bell of Destiny in his mind. Space resonated with the sound of the bell, which seemed to transcend unlimited time and space.

Within the sound, the huge Bell of Destiny underwent changes gradually. Eventually, it converted into a huge stone door. The stone door was pitch-black and was filled with countless images of sculptures. There was a strong sense of life among the desolation.

The first transformation of the Bell of Destiny, the Door of Life Creation!

It represented the birth of unlimited life. The Door of Life Creation contained the destiny of the world as chaos created it and the powers of the Heavens and Earth!


In his supernatural awareness, Lin Feng roared at the Door of Life Creation. As a "boom" resonated, the Door of Life Creation creaked and opened in two directions.

As the door opened in two directions, a long and formless river flowed. The river water did not cease and flowed with a constant rhythm. It was filled with a strength that allowed it to continue flowing forever!

The second transformation of the Bell of Destiny, the River of Time!

It represented the forward-moving aspect of time, as nothing could reverse time. It showed how everything grew with time and contained the power of the flow of time!

Following the passing of time, Lin Feng's mind seemed to have experienced boundless time. As time passed, he witnessed the change in everything and understood every process in the growth of life.

When the River of Time reached its end, what appeared in front of Lin Feng was a figure of a book.

The book was normal and there was no hint of aura emanating from it. It was only very quaint and desolate.

Lin Feng revealed a slight smile on his face. This was the third transformation of the Bell of Destiny. It was the Book of Collapse that represented the control of the death of all matter. It was the power that led all matter to collapse!

For all matter, there was glory, but there was also destruction. As life sprung, there was also bound to be the destruction of life.

The pages of the book kept flipping. When the book flipped to the last page, what appeared in front of Lin Feng was a nihilistic chaos. Everything was blurry and nothing could be seen clearly.

Lin Feng extended his hand into the chaos and seemed to have grabbed hold of something.

At this point, the surrounding chaos gathered and disappeared in the end.

Everything disappeared and only Lin Feng's palms were mimicking a grabbing action.

Nothingness was the last transformation of the Bell of Destiny. It represented the destruction of all life and the return to the primitive form of chaos.

At the same time, it represented the power of termination. Everything was terminated and converted to nothingness. They did not exist anymore and left no traces.

"As life grew old and sick and everything turned bad, it fulfills the call of destiny."

As he rewatched the Bell of Destiny mimicked destruction, it was a valuable experience for Lin Feng. It was as if he re-cultivated all his mantras again, allowing his understanding of the true meaning of the way of the Heavens and Earth to reach a new level. This also allowed the foundation of his mantras to be sturdier.

Lin Feng's supernatural awareness detached from his mind slowly and he reopened his eyes to reality. He laughed, "The 300,000 exchange points is worth it!"

He had only two chapters of his Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues. If he could develop them to the extreme, it could be the most powerful mantra in the history of the Grand Celestial World.

And a magic treasure with it as the foundation would make the treasure extremely precious in this world.

Therefore, even though it was formless, it was still very precious.

Lin Feng looked at the elixir, jade and the other treasures in his hand and revealed a smile, "The time is ripe."
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