Chapter 466: Benefits Abound

 Chapter 466: Benefits Abound

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When Lin Feng plucked the Cloud Forest Tree, he retained an avatar of the Parasol Fairy on purpose. He was after the Celestial Spirit Snow Dew.

Although he had not personally witnessed the Parasol Fairy creating the Celestial Spirit Snow Dew before, the scent left behind after the creation of the Celestial Spirit Snow Dew was noticed by Lin Feng immediately. After checking with the system, he found out that it was a rare treasure.

It was very helpful for cultivators in the Immortal Soul Stage to break through their realm. It increased the probability of doing so by a lot.

Lin Feng would not let such a good thing go. When his mana encountered the avatar of the Parasol Fairy, which was the mushrooms, he immediately knew that the Parasol Fairy was the source of it. That was why he retained the avatar of the Parasol Fairy on purpose when he plucked the Cloud Forest Tree.

The Parasol Fairy reacted quickly. Seeing that things are not going smooth, she retracted her demonic powers, which prevented Yan Mingyue and the rest from stopping her avatar. It was only Lin Feng who was faster and stopped one of them.

The Parasol Fairy knew exactly why Lin Feng retained her avatar. She also admitted readily.

After all, she had already created the Celestial Spirit Snow Dew for the Golden Roc Grand Sage. Even if she was tortured, there's no way she could create any more Celestial Spirit Snow Dew.

Both her avatar and her actual self could create it. But they existed together. Once she created it once, she could not create anymore within a period of time. She had to wait for the next opportunity.

Lin Feng understood this point too. He was not rushing either. He detained the Parasol Fairy and took his time to plan. When he acted on the plan, he still had to deal with the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage. Since the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage was protecting the Parasol Fairy's actual self, he would not let Lin Feng squeeze the Celestial Spirit Snow Dew out of her so easily.

After using his mana to send the Parasol Fairy to a cave, Lin Feng looked at the Cloud Forest Trees he plucked.

He thought, "I have to think of the future. I have to keep one complete one and try to cultivate more of these."

When the Middle World was destroyed, the Cloud Forest Trees lost their soil foundation. They could not avoid the damage as the world destructed. Lin Feng did not dare to act rashly. He used the Purple Clouds to take a few of these trees to the medicine valley on Mount Yujing.

Lucky was picked out of the Heavenly Ray Cosmic World by him and cried non-stop. To shut her mouth, he used the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. After that, she was eating it joyfully.

She was very greedy and was very focused on eating rather than thinking of what she ate. After eating, she collapsed on the ground, holding her stomach as he cried in pain. After that, she became a pile of spiritual soil.

After the soil in the medicine valley was nourished by Lucky, its spirituality was replenished. Now that the Blessed Spiritual soil was scattered on it, the soil became even more fertile. Lin Feng planted the best Cloud Forest Tree on it.

The giant roots of the Cloud Forest Tree extended deep into the soil and absorbed the spirituality from within it. After that, they converted it to its own life power.

As Lin Feng pointed his finger, a streak of jade-green water spurted out and landed in the soil. It was the Grand Moon Primordial Water. It was equally as good in nurturing life. After it was absorbed the Cloud Forest Tree, the spirituality within the tree became more and more nourished.

The branches of the tree shook suddenly. The leaves were rustled, as if something asleep had awoken.

In space, a roaring sound resonated. Lin Feng awoke, "Under my care, this Cloud Forest Tree is about to develop some awareness of its own and develop into a demon."

The Cloud Forest Tree grew in the Middle World for many years and accumulated a huge amount of spirituality within it. The spiritual energy within it was even more than a Demon Lord, and was not far from a Demonic Saint that had an Undying Demon Soul.

But it was just that the Middle World did not have the Void Lightning Tribulations, thus it wasn't able to form the Demon Soul. It remained at the peak of the Demonic Commander realm.

Eventually, it landed in the hands of the Golden Roc Grand Sage and the Grand Sage of Qiong Qi. It was like a heavy but weak fat person, that was subjected to the attack of others, as its awareness was killed off.

But now, Lin Feng used the Grand Moon Primordial Water and Blessed Spiritual soil to nurture it. Under the guidance of a prosperous life power, this Cloud Forest Tree was about to develop an awareness and become a demon.

The accumulation of this tree was very dense. Once it became a demon, it could overcome the Void Lightning Tribulations in the Divine Lands immediately. After forming the Demon Soul, it would be easy to reach the Intermediate and Advanced Stage of the Demon Lord realm.

Eventually, it might even have the urge to from the Undying Demon Soul.

Lin Feng thought for a while. With his current abilities, even if the Cloud Forest Tree demon formed the Undying Demon Soul, it would not cause much problems either. Currently, Lin Feng had enough confidence and magnanimity to tolerate the existence of the Cloud Forest Tree.

But besides this tree, the other Cloud Forest Trees had also plans in place for them by Lin Feng. He did not plan to plant them but to cultivate them even further.

If this Cloud Forest Tree in front of him became a demon and developed an awareness, he might be disturbed as he sees his own class of matter being cultivated. Lin Feng wasn't afraid that it would rebel, but he didn't need to give himself so much trouble.

He could let it become a demon in the future, but now wasn't the time. Thinking till here, Lin Feng lifted his hands and made a chop in space. Under the effect of the Fences of the Heavens mantra, the self-awareness of the Cloud Forest Tree went silent again.

The Blessed Spiritual soil turned back to the look of Lucky and returned to the Heavenly Ray Cosmic World to sleep. She was the epitome of a glutton and a sleepyhead.

Lin Feng laughed while shaking his head. After exiting the medicine valley, he continued to check the stuff he had obtained during the battle.

What made him a little concerned was the sudden change in the Heavenly Oyster's Golden Pearl. He retrieved the pearl and observed it carefully. He realized that the original golden fog within the internal area of the oyster was flashing with a hint of purple light.

Lin Feng used his mana to further investigate. He realized that it wasn't the Hades' Dark Mantra. More accurately speaking, it was more like a hint of the aura of the Hades' Dark Mantra.

But even if it was its aura, it left one petrified. Through this hint of aura, Lin Feng could feel that the Heavenly Oyster's Golden Pearl had something to do with the Royal Hades Region.

Lin Feng raised his brows. The Great Void Sect knew about the existence of such a treasure. But they treated it normally, as it was a rumor after all. No one had encountered it before.

But did the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage know about it? From how she knew the Golden Crow Grand Sage coveted the Aeolus Sect, she probably knew about the Heavenly Oyster's Golden Pearl.

Why was she hell bent on getting his pearl?

Lin Feng thought of it and retrieved a glowing purple crystal. It was transparent and let out a dim light.

This was one of the nine treasures the Golden Roc Grand Sage and the Grand Sage of Qiong Qi used to form the Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation, and which also landed in Lin Feng's hands

When the pearl and the crystal were placed together, the glowing of the purplish light in the pearl became very intense. It seemed like it was almost going to burst out of the pearl and meet with the purplish crystal. The radiance of the crystal also become more intense and kept on flashing

Lin Feng was a little curious and used his mana to investigate the crystal. His supernatural awareness felt a hint of cold.

It wasn't a real type of cold, but it was that this crystal contained a pure Yin material that did not carried any warmth.

Although there were pure Yin and Yang materials in the world, they were very rare. For instance, there was the Grand Moon Primordial Water. Although it was Yin in nature, there was Yang within the Yin. Whereas this crystal contained the accumulation of pure Yin, which was summoned to its extreme and could not convert to Yang energy.

In all matter, Yin and Yang existed. This was the rule of life that destiny could not avoid. But everything had an exception. The very few pure Yin and Yang materials were some of the exceptions. It was as if two extremes existed, that seemed to contravene logic, but seemed to blend in with the natural workings of the world.

This purplish crystal was such an item. What was even more miraculous was that this thing was connected to the Hades' Dark Mantra.

As the purplish light of the pearl flashed, a frightening and invisible aura was released. After it encountered the purplish crystal, the purplish crystal let out a huge radiance.

Lin Feng used his supernatural awareness to scan it and an image appeared in front of his eyes.

A vast palace that was majestic and ancient appeared. It could be seen that no one resided there for very long, but the palace did not seem to be old. It was as if a powerful force was protecting it.

Suddenly, a huge roc with golden wings entered the palace. Its body size was much smaller and it landed on the ground. A pair of emotionless pupils flashed with a golden light and they stared at Lin Feng.

In fact, they were not staring at Lin Feng but the crystal. The image that Lin Feng was seeing was actually a record of the experience of the crystal.

Lin Feng could tell that the golden-winged roc was the Golden Roc Grand Sage.

The Golden Roc Grand Sage walked forward slowly and talked in a deep voice, "Netherworld Purple Crystal, the accessory to the King of Hades in the past, maybe..."

In the next moment, the Netherworld Purple crystal was taken by the Golden Roc Grand Sage. The image in front of Lin Feng went dark.

"It seems like that palace is a side palace of the Royal Hades Region. Long Ye mentioned before that the Netherworld Purple Crystal is the clue to the Golden Roc Grand Sage obtaining the Hades' Dark Mantra."

As he recalled his conversation with Long Ye, Lin Feng was enlightened. He investigated the crystal meticulously and found out that besides the cultivated Yin energy, there was no other thing, "It seems like everything inside has been cultivated by the Golden Roc Grand Sage. That is why he gave it to the Grand Sage of Qiong Qi to form the Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation."

As Lin Feng was thinking, he saw the purple light of the Heavenly Oyster's Golden Pearl flashing non-stop and started to become weaker. Whereas the frightening aura of the Hades' Dark Mantra had surged into the Netherworld Purple Crystal.

"Oh, it seems like there is something else." Lin Feng's gaze flashed and he weighed the crystal, "Let me investigate further in the future. Such an item is very rare. It could be useful for my Two Elements of Creation Formation."

Within the Two Elements of Creation Formation, Six Forms of Creation and Destruction, there was a change called the Changes of Yin and Yang. The most suitable material was a pure Yin and Yang treasure.

Within the Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation, this treasure was initially a receptacle for the powers of the Moon.

Lin Feng laughed and switched his vision from the crystal to another platform.

This platform looked normal and was dark in color. But it revealed an unwavering and restraining force.

It was as if it was the peak of an Immemorial Celestial Mountain was being torn down. It could turn the Nine Heavens upside down and repress the Ten Grounds!

Lin Feng laughed, "Golden Roc, Qiong Qi, the both of you are too kind. How can I accept this?"
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