Chapter 46: The Source of the Blood River

 Hui Ku lost the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation and was also being attacked by the most evil and foul tainted blood in the world. Under his extreme fury he actually took the approach of taking everybody down with him, using the buddhist secret technique Bliss of Samsara and wanting drag Lin Feng down with him.

Lin Feng was already on guard, he was paying attention to Hui Ku's movements the whole time. Seeing this big monk actually disregard the attack of the tainted blood and retract his protective mana, he immediately knew that shit was about to hit the fan.

The Northern Aurora Sword immediately came out and before Hui Ku's spell could be fully unleashed, an arc of overpowering lightning struck this big monk to death a step ahead.

Hui Ku had died and the black hole above his head instantly went out of control, becoming chaotic.

Lin Feng sensed the spiritual energy in the underground palace suddenly fall into disorder, his expression couldn't help but slightly pale and he shouted towards his two disciples: "Be careful."

Before his voice had even died away, the black hole suddenly exploded, mixing together with the tainted spiritual energy in the underground palace and actually creating an effect similar to a transportation spell formation, shifting space.

Under the effect of the void turbulence, Lin Feng's head became groggy, a strong light flickered before his eyes and the scenery around him constantly changed.

In just one second of time, the scenery in Lin Feng's vision had already changed a number of times.

As if an incredibly long period of time had passed by, but in actuality it had only been a couple of seconds, Lin Feng who was dizzy in the head heavily fell to the ground.

Lin Feng shook his head, only after a long while did his head become clear. Lifting his head and looking around, he discovered that he was inside a tunnel. He didn't know how far he was transported, but he could not hear the roaring and surging of the Nether Blood River, presumably he's been transported a long distance.

His two disciples also aren't by his side, looks like they were sent to a different place in the void turbulence.

Lin Feng laughed helplessly: "Now there's trouble."

But it's not like everything was bad.

Lin Feng weighted the storage bag in his hand, his face revealing a smile. In the chaos he nimbly grabbed Hui Ku's storage bag, that big monk's stash has now all become his spoils of victory.

Of course, the most important loot is still those 24 sariras.

Lin Feng found the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation's formation diagram within Hui Ku's storage bag. It was a thick book with a lot illustrations, the illustrations on the first few pages have many alterations. Presumably Hui Ku himself also regularly thought about how to polish the formation and was constantly improving the formation for it to have its current power.

This formation diagram matched with the 24 sariras can set up the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation.

But it requires Lin Feng to refine these sariras, he has to get rid of Hui Ku's mana markings within them and add in his own for him to be able to have perfect command of them.

Besides the formation diagram, the storage bag also has the Art of Acala that Hui Ku practised. Lin Feng took a look at it, sure enough it was the entire scripture minus the general outline at the beginning.

Lin Feng laughed. The upper-half of the scripture he already has and the part of Hui Ku's here is a complete version of the Art of Acala.

As for the other things like cultivation pills and such, even though they are what Lin Feng needs, there wasn't anything particularly good.

After all the Great Thunder Monastery has already been destroyed for 20 years, even if Hui Ku brought out some valuable pills from the monastery he would have already eaten them.

The only thing worth noting was that Hui Ku actually had two pill recipes.

One is the Greater Thunder Revival Pill, it is the Great Thunder Monastery's world famous healing panacea, it has a miraculous effect in healing the damaged body, reviving the dead and regenerating bones.

While the other one made Lin Feng's mouth water, the Barrier Breaking Pill. It's designed to help cultivators overcome their cultivation bottlenecks and the bottleneck of a minor stage. After using the Barrier Breaking Pill one will immediately advance to the next minor stage. Using this pill can also greatly enhance the success rate of advancing to foundation establishment from qi disciple or to aurous core from foundation establishment.

But the materials required to create these two pills are all very rare and the success rate is not high.

Lin Feng himself, one doesn't know alchemy and two doesn't have materials, he can only give them a wistful look.

"I'll put them away first, later I'll give them to Xiao Yan that kid to slowly figure things out. The system says that he has a gift for alchemy, presumably it's not a lie." Lin Feng put away the pill recipes: "I've got to hurry up and find a way out first and meet up with those two little guys and then go look for Zhu Yi."

"Zhu Yi, sigh, wonder how that kid's doing."

Lin Feng didn't think that a bullshit matter like a spatial shift could actually happen in the underground palace, in the end right now he still hasn't gotten his third disciple yet and has instead even become separated from the two he already has.

The fuck, could it be working hard for 50 years and then returning to before the liberation in a night? (TL: Everything for naught.)

"How can I leave this place?" Lin Feng was troubled in his heart when the system notification sound suddenly rose up in his mind: "Host has gotten close to the side quest item, the Black Cloud Flag!"

Are you kidding?

Lin Feng was stunned, this really is a serendipitous accident. Before he didn't even give the side quest any thought, who knew that two consecutive spatial transportations in the underground palace actually sent him in front of the Black Cloud Flag.

"This Black Cloud Flag is Daoist Master Hei Yun's soul-bound magic item, Daoist Master Hei Yun is also the person who created the Black Cloud Underground Palace..." A thought suddenly appeared in his heart and he hastily rechecked the quest.

Due to Lin Feng already being near the Black Cloud Flag right now, the quest description has also added a description of the Black Cloud Flag.

Black Cloud Flag, Daoist Master Hei Yun's soul-bound magic item, refined using Daoist Master Hei Yun's famous spell "Great Heavens Shift". It can shift through space within a short distance, combining attack and defense in one. It can also carry people to fly and has endless uses.

Lin Feng's eyes lit up: "So that's how it is, the reason there's so many sudden spatial shifts in this underground palace is probably related to this Black Cloud Flag. If I can obtain the Black Cloud Flag then leaving this underground palace will definitely be as easy as pie and it might also be able to help me find those three little guys."

Even though he had the way out, Lin Feng was even more careful. The Black Cloud Flag is nearby which means that the Nether Blood River is also nearby, moreover it's also the source of the Nether Blood River in this underground palace.

Sure enough, after Lin Feng continued walking forward for a while he heard the surging sound of water travel over from the distance.

After taking a couple of turns, the tunnel reached its end. Exiting the tunnel, what appeared in front of Lin Feng was a giant underground lake.

But within this lake is not water but Absolute Blood River Water, the foul, nauseating smell that assailed the nose rushed at his face, virtually knocking Lin Feng unconscious.

In the air above the lake there was a pitch-black fissure, that is the spatial rift.

Space is like drawing paper, everything else is scenery in the drawing, and this fissure is like a hole that was ripped in the drawing paper.

From the fissure, foul tainted blood constantly flowed out from it, landing in the lake below like a waterfall.

Above the lake permeated this thick, dark red blood aura.

Standing there and having yet to truly come in contact with the tainted blood, Lin Feng could already feel his mana stagnate, just that thick blood aura could virtually already taint Lin Feng's mana.

Lin Feng looked towards the blood lake beneath his feet, thinking that there is a passageway beneath the blood lake and that the source of the Nether Blood River he saw when he encountered Hui Ku should be this place. It's just that he doesn't know to where that blood river flows?

The system notification rose up once again. This time it directly pointed out to Lin Feng the location of the Black Cloud Flag. Lin Feng pulled himself together and prepared to first collect this magic item and then think about his next step.

"So bored!"


Lin Feng was just about to go collect the Black Cloud Flag when an unexpected voice suddenly sounded beside his ear.

Closely afterwards there was also the sound of jadeware smashing on the ground.

Lin Feng was startled, there was actually someone here and he was completely unaware of it before.

Following the sound and looking over, he saw a white-clothed young man wearing a green bamboo hat on his head leaning against a giant rock and holding an intricate white jade cup. The expression on his face was looking at Lin Feng with a faint smile.

Lin Feng's pupils retracted, not far away from the bamboo hat young man was a pile of white jade fragments piled up on the ground like a tiny mountain.

Between the crystal clear fragments there was also a decent amount of crimson red wine silently flowing, looking at it it actually looked a bit similar to the tainted blood in the Nether Blood River.

The bamboo hat young man raised the white jade cup in his hand, he only took a sip of the delicious grape wine in the cup and then smacked his lips, sighing towards the sky: "It's so boring!"


Before his voice had faded away, the white jade cup along with the wine in the cup fell to the ground together, becoming a member of that pile of broken fragments.

The corner of Lin Feng's eyes twitched. Right now this pile of pure white jade fragments and the wine that flowed between it was like a massive mountain in his eyes.

A mountain built from fresh gurgling blood and grim white bones.

The bamboo hat young man flipped his palm, an identical jade white cup appeared in his palm and the cup was already filled with wine.

He shook the wine cup in his hand, twisting his head and looking towards Lin Feng. He spread his lips and grinned, a couple of white spots on his face jumped together.

"Looking at your appearance, you are that daoist who gave the Blaze Sword Sect a bad time? You don't look like much."
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