Chapter 376: An Irresponsible Pedophile

 Chapter 376: An Irresponsible Pedophile

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Lin Feng used his supernatural awareness to scan the surroundings and discovered that the lady in red was gravely injured.

But he could confirm that this lady was Luo Qingwu. Lin Feng could feel the presence of the Heavenly Yin Spiritual Pearl in her body.

It was just that the pearl was on the verge of being crushed, which left Lin Feng worried. The surface of the pearl was filled with cracks and it was very dim. The Xuanyin spiritual energy inside it was almost all dissipated.

Furthermore, due to the damaged pearl, Luo Qingwu's mana was also slowly depleting.

"It seems like this is the effect of the Heavenly Yin Spiritual Pearl. It helped her to counter Yang Xu's powers, otherwise she would have been dead by now." Lin Feng sighed and whipped out his Talent Analysis Device to find out Luo Qingwu's four statistics.

"Innate Ability - 9; Intelligence - 8; Determination - 7; Fortune -6."

Lin Feng nodded his head, "As expected, the total is 30. If she did not meet with such a disaster, she will be extraordinary. It is a pity that only a living talent is a real talent and who is able to turn potential into real power."

On the Talent Analysis Device, Luo Qingwu's Innate Ability started to flash continuously. For a moment, it became 5 points. In the next moment, it became 9 points.

Lin Feng knew that if the Heavenly Yin Spiritual Pearl was crushed, Luo Qingwu's Innate Ability would drop significantly.

This was different from when Xiao Budian unearthed the Supreme Spiritual Altar. Without it, he was still able to form the first-grade spiritual altar with his own cultivation. Eventually, he managed to cultivate the first-grade crucible and form the Purple Pill.

Without the Supreme Spiritual Altar, Xiao Budian's Innate Ability was unbelievably high.

"But it was his destiny. Not many people will experience that." Lin Feng shook his head and his brows creased, "If it was just a physical injury or a damaged soul, it is still manageable. But the pearl is almost crushed now. It will be very difficult to overcome this problem."

Besides Luo Qingwu and the injured Nascent Soul Stage Grandmaster, Lin Feng also realized that Chu Yang had drift off from Liang Gan's group and he was finding something.

The current Chu Yang was different from the one at Mount Yujing.

In the past, although he looked very naïve, his gaze seemed to reveal the vicissitudes of life. When Lin Feng looked into his eyes, it was as if he saw a person who had experienced all the ups and downs in life.

But the current Chu Yang looked very anxious. His worried psychological state carried a hint of expectations and happiness.

Lin Feng could even tell that he was blaming himself, regretful and angry from his eyes.

Such a confused psychological state, coupled with Chu Yang's lost behavior, made Lin Feng extremely curious.

He also realized that Chu Yang was chanting something. As he listened more carefully, it was all broken intermittent phrases.

"Must not get into trouble...must not...must not get into trouble, Qingwu, Qingwu, Qingwu..." Chu Yang was walking along the mountain and looking in all directions, "The red cloth material that I saw earlier can only be found in the Ancient Yuantian World."

"That is her favorite color. I will never forget, never forget!" Chu Yang was extremely worried at this point. "Qingwu, Qingwu, my greatest love, where are you? You must not get into any trouble!"

Lin Feng was shocked.

"Don't tell me...he is referring to the same person?" Lin Feng was in a daze and his vision shifted between Chu Yang and Luo Qingwu.

As he looked at Chu Yang who seemed to be searching for his wife and then the lady in red who had not even fully matured, Lin Feng felt uncomfortable.

"Looking at your decent appearance, although you are not old, but you are at least a man. Turns out you are actually a weird uncle, a pedophile?" Lin Feng breathed in and stared at Chu Yang. "Why did I not tell that you have such a preference previously?"

"Yes, I admit that she may not be very old and she may not have matured fully, but she is already a beauty. However, aren't you too desperate already?"

Chu Yang did not even know that he was being cursed by Lin Feng.

When he was moving with Liang Gan and his subordinates, he found the red cloth material in the mountains. At that point, it was as if he was struck by lightning, as he knew that the cloth material was a specialty from the Ancient Yuantian World. Furthermore, the color was the favorite of his crush.

For the past few days, all he could dream about was the unforgettable figure in red.

For Chu Yang, everything could be unreal, but that unforgettable feeling that he had supported him and let him believe that that was the future reality and not just an illusion.

"It must be Qingwu. The time and place matches. I have been trying to figure out the specific location, but it seems like she is very near to me. I must find her, help her and save her."

As he heard Chu Yang's words, Lin Feng was worried. "This does not seem right. From what he said, I can tell that he knows that Qingwu had been attacked. Unless they knew each other from before?"

Lin Feng observed Chu Yang carefully and realized the passion in his eyes. It looked very real and could only be felt by someone who had really experienced a tough relationship.

"But, there is a strong feeling of regret and desire to atone for his mistakes?" Lin Feng pondered, "Damn it, not only is he a pedophile, don't tell me he had hurt her before?"

"You dare to lay your hands on a little girl and even shirk responsibility for your actions. Are you even a person?"

Lin Feng looked at Chu Yang in contempt, before his gaze shifted to Luo Qingwu. He felt pitiful for her, "Nowadays, do young girls have such rich relationship experiences?"

"Lucky you have not been violated by that pedophile, otherwise you will suffer from psychological hurt."

Lin Feng sighed and swiped his hand. A streak of Purple Clouds descended, causing Luo Qingwu and the Nascent Soul Stage Grandmaster to be engulfed.

The Luo Family Sixth Grandmaster was an elder with white hair. Although he was injured, he was still very alert. When he was engulfed by Lin Feng's mana, he tried to resist although he was not in the shape to.

"I am the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, Lin Feng. I am helping a comrade, Jun Zining, to come and assist the both of you." Lin Feng said softly. The elder did not become less wary as he did not know whether Lin Feng was a friend or a foe.

But he had heard of Lin Feng's name and knew that resisting it was not a good option. He just hugged Luo Qingwu tight and was silent.

Lin Feng did not intend to separate him and Luo Qingwu. He just escorted the both of them to Mount Yujing.

Before he left, he turned around and looked at Chu Yang. He continued to sigh. He then consolidated his mana and drew a Great Teleportation Talisman in space before exploding it.

After finishing all these, Lin Feng disappeared into space.

After feeling the effects of the Great Teleportation Talisman, a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator beside Liang Gan rushed over and found Chu Yang.

Chu Yang calmed his nerves and came up with a rhetoric. The Nascent Soul Stage cultivator brought him to the scene quickly.

"In the end...did I miss her by a bit?" Chu Yang was a little regretful, but he felt relieved. "For the Great Teleportation Talisman to be used, does it mean that she is safe?"

Luo Qingwu was indeed safe. Although she was gravely injured, Lin Feng's protection of her using his mana meant that she was fine for now.

What gave Lin Feng a headache was the damaged Heavenly Yin Spiritual Pearl in Luo Qingwu's body. It was very difficult to fix it.

It was different from a broken Aurous Core. The Heavenly Yin Spiritual Pearl was birthed from the heavens. Although the Heavens-Patching Vine was useful in mending all sorts of flaws, it was useless for such a heavenly item.

After seeing that Lin Feng saved Luo Qingwu and Jun Zining on Mount Yujing, the white-haired elder was relieved.

As he relaxed, the injury that he had been repressing started to act up. Fortunately, Lin Feng was beside him. Lin Feng used his fingers to summon the Purple Clouds to engulf the elder. There was a jade-green radiance flashing inside the Purple Clouds. Under the influence of the Purple Clouds, the Grand Moon Primordial Water was treating the elder's flesh and soul.

After a while, the condition of the elder stabilized. Although he was in the Nascent Soul Stage, the ambush and subsequent care for Luo Qingwu caused his body to become extremely weak.

The elder bowed towards Lin Feng, "Luo Chi from the Luo Family thank you for your benefaction."

Lin Feng waved his hands, "Please stand on ceremony."

Luo Chi looked at Luo Qingwu worryingly and asked, "Master Lin, how is my grandniece?"

Luo Chi did not have any male descendants. Among all the descendants in the family, he doted on Luo Qingwu the most, although she was a little weird.

Logically speaking, if Yang Xu and the other Nascent Soul Stage cultivator attacked him, Luo Chi might be unable to cope with them. But if he wanted to escape, he was still able to.

But things happened too quickly. When he was ambushed, he was not with Luo Qingwu or Jun Zining. To save the two ladies, he was compromised and was hurt in the first instance.

When he escaped danger, the first thing he was worried about was Luo Qingwu's condition and safety.

Lin Feng looked at him before looking at Jun Zining. He then asked appropriately, "Both your body and soul were compromised, but with my treatment, there shouldn't be much problem anymore."

"However, the Heavenly Yin Spiritual Pearl in her body is on the verge of crushing."

After hearing this, both Luo Chi and Jun Zining were stunned. Luo Chi screamed in horror. He did not even care Lin Feng was beside him and leaped towards Luo Qingwu hurriedly to check on her.

Lin Feng retracted his mana to allow Luo Chi to check on her. After a few moments, Luo Chi revealed a ghastly expression, "Oh no, it is going to be crushed..."

Jun Zining's lips were shivering and she was on the brink of tears.
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