Chapter 352: Do You Think that I Cant Settle You?

 Chapter 352: Do You Think that I Can't Settle You?

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"Is something the matter, Shihao?" By now, Lin Feng more or less knew how to deal with him.

When he teased, the best response was to change topic rather than engage in his banter.

If you were to argue with Miao Shihao, he would climb just go with the flow and be even more outrageous. While you may get angry at him, he would pretend that there's nothing wrong and treat it as a display of affection from you. From his point of view, it was something interesting.

Hence, the best response in these cases would be to divert the topic to something more serious.

While Miao Shihao appeared flippant, Lin Feng could tell from his eyes that he had a message to relay to Lin Feng.

Miao Shihao twitched his mouth as he looked, slightly sad, at Lin Feng. Lin Feng could feel himself getting goosebumps.

"The fox demon that Tianhao and the rest captured, I've seen it," Miao Shihao's right hand curled as he seductively ran it through his hair. "The Eight-Tailed Fox Demon possessed the powers of a Demonic Lord. Furthermore, it's a fire fox. At her peak, I am not her rival."

"If I could advance into the late-Nascent Soul stage and get my cosmic form, then I could battle her."

Lin Feng nodded his head, "According to Tun Tun, the demon's name is the Hu Yanyan. She's rather famous in the Barren Expanses and is respectfully known as the Fire Fox Lord. She was the favourite daughter of the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox."

Miao Shihao gently plucked at his eyebrows, "Oh, so it's her. I've heard of the name Hu Yanyan before. She is one of the more prominent demons of the recent generation. She is almost equal in rank to the Long Ye, the disciple of the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage."

Saying that, Miao Shihao's face changed suddenly. He suddenly looked at Lin Feng up and down perceptively with an unfriendly gaze.

Lin Feng looked at him strangely and asked, "What are you doing?"

Miao Shihao asked with a serious face, "Master, are you enamored with the fox demon?"

Lin Feng glared at him, "What nonsense!"

"Eh? Don't you know, master?" Miao Shihao's face was serious but he relaxed his body. However, he continued to ask Lin Feng seriously, "Master, how much do you know about this Hu Yanyan?"

Lin Feng arched his eyebrows slightly and replied, "Up till today, nothing. All that I know about her is from what Tun Tun told me. What's wrong with this demon?"

"There's the problem..." Miao Shihao said quietly. However, he then lifted his head to look at Lin Feng with an expressionless face. Smiling, he said, "No problem, it's no problem at all. It's not a big deal. Even if you don't know, it's fine."

He then muttered, "The fox demon is surely unable to take a human form. Erm, there should be no problem... Not knowing is better, not knowing is always better."

Lin Feng walked before him and asked, "What's the matter? What do you mean that not knowing is always better?"

"Nothing, nothing!" Miao Shihao laughed and realized that Lin Feng was still there, looking at him calmly. Miao Shihao felt a sense of guilt in his heart.

His mouth twitched and he said suddenly, "Master, the real reason I'm here today concerns the bunch of trash from the Great Void Sect."

Lin Feng stared coldly at Miao Shihao. Miao Shihao no longer behaved in his usual flippant self. Now, he was unimaginably serious.

Because of that, Lin Feng knew that this b*stard was trying to change the topic.

"What's the matter, let's hear it," Lin Feng rolled his eyes and he stopped asking. Instead, he allowed Miao Shihao to continue speaking.

Miao Shihao gently breathed out and said, "I have news from within the Great Void Sect that Pang Jie, the All-Under-Heaven Strider, has been stripped of his post. He is now doing closed-door training at Mount Baiyun."

He paused for a while before continuing, "Looking at him now, he may have surpassed a bottleneck and is now trying to enter the Immortal Soul stage!"

Lin Feng looked into the sky, "So that's it..."

The core disciples of the Great Void Sect were no ordinary mortal. Initially, when Pang Jie lost the battle of Shazhou City, his entire reputation was gone. However, he himself knew the true extent of his losses.

"Who will be the next All-Under-Heavens Strider?" Lin Feng probed. "Yan Mingyue can't assume the same role a second time. She may benefit in other ways, but she surely would not return to the position of the All-Under-Heavens Strider. While everyone viewed her as the saint of the Great Void Sect, it is more of an honorary title."

Miao Shihao nodded his head in agreement. Curling his lips, he smiled coyly, "Master is right. While Yan Mingyue had returned to Mount Baiyun, she will not take up the role of the All-Under-Heavens Strider. No one knows what arrangement the Great Void Sect has for her."

"As for the new All-Under-Heavens Strider..." Miao Shihao was serious for a while before he continued slowly, "Your Brother Shihao has no concrete news as of now, but I did hear a whisper."

"The new All-Under-Heavens Strider may not be from the new generation of disciples of the Great Void Sect. It may not be Yan Mingyue or Pang Jie's juniors, but it's possible that it will be one of their batchmates, or even someone their senior."

Lin Feng's eyes flashed, "Oh, will he be from the Radical Party or the Conservative Party?"

Miao Shihao answered with certainty, "Conservative Party, there's no doubt to that."

Lin Feng did not say anything as numerous thoughts swirled in his mind. By right, Pang Jie's abdication of his position would not have been problematic had his successor came from the Radical Party like him.

After all, Pang Jie did no wrong. It was not as if he resigned to atone for his mistakes. To a certain extent, he was duped by Yan Mingyue.

However, now that a member of the Conservative Party had taken over Pang Jie's title, it could only mean that there had either been a major conflict within the Great Void Sect between the Conservative Party and the Radical Party or that the two sides had called for a truce.

Lin Feng smiled, "The new All-Under-Heavens Strider is quite mysterious, but he must show himself one day sooner or later."

Miao Shihao nodded his head, "You're right."

"As for the fox demon...," Lin Feng changed the topic back to the original one.

Miao Shihao's face turned slightly as he yawned into the sky, "For that, master, I suddenly remember that I haven't been sleeping well for the past few days. I plan to go back for a nap. At ease, at ease."

With that, he walked off before Lin Feng could even reply.

Looking at Miao Shihao's gyrating waist as he walked away, Lin Feng noticed that he was barely concealing his haste. Lin Feng almost laughed, "You think I can't deal with you? Shihao, you are too young too simple!"

Finally, Lin Feng had a way to deal with Miao Shihao. He was incredibly happy. Furthermore, even without Miao Shihao, he was confident in finding a way to find out more about Hu Yanyan.

"What is he hiding?" Lin Feng was suddenly intrigued. He found Tun Tun and asked, "With regards to Hu Yanyan, other than the information you provided the previous time, is there anything else I should know?"

Tun Tun grew up on the Barren Expanses. She was clearer than Miao Shihao about matters concerning the Demonic Clan. Furthermore, her relationship with the Heavenly Fox Tribe had been rocky at best. To phrase it nicely, one's enemies know one best.

Now that Lin Feng thought about it, Tun Tun was the most suitable person to ask for information about the Heavenly Fox Tribe.

Who knew that upon hearing that, Tun Tun was stunned. A shocked expression appeared on her face as she took stock of Lin Feng for a long while. Then, she glared at him and said, "Despite your demeanor, all you males are the same!"

Lin Feng was completely thrown by her statement. He was almost unsure how should he respond before he angrily grabbed Tun Tun by her head and raised her into the sky. "You b*tch. If I don't beat you, you won't behave right?"

"Let me go! Let me down!" Tun Tun kicked her legs in the air as she struggled non-stop. She looked at Lin Feng, her face filled with suspicion. "Am I wrong? I bet you are interested in Hu Yanyan. If not, why are you so keen on hearing about her news."

"I can still understand if demons want to chase her, but I cannot believe that you men are just as shallow. All of you are completely seduced by her!"

Hearing that, Lin Feng did not become angry. Instead, he inquired, "You just said 'you men'. What do you mean by that?"

Tun Tun was stunned. She stopped struggling as she stared at Lin Feng curiously, "What? Don't you know?"

Lin Feng put her down and smiled, "I knew of her existence from you only, don't you remember?"

"Right!" Tun Tun slapped her head and turned to look at Lin Feng. "Furthermore, Hu Yanyan is super weak right now. She can't even take a human form. You probably haven't seen her human form before right?"

Lin Feng shook his head, smiling, "Are you saying that I would be completely enamored by her if I see her human form?"

Tun Tun said seriously, "Hu Yanyan is known as the Fire Fox Lord. Privately, however, many demons of the Barren Expanse call her the 'Hot Fox Lord'. She is the universally recognized hottest thing in the Barren Expanse."

"The number of demons that go to Mount Qingqiu to woo her is enough to flatten the mountain."

Lin Feng was surprised, "She's prettier than Long Ye?"

Tun Tun's mouth twitched, "According to your human standards, they are about the same. However, according to demon standards, Long Ye is a celestial jade tree. She cannot compare to neither foxes nor humans."

She looked at Lin Feng from the corner of her eyes, "Hu Yanyan formed her human form and came to the realm of man, where she caught the eyes of a prince from the Great Qin Empire who was an Immortal Soul stage cultivator. After he was rejected by her, he sought to forcefully take her. In the end, the Heavenly Fox Grand Sage had to come personally to bring her back safely."

"This became a legend in the Barren Expanse and further spread Hu Yanyan's fame. At the same time, she became the most well-known beauty in the Barren Expanse."

After Lin Feng heard the story, he said smiling with a bit of interest, "Then I must thank you for 'picking' her up."

Tun Tun muttered disgruntledly under her breath and turned her head away, "All males are the same. Superficial!"

"A little girl who dreams of mating with a male has no right to say that I'm superficial," Lin Feng smiled as he shook his head. He felt a tiny tremor in his heart as he turned his head to find Xiao Budian staring at him with an odd expression.

After paying his respects, Xiao Budian opened his mouth to speak in a weird tone, "Master, the fox demon kept playing dead until a while ago. Just now, she suddenly said she wanted to meet you."
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