Chapter 344: Three-Pronged Strategy

 Chapter 344: Three-Pronged Strategy

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After listening to Xiao Budian's words, Lin Feng's expression did not change and he asked, "What are the details?"

"Not long after we reached the Ancient Huanghai World, we broke up to execute our plans. But there was a sudden tremor that occurred. I believe it was caused by the Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation." Xiao Budian explained the situation. "Due to the tremors, I was trapped in some territorial waters, where the dual polarity strength was powerful."

"Mu Jihai was walking past coincidentally and wanted to attack me. After I freed myself from the encirclement of the dual polarity strength, I killed him."

Xiao Budian paused for a moment, before supplementing, "However, there were only the two of us there. I am sure no one else was around."

Lin Feng shook his head, "Even without witnesses, Cao Wei will still know that you killed Mu Jihai. On the bodies of such core disciples, Cao Wei will always leave behind prints of his mana. If he died due to a disaster in the Ancient Huanghai World, then he was just plain unfortunate."

"But if he was murdered, then Cao Wei will know instantaneously."

"However, that is unimportant." Lin Feng said, "A person must know who his friends and enemies are. Someone who seeks to kill will get killed sooner or later. If Cao Wei is unhappy, he can find me."

After hearing what Lin Feng said, Xiao Budian laughed, "Yes, Master!"

Lin Feng turned his head to look at Cao Wei and started to ponder about many things.

Before Lin Feng knew anything, Cao Wei had already known that Xiao Budian killed Mu Jihai, but he did not make any move.

Although Mu Jihai was not comparable to Song Qingyuan or Dao Yuting, he was still a budding talent that the Heaven Lake Sect had nurtured. Regardless of who found fault first, Cao Wei would not let the matter rest if he was just killed that way.

But now Cao Wei seemed to be indifferent, which made Lin Feng confused.

"There must be something going on if things are abnormal." Lin Feng shook his head. "Forget it, different situations call for different measures."

He turned his head to look at his disciples. As compared to disciples from the other sects who left the Ancient Huanghai World disappointed, the disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders were in higher spirits.

As he saw this scene, Lin Feng laughed, "The time may have shortened, but as the three destined individuals entered the fray with a few others of good fortune, everything was balanced again."

"As efficiency increases, the shortening of the time will not pose a problem."

Lin Feng looked at the few of them and laughed, "What rewards did all of you gained from this visit?"

Zhu Yi and a few of them looked at each other and laughed. Wang Lin seemed to be especially pleased among everyone.

Lin Feng was curious. After Wang Lin matured, he became more and more cold towards others. His reaction now was very rare.

Wang Lin saw that Lin Feng was looking at him. He stepped forward and passed Lin Feng the Pearl of Styx.

As Lin Feng saw this, he knew that Wang Lin had benefited a lot from his trip to the Ancient Huanghai World. He collected something inside the Pearl of Styx, which showed the importance of that item.

What made Lin Feng curious was the fact that Wang Lin placed the item in the Pearl of Styx, which contained the River Styx Primordial Water that could destroy matter. Wang Lin was unafraid that the item would be destroyed.

After taking over the Pearl of Styx, Lin Feng peered inside it using his supernatural awareness. He saw a stone altar that looked like a flawless white jade.

"Oh?" Lin Feng thought and used his mana to explore the stone altar. He realized how miraculous it was.

This stone altar was created from an extremely pure spiritual energy. Its nature was between that of a real entity and that of spiritual energy.

Inside the stone altar, it contained the most primitive form of heavenly will and philosophy. It was calm and pure. If those below the cultivation of the Aurous Core Stage were to cultivate this stone altar and infuse it into themselves, then they would be able to erect a top-grade spiritual altar.

More accurately speaking, at least a first-grade supreme spiritual altar was possible.

This was a heavenly stone birthed from the Heavens and bred on Earth.

For every cultivator with a lacking Innate Ability, this was the most precious thing to them.

Lin Feng looked at Wang Lin and saw that he was excited, which revealed his cognizance about its effects.

"Good, very good!" Lin Feng was happy for Wang Lin. He even felt that the trip to the Ancient Huanghai World was not fruitless as they had obtained this stone altar.

Lin Feng said to Wang Lin seriously, "When we returned to Mount Yujing, I will personally watch over your cultivation. I will also make some plans to maximize the potential of the stone."

Wang Lin heard and nodded his head repeatedly. Not only was he determined, he was excited and felt that he finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lin Feng returned the Pearl of Styx to Wang Lin and looked at the rest, laughing, "What did the rest of you gain from this trip? Show me."

Yang Qing scratched his head and laughed foolishly, "I found a spiritual herb by chance, but I am not sure about its use. I will need your help, Master."

Lin Feng received the spiritual herb from his hands. The grass stems were long and only its tip was blood red."

After cross-checking with the system, Lin Feng pondered for a moment and said, "This herb is called the Berserker Herb and it is the main ingredient in cultivating the Berserker Pill. But I do not recommend that you use it."

Yang Qing nodded his head. The reputation of the Berserker Pill was well-known in the Grand Celestial World and was only useful those below the cultivation of the Nascent Soul Stage.

The consumption of this pill would lead to a short-term burst of mana, but there would be after-effects of weakness and harm to the cultivator's flesh or soul.

This pill should only be used in an emergency as it was a double-edged sword.

Furthermore, Yang Qing knew the Grand Moon Flash Flood Mantra which brought about the same effects. However, the after-effects were less pronounced and his body would not be harmed either. Since it was more powerful than the Berserker Pill, Yang Qing did not have to use the Berserker Herb naturally.

From Lin Feng's perspective, he did not approve the use of this pill by anyone else either. Instead of taking this pill, it was more reliable to enhance one's own abilities through other methods.

"Maybe we should cultivate some pieces of the Berserker Pill, in case of emergencies?" Lin Feng thought of it. Suddenly, his vision landed on Xiao Budian. "Actually, it can be done this way..."

As Lin Feng looked at him, Xiao Budian laughed, "Master, I obtained this."

As he said, he retrieved the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness. There was a jade-green vine inside the crucible. After seeing it, Lin Feng could not help but laugh, "Nice one kid, your eyes are really spot on."

Lin Feng recognized that the vine inside the crucible was the Heavens-Patching Vine, a specialty from the Ancient Huanghai World that could not be found elsewhere.

The Heavens-Patching Vine was the most effective spiritual herb to mend cracks in the Aurous Core. The greatest obstacle for Xiao Budian's Nine-Holed Aurous Core was to promote from the intermediate stage to the advanced stage.

As the Tribulations of the Yin Wind were averted, the Yin Wind would carve out the Aurous Core, removing its flaws. But Xiao Budian's Aurous Core already had nine holes that allowed it to spit and swallow spiritual energy. This led to the purification of the Aurous Core.

This enabled him to overcome the Tribulations of the Yin Fire much easier than others but caused him to meet with a higher risk and difficulty when it comes to the Tribulations of the Yin Wind.

With the Heavens-Patching Vine, along with the help of other magic items, this would greatly smoothen Xiao Budian's path to promote to the advanced stage of the Aurous Core Stage.

Xiao Bu Dian was also very satisfied and kept laughing.

Lin Feng returned the crucible to him and turned his attention towards Yue Hongyan. Yue Hongyan smiled, "I have also obtained a spiritual herb. I think it is the Spiritual Enhancement Herb. It can help with my cultivation."

Lin Feng's eyes brightened and he laughed.

The Spiritual Enhancement Herb was a very notable spiritual herb in the Grand Celestial World. That was how Yue Hongyan recognized it immediately. It was very rare and its effects were very precious. As what Yue Hongyan said, it could effectively help with cultivation and increase the rate in which they absorbed and cultivated spiritual energy.

But only Lin Feng knew that it was the most important ingredient in cultivating the Spiritual Replenishment Elixir.

With it, Lin Feng could see a huge pile of Spiritual Replenishment Elixir coming his way.

Zhuge Fengling stepped back, but Lin Feng probed, "What did you get?"

"Nothing, nothing much.... I found the shell of a beast." Zhuge Fengling replied, "It can help to mask the tracks of people."

Lin Feng nodded his head, "It is suitable for you, keep it safely."

Zhuge Fengling was stunned for a while and looked at Lin Feng cautiously. After confirming that Lin Feng was not being sarcastic, she heaved a sigh of relief. She still thought that she had to hand over a useful item and was nervous as she thought hers was insufficient.

At this point, Lin Feng looked at Tuntun. Without even waiting for her reply, he commented, "Whatever you have obtained, you must have eaten it."

Tuntun snorted and made a silly face at him, but she did not retort back.

Lastly, it was Zhu Yi. He smiled slightly and retrieved something out. Then he handed it over to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng fixed his eyes on it and realized that it was a turtle shell the size of a palm. There were patterns on the turtle shell. As he observed it more carefully, it was actually the image of the Nine Palaces.

The turtle looked ancient and did not seem eye-catching, but it encapsulated a mysterious power within it. It looked small but was actually very grand. It was just able to hide itself well and not reveal itself.

Lin Feng felt familiar as he looked at the turtle shell.

Looking at this turtle shell was like looking at the embryos of magic treasures, which included the Zhuyan Demon Eye, Soul Creator Seal, and the Emerald Skull

This turtle shell was also an embryo of a magic treasure.

Lin Feng was a little stunned as he looked at it. He lifted his head to look at Zhu Yi and started laughing bitterly in his heart, "Damn, you are unbelievably spot on in finding treasures. You are the best among all my disciples in doing this."

Lin Feng looked at the dazzling treasure and he could not help but guess, "They have really used the Three-Pronged Strategy of eating, taking and stealing everything away. They have balanced the stakes in the Ancient Huanghai World. I wonder if everything that was good in there is now in my hands?"

As he was thinking of it, he turned his head around and saw that the Sword Radiance Swordmaster was looking at him with a perplexed look.
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