Chapter 279: The Spiritual Conference Officially Begins.

 Chapter 279: The Spiritual Conference Officially Begins.

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"The Spiritual Conference is first carried out by the competition between the cultivators in the Foundation Establishment Stage, followed by the Aurous Core Stage. Even if that person is late, it is fine. If he can reach before the last competition, it will be fine." Zhu Yi said, "Also I have to thank Princess Xingyun for the reminder."

Shi Xingyun leaned her body and looked at Zhu Yi for a moment, suddenly laughing, "Talking about it, that person has a little similarity with Zhu Yi. He is also a scholar - the top scorer and valedictorian of the scholarly examination of the Great Qin Empire."

Zhu Yi's gaze flashed, "Oh? For him to set himself apart amongst the many scholars in the Great Qin Empire, he must be something. Even if I cannot spar with him, I can still exchange knowledge with him. That is good, very good."

Shi Xingyun giggled, "Are all of the Celestial Sect of Wonders disciples so proud of themselves? I shall wait and see."

Looking at her back view as she left, Zhu Yi slightly turned his head and quietly said, "I do not think that she is only half an opponent."

Lin Feng, who was sitting and resting, suddenly smiled, saying, "The orthodox royal family of the Great Qin Empire has Chong Yun in the Soul Formation Stage and Xingyun in the Aurous Core Stage. Although this saying has not entirely spread, it is not a secret either."

He opened his eyes wide and looked at Xiao Budian, laughing, "This clan sister of yours is not simple."

Xiao Budian was emotionless, waving his hands, "It does not matter. In my own realm, with the exception of my own siblings, I am invincible."

"Master, you must at least have some confidence in me!"

Lin Feng replied unhurriedly, "I naturally have confidence in all of you, especially you."

Before Xiao Budian smiled, Lin Feng followed with, "Especially in your gluttony and ability to create trouble."

"Ugh!" Xiao Budian groaned and suddenly became humble, looking at Lin Feng who was mocking him, "The Pegasus of the Royal House of the Northern Tribe was stolen by you surely?"

Xiao Budian laughed cheekily, pushing Tuntun and Zhuge Fengling in front of his body, "It was their idea. I only followed them, in case they ran into big trouble."

Tuntun and Zhuge Fengling both rolled their eyes, as they looked disgusted with Xiao Budian.

Lin Feng looked at all three of them gleefully, shaking his head, "It is fine that you stole it, but just remember to wipe your mouth clean after eating. Do not give others a chance to pinpoint fingers at you."

Xiao Budian laughed while patting Tuntun's belly skin, "Do not worry, Master. The feathery skin and the bones have already entered here. Not even one strand of feather is left behind. I used to think that her eating method was very rough, but now it seems pretty useful."

Tuntun bared her teeth at him, "Stop this, I have not even settle my issue with you for kicking me just now!"

"You asked for it." Xiao Budian answered uncaringly.

Lin Feng ignored them and turned his head to look at Yang Qing, who was at a corner. He was curiously sizing up the rest of the cultivators from the other sects, revealing a nervous expression.

Previously at Yuzhou City, Lin Feng allowed his disciples to roam around freely, but only Yang Qing returned to their quarters after going one round and used the remaining time to hone his mantra as if he was a student who was anxiously revising before an examination.

Maybe he also knew that that little time would not make much of a difference, but he could not control himself from using that time. It was just a way for him to feel more at ease.

Lin Feng firmly knew that Yang Qing personally was not very interested in joining this Spiritual Conference. He might be a little curious at the Ancient Huanghai World, but having to spar with others was something he did not enjoy.

Not that he was scared, but rather he lacked confidence in himself.

"If I can protect you for a moment, I can also protect you for life." Lin Feng said to him, "But think about it carefully, is that something that you want for your life?"

"Forever living under the shelter of others, without experiencing any hardships. This will reduce the amount of risks that you take, but it can also make your life duller."

Yang Qing took a deep breath and calmed his nerves, softly answering, "I understand. I will try my best and not lose the face of our sect."

"It is more of saving face for yourself. My face is not so easily thrown." Lin Feng looked at both of his eyes, "Think of the Cloud Water Cave, think about someone you miss the most."

Lin Feng focused, "I was distracted initially, but please be rest assured Master that I know what to do from now."

Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction, sighing in his heart, "5 points for determination...he still has a long way to go. But if he can succeed, the amount of hard work he is putting in now will be worth it." His eyes and Yang Qing's gaze met, enabling a spell to be transferred across an invisible bridge towards the brain of Yang Qing.

Yang Qing hurriedly memorized the spell that Lin Feng transferred to him, but he was a little confused after memorizing it. "Master, this spell...."

Lin Feng said, "This mantra is another branch of the mantras under our sect. You will encounter it sooner or later. But if you learn now, it can help to increase your abilities greatly."

"It is just that how much you understand is up to you."

Yang Qing nodded his head and sat on his knees, as he began to assimilate it seriously.

At this point, the first round of lot drawing for the Foundation Establishment Stage competition of the Spiritual Conference started.

The Vivant Joy Holy Master personally wrote the names of each and every competitor, before signing his name and putting the lots into a large copper jar. After that, he individually drew out the lots to decide the final pairings and schedule of the competition.

The heads of each sect were there to supervise the entire process. Under such a circumstance, cheating was impossible. Even if there was any slight suspicion, there would be questions over the results, thus invalidating it.

If it was possible to cheat, that meant that the person was skilled and that the others would have nothing to say to that.

But the Vivant Joy Holy Master had no intention to cheat and the others were convinced by the results of the lot drawing. They acknowledged its legitimacy and allowed the competition to proceed.

Although the Sun Moon Sword Sect was given permission to send in duos for the competition, the Sun Radiance Swordmaster eventually decided to send in only four disciples, two to form one duo, to enter the competition for fear of gossip mongering. Therefore, they had one less 'person' compared to the Celestial Sect of Wonders. In the Foundation Establishment Stage competition, there would be three individuals progressing naturally to the next round.

It could not be said to be good or bad news. Among the three people progressing naturally in the first round, two of them were from the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

Both Wang Lin and Yang Qing progressed to the next round.

Only Yue Hongyan had entered the first round of the competition. She did not expend much energy to emerge victorious.

The last 16 was quickly decided after the first round. Regarding the first round, most of the people did not bother with it too much. For the Foundation Establishment Stage competition, only the top 8 would be given the nominations to enter the Ancient Huanghai World. The knockout stage for the last 16 to enter the next round was the main show to watch.

It was just that the final result left the elders with mixed feelings.

Out of the 16 people, two were from the Purple Clouds Sect, two from the Heaven Lake Sect, two from the Huo Family and one was from the Sword of Radiance Sect.

The duo from the Sun Moon Sword Sect was indeed dominant. Both the duos progressed to the last 16. Although they only took up two nominations, considering that the Sun Radiance Swordmaster had only sent four people to participate, all his members had entered the last 16.

In the first round, the duos from the Sun Moon Sword Sect displayed powers that were a grade higher than the rest. Although their opponents had also formed their own duos, they were not comparable to the Sun Moon Sword Sect.

Without even mentioning about their abilities, based solely on chemistry, a newly formed duo was unable to match up to the trained duos of the Sun Moon Sword Sect.

And although all three of Lin Feng's disciples from the Celestial Sect of Wonders had progressed, it was not very convincing. After all, Wang Lin and Yang Qing progressed naturally without competing, which made others envious that they were lucky.

What spoiled the party was that only two cultivators that were sent by the Great Qin Empire had progressed to the last 16. However, it was predictable. After all, they were unlucky to have two of their cultivators matched together in the first round. Out of the two, only one could progress.

That competition between the two could also be said to be the exciting part of the first round.

Both parties displayed their skills, which were indeed unparalleled, leaving many regretful of the results. If they met with the cultivators of the other sects, they were more likely to eliminate the other sects and both of them could have progressed.

There was no rest after the first round and the lot drawing for the second round began.

The rule of the Spiritual Conference of Huanghai was that a new drawing of lots would resume after each round of competition. No one could predict who he would meet in the next round.

To Lin Feng, this method has its pros and cons. Under the strict supervision of the others, if there was no cheating involved, this rule could be said to be fairer.

In the first round of lot drawing, Lin Feng noticed that Wang Lin was fixated on the copper jar that contained the lots. When the results for those who could progress naturally were revealed, Wang

Lin was disappointed even though he did not reveal it in his expression.

Lin Feng sniggered in his heart, as he knew that Wang Lin was waiting to teach Huo Chen, the 17th Young Master of the Huo Family.

At this point, Wang Lin and his opponent was picked out. His opponent was not Huo Chen, but a royal disciple of the Great Qing Empire.

Whereas Huo Chen's opponent was the remaining disciple of the Sword of Radiance Sect.

Seeing the disappointed Wang Lin, Lin Feng patted his shoulders, "Calm your nerves, do not be affected by others."

Wang Lin nodded his head and was silent. He mumbled, "I want to keep him outside of the top 8 and totally destroy his hope."

Lin Feng turned his head and was a little creeped out by the evil intent he saw in Wang Lin's pupil.

Lin Feng prayed for Huo Chen in his heart, "You are in trouble lad!"

He thought for a while before revealing a smile on the edge of his lips, "Regardless of which round you meet him, the defense mechanism of the Hidden Dragon Gorge will always be in place. But once you enter the Ancient Huanghai World, everything will be different."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he also revealed a smile, "Master, you are right. Now I hope that he will successfully enter the top 8."

Lin Feng laughed, "Do not be distracted by others. Enter the top 8 for me first."

"Master, please rest assured." Wang Lin said and he leaped up towards the opening of the Hidden Dragon Gorge. As the Hidden Dragon Gorge floated in mid space, it was only the size of a palm. Wang Lin's body rapidly shrank as he flew towards the opening. Eventually, he became the size of a sand particle as he entered the Hidden Dragon Gorge.

His opponent did the same thing.
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