Chapter 263: Lead The Way

 Chapter 263: Lead The Way

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With the Kui Cow King at the head, hundreds of Kui Cows bent their knees together and bowed to Lin Feng, symbolizing submission and allegiance.

With a wave of his hand, the Kui Cows taken prisoners by Xiao Budian and Tuntun regained their freedom as well. Although they were restrained by Lin Feng's spell, he had deliberately arranged for them to be able to witness everything that happened.

Now that they have regained their freedom, those Kui Cow Demonic Commanders stood behind the Kui Cow King and bowed to Lin Feng as well, willingly conceding with all their hearts.

"No need for those superfluous gestures. Rise." Lin Feng said emotionlessly, and the Kui Cow King, with his Clan, rose together. Seeing that every single one of those previously sent to harass Lin Feng were present, with not a single hair harmed, the Kui Cow King was even more grateful to Lin Feng.

None of the Kui Cows dared to make any reckless moves, standing before Lin Feng cooperatively. At the side, Xiao Budian and Tuntun had looks of disappointment and longing on their faces, as if they had missed out on a great feast.

Lin Feng, of course, knew what they were thinking. Shaking his head, amused, he patted Xiao Budian's head lightly. "You can stop looking. Although you can't eat them, they'll primarily be under your command from now on."

Xiao Budian looked deep in thought. "The Kui Cow Clan control lightning intrinsically...Master wants them to assist my cultivation?"

Lin Feng nodded. "Yes, exactly."

"But, Master, if I eat all these Cow meat and absorb the Thunder and Lightning spiritual energy within, the effect might be even better." Xiao Budian whispered.

Lin Feng, hearing this, didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Hold your gluttony, I have my strategic considerations."

"Still remember that Winder & Thunder Sigil and the Wind and Thunder Parturition Talisman Formation it activates?"

"Of course," Xiao Budian answered. "The seniors and I even used it when we were cultivating in the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World."

"However, the effect is significant only during Foundation Establishment and Qi Cultivation. After forming the Aurous Core, the effects will be greatly diminished."

Chuckling, Lin Feng said, "That's because simply setting up the Wind and Thunder Parturition Talisman Formation with the Wind & Thunder Sigil is only the most basic form of this Talisman Formation. To enhance its effect, other materials and conditions are needed."

"Treasures without life but rich in Thunder and Wind spiritual energy can strengthen the effects of the Wind and Thunder Parturition Talisman Formation, but those aren't the best either."

"If you want to maximize the effects of the Wind and Thunder Parturition Talisman Formation, it's best to let two life forms, rich in Thunder and Wind spiritual energy respectively, reside within the Talisman Formation. The wind and thunder energy will feedback and react, continuously exciting each other." Lin Feng explained

"Also, with the nourishment of life and blood, the effect is far more impressive compared to lifeless inanimate objects."

Xiao Budian, finally understanding, glanced at the herd of Kui Cows, his gaze finally settling on the Kui Cow King. "That's Thunder, what about Wind? If it's that Feilian, the cultivation stage and power are a little low..."

"Ah, I know!" Xiao Budian's lively black eyes lit up, grinning. "Rumor has it that the Aeolus Sect historically keep Feilians, with even a Feilian King that has formed its Demon Soul..."

The Master and the Disciple both smiled at the same time. Lin Feng said, "Bring those Kui Cows back first. The Feilian King and the Aeolus Sect could wait for now."

Xiao Budian, staring at the Kui Cows, looked totally miserable. "Then...just leaving the Kui Cow King should be enough..."

Lin Feng, shaking his head, was almost prepared to give up on this glutton. He flicked Xiao Budian's head, annoyed; "There are other purposes to keep them for; there'll be plenty of goodies for you then. Keep a long view! Remember to look at the pot as well as the bowl in front of you."

Xiao Budian stuck out his tongue but did not say anything else, instead looking at the Kui Cows sadly and sighed, downcast.

At his side, the little Taotie, Tuntun, 's eyes were wet, on the verge of tears.

Ignoring these two gluttonous clowns, Lin Feng, with a whip of his sleeve, released Zhuge Fengling and her pet, that Gold-Digging Mouse.

"S...Sir." Just like those Kui Cow Demonic Commanders, although restrained by spells, Zhuge Fengling can clearly observe what was happening. Because of that, standing before Lin Feng now, she did not dare even to breath heavily.

Always eloquent, she now stutters even when simply speaking.

Right now, at the northern foot of Mount Kunlun, Lin Feng's reputation was at its height, with few unaware of his name.

These days, Zhuge Fengling had been active in the Mount Kunlun area. Naturally, she knows the name of Lin Feng and the Celestial Sect of Wonders, as well as being familiar with their exploits and achievements.

Precisely because of that, recalling how she had continuously harassed Lin Feng and even tried to use him for her own ends, Zhuge Fengling felt the world spinning before her eyes, on the verge of blacking out.

They say you must never touch a tiger's posterior; she had literally been plucking the tiger's whiskers.

"Lord Lin, Master Lin, Grandpa Lin!" Zhuge Fengling howled silently. "If you're so strong, just say so! You're playing me to death!"

Lin Feng gazed at Zhuge Fengling silently and emotionlessly, exacerbating her anxiety further. The little ears of the Gold-Digging Mouse on her shoulder drooped wearily, waiting for Lin Feng's final judgement along with its master.

"I seem to recall someone saying that she will happily offer her services? Very good, I happen to have something for you to do." Lin Feng said calmly. "To be precise, for you to be a guide."

Zhuge Fengling relaxed slightly. "Please feel free, I will definitely complete the task to the best of my abilities!"

Lin Feng nodded. "That would be for the best."

"Previously, there was an eruption of Avīci Infernal Gale in the mountains near Lingyun Peak. You were swept up but now it looks like you managed to escape. I'm not interested in how you escaped, but rather in the Avīci Infernal Gale."

"Where was the place where you last came into contact with the Avīci Infernal Gale? Lead the way."

At first, Zhuge Fengling's expression was still rather relaxed, but as she listened, her face slowly changed. At the end, her entire face had a look of despair.

Lin Feng looked at her silently. "There's a problem?"

He smiled. "If there's a problem, say so. I am a reasonable person."

" problem at all." Zhuge Fengling answered drily, but her voice sounds like she bit her tongue.

"Good." Lin Feng turned to face Xiao Budian, Yue Hongyan, Tuntun and Jieyu. "Here's an experiential task for you. Follow her to find the Avīci Infernal Gale, duration - fifteen days."

"Return punctually after fifteen days. As for whether you can obtain the Avīci Infernal Gale, that will depend on luck and destiny."

Xiao Budian and Yue Hongyan bowed together. "As Master commands."

"As my Lord commands." Jieyu answered obediently as well.

Only Tuntun curled its lips. "That stuff doesn't even taste good, why get it?" It mumbled.

Lin Feng didn't acknowledge it either, staring at Zhuge Fengling calmly. "As you command." Zhuge Fengling replied hurriedly.

Xiao Budian glanced at her. "Master, when we return fifteen days later, what about this little girl? Escort her back as well?"

Upon hearing that, Zhuge Fengling, speechless, howled silently. "Who's a little girl? Please, I'm much older than you! You yourself are a little boy, little brat, stupid little kid!"

A hundred curses ran through her head, but she just happen to not dare to say a thing; so agitated that she was on the verge of bursting.

The Gold-Digging Mouse's telepathic message sounded in her heart - one of the privileges of blood-pact pets.

"Fengling, you're crazy! We almost died escaping the Avīci Infernal Gale last time, are we really going to go back now?"

"Now that we're under his yoke, we must bear with it for now and think about making off first." Zhuge Fengling said bitterly but silently. "We just have to get away from this Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders and there is at least a fifty-fifty chance of escaping."

"As long as the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders is not with us, whether to look for the Avīci Infernal Gale will be up to my mood. If I'm in a good mood, we just shake them off and run. If not, we lead them into the Avīci Infernal Gale's eye and teach them a lesson, as well as vent some of our frustration!"

The Gold-Digging Mouse's ears twitched. "I think it's better to just run. Firstly, the Avīci Infernal Gale is simply too dangerous; second, if something really happens to them - even if it's just a scratch - the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders would not spare us."

Zhuge Fengling snorted. "That stupid kid had it lucky."

In spite of the rhetoric, Zhuge Fengling understands as well that with Xiao Budian's current strength and abilities, plus the protection of the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness, even Avīci Infernal Gale Avīci Infernal Gale - if a relatively small amount - might not be able to kill him.

Furthermore, accompanying them was Jieyu, a Demonic Lord-level dragon. Even if something happens, they'll at least be able to escape.

"I haven't really interacted with that red-haired woman, but she seems to be the straightforward type." Zhuge Fengling has already started to plan her escape strategy. "The stupid kid and that little girl should both be easily deceived."

"It's just this dragon that's unknown - is it clever enough?"

Focused on her calculations, she was oblivious that her mental fluctuations have all been observed by Lin Feng.

Lin Feng did not use his powers to probe her soul or read her specific thoughts, but just by sensing her psychological changes, Lin Feng knew that she was up to something.

Even without asking, he knew that she was thinking about how to use the opportunity to escape.

Lin Feng looked at her, amused. "If you think that Xiao Budian is easy to deal with because he's young, you're in for a surprise."

"How to deal with her, you decide yourself fifteen days later. I will give the decision to you." He told Xiao Budian.

Seeing Xiao Budian and Zhuge Fengling's eyes light up simultaneously, Lin Feng smiled cunningly and silently.

After watching Xiao Budian and co. leave, Lin Feng turned to the Kui Cow King. "You can follow me back."

The Kui Cows all answered deferentially. With a whip of his sleeve, Lin Feng swept up the Saros Steel Tree sapling in the ground, together with the earth.

Even though it's but a sapling, the Saros Steel Tree was already showing some potential, being anchored in the ground and not easily moved. Seeing its extraordinariness, Lin Feng did not bother with the formalities and simply used the Dual Dimension Vaccum Charm to slice the space apart, sweeping up the sapling.

"After it grows some more, it should be able to secure the spatial dimension." Lin Feng stowed the sapling and sliced open Space, flying back to Mount Yujing with the Kui Cows.

Just as he landed on the peak of Mount Yujing, Lin Feng felt something through his senses. "This feeling...little Wang Lin is going to advance to Intermediate Foundation Establishment stage, establishing his Spiritual Altar?"
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