Chapter 150: Where there are people there will be fights

 Chapter 150: Where there are people there will be fights

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Chen Gang's physical body had been killed, but his spirit was trapped within the River Styx Primordial Water, and cultivated into a puppet.

Under the control of the Art of the Unholy Marionette, Chen Gang could not hide the truth. Every word he spoke had to be nothing and nothing but the truth.

"Along the Mount Changchun?" Lin Feng knew the place. It was in the depth of the Hengduan Mountains

According to Chen Gang, that area contained a portal to the demon world. Demons congregated and gathered at that area to train. The only credible human presence was the Hundred Herbs Sect.

The Hundred Herbs Sect mainly specialized in making elixirs and pills. They were not powerful in the art of combat but because of their need for medicinal herbs, they had no choice but to stay in that area.

Lin Feng looked at Chen Gang and mocked, "I don't believe that all the disciples from the Great Void Sect are as retarded as you. I don't think they would allow Pang Jie to plant such a curse onto them"

Chen Gang refused to answer, but was compelled to do so. "Many people don't understand his pain and ambitions. They are all too weak and always bow down to others despite the Great Void Sect being the number one sect in the world"

"Go on" said Lin Feng as his eyes flickered with interest.

Under the control of the Unholy Marionette, Chen Gang revealed everything he knew about the Great Void Sect.

Lin Feng let out a long sigh, "Where there are people there will be fights".

The Great Void Sect was renowned and revered. Yet it was strife with internal conflict. Its leader only managed administrative business while key strategic decisions were based on discussions between a group of elders. However, within the group itself were two separate camps. Because of this, many decisions were caught in a deadlock.

Even with great power, the disciples of the sect seldom roamed the earth. Only a small group of them actually roamed around. Most of the time, their powers were used to keep the demons in check. The war between mankind and demons had seen vast amounts of casualties. The previous great war saw a tragic victory for mankind. But after thousands of years, the demons had regained their footholds.

The mission of the Great Void Sect was simple: to unite mankind against the demons. In order to build reserves for the impossibly big battle between humans and demons, the Great Void Sect was not supposed to expand and they had to do their best to resolve internal conflicts within mankind so as to reduce wastage of precious resources.

However, as time progressed, more and more disciples had their own agenda. With their given power, they sought to rule over mankind. This faction called themselves the Advancement Party, and its leader was none other than Pang Jie.

The other halve stuck to their values and sought to unite mankind, they called themselves the Conservative Party. To them, the greatest danger was demons winning the war and ruling over mankind. The previous All-Under-Heavens Strider was Yan Mingyue, which was the leader of the new generation within the Conservative Party.

The image of a girl in green robe flashed through Lin Feng's mind.

His stone expression gradually transformed into a smile. "Of course, the toughest fortresses are always destroyed from within".

"But it's good because now that they are busy fighting within themselves, I will have time to grow." Following which, he looked at Chen Gang, "Besides, I still have one more card to play."

After settling Chen Gang, Lin Feng headed to find his disciples. He went into the Heavenly Ray Cosmic World on top of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree and saw them squatting around a commotion. Upon landing, he realised that they were crowding around a fat baby who was dirt-yellow in color..

The group was oblivious to Lin Feng and continued staring at the girl who was crying uncontrollably. They could only guess that she was hungry. Finally, they caught sight of Lin Feng.

"What's going on? Who is she and why can't she see us?" the disciples inquired.

Xiao Yan added in, "She eats whatever we throw to them, yet spit them out immediately"

Lin Feng took a look at Xiao Budian and asked, "What happened to your usual chatty self?"

Xiao Bu Dian replied, "I really have no idea, but I think..."

"But what?" Xiao Yan impatiently asked.

"But I think that she's the closest to you," answered Xiao Budian. "She responds only to your actions"

The group pondered for a while and then nodded in unison. Lin Feng scanned the group for anomalies, especially with Xiao Yan. He eyed the items on the floor: medicine, food...a short sword! Who in the world would feed the girl a sword? Lin Feng immediately glared at Xiao Budian. Only Xiao Budian would do something like this.

Xiao Budian gulped and looked away in guilt.

Suddenly, something caught Lin Feng's eye.

There was only one set of teeth marks on all the items. It meant that the girl spat them out immediately.

However, there was this one item which the fat baby had bitten into pieces before spitting out..

"The Flaming Sun Pill? It is rich with fire essence and enhances fire power!" commented Lin Feng after a few light sniffs. It seemed like the girl was attracted to fire. Xiao Yan once trained with fire, but now all four disciples practiced the same set of skills, so in theory they were all the same.

"Chewing the pill without swallowing? Is it because the fire essence is not concentrated enought?" Lin Feng thought for awhile, "unless...she can sense Xiao Yan's Nefarious Almighty Sword?"

The sword contained the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire, one of the seven legendary fires. At that thought, Lin Feng took out a spark which contained the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. The incessant cries ceased almost instantly as the girl turned towards Lin Feng with begging eyes.

"I've got it," concluded Lin Feng as he kept the spark. And immediately the cries resumed.

"Xiao Budian is right, she is drawn to Xiao Yan. Draw out the Nefarious Almighty Sword and you'll see" added Lin Feng.

At the sight of the sword, the girl's cries turned to joyous laughter as she leapt towards the sword. Xiao Yan pushed her away, fearing for her safety. The cries came back once more.

"Quite the peculiar spirit. Not much intelligence, just a penchant for food and fire," noted Lin Feng.

"My sword is such a potent weapon, will she be able to chew it too?" Xiao Yan inquired.

He channeled his energy into the sword, lighting up a fire that erupted from the black metal blade. The little girl cried in joy and lept towards the flame, swallowing it in a single mouth.
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