Chapter 149: Because I will not allow

 Chapter 149: Because I will not allow

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A mini formation lit up over Chen Gang's forehead as his life force surged and burned.

Lin Feng understood that Chen Gang meant it as a sacrifice to draw out another being from a separate dimension. But now he knew that Chen Gang's body was to be used by the being as the avatar.

From inside the formation carried a calm and emotionless voice, "It has been tough on you, my junior, I'll take over from here"

Lin Feng cleared his throat, "So you're the All-Under-Heavens Strider of the Great Void Sect, Pang Jie?"

The silhouette of a man slowly emerged within the mini formation. His white robe dazzled with light, emitting a crystal clear aura, one that felt like a gust of wind, a free spirit. Yet his eyes were like those of stars, crystals that peered right into your soul.

The man nodded, "Yes, I am Pang Jie"

"If I may, I suppose that Chen Gang isn't the first to offer his body as sacrifice. Your power has come at the expense of countless disciples from the Great Void Sect," lamented Lin Feng.

Pang Jie seemed unperturbed and gently nodded.

"What a disgrace! The great All-Under-Heavens Strider using the lives of others for his own interest!" scowled Lin Feng.

Without expression, Pang Jie replied, "As a member of the Great Void Sect, our calling is one of righteous glory. The path we walk is a sacred and esoteric one. But sometimes along the path, we stumble upon a worthless animal whose sole purpose is to slander our name. As the leader of this generation of Great Void Sect, I have no choice but to exterminate you. All other disciples who live with the honourable reputation of our sect will sacrifice for this noble cause."

"So you knowingly take their lives without any remorse?" mocked Lin Feng.

"It is, after all, for a noble cause. I am the chosen one and this is my calling. For the rest it's just really unfortunate."

Lin Feng burst out on mocking laughter, "So just because the Great Void Sect is the number one Sect in the world, they will have the right to dictate everything in our world? Does this mean that anyone who disobeys or go against the Great Void Sect would be morally wrong? In my opinion, what you're saying is simply this, whoever holds power gets to do what he wants. The strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must? What rubbish!"

"You may interpret my words as you wish. My job is just to come here for you," replied Pang Jie.

"This mountain and all the treasures on it, including Longye's stone flue, are rightfully my sect's. Now return them!" scolded Pang Jie. The light surrounding him seemed to clear up as what seemed like flesh started to form on Chen Gang's body. He was becoming the avatar itself.

"How tragic it is, but you will not be able to come here" commented Lin Feng.

"Oh really?"

"Because I will not allow it," came the reply from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his hand and sliced the air gently.

The Fences of the Heavens!

Pang Jie's form shook as the connection between him and Chen Gang immediately cut off. The light above Chen Gang flickered and died out. Lin Feng simply smiled, his intent clear and understood. Pang Jie's presence was slowly diminished to a pale silhouette

If Lin Feng wanted to forbid them from coming, they would not be able to come.

Pang Jie's expression was that of stone. He was from the Nascent Soul Stage and had the power to manipulate space-time, allowing his true physical form to appear. However, he had other matters at hand and was unable to be there right now.

Pang Jie's gaze met Lin Feng, "We will meet again in the near future". With that, the light above Chen Gang fell silent and disappeared.

"Perhaps, but it may not be in your favour" smiled Lin Feng.

He studied Mount Yujing and thought, "Finally, I can have my own cave to call home".

With an incantation, Lin Feng, along with Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, the mystic purple clouds and Mount Yujing became one body. The Avatar of Ares picked up the Bastille Black Dragon and flew up towards the rest. From within the tree shone a light so bright that it casted sharp shadows across miles. Its leaves rustled as the purple sky split open, revealing the real horizon behind. Mount Yujing ascended into the clouds, vanishing with the other treasures. What was left was a peaceful scenery, one where Mount Yujing had ceased to even exist.

It was only from the sight of the broken peaks of the Kunlun Mountain Range that one could tell that there was a big battle earlier.

Amidst the chaotic currents within the void dimension, the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree glistened as it radiated a glow which covered the entire Mount Yujing, protecting all residents from the injurious currents of the void dimension.

Lin Feng was satisfied. Now that the entrance to his mountain was sealed within the void, nobody would come asking for trouble. The only problem was this, if he were to reappear in the real world, the only place he could land would be above Mount Kunlun. And it was predictable.

Lin Feng thought to himself, "If I were to improve and become a Nascent Soul myself...working with the Treasure Tree, we can let this mountain appear wherever we like."


Xiao Yan called out as he approached ceremoniously.

"Sorry I've made you wait. It must have been painful" said Lin Feng.

Xiao Yan laughed it off, "How was it painful? It was more like good training for us."

"But it was quite a pity that we were not competent enough. We're sorry we had to get you to fight", Zhu Yi interjected.

Lin Feng smiled in return, "I hope that you all will learn from the mistakes in your battles."

Lin Feng introduced the power and miracles of the treasures he brought along. Amongst them was the power of manipulating time within the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World which was on top of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. Inside it, time was sped up. One could train for an entire year inside the tree and only use up a day in the real world. After introducing the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, he spoke, "Please don't waste a golden opportunity like this to maximise your training."

After hearing their master's introduction, the disciples were thrilled and went straight into the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World without any hesitation.

"Time waits for no man indeed!" Lin Feng sighed. To attain the Aurous Core Stage, he had remained inside for eight years. The system's mission had a time frame of ten years, and now, only a year or so remained.

His mission was to officially open the mountain and recruit thirty disciples with potential value over twenty-five.

Lin Feng laughed and shook his head, "Still a long way to go."

At the bottom of things, he felt that power was still the number one priority. Especially after spoiling the relationship with both the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect. Lin Feng felt a strong need to level up his abilities to compensate for the reduction of potential allies.

Lin Feng picked up the manual for the Two Elements of Creation Formation. He thought to himself, "The Formation Bursting Drum is a remarkable weapon indeed. If not for the Heaven-Revolving purple clouds, victory might not have been mine." "The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds only had the 'Heaven' element. Without the 'Earth' element, it would not be able to perform at its full force potential."

"There are six variants to the Two Elements of Creation Formation and each variation will require different conditions and ingredients."

"Now, even with the incomplete pairing of 'Heaven' and 'Earth', the formation had already possessed so much power. I can't imagine what it would be like to get all six conditions right and the addition of a magic treasure which can support the entire formation."

"The 'Heaven' in the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds can be paired with the 'Earth' element in the Central Wutu Divine Light to complete the Heaven and Earth pairing. But the amount of Central Wutu Divine Light which the Heaven and Earth Mirror was too little when compared to the volume of the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds..."

A moment of eureka saw Lin Feng drawing out the Anti-water Flag. The light from the mirror reflected off the surface of the flag, instantly radiating yellow light the colour of the soil. Lin Feng let out a satisfied laughter. The power from this combination was even stronger than that of Gaia Jade. But still, it was too little when compared to the hundred thousand acres worth of Heaven-Revolving Purple Cloud.

Lin Feng suddenly recalled that Chen Gang had the power of the Swelling Earth, and immediately brought him up for questioning on where to find Swelling Earth. Chen Gang, still in a daze from a ruined sacrifice, did not reply.

"As a member of the Great Void Sect, surely you would have heard of the Unholy Marionette." said Lin Feng with a sinister voice.

"How dare you demon!" Chen Gang's expression went from blank to fear to fiery. "You dare resort to such underhanded means?"

"How is this underhanded? This is nothing compared to what Pang Jie was doing" replied Lin Feng.

"You don't understand. Senior Pang has his own burdens. He will come and avenge me."

"He had better not show up. What will the world think if I were to reveal the underhanded means he used to take the lives of his comrades? Maybe they will understand his burdens." scowled Lin Feng.

"Nobody will believe you!" scolded Chen Gang.

"They will, eventually, for I have a witness. Who else can be a better alibi than the one who almost suffered the same fate, but yet lived to tell the tale?" Lin Feng replied, his smile widening as he spoke.

"I will never..." replied Chen Gang.

"You will too, eventually. But for now, you should tell me how to control the Swelling Earth". Lin Feng engulfed Chen Gang in the River Styx Primordial Waters, interrupting him before he could finish.
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