Chapter 125: The Interrogation

 Chapter 125: The Interrogation

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As Lin Feng rode forward on his Black Cloud Flag, Wang Lin and the rest followed behind on the Feilian.

The Fire Crow Young Master, along with Gao Fan and the four disciples of the Aeolus Sect, was trapped by the cloudy light from the Black Cloud Flag.

Lin Feng himself had entered the dimension inside the Black Cloud Flag, and he found himself in front of the Fire Crow Young Master.

As the demon had been heavily injured by the Grand Moon Primordial Water, it depended solely on a piece of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame for survival. In its sorry state, its former ferocity and arrogance was gone.

It could not even morph into its human form and could only maintain its demonic form. Seeing that Lin Feng was approaching, its eyes betrayed a trace of terror.

"Who are you? Do you know who am I?"

Upon hearing the Fire Crow Young Master's terrified voice in spite of his cocky demeanor, Lin Feng broke into a laugh, "I don't know who you are, but I do know that your father is the King of the Fire Crows. So, what did you plan on telling me?"

The Fire Crow Young Master was silenced by this, and from Lin Feng's calm unchanging expression it realized, in that instant, that its opponent did not care about its parentage. It could not use its parentage to frighten him.

Upon realizing this, the Fire Crow Young Master sank into a sullen silence.

Lin Feng asked, "The nesting place for the fire crows is usually very far from Mount Kunlun. So why did all of you come to Mount Kunlun on such a large scale?"

The Fire Crow Young Master withdrew its neck and replied, "No... no reason. I wish to go for an excursion, and my kind is accompanying me."

Lin Feng squinted, while looking at it smilingly but silently.

Despite not saying anything, the Fire Crow Young Master felt a sudden sense of foreboding rising in its heart.

Lin Feng looked at the obviously terrified Fire Crow Young Master, and smiled lightly while saying three syllables, "Mount Yujing."

The Fire Crow Young Master's heart missed a beat, and when it looked at Lin Feng again it was even more terrified.

"Mount Yujing is located near the northern foot of Mount Kunlun. Normally, it is concealed in the chaotic dimensional currents, and would only appear in this year once every 60 years." Lin Feng said while smiling. "According to my sources, you know the exact location of Mount Yujing."

The Fire Crow Young Master was quiet for a while. Its tiny eyes kept flitting about.

Lin Feng guessed what it wanted to say in its heart, and said directly, "How did I come about this information? I can tell you that. Once, I met a Celestial Jade Tree Demon, called Mai Ye. She told me about Mount Yujing."

The Fire Crow Young Master's eyes suddenly shrunk, and it exclaimed, "You know the Demonic Lord Mai Ye?"

Lin Feng also squinted slightly upon hearing this.

Mai Ye was actually a Demonic Lord?

Amongst the demons, a Demonic Commander was the equivalent of a human in his Aurous Core stage whereas a Demonic Lord was the equivalent of a human in his Nascent Soul stage.

When he met Mai Ye initially, the she-demon was in trouble as it had been battling with Murong Yanran from the Sword of Radiance Sect. The power it exhibited was barely beyond the Foundation Establishment stage.

Thus, Lin Feng was unable to fully ascertain what was the full extent of Mai Ye's powers up till now. In that moment, he felt a massive increase in the pressure on his shoulders.

This pressure did not come solely from Mai Ye, but only from Yan Mingyue.

Mai Ye was in its Nascent Soul stage, which means that its rival and frequent competitor, Yan Mingyue, who had almost killed both itself and Mai Ye in a battle, was also in its Nascent Soul stage.

Many thoughts fluttered through Lin Feng's mind, but his expression remained unchanging. He did not reply the Fire Crow Young Master, but only continued to look at him passively.

Looking at Lin Feng's unresponsive demeanor, the Fire Crow Young Master assumed that Lin Feng had confirmed its suspicions. It suddenly felt a great sense of unease.

By nature, it was arrogant and wild and often created troubles. Its father, the King of the Fire Crows, did not care to share many things with it. However, as a young leader of the fire crows, the Fire Crow Young Master had heard many things.

For example, it knew its ancestor, the saintly Three-Legged Golden Crow, had gotten into a bit of a dispute with the grandmaster of the Demonic Lord Mai Ye, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage.

With its tiny brains, the Fire Crow Young Master was unable to discern Mai Ye's motives in telling Lin Feng about the location of Mount Yujing.

However, it did understand that, amongst the chaotic relationships between the various factions, it had to turn the fire crows against Lin Feng. This it understood clearly.

At this juncture, the Fire Crow Young Master panicked. It only wished to report to its father the news that Mai Ye may mean harm for his kind.

"If...if I tell you the exact location of Mount Yujing, would you let me go," asked the Fire Crow Young Master in a prodding manner.

Lin Feng smiled lightly, "Your only choice now is to tell me what you know. As to how would I settle you, I have my own plans. But I promise I won't take away your life."

He never intended to kill the Fire Crow Young Master. Firstly, let's not mention the silly crow's father the King of the Fire Crows, a demon whose cultivation is equivalent to a human cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage. Even if he did manage to kill the King of the Fire Crows, he still must face the Three Legged Golden Crow that stood behind the fire crows.

Lin Feng had no beef with the Fire Crow Young Master. Furthermore, the sorry state of the Fire Crow Young Master was due to Gao Fan's use of the Grand Moon Primordial Water.

However, whether or not he was willing to let it go, Lin Feng too was giving that quite a lot of thought. He decided to head to Mount Yujing first.

The Fire Crow Young Master had no choice but to tell Lin Feng the exact location of Mount Yujing.

"Head 4000 li west from here and you would find a high peak to the north of Mount Kunlun. The peak is called Lingyun Peak. Walk towards the cliff and head straight into the clouds," The Fire Crow Young Master said dispassionately. "Mount Yujing is a divine mythical that is suspended above the sea of clouds in the sky, and hence is to the top of Lingyun Peak."

It looked at Lin Feng, and said slowly, "However, Mount Yujing is surrounded by the Heavens Revolving Purple Clouds. I've tried many times to enter by this way, yet I failed. If you can't go in, don't blame me."

"Eh?" Lin Feng snorted lightly and looked at it out from the corner of his eyes.

The Fire Crow Young Master withdrew its head, and said, "That is real, for if not for that I would be enjoying myself in Mount Yujing by now."

"We'll see once we reach," Lin Feng said lightly. He looked at the Fire Crow Young Master, and smiled suddenly before saying, "One more thing, pass me your kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame."

The Fire Crow Young Master's expression instantly changed. "Don't even think about it!" It was its most precious item, upon which its life depended on. It also allowed the Fire Crow Young Master to behave wantonly and recklessly.

Many times when it was outside, it did not even have to rely on its father's name to act without care or restraint. Instead, it relied upon the fire crows' kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, with which it could conjure one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Flames to intimidate its opponent.

Lin Feng smiled, and said, "You have tasted the power of the Grand Moon Primordial Water, no? Not bad, right?"

"While I don't have the Grand Moon Primordial Water, I do have the Yellow Spring Primordial Water, one of the Six Great Primordial Waters. I can let you have a taste of that," Lin Feng smiled cordially and radiantly, almost as radiantly and warmly as the sun in the sky. "Today is your lucky day eh? Tasting two of the Six Great Primordial Waters in one day."

The Fire Crow Young Master's face turned green instantly, and it stuttered, "You... you are scaring me?"

In order to enhance his interrogation, Lin Feng had already taken the Pearl of the Yellow Spring from Wang Lin. He produced it immediately, and conjured the Yellow Spring Primordial Water from it. Before it even touched the Fire Crow Young Master, it cracked and gave Lin Feng the kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

After settling the Fire Crow Young Master, Lin Feng went towards where Gao Fan and company were kept.

The four disciples were heavily injured, especially Gao Fan. Having been devastated by the Grand Moon Primordial Water, and then attacked again by Wang Lin and his Lone Death Thumb, he was gnawed on by an aura of death. His entire body was turning green and his face was ashen.

At that moment, none of the earlier arrogant and proud Gao Fan remained.

Watching Lin Feng approach, the muscles on Gao Fan's face contracted and squeezed out a smile that looked worse than a cry, "My fellow Taoist Lin, no I mean, Senior Lin, Senior Lin, I was fortunate to have met you and fought the Fire Crow together with you., what I meant was that Senior fought the Fire Crow."

"Regardless, it was fate that we met. Perhaps there were some previous misunderstandings, and I did not realize your prowess and abilities and hence offended you. I hoped that Senior could find it in his heart to forgive me."

Lin Feng found it hilarious, and said, "You little thick-skinned scoundrel. What a turncoat you are."

His expression did not chance, as he did not respect Gao Fan at all. Instead, he looked at Qin Tao and the rest.

The three of them were trembling from head to toe. A crooked smile curled on Qin Tao's fat face, "Senior..."

Without waiting for him to finish, Lin Feng interrupted him, "All of you are disciples of the Aeolus Sect? Now that I recall, I may have killed a little bugger from your sect. I think his name was Gao Long?"

Hearing that, the hearts of Qin Tao and the rest sunk.

Lin Feng's words made it clear to them that he did not have any consideration for the Aeolus Sect. He did not care if he killed a disciple of their sect, and he could easily kill the four of them.

Liu Xudong's twig-like face trembled, and he exchanged a glance with Qin Tao and Li Xiang. The three of them knew in their heart that if they wished to live, they must offer something of value to Lin Feng.

Almost simultaneously, the three of them pointed with horrified expressions to Gao Fan and said, "Senior, this person here knew of a secret manual that was left behind by the great demon Kun Peng.

"The Heavens and Earth Secret Manual can only be used by those with the right powers. Senior, with your ability and powers, you deserve it."

"Not only does Gao Fan know about its location, he also possessed a magic item on him that could be used to activate the secret manual. May Senior take note."

Looking at the three people betraying him completely, without even sparing him anything, Gao Fan was so enraged that his entire body trembled. His eyelids fluttered, and then fainted.

Lin Feng pointed casually with a finger and revived him.

Realizing that Lin Feng was staring at him calmly, Gao Fan could only smile bitterly.
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