Chapter 108: A Pleasant Surprise

 Chapter 108: A Pleasant Surprise

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A burst of turbulent fluctuations as vast as the open sea hovered over the closed compound where Xiao Yan stood with the two other people.

Lin Feng's eyes widened at the sight as he heard a system-like sound. "Congratulations to the host's disciple, Shi Tianhao, for reaching Foundation Establishment stage." "Congratulations to the host's disciple, Xiao Yan, for reaching the Foundation Establishment stage." "As half of the host's disciples have successfully reached the Foundation Establishment stage, the host will be specially presented with a system reward for promoting Tao techniques and cultivation to the next level..."

"Hm... Wait a moment!" Lin Feng nodded his head continuously until he was stunned by the last signal from the system. He felt a surge of refreshing air sinking down from his head to the bottom as it entered his aurous sea - cultivated upon reaching the Foundation Establishment.

Under the guidance of the refreshing air, Lin Feng felt that the mana encapsulated in his aurous sea had begun to swirl like a whirlpool. A spiritual altar rose gradually in the middle of that whirlpool. The spiritual altar appeared seemingly dull without any colorful outflow. Yet, it revealed an atmosphere which was cold and majestic, as though it could suppress anything.

One would greatly anticipate the moment when the aurous core can be condensed once the spiritual altar firmly established on the aurous sea. The spiritual altar was a symbol representing the attainment of the Foundation Establishment by a cultivator. Upon observing meticulously, Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

The spiritual altar was classified into various layers. A spiritual altar with just one layer was being regarded as the most inferior, followed by the one with two layers, so on and so forth. A spiritual altar with nine layers was regarded as the most superior.

The spiritual altar which had risen upon Lin Feng's aurous sea was actually the most superior nine-layered spiritual altar! He anticipated to attain the Great Taoism Spirit as soon as he set up a tablet above the spiritual altar. The spiritual altar was built through the practice of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams by Lin Feng. From this, one could see the power of the Tao, as well as its many intricate secrets.

'So, to say, a person whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant.' Lin Feng shook his head. Theoretically speaking, amongst billions of disciples, only one would manage to attain the nine-layered spiritual altar. This disciple must be the cream of the crop. It was exceptionally rare- even for the Great Void Sect - to produce a disciple who built the most superior spiritual altar upon reaching Foundation Establishment.

Yet, compared to Xiao Budian's supreme spiritual altar, the nine-layered spiritual altar seemed relatively less superior. Lin Feng smiled and shook his head, 'Alright, let's be contented, it's not always possible to take advantage of every circumstance...'

The sound from the system transmitted across his mind while he was in deep thoughts. "Congratulations to host's disciple, Zhu Yi, for reaching the Foundation Establishment." "As more than half of the host's disciples had successfully reached the Foundation Establishment within 3 years of entry, the host will be specially presented with a system-related award, promoting the current spiritual altar to the next level."

At this instance, Lin Feng was really stunned and remained speechless. He was struck with astonishment as he watched the spiritual altar - built upon his aurous sea- brighten suddenly. Brilliance converged to the peak of the spiritual altar, adding an additional layer to it! 10 layers, it was the prime spiritual altar! He watched as the prime layer add itself onto the spiritual altar; the ultimate great Tao appeared to beckon him.

Lin Feng recovered from the surprise after a while. He almost could not control his laughter. 'This bullshit system of yours finally did something favorable!" Lin Feng instantaneously felt a great difference in his operative mana.

Before Lin Feng reaching the Foundation Establishment stage, he felt as if his body was engulfed with mana. Using all of his power was like the crashing of a giant wave, churning and roaring in the sea. Once he had a thought, the powerful mana that engulfed his body would roar and respond to him like a tsunami. Despite its intimidating strength, the power was nonetheless felt diverted.

Now, in the Foundation Establishment stage, Lin Feng felt as if his mana had turned into one of those rocks by the seashore that stood eternally as water coursed around them. No matter how big the waves were, these rocks remained immobile. Despite completing the spiritual altar, one's mana volume did not change. However, it had been concentrated by three to five times, and hence when Lin Feng battled his opponents, his spells would immediately feel more powerful. The targets that could withstand the waves of a tsunami would nonetheless shatter once hit by a falling meteor. In a battle between two armies where the strength of both armies were similar, the one who could better gather and direct its manpower and resources was the one who would deal a fatal blow to the other army with a concentrated blow. Hence, the one who could concentrate less power would naturally be at a disadvantage.

As for Lin Feng who now possessed the supreme spiritual altar, his mana surpassed those of fellow Foundation Establishment cultivators by whole multiples. He could feel his power flowing more fluidly through him. Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw Xiao Yan shuffling out from their hiding spot, and he suddenly felt an immense sense of joy. "This is all thanks to you. I have not wasted my efforts in taking you in as my disciples, even if it did entail a certain amount of deception."

With his heart overflowing with joy, Lin Feng had to use a great amount of effort to maintain a calm disposition. As he looked at his three disciples, he smiled lightly and said, "All of you are not bad. None of you showed any desire to slack off or take it easy. Very good." Xiao Yan, Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi were all in high spirits, as they knelt and kowtowed reverently towards Lin Feng, "This is all thanks to master's teachings."

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, "The master can only show you through the door whereas the disciple decides how much effort he wishes to put in. If the three of you were stubborn, no matter how much effort I spend I would be unable to teach you anything." He looked at the three of them with his eyes and said, "As long as you have a goal in your mind and you are willing to work for it and give your all throughout the whole process, the heavens will reward you for your effort." "The three of you please remember this period of time, especially your drive and determination."

The three of them looked on seriously as they took in their master's teachings. "We shall never forget our master's teaching." After hearing Lin Feng's words, the three of them felt a stirring in their heart. In that instant, they appeared disconnected from the world in their silence.

Xiao Budian looked towards the horizon and thought, "Dad, Mom, where are you? Soon, I will be able to find you."

Xiao Yan clenched his fists, "Murong Yanran, there is less than two years left before I could repay you for our earlier humiliation."

Zhu Yi's eyes fluttered a little quicker than usual as he calmed his heart, "I must force my father to apologize before Mom's grave. Only then could her spirit rest."

Lin Feng, however, turned his gaze towards Wang Lin. In that period, Wang Lin too progressed from a Qi Disciple Level 3 to a Qi Disciple Level 4. Wang Lin maintained a calm disposition as he felt Lin Feng staring at him. He raised his head and returned Lin Feng's gaze, and then solemnly nodded his head. Despite his low level of mastery, and despite the fact that he could not compare to his fellow disciples in terms of pace of progression, he too had a goal in his heart. He too was willing to work for his goal all the way to the end.

After the three of them had calmed themselves, Xiao Budian suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Master, during my Foundation Establishment process, I have some new revelations with regards to our sect's secret technique. I believe I have some new interpretations of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams. Umm, what I mean is that I've discovered a new spell."

"Oh, Little Brother has some revelations too?" Xiao Yan raised his eyebrow and smiled at Lin Feng. "I was about to report to master too, that the reason I was able to pass the previous round was because I derived a new spell from the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams." Zhu Yi's eyes shined, and he said quietly, "I too had new revelations, and was just about to master for clarification."

Lin Feng smiled idly. He was the type who loved to challenge other's ideas. "All of you have entered my sect for some time now, and hence it's natural that you would have your own understanding of our sect's secret technique. Today, let us spar a few rounds."

Lin Feng pointed a finger at Wang Lin and said, "Initially, when I taught you the technique, Wang Lin also managed to derive his own revelations from it and improved upon his previously-learnt spell." "Hence, the four of you shall spar and demonstrate what you have understood from the technique."

Despite Wang Lin only managed to improve upon his previous technique rather than to create entire new ones like the others, Xiao Yan and the other two were shocked at this piece of news. Despite the fact that none of them meant to underestimate Wang Lin, there was indeed a great disparity between them in terms of their mastery.

However, the three of them only managed to derive their own spells from the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams after they had passed the Foundation Establishment stage. Wang Lin was only at Qi Disciple Level 4. This totally changed their perceptions of him. Xiao Yan said excitedly as he laughed, "What Master just said is exactly what I have in mind. Brothers, let us spar a few rounds!"
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