Chapter 107: Full of abnormal people

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107. Full of abnormal people

Inside the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace, the first time water was added, both the Fury Flames of Acala and the furnace's own flames were burning fiercely, the water in the furnace was already boiled, if it wasn't for Lin Feng's careful fire control the water in the furnace would have been evaporated in a second.

After reaching Foundation Establishment, Lin Feng no longer needs the help of 24 Heaven Arhat Formation to activate the Fury Flames of Acala.

This time the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace is not used to refine Pills/Dan but it is used to refine a human.

Lin Feng added ten different kinds of rare poisonous insects and elixirs into the water, the water in the furnace suddenly became colorful, and all kinds of strange smells started to drifting out.

Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Wang Lin were staring at the concoction inside the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace feeling all terrified.

The trio gave a schadenfreude smile all at the same time and looked at towards Xiao Budian.

Xiao Budian showered, removed all of his clothes, his skin from head to toe was pinkish snow white, with a faint light of brilliance.

He is currently using both his hands protecting his lower body, covering his bird, looking at the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

Feeling his three seniors looking at him with a wicked smile, the little guy swallowed his saliva, raise his little chest, with a "not afraid of dying" look on his face, made Xiao Yan and the trio fell laughing on the floor.

Seeing as the furnace is almost done boiling, Lin Feng waved his hands, holding a container, the non-stop lightning flashes of the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm blood raised up and become a blood like arrow, which shot into the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

Lin Feng smiled and looked towards the shivering Wind Beast Fei lian.

When the Beast Fei lian saw the look on Lin Feng's eyes, Fei lian's face revealed a very humanly look of fear as it extended its forepaws shivering and trembling, as it turn its face to the other side not daring to look anymore.

"Good!" Lin Feng nodded with satisfaction, with a wave of his right finger, a wound appeared on Fei lian's forepaws, suddenly a green light flashed and green blood started to float in the air and went into the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

The concoction in the furnace was already boiling and it was gradually to change into greenish yellow and they could start to smell an aromatic medicine fragrant in the air.

After looking at the fire, Lin Feng commanded: " BuDian, get in!"

Master, I'm ready. Xiao BuDian answered and moved, leaped into the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace and he was immediately drowned in medicine.

Lin Feng waved his hands and the furnace was covered again, sealing the entire furnace.

Although not being able to see XiaoBuDian with the naked eye and being separated by the furnace, Lin Feng's state of mind is linked with the furnace, m

onitoring Xiao Budian's condition at all times.

At this moment the little guy's hands were making seals, sitting crossed legged, circulated his mana all over his body, it was the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens which Lin Feng just taught him, with the help of his mana, Xiao BuDian's flesh and body was shining, from head to toe his pores were relaxed and expanding, giving out a bright light.

The medicine in the furnace, was constantly going in to his body though his pores, and impurities was coming out of his body, this cleansing process kept continuing.

The effect of the medicine was extremely dominating, frantically rushing through his body, the feeling of it as it goes into Xiao BuDian's body was as if every single visceral, bones, muscles and meridians in his body was being broken down and then reconstructed again.

Again and again, in an endless cycle.

Xiao BuDian was enduring all the pain biting the bullet, not moving at all and although his body was in pain but his mind was always clear.

After a day, Xiao Bu Dian was still sitting inside the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace, persevering and using the medicine to temper/ train his body.

Outside the furnace, Xiao Yan and trio were looking nervously looking at the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

Master, is the fire too strong? XiaoYan asked worriedly.

Lin Feng has always been monitoring the situation, smiled and said: "It's not and your Xiao Shidi will be out soon. (Xiao Shidi = Youngest Junior)

After speaking, Xiao BuDian's screaming voice was heard though the furnace.

Cooked already! Cooked already! Master, quickly open the lid!

Lin Feng laughed, waved his hands, the lid flew, a charcoal looking little guy flew out of the furnace, his whole body was black, only a pair of black and white eyes spinning and looking around.

Clean water was prepared beforehand waiting for him to use, Xiao BuDian washed away the black charcoal color, revealing a small white crystal body like a pink carved jade.

Xiao Yan took out the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil, threw it to Xiao BuDian: "Junior, let us test your current strength."

Xiao BuDian caught the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil with his right hand, he was able to immediately catch the sword in the air with one hand.

Xiao Yan and the trio exclaimed in surprised, even Lin Feng was surprised.

They have all held the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil before, knowing that this sword surpasses the flow of mana, which means that when holding the sword mana is of little use and they have to rely more on physical strength.

And the weight of the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil exceeds 5,000 Jin, Xiao BuDian is single handedly holding the sword yet he shows no signs of shaking, if he uses the strength from both his hands it might exceed 15,000 Jin.

This little dude, a little over 5 years old, just like other kids, with the increase in age his physical strength will also increase.

How terrifying will his physical strength be when he becomes an adult?

Xiao Yan and the trio subconsciously swallowed their saliva, Zhu Yi and Wang Lin wasn't as affected as their main area of expertise are in Spells, not too much in the physical strength department, But Xiao Yan was feeling the pressure: "I knew that this little guy was a beast but I never expected that he was so much of a beast."

Lin Feng shook his head: Body Root 10, looks like it is not only reflected on the sovereign dao root, even his physical strength is so strong, it is worthy of the max value in the Body Root.

Xiao BuDian has finished his baptism and is ready to start his next phrase of cultivation.

Not only Xiao BuDian, Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi, the three of them has reached the 12 level of Qi Condensation Great Perfection, and they have accumulated ample experience, under Lin Feng's supervision, they were going to try to reach Foundation Establishment.

The three of them went into close door cultivation, Wang Lin's eyes flickered but said nothing.

Lin Feng smiled and looked at him: "Do you envy them? If you do, then u should work even harder."

Wang Lin is just at level 3 of Qi Condensation, As Lin Feng has said in advance, The level of his Dao Technique is too high (the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens), the Dao Technique is not suitable as a foundation for Qi Condensation, so Lin Feng it is difficult for Lin Feng to pass down the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens to him now.

In fact, in Wang Lin's current situation, continuing to practice Netherworld Nirvana Manual is the best suited option for him, as it is more efficient as he has the support of the Netherworld Bead.

However, when teaching the other three the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens, Lin Feng allowed Wang Lin to listen, to help him broaden his horizons, which allows him to benefit and help his cultivation.

Wang Lin suddenly said: Master, earlier when I was listening to you passing down the Dao Techique, I have some inspirations on improving the Netherworld Dao technique, could you please help me take a look at it?"

Lin Feng was surprised: "You've improved the Netherworld Dao technique?"

Wang Lin nodded: "It's just some ideas, could Master give me some pointers?"

Lin Feng was lost for a moment: "Comprehension 10" hehe "Comprehension 10"

Lin Feng at this moment was a little numb.

Under his wing, full of abnormal people. (T/L: Full of imba people)

After giving advice to Wang Lin, he allowed him to cultivate on his own, as Lin Feng was guarding his 4 disciples, he also took out the 24 sariras.

Carefully sensing the Buddhist mana in the sariras, after selecting he took out 18 sariras and use his own mana to refine it.

The 18 sariras were lined up in a circle above his head, faint Buddhist light flashes, the mana on the sariras were constantly changing, and were being engraved on the sariras.

These sariras were leftover remains of the great powers of Buddhism, if it weren't for Hui Zhi who has already refined it once, Lin Feng needs to take a lot more effort in refining it in order for it to be successful.

Even so, Lin Feng spent a full 3 months to successfully refine all 18 sariras.

Finally, the Buddhist light faded away, the last sarira was successfully refined, the 18 sariras were all lined up on the floor in a mysterious formation.

Lin Feng sighed: "Took up the left over 6 unrefined sariras, I have no other option but to treat you unfairly, When one dies it's as if a candle extinguishes, the body is nothing but of mortal flesh, I don't think u all will mind at all."

"Fine, I admitting that I'm just comforting myself." Lin Feng separated the 2 sets of sariras and kept them, and quietly waited as he looked towards the place where Xiao Yan and the others were in seclusion.

This feeling... Are they gonna come out?
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