Chapter 093 – Shangguan Qian Hui’s Resolution

 Chapter 093 - Shangguan Qian Hui's Resolution

Jing Hao flopped on the floor like a pile of mud, his two eyes were akin to a fish gasping for air, on the verge of suffocation. He never thought that he would have a day like this, flopping on the floor so disgracefully.

However, he was finally freed ... ...

Jing Hao's gaze was vague, he heaved a long sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart. Twenty-four hours, a total of twenty-four matches in a row!

Although Jing Hao was a person with strong determination, when faced with such psychotic, crazy sparring, he was quickly tormented to the point of vomiting. Not that he had never sparred with another person, but he had never sparred in such an insane manner before. Other than meditation in the middle, there was no time for any rest. Tang Tian was like a darned cockroach, whenever he was about to relax, Tang Tian would jump up and yell for another match.

This was no joke... ...

Jing Hao now deeply regretted his decision, why did he agree so readily to that fellow's requests?

Tang Tian squatted beside Jing Hao, a blaming expression and rambled, "I say, Brother Jing Hao, isn't your stamina a bit too lousy? We have only just begun sparring, I haven't even won a single round, so why did you stop? Was it on purpose? Are you scared of losing to me? Aiya, you don't have to be, we are both upright men, how can you do this?"

Let me off, please... ....

Jing Hao almost burst into tears.

Tang Tian trampled on Jing Hao, but Jing Hao showed no signs of response, thus he could only get up and leave bitterly, with a face of unwillingness.

Because the sparring practise with Brother Jing Hao had outstanding effects, it was much more remarkable than training hard by himself. No matter how many types of martial techniques, or the adaptation of instincts, the effects were wonderful, but the real cause for Tang Tian's regret was the Heavenly Dragon Energy. He had just grasped the Heavenly Dragon Energy, which was still far from success, and it was the peak of his excitement, but Brother Jing Hao suddenly called off the sparring.

However, upon hearing the snores of Brother Jing Hao, he could only suppress his urge to pull him up.

He was just curious, how come Brother Jing Hao's stamina was so poor?

Behind Tang Tian, Bing cast a look of empathy on the soundly sleeping Jing Hao.

Tang Tian had no idea that after a long time of hardship, he was already used to high level training. Each Cycle of Hardship was ten days long, within those ten days, maintaining a high level of concentration while continuously training, besides him, no one else could do that.

It was merely twenty-four hours......

Tang Tian did not make any exceptions, as he only took himself as reference. He did not know what and how others were practising.

With no one to spar with, Tang Tian returned to his original position and began his own training.

He planned to return in a few days.

If the Jing Hao in dreamland knew of Tang Tian's thoughts, he would have jumped awake in shock, but for now, he was enjoying a sweet dream that he never had before.


A girl sat in front of the desk, and pored over an old yellowish book, with a grim expression.

The silky black shoulder-length hair, the exquisite beautiful face seemed surreal, her shiny black eyes were quiet, but captivating. She was donned in the Shangguan Family's traditional dark green army uniform, black leather boots, yellow ribbon, snowy-white gloves, a look of valiance with sharpness and calmness.

The Shangguan family had a long history. Its existence could be traced to the era of Immortal Constellation Mountain reclamation. Back then, the Shangguan family was a synonym of the Immortal Constellation Mountain, and her forefathers had put in countless efforts for them.

But it was also this wealthy family with the longest history in Immortal Constellation Mountain, that was almost wiped out entirely a few years back. Even Shangguan Qian Hui was sent to the remote Wu An Star to keep her safe. Following the restoration of peace with time, the danger that the Shangguan family faced was also quietly removed, but the decimated Shangguan family was already facing their decline, in the eyes of everyone else.

No one expected that, five years ago, the arrival of a girl changed everything.

She was Shangguan Qian Hui, a talented lady who was so dazzling that it hurt other's eyes, the one who wields the true power in Shangguan family now!

She secretly returned to the Shangguan family, and in the short span of five years, the Shangguan family grew and prospered at a stunning rate. No one saw her as a young girl any longer, she had won the respect of everyone. The decimated Shangguan family grew amazingly in her hands, as she reclaimed the title of being the first aristocratic family in Immortal Constellation Mountain, a glory that was lost for many years.

Towards the enemies, she was calm, deadly and very decisive when dealing with matters. She was never one to drag her heels over a matter. But towards the paupers, she was renowned for her gentle kindness.

She was the most perfect woman in the whole of Immortal Constellation Mountain!

"Uncle Qian, nothing much happened at home recently right?" Qian Hui suddenly raised her head and asked.

"Everything is right on track." Shangguan Qian hurriedly replied. He was Qian Hui's most trusted chamberlain, as well as her uncle. He watched Qian Hui grow up, and when Qian Hui avoided crisis in Star Wind City back then, he followed her as well, staying loyal.

"Have you found out news of Brother Tian?" Qian Hui asked, speaking of Tang Tian, her icy face seemed to melt into a gentle captivating face.

"I have investigated clearly. Young Master Tian was brought to Immortal Constellation Mountain by the Honorable Martial Group from Star Wind City." Shangguan Qian had accompanied Qian Hui for five years in Star Wind City. When speaking of Tang Tian, he was smiling as well, "He was selected by Kong You Lin of the Honorable Martial Group, it seems that he highly values Young Master Tian. When Young Master Tian wanted to come to Immortal Constellation Mountain, the others had to all follow along as well. As Kong You Lin's sister was the leader of the Honorable Martial Group's Immortal Constellation Mountain subdivision, he brought them all along. Young Master Tian must be planning a surprise for Young Missy."

Qian Hui smiled from the corner of her eyes, and with a sweet smile, "He loves playing these kinds of games."

However, Qian Hui's smile gradually disappeared, she stood up, and brooded, "This means, Brother Tian will be here shortly. Seems like that matter must be investigated thoroughly beforehand, or else, given Brother Tian's character, he definitely won't give up."

Shangguan Qian was shocked, "Missy, you must not do that! The matter regarding the Southern Cross Hardship Plate has wide implications, it can even be traced back to the Three Big Armies Era. This must be no simple matter, Young Master Tian's father, I'm afraid... ..."

"I know." Qian Hui nodded her head, "But to Brother Tian, he will continue investigating this matter even at the cost of his life. I know him."

"But Missy! Young Master Tian's matter, we can try to think of other ways!" Shangguan Qian gushed, "If Missy...... Shangguan family... ..."

Qian Hui was not the least wavered, the silky long black hair flew, revealing the intoxicating pretty face. Her black and calm eyes were full of determination, her voice was sonorous, "Towards the Shangguan family, I have fulfilled my responsibilities. Now that the family has stabilised, it will survive well, even without me."

"But... ..." Shangguan Qian was full of anguish.

"Although usually, Brother Tian appeared as though he did not mind, I know that in fact, he minded it very much. Back then, when I accompanied him, I had already vowed in my heart that I would fight alongside him against the world, even if I have to become enemies with everyone else." Qian Hui's voice was light, full of reminiscence, but steadfast, "I know my responsibilities, I have never thought of running away. Five years ago, I left Brother Tian. After spending five years to recover Shangguan family's lost glory, I have fulfilled my responsibilities for the clan. Power and status mean nothing to me, if not for the fact that the Shangguan family's blood runs in me, I would never have left Brother Tian. Now, I have completed my duties, and all I see in my eyes now, is just Brother Tian."

"But you don't have to be so... ..." Shangguan Qian spoke incoherently.

Qian Hui smiled lightly, her quiet eyes were full of sentiments, "You don't understand, to a seven-year-old girl who has to flee her home for safety, how desperate, dark and cold that period was. I was so scared that I didn't even dare to sleep at night. Being bullied in school made me feel that this world was a really horrible place to be in. You wouldn't understand, when he suddenly appeared and chased away those bullies, he was so dazzling and warm like the sun. By his side, I can feel safe, and fully relax. Those years back then, it was the best time of my life!"

Shangguan Qian sighed. He too, recalled those years of living in fear, and the thought of how terrified the Young Missy was back then, he suddenly felt that, maybe it was alright for her to do as she wish now.

"He is very stupid, but you will feel that, when doing those stupid things with him, it is the happiest time of your life."

Recalling the stupid things that she did with Tang Tian, Qian Hui suddenly burst into laughter, and the entire room seemed to turned brighter instantly.

"I have never doubted that my Brother Tian would become formidable. He will definitely become formidable, because he has a truly courageous heart." Qian Hui's eyes regained her calm and peace, "He just needs time. And before this, let me investigate on behalf of him."

She suddenly laughed mischievously, "I intend to investigate all these clues properly before Brother Tian arrives. If not, when I meet him, I can't lie to him, but if I told him the truth, he would definitely want to go. He is still not powerful enough! So for now, it is the mighty Qian Hui's showtime. Hehe, all of Brother Tian's enemies will be removed by Qian Hui!"

Shangguan Qian knew that the fate had been sealed. Missy had always had her own views, once she has decided on something, no one could stop her.

"Then bring Ah Wei and Da Zhu along, Missy."

Ah Wei and Da Zhu were both experts who were just below Qian Hui's level in the Shangguan family.

"They won't be of help." Qian Hui shook her head, "I'll go by myself. Uncle Qian, don't worry, I will be fine."

"Then if Young Master Tian comes to find Missy, what should I tell him?" Uncle Qian asked.

"This time, at most three months." Qian Hui contemplated, "Let Brother Tian wait for me here. If, after three months, I'm not back, bring him to my study."

"Missy's study?" Shangguan Qian was stunned.

"Yup." Qian Hui nodded.

"I understand." Shangguan Qian continued, "I'll go prepare Missy's luggage."

"Go on."

In the study, Qian Hui was left alone, her eyes watery and wavered.

She had unfinished words, the reason for her being so rushed, was because the dust-filled crack of the Southern Cross Constellation was about to be opened... ...
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