Chapter 080 – The First Sign Of An Unpolished Jade

 Chapter 080 - The First Sign Of An Unpolished Jade

An aura flashed across Tang Tian's eyes, his right fist formed a hammer, and suddenly smashed downwards.

The fist with the green flame, in an ugly manner exploded onto the arrow's body.

A surge of energy rose from the fist. Tang Tian growled and, borrowing this force, he soared upwards, rushing to the roof! The power of Tang Tian and the arrows were roughly the same. The arrow's power was roughly of the fourth level standard, quite strong. If not for Tang Tian coincidentally using this power, the arrow would had penetrated through his fist.

But there were benefits of having strong power. The borrowed force led Tang Tian to leap up very high. The roof of the tunnel was getting closer to him, and seeing that he was going crash into it, Tang Tian's ten fingers formed hooks again, and ferociously dug into the roof.

The inertia suddenly stopped, and his body was stuck onto the roof.

Tang Tian exhaled a breath, both arms releasing strength, like an arrow on the bow, rushing forward at a very fast speed.

After that he followed a set of patterns.

Tang Tian became increasingly unobstructed, Minute Collapsing Fist's power was ample, and using it to change direction worked well, while ten palms of the Broken Shadow Palm were good enough to change the arrows' course of direction. Tang Tian's actions were exceptionally nimble. With his strong physical power and soft, yet nimble, flexible body, these were the results obtained after five years of drilling fundamental martial techniques, at that moment they were displaying their huge value.

He was like a nimble leopard cat, with quick and fast movements.

Bing who was behind Tang Tian's back, was slightly surprised. Many of Tang Tian's unimaginable methods, even he would not have thought of them, and he had no choice but to exclaim in admiration. He truthfully did not understand why the usually stupid and dumb Tang Tian, as soon as he entered a battle, would become extremely clever. All the recruits who were in Bing's hands in the past, although all of them were much more talented and powerful than Tang Tian, their capabilities in the midst of danger were much worse than Tang Tian's.

This brat was born to be an expert in battles!

Where exactly will you rush to next?

Bing was full of expectations. It was not easy to pass the Thousand Arrow Tunnel.

This was only the beginning....

Tang Tian soon realised the arrows' strength had become stronger and denser. The angle became more crafty which made Tang Tian look like he was in a sorry state.

However, in Bing's eyes, he saw much more. When in danger, Tang Tian could get out of it quickly. Although he was in a sorry state, his excessive movements were lesser. Under the intense pressure and the increased rhythmic attacks, Tang Tian's movements were much cleaner and more precise.

His movements changed and became more concise, slowly, there was an added taste to it; admiration.

He was indeed Fundamental Tang!

At this moment, Bing let out a compliment silently in his heart.

Tang Tian's fundamental martial techniques were perfect but he had never been in such an extreme situation before. The recruit camp's torturous training was closed up tight, but as compared to times where he could lose his life any time, this was considered training. Under extreme and intense danger, Tang Tian had to make his movements more logical and concise!

Initially, he was in a sorry state, but slowly, Tang Tian steadied himself.

Although his speed had gone down quite a bit, he still persevered and moved forward.

Tang Tian's strength and True Power were close to exhaustion.

Wait a minute!

Bing gasped silently. He noticed that Tang Tian had started to incorporate the True Power with different body strengths. This stunned him! To Bing, the easiest mistake one could make was not knowing how to incorporate True Power and physical strength together, and in this mystery, only veterans would know of such things.

Tang Tian had actually started figuring it out by himself.

What a strong fighting will... this rascal was an innate warrior!

Bing could not face the vigilant, agile and outstanding fighting will of this guy. He could not link this guy up with the usual Tang Tian, who was stupid and dumb.

This is the real Tang Tian...

Bing was slightly excited, as though he had witnessed an unpolished jade on a rock slowly getting polished till the colour and quality of the jade were exposed! Bing had never underestimated Tang Tian. Tang Tian's viciousness, perseverance, stubbornness, wildness and pride were all qualities Bing very much admired. But today, Tang Tian had shocked Bing.

Tang Tian did not notice Bing's excitement. He had never felt so battered and exhausted, and the arrows came at him like rain, as though there were no end. Even if he had started trying to incorporate True Power with his body's physical strength, it was still depleting ever so quickly.


A fist landed on an arrow.

At this time, his strength could not be sustained, and immediately he was like a rhinoceros brushing against it. He flew up and in a moment of panic, curled his 5 fingers suddenly and stabbed right into the bronze walls, hanging on the walls.

The bronze arrows did not give him a chance to breathe.


It resounded through the air.

Tang Tian gritted his teeth, used all the strength he had left, and curled up to dodge the few bronze arrows. With a push from both of his hands, he barely pounced forward.

Tang Tian could no longer remember how much he had advanced. He started to turn muddle headed when his body strength was used up.

Looking as Tang Tian stumbled, Bing remained silent, yet in his palms, a ray of light started to glow.

He waited for Tang Tian to give up before he would help him.

In such an extreme situation, Tang Tian would persevere as long as he could, so he could reap more benefits. The experience he could gain from this was extremely precious, and definitely far more precious than normal training. It would not promote your level directly, nor would it increase your martial technique, but it could increase your strength, and that was a fact.

With the same strength, a person who fought with his life on line could become much stronger. The chances of survival were higher.

Tang Tian's reactions were getting slower, his movements seemed forced as he was surrounded by peril.

Bing was ready to help out anytime.

Yet, as time passed by, Tang Tian, who was stumbling, walking slowly, and seemed like he could fall anytime, still staggered around, not falling down. Even though danger was lurking around him, he walked forward with tenacity.

This brat....

Bing was amazed, this was... the intuition of the battlefield!

Tang Tian's reaction was slow, but he always managed to barely dodge the bronze arrows at the last minute.

Many would think that intuition was a gift from heaven, but as the chief military instructor of the Southern Cross Army, Bing knew clearly that intuition must be refined by oneself via practice. Tang Tian trained his intuition as he knew long ago about this. Or else, Tang Tian would never last so long in the torturous training.

But this rascal's battlefield intuition has improved so much...

Bing felt like he was destined to be shocked by Tang Tian today, because when he came back to reality, Tang Tian had already finished the Thousand Arrow Tunnel!

He... he completed the Thousand Arrows Tunnel....

Bing stared blankly at Tang Tian. No more bronze arrows flew by anymore, and Tang Tian, who was out of danger, immediately faced upward as he fell to the ground, sweat flying everywhere.

Bing, who was once again floating in the air, stared at Tang Tian who was so tired that he fell asleep, and did not say anything for a long time.

This brat....


"Mother, wait for me to grow up to become a big man! I will definitely protect you!"

"Mother, I will definitely find that bastard, beat him to a pulp, drag him to you and make him repent!"

"Good! Qian Hui, it is a promise! I will definitely come and find you!"

"Qian Hui, I will definitely become strong. No matter how far Heaven's Road is, I will not miss our promise!"


Tang Tian opened his eyes in a daze. It was like there were still some voices in his mind. What was in his field of vision, was the delicate decorative designs on the bronze walls.

Wait a minute!

Tang Tian was suddenly lively, he jumped up: "Ah, ah, ah, ah, Uncle Bing, Uncle Bing!"

"Oh, you're awake?" Uncle Bing's voice came out from behind.

After seeing Uncle Bing, Tang Tian relaxed, and after awhile he asked in confusion: "Eh, how did I fall asleep?"

"Oh, maybe you were very tired." Uncle Bing said indifferently.

"It seems like it." Tang Tian also recalled what happened before, but his eyes suddenly jumped, he turned around, pointed at Bing and scolded: "How dare you call me rookie!"

"Could it be that I was wrong to call you that?" Uncle Bing laughed and said: "The entire place only has you one person in the Thousand Arrows Tunnel, and you're actually such a difficult situation? Hehe, in the Thousand Arrows Tunnel, in the past, every month it would be repeatedly broken through who knows how many times. Oh, i remember there was once, we used it too many times, it actually broke. Implicating the mechanic, to have to come here to fix it, you can say that the people are too bored."

Uncle Bing chanted in his heart: But all of their levels were higher than yours...

After being lectured by Bing, he was immediately taken aback. He moaned: "What's so great about that? This is the first time! Wait till I come back again, cheh, I will defeat it!"

"You're boasting. It seems like you've recovered." Bing said blandly: "Then, let's continue forward."

Tang Tian climbed up and suddenly felt that something was tied to his hair. He touched and felt something. When he grabbed hold of it, it was Yaya. He wrapped around the bow and arrow as he snored away. The small belly rose and descended. Tang Tian shook his head and stuffed Yaya back into his pocket.

"Are there any traps in front?" Tang Tian asked, traumatised.

"Why? You're afraid?" Uncle Bing mocked.

It was as if Tang Tian were a cat whose tail was being stepped on, he jumped and stared angrily at Bing: "Scared? Bastard, are you challenging me? Come on, let's spar whole heartedly!"

Uncle Bing did not look at him once, as if he did not exist: "Seems like you're regaining your energy."

Tang Tian groaned and said proudly: "Of course, you won't understand a godlike young lad!"

Without walking far ahead, a bronze door appeared.

A shiny bronze door!

The door was unusually well polished, like a mirror. Tang Tian ran towards the mirror and started posing with a gleeful face. Yaya woke up and was, attracted to the bronze door as well. He climbed onto Tang Tian's shoulders and mimicked Tang Tian, displaying a variety of poses.

"Aye, young lad, you've got style!" Tang Tian complimented and added a prideful comment: "Indeed, like owner, like pet!"

Yaya somersaulted on Tang Tian's shoulder excitedly.

Bing did not care about the two of them. He walked to the side of the door and started looking around.

Tang Tian observed Uncle Bing's actions from the corner of his eyes, but he could not make out what Uncle Bing was up to.

The door as though it had been a long time. No one had left a mark on this mirror-like bronze door.

And then, Tang Tian was shocked at what appeared right in front of him.
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