Chapter 076 – Man of Steel and Warmhearted Tears

 Chapter 076 - Man of Steel and Warmhearted Tears

Warmth surrounded his chest.

Tang Tian did not grasp his strength properly. Sai Lei sat opposite to him. The Bronze Mechanical Ostrich could only have two people at the back, but Tang Tian's vision was blocked by Sai Lei's hair. In a moment of panic, slap, he pulled Sai Lei into his arms.

Sai Lei did not have the time to resist and lost her balance, falling into Tang Tian's arms.

Sai Lei's hair was being blown by the wind. Tang Tian gritted his teeth and, not caring much, reached out to pressed down on Sai Lei's head. He pushed down hard and shouted: "Stay low!"

Sai Lei could only sense a great power coming from her head, slap, her face was being stuffed into...

"Eheh!" Sai Lei felt like her face was completely buried and she almost could not catch a breath. She wanted to speak up, but she could only make muffled noises.

Suddenly, Sai Lei froze.

Wait a minute!

This place... this place...

This was... this was...

Sai Lei's mind went blank, and she started blushing. Tang Tian was desperate the entire time, he did not save any energy. When she was pressed down, it was firm. Tang Tian was afraid she would move around and his vision would be obstructed again, so he pressed on her head firmly with his right hand

Sai Lei turned hysterical.

Tang Tian had no idea what he had done. He was already in the state of fighting. His fist gloves were covered in green flames. A graceful indigo peacock floated out, its feather armour moving like waves. His eyes were blazing with red fire.

"Little Ostrich, kill!"

Tang Tian bellowed, and lowered his body once again, the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich rumbled, rushing towards the Pandas!

Like a demon with wings, a black shadow pounced onto Tang Tian. Shockingly, it was the Black Panda. His skinny and sharp face filled with killing intent, in Black Panda's hands suddenly appeared a few more flying blades, filled with a cold chill. Doing movements with his wrists, the flying blades dancing in the air.

A monstrous hiss screeched through the air and eardrums. The flying blades were as fast as lightning, enveloped by a layer of light aura, and wavering unstably in the sky, leaving people to feel defenceless.

Tang Tian was already prepared to react against Black Panda's flying blades. After experiencing so many 'take a beating' training sessions, Tang Tian's sharp intuition was very high leveled. Even without looking back, his wrist already stretched backwards.

Xiu Xiu Xiu! (How lightsaber sounds)

A few rays of black light shot from Tang Tian's wrists.

Sagittarius Constellation Iron Treasure, Small Qian Kun Spring Loaded Arrow!

The speed of the arrow was astonishingly quick. Black Panda's eyes flashed with a cold glint. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, and two butterfly handle short blades appeared in his hands, which moved very quickly, causing the knives to reflect light.

Ding ding ding!

A few sparks burst out, causing Black Panda to retreat a few steps, his heart shivering with cold.

At that moment, the flying blade also appeared behind Tang Tian's back. Black Panda's hand arts were meticulous, and the originally random and messy flying blades in the air were meant to lock Tang Tian in a specific location. No matter where Tang Tian tried to dodge, he would still be the target of the flying blade!

Just then, Tang Tian suddenly shouted in fury: "Blue Peacock!"

Abruptly, an outline of an armor costume emerged from thin air, 'clang of metals!'

Several feathers suddenly erected, struggled free, and shot out after being aroused. Rays of blue light appeared in the sky. Ding ding ding, every blue light hit a flying blade, causing them to drop.

Black Panda's expression turned bad. This brat that came out of nowhere, his power was not very great, but the treasures on him were numerous. That he could actually borrow the treasures' powers to force him to retreat, Black Panda was obviously resentful.

Tang Tian laughed out loud, his gaze tightly set on White Panda.

White Panda's hands held a copper rod. Facing the incoming Bronze Mechanical Ostrich, his plump face did not shrink back even a bit.

The distance between both parties was rapidly decreasing. White Panda suddenly shouted out loud, his genuinely short and stout body bent down, both hands holding onto the rod, total annihilation!

A dim, earthen yellow light aura formed into a vague panda opening its mouth fiercely.

The rod gloomily roared like a wild beast.

Fifth level True Power was urged to its strongest, and the rod aura started to take form, therefore such a scene was unfolding.

Black Panda's cold expression slowly brought forth a trace of anticipation. Very few people knew that White Panda's short and fat stature was a heavenly gift. It added onto Earth affinity talent, his [Panda Rod Arts] were trained to their peak with a very strong output of power, strong and sturdy, never losing before.

Tang Tian was secretly surprised by the power of the rod, but, unexpectedly, his mouth portrayed a cunning smile.

Rumbling, rumbling... Bang!

The thick and solid Bronze Mechanical Ostrich suddenly stooped lower.

Black Panda's pupils withdrew, and he lost his voice in surprise: "He wants to...."


A powerful force erupted from the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich's legs, causing it to soar into the air.

The terrifying rod shadow grazed past Tang Tian's body, causing him to tremble. His heart was overwhelmed by shock. It was like the power had drilled into his body. This rod was actually so powerful!


The warehouse had a hole blasted open, with both the person and the bird, flying high up into the air.

White and Black Panda ran to the open and gazed upwards into the sky.

Who knew that one jump from the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich would reach a height of sixty metres? However, after bursting to its fullest and reaching the highest it could reach, the ostrich started to descend downwards.

White and Black Panda stayed in their position. With killing intent seen in their eyes, they waited and started building up power. Once Tang Tian came down, they would immediately give the fatal blow.

Suddenly, the ostrich stopped in midair as the wings that were originally stuck on its sides suddenly opened up and flapped rapidly. The Bronze Mechanical Ostrich stared at the people below from the air.

The three below stared with their mouths agape.

Tang Tian totally forgot he was still pressing on Sai Lei, as she was almost choked out of breath. But what made her even more embarrassed, was that her face was buried too deep below! Tang Tian's actions were violent, and so she could feel something bulging in his pants and, from time to time, it would poke her in the face.

This god damn brat deserves to die!

What made her feel helpless, was that no matter how she tried to struggle, Tang Tian's hand did not move an inch.

Was this guy a wild beast? How is he so strong?

Her breathing became shorter and shorter. As the bulging thing time and time again poked at her, Sai Lei's heart was filled with embarrassment and hate. In panic, she did not care about anything else, opened her mouth, and used all her strength to bite down!

Tang Tian was extremely proud of himself at that moment, he faced up to the sky, and laughed out loud: "Hahahaha! Idiots! Do not treat my ostrich as a bird that can't fly...."

Tang Tian who was in the midst of laughing, suddenly looked like someone stuffed his throat with something, as his yelling suddenly stopped.

His expression froze, his one hand stuck in the air, body as still as a statue.

After freezing for three seconds, Tang Tian suddenly screamed a blood curdling scream.


A figure from far away flashed towards him like lightning. Bing's eyes were filled with anger and heat, killing intent boiling to heavens.

"Tang Tian, you're injured?" After blink a few times, Bing rushed to Tang Tian.

"AHHHHHHH...." Tang Tian screamed for a long time without saying anything. He was in such extreme pain that his tears came out, his body became crooked like a shrimp.

Sai Lei pushed herself up with difficulty after inhaling a deep breath. Listening to Bing's words, her face suddenly seemed to burn up with anger.

How shameful!

Sai Lei fumed so much that she found a hole to dig into, and only after a while did she suddenly realise that she had put her head down to the same place again....

Sai Lei was so embarrassed that she wanted to cry already.

Although she regularly enjoyed assuming the attitude of a mature and sophisticated woman and adopted an older sister attitude while being seductive and playful, in truth, she was very conservative and did not dwell much on the boy-girl relationships. After this, how could she still meet people!?

Seeing Tang Tian's eyes pouring out tears, Bing's rage surged. He was very clear that Tang Tian was a very persistent person, and he had never before seen Tang Tian cry. Even with all the pain, all the arduous training, the difficult battles, Tang Tian never ever teared up before.

Such an ironclad young man, Tang Tian must had suffered some very heavy injury, and only after enduring so much pain did he finally shed tears!

Bing's killing intent took over his eyes as he said: "Not even one of them will get away!" And rushed downwards.

At this time, Sei Lei finally struggled out of Tang Tian's grasp, climbed up, and sat up straight.

Both people met face to face.

Sai Lei's face was red with embarrassment, but instantly became chilly and flat cold as imminent killing intent surfacing.

Tang Tian was still zapped straight, expression frozen, tears moving around the eye sockets.

Sai Lei, who was fuming with anger, upon seeing Tang Tian's predicament, suddenly calmed down, and her anger dissipated by half, she extended out her finger, her red nails lightly hooking onto Tang Tian's chin. Her smile and moist tongue gently licked her snow white teeth, as if she were tasting him, and at the same time said: "Your taste is not bad!"

The Sai Lei in front of Tang Tian's eyes seemed to have changed entirely into another person.

Two neat rows of snow white teeth, it was as if they were two rows of hacksaws, permeating with cold rays. Sai Lei's moist and delicate tongue, in front of Tang Tian, was like a moist sandpaper, vigorously rubbing onto the hacksaws, the sharper it gets, the brighter it becomes....

It seemed even more painful...

So scary....


Tang Tian's wails, were even more tear wrecking, spreading out like a wild hurricane.

Bing's efficiency was astonishing. With his power, the three bandits from the Panda Bandit Group were not his match, and were cleaned up quickly. Bing was so angry that, without saying a word, he used a rope and bound them up together. He would let Tang Tian personally slay them, and clear himself of the hatred.

After tying them up, he suddenly heard the wails from above, Bing looked up, and saw the little black dot flying in the air, with a lot of empathy in his heart.

The injury had become worse....

The ironclad youngman was unable to handle the pain. It must be terrifying!

Sai Lei, who was originally embarrassed, upon seeing Tang Tian howling like that, laughed heartily, while her mood lifted by a lot. If anyone else saw the current Sai Lei, he would definitely be swept away by her mesmerizing laugh and appearance.

"Hey, young man, go down. Your Spirit General seems to have concluded the battle." Sai Lei laughed and said.

Tang Tian's fearful expression was simply too adorable!

A flash went past Sai Lei's beautiful eyes while she exhaled and, with a deep, enticing voice: "Unless, young man, you want it one more time?"

Tang Tian's face grew even more white, like a blank piece of paper. Head shaking like a rattle drum, he immediately urged the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich to fly down. In his panicked and doubtful state, Tang Tian clumsily made a mistake. Although the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich's buoyancy was very tiny, and could let them float in the air, with this mistake, the ostrich's wings immediately stopped flapping.


Suddenly being weightless, Sai Lei screamed in terror, scared to the point that she hugged Tang Tian.

The weightlessness did not scare Tang Tian, but suddenly become hugged by Sai Lei scared the shit out of him, and all the blood in his face was suddenly drained clean.


Both of their long wails carried on all the way to the ground.

Bing slanted his head, looked at the dust that rose up due to the fall, and thought in his mind: "-- So painful to the point that he could not control the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich, I'm only afraid that this young man Tang has hurt his state of mind. This kind of heavy wound is very hard to recover from....."
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