Chapter 072 – Cheated?

 Chapter 072 - Cheated?

Neither Tang Tian nor Bing wasted much energy, as they found the library Sai Lei mentioned.

After exiting the library, Bing kept quiet.

Tang Tian was not at all interested in the history of spirits. All these histories did not sound amazing at all. Such shallow content should be left to Uncle Bing to squeeze his brain juice. For a godlike young lad, he was better off to challenge all the stronger martial techniques!

Once back at the recruit training camp, Tang Tian started training insanely.

This time, on the journey to Three-Spirits City, Tang Tian actually had been holding in his energy. Especially when he dealt with the four young lads, he was suppressed by the Spirit General so much that he could not even lift up his head. This had caused Tang Tian to be in a bad mood, an extremely bad mood! After all, he was being suppressed by a Spirit General, that was absolutely sullen!

Tang Tian began practising [Four Heavenly Dragons].

His True Power had already reached the peak of the third level, and to break through the wall to enter the next level did not require a lot of strength, as when conditions are right, success will follow naturally. Tang Tian could immediately feel the differences between the [Four Heavenly Dragons] and the [Crane-Style Qi Manual]. Although the Crane Body was sharp, its base True Power was long-lasting. But the [Four Heavenly Dragons]' True Power was extremely violent, like lava were flowing in his meridians, somewhat colliding, but could cause the heavens to collapse and the earth to split.

Upon stepping into the fourth level, Tang Tian's True Power violently increased by five times.

The Heavenly Dragon True Power immediately occupied the dominant place, but as what Sai Lei predicted, one sixth of the Crane True Power did not dissipate, but quietly integrated with the Heavenly Dragon True Power in Tang Tian's body. The more surprising thing was, both of these different types of True Power perfectly blended together. Especially when Tang Tian tried to utilise the methods of activating Crane Body energy to rotate the Heavenly Dragon True Power, the sharpness of the Crane Body energy did not change a bit.

But all that Sai Lei had said about the Heavenly Dragon energy, Tang Tian had not fully taken in yet. However, he was not in a rush, and by cultivating the Crane Body, it led him to understand that the essence, for the true awakening, needed patience and a favorable circumstance.

Heavenly Dragon True Power was much stronger than his True Power. Until then, Tang Tian had not really understood that the difference between third level True Power and fourth level True Power was tremendously huge. If not for him cultivating in the Crane Body, to even think of using the power of third level True Power to fight fourth level True Power, he might as well just dream about it.

After training for three full days, Tang Tian managed to stabilise consolidating his fourth tier Dantian pool.

After three days, the fourth tier Dantian pool was completely stabilised, and Tang Tian was relieved. He suddenly realised that all his four Dantian pools were different from each other. The first tier Dantian pool was like a tea cup, and was completely empty. The second tier Dantian pool was like a mouth of a spring, flourishing and accumulating with True Power from the [Secrets Of Cultivating Qi], threads and threads of them. The third tier Dantian pool was like a small pool, transformed by Crane Qi. Inside, it was like a sea of clouds, with distinct, silky qi. The fourth tier Dantian pool was like the opening of a volcano, and the inside of it was filled with scarlet red True Power slowly flowing.

With every increase in level, the True Power was all around, regardless of whether it were the quantity or quality of the True Power, upgraded.

Tang Tian opened his eyes wide and took in a long breath. It was different from exhaling the Crane Qi, and he suddenly felt that it was like bringing a fireball inside his body.

Straightening his body, Tang Tian looked around.

Uncle Bing was in a corner, thinking, since the first day. Three days later, Senior Ghostly Claw once again regained his state of nothingness.

Tang Tian decided to go out and take a look. As for the rank four leg technique [Double Succeeding Loop Kicks], that Sai Lei gave him, Tang Tian needed to complete his training in his rank three martial techniques first. Tang Tian felt that Sai Lei was right. When he was fighting with the black iron robot, he figured out his own weakness: That his hand techniques far outpowered his leg techniques, and when the black iron robot used leg techniques, Tang Tian was immediately put in a difficult situation.

Finally stepping into the fourth level, he had officially entered and become a Close Quarters Combat expert. It was time to find Qian Hui.

This was Tang Tian's own plans, and anything regarding the Honorable Martial Group, oh, it was purely a free stepping stone to her.

Sadly, he wanted to find Jing Hao to fight a bout once.

He shook his head and walked outdoors. He first had to get a clearer picture of where Qian Hui was in Rainbow City.

Tang Tian decided to ask Baldie.


After hearing Yu Xi's description, the elder moaned: "Are you saying the bronze mechanical ostrich was built all by himself?"

Yu Xi nodded: "His Spirit General made it for him! I specifically interrogated Yu Bao, and he was not hiding anything."

"It is not a simple task to know how to put together a bronze mechanical ostrich." The elder's face congealed: "Theoretically, he could mimic, but it is simply impossible to replicate and build a bronze mechanical ostrich. The generation of the Three Big Armies was the peak of the ancient mechanics. The mechanics at that point in time were much stronger than they are now. The bronze mechanical ostrich was one of the norm allocations on the Southern Cross Army. It is easy to decipher its standard. You just have to be careful. Where did they go afterwards?"

"They went over to Sai Lei's card shop." Yu Xi smiled bitterly as he stated.

"Sai Lei?" The elder frowned and immediately shook his head: "You better not agitate her!"

"Yes!" Yu Xi paused: "But, I worry that Hua Ling would not be satisfied. According to Hua Ling, her Rabbit Silk Sword was gifted to Sai Lei by that rascal. Hua Ling had always liked that sword..."

"Stop them!" elder said without any hesitation: "Don't bring trouble to the Three-Spirits City."

Yu Xi eyes revealed a shocked face: "Could it be..."

"Remember! Don't offend her!" The elder's face was solemn: "Don't investigate this matter anymore. No matter where the rascal came from, it has nothing to do with us. Since he had abided by the etiquette of the Southern Cross. Since you have all sold your bodies, then all the grudges should be forgotten."

Yu Xi heart said quickly: "Yes!"

The elder was still worried and muttered to himself: "I'll inform the other families so that they will forbid people from going out to avoid any troubles."

Yu Xi opened her eyes wide. This was the first time she had seen her grandfather make such a stern expression. In her heart, she felt a surge of waves. Sai Lei, who exactly are you...


Baldie heard that Tang Tian was leaving, and his gaze was odd.

Tang Tian noticed and felt it was weird: "What? Why do you have such an expression?"

"Big Bro, are you a member of our Honourable Martial Group?" Baldie squeezed a question after a long time.

Tang Tian glared and looked at him annoyedly: "If there's something you want to say, make it quick!"

Baldie looked lonely and said in a low voice: "Big Bro, unless you didn't know, outside of the camp, this place is known as the Land of Banishment? All the people who were sent here are either the rookies who have no future or have offended the higher ups. Big Bro, did you offend someone?"

"I didn't offend anyone." Tang Tian thought hard and still could not think whom he had offended.

"Big Bro, you must have offended someone." Baldie was certain: "Even Master Jing Hao was sent here because he offended someone with a high status. The camp is known for the fact that everyone can enter, but no one can ever get out. Everywhere near here is filled with traps and mazes. Even those treasures that point direction are of no use here. Even bronze rank martial artists will never be able to get out safely. The higher ups wish for us to act as the front line of defense in case we discover some extremely powerful star spirit beast, we can at least serve them as a warning."

"Once every three months, they would then send over resources here. If you stay near the camp, you might not have any danger. But once you are out of the zone for more than fifty miles, then it will be extremely dangerous."

"Then why can we get in here?" Tang Tian asked curiously.

"The carriage is safe. But, there are many accidents as well." Baldie stated.

"Why must they put a camp here? What's the difference between this and a cage?" Tang Tian was not satisfied.

Baldie explained: "From the start, they'd say it's for the treasures. Then, it was because of star spirit beasts. The entire honeycomb shaped meridian goes deep down and there stay many strong and dangerous star spirit beasts. This is extremely near the heart of Immortal Constellation Mountain, but once those strong star spirit beasts rush up from below, then Immortal Constellation Mountain would be threatened. They needed a warning sign."

"If there are star spirit beasts, they'd all be dead for sure." Tang Tian said.

"That's for sure." Baldie agreed: "If boss wants to leave, as long as you reach the fifth level and get promoted to an iron ranked martial artist, you can take the carriage and leave."

Tang Tian did not say a word. A ray of icy chill light flashed across his eyes. He had just found out he was cheated for being sent here!

"However, up till now, no one has ever left." Baldie shrugged his hands: "Those that are sent here are rookies whose talents are not good. It's said that they are rookies who had lost in the competition. Everybody's talents are already not good, on top of it, the resources here are very limited. The honeycomb like mountain range has a very low dense energy, and without star rocks. It is practically impossible to cultivate. There's no use in cultivating and so everybody gets lazy."

"It seems like it." Tang Tian noticed this point, the energy density was close to zero here and was the lowest he had ever seen. Suddenly, Tang Tian asked: "Then how did Jing Hao cultivate?"

"Master Jing Hao was already a bronze ranked martial artist when he was sent here. He was tough and could penetrate deep into the honeycomb-like meridians deep under. There are some energy pools there, and Master Jing Hao cultivated there.' Baldie explained: "But it is too dangerous. Other than Master Jing Hao, nobody can get there."

"The rookies came mainly on a voluntary basis. Although it was bitter thinking about it, they could enjoy being served like an iron ranked martial artist. Everybody can receive care and, anyway, my talents are bad and I had no future. If I can get some benefits, I can face my family, and that's enough." Baldie said, looking optimistic.

"I wasn't willing to come here." Tang Tian looked horrible.

"Then Big Boss must have offended someone.' Baldie was sure.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared at the entrance of the camp.

Tang Tian looked. It was Jing Hao.

Jing Hao's expression looked somewhat tired, his body had some traces of damage, and he obviously went through some intense battle.

Jing Hao indifferently looked at the two of them, as his gaze swept past Tang TIan, a different look flashed past his eyes, but he did not stop, and continued walking straight to his room.

Even with Jing Hao's power, it didn't look easy to deal with!

But....if he knew who sent him to this barren place....

Tang Tian decided to find out the bastard who brought him here.

A godlike young lad, was someone who should not be offended!
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