Chapter 584 – Ya Ya’s Ferociousness

 Chapter 584 - Ya Ya's Ferociousness

Tang Tian was like a frog, his hands and legs continued to push the air beneath him, in an attempt to slow his plummeting speed.

HIs speed dropped, although it was an extremely small drop, but Tang Tian was stimulated by it, his mind suddenly had a brazen idea.

He knew that the biggest problem in the air was his inability to borrow momentum or force externally. But what if he created the momentum himself?

Tang Tian's first idea was to compress the air and form a vacuum wall.

Tang Tian who was still falling at a very fast speed took a deep breath, feeling all the power surging in his body, he slapped downwards.

It was a different power congealed. The power released was extremely dissipated but equal, forming a large circular plate shape.

The vacuum of air that was highly compressed formed beneath Tang Tian's palm. Feeling its form, Tang Tian was ecstatic, and borrowed the momentum and shot upwards again.


The vacuum layer was shattered, and Tang Tian was rising upwards again.


Tang Tian was extremely happy. Without saying much, he did it again, and shot upwards again.

Pa pa pa!

Tang Tian was like a swaying fire arrow, 'wooosh woosh woosh' he kept going higher and higher, sometimes he would rush to the left, sometimes to the right, it did not look easy at all, but instead looked to be as if he was in a difficult situation.

It looked like television show in slow motion, frame by frame.

The army behind Sun Jie all broke out into laughter, they knew how to use energy since they were born, and flying to them was more of an ease than walking, and had become an instinct. To watch Tang Tian acting like a frog jumping everywhere in mid air, naturally they thought of it as a joke.

Sun Jie also revealed a smile on his face, but he was thinking, could that person be born with an energy impedition?

Although the people in the Sacred Saint Galaxy knew how to maneuver and use energy since young, there is a very small percentage of them that were completely unable to use energy at all. In Sacred Saint Galaxy, that was called Energy Impedition, indicating there was an impediment when trying to use energy. Energy Impedition was the most severe form of being a handicapped, much more severe as compared to losing an arm or a leg. If they did not have an arm or leg, but had the talent for using energy, then they could still live freely. Energy could do whatever functions a hand and leg could do, and there were many grandmasters who were born with a physical disability, so they relied even more on controlling energy, and became even more focused, allowing their domains to become even stronger.

Domains in the Sacred Saint Galaxy were no different in controlling energy.

Sun Jie who was initially fearful finally had no more fear in him. No matter how big the opponent's background was from, regardless of how pampered or favored he was, Energy Impedition had also set him to live a tragic life.

The bigger the clans or families, the more intense the quarrels, competitions and fights in the inside. This person who was deemed to be a crippled, has basically no space to live. They can only rely on others and live in the shadows, struggling at death's door.

So that was why he left home and came to the Shang System.

It is truly a pity, this trash is not even worth anything.

Seeing Tang Tian in 'difficulty' in the air, Sun Jie felt that he was making a big fuss over a small matter, for such a trash, he felt that he had wasted too much time. His Silver Swallow that was injured jumped back into his Swift Dagger, and the endless energy nursed its injured body.

In the blink of an eye, the Silver Swallow was as good as before, it jumped around on Sun Jie's shoulder actively.

Suddenly, he 'eh'.

A figure bringing forth blue afterimages suddenly flew in front of him.

Ya Ya's face was enraged, it's chubby face was staring at Sun Jie while revealing its teeth. Usually it would be relaxing around, although it had its pair of wings, but usually it was Little Fool that helped it fly. It is extremely sticky, and also viewed this action as Little Fool's intimacy, so when Little Fool never brought it along to play, it would become extremely lost and sad, revealing an expression of losing the love and favor.

Little Fool was helpless against it, after seeing how Ya Ya protected and shielded him the last time, every time he saw Ya Ya's crestfallen face, he would immediately think about that day, and would indulge in Ya Ya's fun and enjoyment.

Why should I be quarrelling with a bud spirit general....

Suddenly Ya Ya dropped downwards, it got so afraid it frantically used its wings to flap, and finally managed to stop after only being 30m away from the ground. When it saw that Little Fool was injured and fainted, it immediately flew into a rage. Without hesitation it flew up, wanting to take revenge for Little Fool!

This thing has a pudgy body and blue wings, and a little blue rock on its forehead.

What is this?

Su Yun could not be sure, is it a Spirit Dyad? No it does not look like one.

Ya Ya's body was plump and soft, and looked greatly different from normal spirit generals.

A blue light flickered, Sun Jie became dazzled, an intense sense of danger surfacing in his mind. His face changed, while the Silver Swallow on his shoulder transformed into a silver light and welcomed the blue light.

One blue and one white, the two straight light auras clashed.

But the next scene left everyone dumbstruck.

The moment both sides collided, Ya Ya suddenly went downwards, and appeared beneath the Silver Swallow, extending both hands with lightning fast speed, it suddenly hugged the Silver Swallow.

The blue and white two clearly different light auras merged in the air.

The Silver Swallow seemed to have felt danger approaching, and struggled with all its might, and continued to release energy tornados from its mouth.

Bang bang bang!

The surging energy tornados flew around recklessly, causing the air in the area of 5 kilometers to be unstable.

But Ya Ya had already taken the chance to flip over and sit on the Silver Swallow's back, the energy tornado could not hit him. Ya Ya cursed while revealing its pale white teeth, its small face revealing a fierce expression. Just now it was the sparrow that hurt Little Fool, causing Ya Ya to become enraged, a vicious courage birthing from inside it, it suddenly lowered its head and bit on the Silver Swallow's throat.


The Silver Swallow's body froze, and Sun Jie's face changed.

Crack crack!

The Silver Swallow was like a biscuit, which was being eaten by Ya Ya. 10 seconds later, the Silver Swallow was completely in Ya Ya's stomach.

Everyone who witnessed it only felt a cold chill surging from their legs up to their brains.

The Silver Swallow was completely composed of energy, and the accumulated energy inside the Silver Swallow was extremely terrifying! If it exploded, a circular area of 25 km would definitely be destroyed into a flat land.

It....was actually eaten....

Sun Jie was the one who was struck the heaviest, he watched in dumbstruck at the little pudgy thing, he dare not believe his own eyes.

That is energy after Energy Transmutation, and it actually....!


Ya Ya burped in satisfaction, and the stone on its forehead suddenly lit up with a faint blue light. Strands of blue light flowed out from the stone and swam around Ya Ya's body. The blue light strands were like water, splitting into two parts, one part flowing into the light wings, causing them to grow and become bigger. The other half flowed into Ya Ya's fists, forming a pair of blue gloves.

The gloves were extremely mini, perfectly wrapping Ya Ya's little iron fists.

Ya Ya felt rejuvenated, it smashed its fists against each other, bringing forth a light aura. Ya Ya became extremely excited, its eyes were extremely bright, Bang Bang Bang, it struck its own chest, and started screaming out weird Yi Yi Ya Ya sounds.

Sun Jie's face became somewhat ugly, but at that moment, his body suddenly froze.

Ya Ya had suddenly stopped, with its arms raised high, it stared right straight at him.

Ya Ya howled, and then pounced towards Sun Jie.

Sun Jie's face changed, the blue light was extremely fast. Without thinking, he raised up the Swift Dagger in his hand.

In an instant, the blue fist was about to strike his sword tip. Sun Jie prepared himself, the energy in his body frantically surging into the Swift Dagger!

Then, what he never expected was, Ya Ya's blue light fist actually became gentle, and grabbed onto the Swift Dagger's body, and immediately latched onto it like an octopus, grabbing onto the Swift Dagger tightly.

It's body was mini and small, like a doll hanging on the blade, its head only half a cm away from the blade edge.

Ya Ya raised its head and smiled at Sun Jie, revealing its two rows of snow white teeth, it lowered its head and bit on the blade.

Crunch Crunch!

The extremely tough blade body was like a crispy biscuit, as Ya Ya nibbled on it at astonishing speed.

Sun Jie was complete stupefied, the snow white teeth were like two rows of steel edges, no, steel edges were not as ferocious as this. He watched as Ya Ya's two rows of teeth opened and closed as fragments of his blade flew out.

What caused Sun Jie's spirit to fly was that he noticed the energy in his blade was like a bull charging into the ocean, disappearing into nothing.

Seeing the Swift Dagger in his hand becoming shorter at an alarming fast speed, Sun Jie trembled, he threw the Swift Dagger and anxiously retreated.

Crunch crunch!

It was not a loud sound, but it was extremely cold as the scene swept everyone away.

All of their gaze were transfixed on the figure hugging and biting on the dagger.

The blade is gone....even the blade handle was given no mercy....

What kind of creature is this?

Everyone was thinking about that same question. Sun Jie only felt his body going cold. The Swift Dagger had followed him for so many years, in which he had bought it by spending a lot of gold back then, inviting a grandmaster smelter to help create it. It had followed him in all scales of skirmishes, and had never been broken or cut, and even the energy that had gone through Energy Transmutation was unable to injure it.

But.....facing the two rows of perfect snow white teeth, it was actually weak.

But what made him feel that it was even more inconceivable, was that the freak was actually absorbing his energy! That was what truly scared him. It must be made clear, after stepping into the realm of the Silver Saints, after the energy had gone through Energy Transmutation, not only will the quality increase, but its destructive ability will rise as well.

This energy, is impossible to absorb! a short span of time, half of Sun Jie's energy was taken away. This was the true reason why Sun Jie was panicking and let go of his blade, he had a feeling that if he did not let it go, all the energy in his body would be taken away.

And his body, was definitely not as sturdy as the Swift Dagger!

The entire battlefield was silent, only the crunching sound could be heard, and Tang Tian's gasping sounds.

Behind Ya Ya, Tang Tian was still having "difficulty" in his progress, Tang Tian had already thought of a name, called "Adaptive Eclipse". Little Xu Xu has his [Spear Rush], But I have my [Adaptive Eclipse],'s so tiring.....

And no one seems to be caring about me....

When the last bit of the dagger handle was finished, Ya Ya raised its head, its moist blue eyes curving into two slight crescents, its pudgy face revealing satisfaction, laughing foolishly there. But to the group of people, it was an extremely terrifying scene.

The two rows of perfect white teeth, with the remnants of steel fragments, looked exactly like the most ferocious beast after a meal, with remnants of blood and flesh around its teeth.

Too....too ferocious!
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