Chapter 555 – Evolving

 Chapter 555 - Evolving

Tang Tian's hand held a bunch of the black gold grains all the size of rice grains. The worm corpses which were the size of fingers, after being burnt by the Devil Flame, left behind the grains of black gold.

Tang Tian let Little Fool try as well, but the Honorable Martial Crown was unable to burn the weird black gold.

Just at that moment, the blood furnace inside Tang Tian suddenly jumped intensely, as though it was brimming with some sort of longing.

What's this....

Tang Tian was startled, but before he could react, the black gold grains suddenly melted like ice and permeated into his skin. The black gold quickly flowed into his blood vessels, and into his bloodstream, following the blood vessels, it entered the blood furnace.

"Are you ok?" Crane looked at Tang Tian with worry.

Everyone was frightened by the sudden turn of events, the sea of rocks was filled with unprecedented danger. And the consecutive unforeseen events had already reminded them that although they were saints, it was such a vast world, so they still had to be careful.

Tang Tian had a weird expression: "My blood furnace seems to want to absorb the black gold."

Little Fool slowly floated over: "The blood furnace's purpose is to help your fleshly body evolve, i think that black gold is able to cause an evolution in you."

Tang Tian became scared: "I don't want to evolve into a worm!"

LIttle Fool wanted to say that there was a possibility, but seeing the fool's face, if he said that, he would definitely be beaten.

A manly man cannot be corrupted, and should never lie....but in front of so many people, it would be too embarrassing!

Little Fool opened his eyes and spoke groundlessly with a face of confidence: "You definitely won't."

Tang Tian then heaved a sigh of relief.

The group of people flew to the boulder where the black worms shot out from, it was the size of a small boat, and looked like a beehive, covered with many densely packed holes. Suddenly, Ya Ya came out, seeing the boulder, it sniffed around, and pointed to the boulder and started to become excited.

Could there be something inside?

They looked at each other, without saying a word, they took action.

Upon doing so, they realized something strange, the seemingly ordinary looking boulder was far stronger than they thought. Tang Tian punched but only left a shallow pit. This caused everyone to be surprised, there definitely was something good inside.

Very quickly, the four of them collaborated and used their powers, using one hour, they broke apart the boulder, revealing its core.

The core was a wicker basket sized black ball with dots of lights flickering on its surface. Looking carefully, everyone realized that the dots were the black worms eggs, and were releasing an indescribable fluctuation.

Everyone watched in astonishment, but all of their faces revealed joy.

Spirit Origin!

The pure energy fluctuation was the fluctuation of a spirit origin.

Places with rich energy were able to produce a spirit origin much more easily, but all these spirit origins were extremely thin, either a trace or a thread. They had never experienced such a dense and pure spirit origin before.

Even Bing was attracted by the rich spirit origin, and floated out.

Before anyone made a move on it, he immediately shouted: "Leave a few seeds for the Blood Meridians Workshop.

The worm eggs were filled with the purest spirit origins, and to everyone, it was practically a huge nourishment, and all of their spirit values could increase greatly.

This made everyone extremely happy. If they did not have things like the saint bones or other nourishment tonics, it was extremely difficult for them to increase their spirit values. Even places with rich and dense energy, the speed at which the spirit origins were born were extremely slow.

Excluding the portion that Bing took away, the four of them divided up the remaining worm eggs, and all of their spirit values rose substantially.

To the zero domain, with the increase of spirit value, the amount of energy which it could hold also increased.

For Tang Tian's portion, it landed into Little Fool's mouth, after eating a feast, Little Fool was extremely satisfied, his spirit value increased by another 10 points. But, his gaze landed on the black ball, which was cleared of the worm eggs.

He suddenly had a thought, and took out the Honorable Martial Crown, and with the support of the Forceful Subjugating Bead, he started to burn the wicker basket sized black rock.

The calm white Honorable Martial Flame enveloped the black rock, and gradually, it started to shrink. After two hours, it became the size of a fist.

"No, my spirit value is not insufficient, i cannot refine it, but it's definitely something good." Little Fool shook his head.

Just at that moment, Ya Ya rushed over with its mouth salivating. LIttle Fool glanced at it, then passed it over: "You want this?"

Ya Ya nodded its head, snatched the black rock, opened its mouth widely, and with the shocked gazes of everybody, it swallowed the fist sized black rock straight into its belly.


The rock on Ya Ya's forehead suddenly flickered with light aura, and the black rock, started to melt like ice, as Ya Ya's bulging tummy quickly subsided.

Ya Ya's body started to glow with a metal luster.

Little Fool could not believe his eyes, he was unable to melt the black rock even with the Honorable Martial Crown, but Ya Ya had melted it just like that?

The light aura on Ya Ya's body started to dim down, but its metal luster on its body became more obvious. Ya Ya exclaimed out once, and suddenly it leaped out, which was like an artillery shell, striking onto the boulder.

"Ya Ya....." Tang Tian jumped in fright, and subconsciously tried to stop it.

The next scene caused Tang Tian to immediately shut him up.


The boulder which was the size of a five to six floor building instantly crumbled into pieces, and a gloomy light aura flew around in the rain of rocks, it was Ya Ya.

Everyone was stunned.

Ya Ya jumped about on the rocks, and very quickly returned to Tang Tian, revealing a satisfied look. It was not injured at all, the fearsome clash just now had not even left a scratch on its body.

Ya Ya who was arrogantly showing off suddenly tensed up, it was grabbed by Tang Tian.

Tang Tian pinched it hard, and spoke: "Eh, you're still flexible, but you truly seem to be tougher than before..."

Before he finished speaking, Tang Tian suddenly exerted force and throwing Ya Ya out, shouting out: "Meat Cannon Attack!"


Another rock crumbled again.

Little Fool looked at Ya Ya pitifully, this fool, actually showed off in front of the fool. Does it not know, that the fool's heart is the most narrow minded, most easily jealous? So pitiful!

Ya Ya's evolution instantly formed an idea in Tang Tian's mind.

Meat Cannon Attack!

Such a strange form of attack, enemies would never expect that.

At that moment, Tang Tian suddenly felt a burning sensation in the Blood Furnace, and then a burst of boiling blood gushed out of the Blood Furnace, flowing into his vessels and flowing throughout his body. After that, Tang Tian only felt a numb sensation, as though new skin was growing right under his skin.

Pa pa pa!

Minute exploding sounds kept on sounding in his heart.

He could feel his flesh and bones constantly releasing the soft exploding sounds, which fell incessantly in his ear. Small hot streams continued to tear every part of his body, and in a blink of an eye, Tang Tian's body was like a cooked prawn.

But then, an extremely ferocious Qi suddenly burst out from Tang Tian's body!

This burst of Qi was extremely sudden, which also disappeared as quickly. In a breath of time, Tang Tian who was completely red became normal again, and the terrifying Qi, which disappeared without a trace and the scene that occurred, was like an illusion.

Crane and the rest knew it was not an illusion, and that something had changed in Tang Tian's body.

Tang Tian blankly looked at his palm, he could clearly feel the surging power in his body. It was pure brute body power, his flesh had become stronger and tougher than steel, as though he could casually summon up a burst of power in his fist.

"My body seems to have become stronger."

Tang Tian muttered to himself, unwilling to believe what had happened.

"Test it out." Jing Hao spoke with prudence.

Without saying a thing, Tang Tian arrived in front of a boulder the size of a hill. It was the biggest rock they could find, and in front of the boulder, Tang Tian was insignificant.

Tang Tian roared, and then struck the boulder with a fist!

The moment Tang Tian released the fist, Jing hao, Crane and Ling Xu's pupils all shrunk!

They had regularly trained and sparred with Tang Tian, so they were extremely clear of his strength, but the fist he had just portrayed birthed an entirely different feeling in their hearts!


A clear and crisp sound, caused their faces to change again. They witnessed as the hill sized boulder in front of them, suddenly covered with spider web like cracks, and then, countless of fine rock pieces shot out like rain.

They were all dumbstruck.

Tang Tians fist did not have Devil Flame, it was purely the power of his body.

This guy.....

The one with the most complicated expression was Little Fool. In his eyes, Tang Tian's blood was brimming with an astonishing power, like a boiling and burning lava. Currently inside the Gemini Furnace, the sea of energy was completely suppressed by the sea of blood. The vast sea of blood was releasing a powerful energy that pushed the sea of energy into a corner.

The intense and rich smell of blood was something Little Fool detested.

"You have truly evolved!" Crane flew over, and asked with curiosity: "Will you grow wings, or grow a tail?"

Tang Tian who was initially pleased about himself suddenly had a complicated knot in his heart: "I don't think so right...."

When a blood saint evolves to a certain extent, their bodies would undergo changes, and growing a pair of wings etc was extremely normal.

In his mind, an image of him with a pair of wings, and a long tail growing out of his butt, caused him to shudder. If that was the case, Qian Hui would definitely not like him anymore!

But, everyone was ignorant to Tang Tian's ashen face.

"It seems that this sea of rock is a good place, with treasures everywhere, and one can even grow their spirit value, and evolve their body, this is truly a land of treasures." Jing Hao who was introverted and reserved could not keep his calm.

"And maybe it can help you strengthen your spirit treasures." Little Fool added.

A lustrous light aura grew in Crane and Ling Xu's eyes at the same time.

"It truly is a land of treasures!" Crane licked his lips: "Heaven is definitely giving us an opportunity, if we do not take it, we should just get struck by lightning."

"It's ours! All of this is ours! Whoever dares try to take it from us, i'll spear them to death!"

Ling Xu was brimming with excitement as he shouted, his spear tip pointing towards the sea of rocks in front of him, they had long forgotten about the danger prior to their gains.

"Go go go!"

The three of them bellowed, and rushed further ahead into the sea of rocks.

"Hey hey hey, wait for me!"

Tang Tian who was left behind shouted with all his might.
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