Chapter 550 – This is Ursa Major Constellation!

 Chapter 550

Tang Tian suddenly stopped and turned, the killing intent pouring like a flood, pouncing straight towards Gan Hao.

The strong killing intent, immediately shrouded over Gan Hao, causing his expression to immediately change!

The reason for him raising the question in the banquet, was because he felt that in the banquet, Tang Tian would be somewhat apprehended. However, he never expected in his life, that Tang Tian would actually, under the eyes of so many people, become difficult in front of so many diplomatic groups.

This fellow...... did he not know that this would cause the disgust of the diplomatic groups? Does he not understand that if he doesn't tolerate with the small things, he would affect the bigger plans? How did this fellow achieve becoming the overlord of Ursa Major Constellation?

Cold sweat slowly dripped, the great killing intent, enveloped him like a shadow.

Gan Hao steadied himself, he kept encouraging himself in his mind: He will not dare to take action.....he will definitely not dare to take action, he is just acting.....

Everyone was completely petrified by Tang Tian's actions, no one had thought that Tang Tian would publicly make a move in the banquet.

Gan Hao set his heart, he gathered his courage: "Could it be your majesty has a guilty conscience......"

The figure blurred in front of him, he lost trace of Tang Tian, Gan Hao's expression finally completely changed, Tang Tian actually dared to make a move!

He had just thought of moving, but the back of his neck suddenly tightened, a palm like an iron claw had suddenly grabbed onto his neck, so fast......

Gan Hao could not believe it, he was being carried above the ground by Tang Tian's hand.

Andre's expression changed, his heart was overwhelmed with shock, so fast! He was actually unable to capture Tang Tian's movements, Tang Tian was much stronger than when he was in Andromeda Constellation, as though he was a totally different person.

Beside him, Scarlett was dumbstruck with her mouth wide open, from young, she had participated in countless banquets, but she had seen all kinds of under the table movements and quarrels during the banquets. But she had never seen before, the host of the banquet, who was even a Monarch, who would attack his own guest! Even her father who had a reputation of a fiery temper, no matter how angry he was, he would not fall out with a guest during a banquet.

This was an unwritten rule in the upper class society, this was a guarantee for the safety of the diplomatic groups, it was also the basic courtesy of all constellations!

However...... what she just witnessed......

Scarlett could almost not believe her own eyes, Tang Tian actually used one hand to grab Gan Hao's neck, taking Gan Hao up mid air!

Oh My God!

There was actually such a boorish and barbarous sovereign king!

The moment when Tang Tian moved, the Qi in Ming Yue's subconsciously moved, her mind was completely dumbstruck! Her innate body for sword, had a strong intuition to danger, it was the first time for such a basic reaction to be completely beyond her control.

This showed that the moment Tang Tian took action, she instinctively felt the intense danger!

Having seen Jing Hao training in fundamental sword techniques on the training grounds in the day, she was deeply shocked, the simplest fundamental sword techniques contained the laws that linked straight to her heart, it made Ming Yue emotionally moved.

However, Tang Tian was different, he was like an extremely dangerous wild beast, the thing that stirred the Qi in her body was the killing intent Tang Tian had released! The thick and dense killing intent!

This fellow, had the mind to kill......

What a scary fellow!

WIth her pale face, Ming Yue looked at the figure lifting Gan Hao. Tang Tian was cold and ruthless, he was completely different to the enthusiastic and cheerful image of Tang Tian back in Andromeda Constellation.

Everyone's gaze were all fixated on them, with their boiling blood rushing to their heads, the humiliation that was never felt before shrouded Gan Hao deeply!

No! He definitely will not make a move!

"What is the meaning of your Majesty?" a cold voice came out, an elder with a gloomy and cold expression, emerged from the crowd: "Although Gan Hao's tone was not right, your Majesty, to have humiliated my Onyx Soul, could it be that you really think that Onyx Soul is afraid of Ursa Major Constellation!"

Seeing that Elder Fu came out, Gan Hao immediately gained some confidence, that's right, Tang Tian absolutely would not dare!

"Tang Tian! Today's matter will not end......"

Crack, Gan Hao's words stopped abruptly, his eyes were opened wide, as if he would never believe it, Tang Tian actually dared to attack.

"There's still 18 seconds."

Tang Tian spoke out coldly, no one could understand what he meant by those words,and he casually threw Gan Hao who had no more life in him on the floor, without regards for anyone, he turned and left.

Onyx Soul Elder Fu raged: "Courting death!"

His figure exploded and pounced towards Tang Tian.

A silver light aura, suddenly lit up in front of his eyes, his heart jumped, and he subconsciously turned his body and retreated.

Ling Xu stood in front of him expressionless, his sharp spear pointing straight at Elder Fu.

"Good good good!" Elder Fu laughed from his rage: "To kill your guests in your own banquet, everyone here, this is Ursa Major Constellation!"

Everyone's gaze were on Tang Tian who left without turning back, even when he heard Elder Fu's words, without turning back, he waved his hands to show that he was saying goodbye.

Everyone had not recovered from the shock from what had happened, Elder Fu's words had truly announced their thoughts at the moment. This situation was unheard of.

"That's right, this is Ursa Major Constellation."

A voice sounded, Crane slowly appeared, attracting everyone's gaze, his usual warm and approachable face had suddenly became stern.

"Ursa Major Constellation does not accept any provocation, Ursa Major Constellation also does not need to explain anything to anyone." Crane's gaze was cold: "Elder Gui Wu's remnants are truly with us, if Onyx Soul wants it, it is very simple, you can take it from our dead bodies."

Ssssi, the entire ground sounded as everyone exhaled cold air.

Ni Yu Hong looked at Crane in disbelief, as though she could not recognize Crane. In truth, she also felt that Tang Tian's actions were overboard, and she definitely saw that Gan Hao harboured evil intentions, but to her, there were plenty of methods to resolve the issue, and it was completely not required to use such sudden and ruthless methods.

Killing Gan Hao, had imperceptibly offended every guest, and would only let everyone feel that Ursa Major Constellation was arrogant and despotic, pushing Ursa Major Constellation to the opposite side of everyone.

Tang Tian's actions to her, completely lacked of basic political knowledge.

An impertinent man!

This was the judgement of Yu Hong Xin who had been watching coldly from the sides, but it was when Crane stood up and spoke those overbearing words that stunned her. It was not weird to her that Tang Tian was impertinent, but she knew of Crane's intellect, why would Crane do such a ridiculous thing.

"Guest? Why can I not remember, when did we ever invite Onyx Soul to be Ursa Major Constellations guests? We have not settled Tong Ge's bill in Ancient Cold City, and yet you guys, with your arrogance, call yourselves our guests!" Crane's tone was increasingly colder, the atmosphere around him became extremely unpredictable.

The saints who were standing guard around, all of their expressions had turned gloomy, especially Meng Ta, who was the saint that experienced the battle in Ancient Cold City, his face was even darker.

With so many saints releasing their imposing qi, the atmosphere of the entire banquet became suffocating.

Ni Yu Hong suddenly became enlightened, her eyes could not help but flashed with praise and admiration. Crane's words, hit a nail in the coffin, especially that the words were for Elder Fu to be heard, why not speak it for everyone else to hear it too.

Crane had a simple intention, you were not invited by me, you guys came up to my door and begged me on your own accord, do not treat yourselves as important guests!

As expected, the guests who were initially displeased, all quieted down.

"Since you represent Onyx Soul, then we should resolve this bill right now!" Crane said coldly.

Elder Fu immediately sensed that it was going downhill for him, if this indeed caused a battle between Onyx Soul and Ursa Major Constellation, it would be difficult even for him to wish for an easy death, so he argued strongly: "I am myself, Onyx Soul is Onyx Soul"

"All the guests sitting here represent their various powerhouses. You are unable to represent Onyx Soul, so who let you in? Sneaking into the banquet, Challenging His Majesty, acting recklessly!" Crane said coldly: "Tie your hands and prepare to be captured, I do not want to alert the guests here, we will negotiate with Onyx Soul ourselves."

Ni Yu Hong almost exclaimed out in admiration, if Tang Tian's performance did not have any political wisdom, then Crane's performance, was simply on another level.

Prince Crane's words not only made Elder Fu stuck, it had also resolved the matter, at the same time it secretly reminded everyone present: You have better think clearly and rationally, you are all representing your own Constellations.

With Elder Fu's position, he knew for himself that he had completely fallen.

If he dared to represent Onyx Soul, that would be gambling that Ursa Major Constellation did not dare to declare war on Onyx Soul, which was something he dared not gamble on. As an individual, with his actions, he was in the wrong.

He knew, if at this time, he chose to rebel, Ursa Major Constellation would kill him without hesitation. He even knew that Onyx Sould would absolutely not avenge him against Ursa Major Constellation.

That damned Gan Hao!

If not for him, the situation would not have fallen into such an extent. Gan Hao was greedy for Senior Gui Wu's remnants, and overestimated himself.

The mission had completely failed, the punishment waiting for him back at Onyx Soul, would be worse than dying.

"Good good good!" Elder Fu laughed: "This old man admits defeat! Everything that happened today, were all solely mine and Gan Hao's doings, it has nothing to do with Onyx Soul!"

Once he finished speaking, all the qi meridians and blood vessels in his body ruptured, filling the air with his blood, he fell, and all signs of life vanished from his body.

"A true man!"

Ling Xu said, then he turned and left.

Very quickly, someone came to clean up, and the banquet started again, but the people present did not have the mood to eat anymore. Everything that had occurred, contained too much information, and they needed time to digest.

There was one point that was extraordinarily unanimous.

No one dared to be contemptuous towards Ursa Major Constellation.

The imposing might that Ursa Major Constellation displayed, Tang Tian's firm coolness and craziness, Crane's outstanding trickery, Ling Xu's terrifying spear, and even the frail Long Shou Jing's firmness in front of Onyx Soul's provocation. By not retreating, they left a very strong impression for everyone.

The banquet made everyone witness the willpower and strength of Ursa Major Constellation.

Once Tang Tian exited the banquet, he entered the Martial Spirit Chamber, charging straight for the bronze Star Door like a maniac, beside him, Bing carried a transparent ice coffin, where Screw who was badly damaged was lying in.

When Tang Tian reached the bronze Star Door, the killing intent which was soaring in his chest vanished, the cold expression on his face thawed like the ice, it melted and softened.

"Everything is well, there is still two minutes!"

Tang Tian patted his chest, his face still showing lingering fear.

Bing did not make any noise, he placed the ice coffin behind him, the expressionless poker face, revealed a rarely seen tensed look.

He sat on the floor, leaning on the ice coffin, just like ten thousand years ago when he talked to screw by the mechanical weapons.

Inside the ice coffin, Screw was twirling his hands around, muttering some poem.

Bing looked at the bronze Star Door, and said softly "Screw, we're about to see Ah Xin."

The bronze Star Doors light aura flickered, lighting up the young man's gentle emotions, and reflecting the Uncle's grey memories.

Chapter 550 - This is Ursa Major Constellation!
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