Chapter 051 – Fornax Fire

 Chapter 051 - Fornax Fire

Tang Tian only sensed a chill roll down his spine.

The opponent was coming at him fast. All he could see was a flash of blurry dark shadow.

Darn it!

"Fornax Fire!" Tang Tian roared. The Fornax black metal gloves were emitting blazing fire. His entire body's True Power subconsciously was instigated to the extreme, as this time his second Crane Body also felt danger, and quickly rotated.

Who would have thought, Tang Tian pulled out his mastered fist.

-Great Avalanche!

It was the first time Tang Tian used Great Avalanche while wearing the black metal gloves. He could detect the difference right away. A warm current flowed from the fist back into his body. Along with the True Power he instigated, it re-entered the gloves.

This warm current cleared away all Tang Tian's fear.

The power of the fist seemed dull and nothing special in particular, even the demonic blazing fire seemed to become gentle.

Mr. Wu was already at his wits ends. With this fist from Tang Tian, there was no way he could avoid it, it crashed on to his chest firmly and steadily.


The meaty fist intersected without a sound, the blazing fired penetrated Mr. Wu's body right away. Mr. Wu froze and his face congealed. He looked at Tang Tian in disbelief that his fist would hit him.

The audience just barely managed to react.


The blazing fire suddenly emerged from Mr. Wu's body. In a blink of an eye, the glimmering flame engulfed Mr. Wu.

"Fornax Fire!" the Principal of Beast Academy shouted in shocked.

The Principals of Northern Yan and Crystal Sky stared at Tang Tian in daze.

Everyone stared at Tang Tian and the pile of fire in a daze,

The blazing fire that suddenly lit up seemed to bring an evil strength, burning brightly.

Under the blazing fire, the young lad panted. The fire flickered, and with it a frightening energy followed.


"It really is the Fornax Fire!" Northern Yan Principal muttered to himself: "Fornax weapons, the lower the tier of the weapon, the harder it is to release the Fornax Fire. The Fornax black metal weapons' chances of releasing the fire is not even one percent!"

Crystal Sky's Principal was extremely shocked: "Legend has it, that as long as it can release the Fornax Fire, a black metal weapon is able to refine itself to advance."

"That is just a legend, I have never seen it anyway." Old Fart Wei words were like this, but his face was full of happiness as he pointed with his finger: "Ah Mo Li, come, try and activate your Fornax Fire."

"Oh." Ah Mo Li raised up the black metal blades in his hand, and shouted out: "Fornax!"

Hu! A red fire blew out, enveloping the blade.

Shua, the other three Principals' eyes suddenly became red, either with envy, jealousy, or hate. They looked like they could, at anytime, kidnap Ah Mo Li, especially the Beast Academy Principal, only to see him beating his chest and stamping his feet!

The blaze dispersed, and Mr. Wu was thoroughly turned into ashes, leaving nothing behind.

"This fellow is too poor already!" Tang Tian stared blankly, and was slightly in doubt.

As expected, if the superior is bad, the subordinates would be bad too...

All the principals' faces of praise instantly disappeared, and the shock in all the people also disappeared.

"I can't believe he did not even leave behind some rags!" Old Fart Wei opened his eyes wide, feeling unsatisfied.

Crystal Sky Principal then opened his mouth: "What do we do now?"

"Report to the City Lord." Northern Yan Principal said: "Onyx Soul is involved in this matter, it is definitely a big thing."

Very quickly, the few other principals agreed to report to the City Lord.


This matter's influence was far beyond Tang Tian's imagination. The entire Wu An Star fell into an anxious atmosphere. With such a dark force like the Onyx Soul, already starting to extend its devilish claws towards the edges of Wu An's planet, every City Lord was teaming up to prepare to invite free-spirited martial artists to come forward to help.

But, all of this had nothing to do with Tang Tian.

The first thing Tang Tian did when he got back to Caramel Academy, was to step into the Southern Cross Constellation Cross Door.

Indeed, Tang Tian found Bing inside.

"Hey, how did you come in?" Tang Tian could not help but ask. Bing was full of mysteries, and of all things, he was like toothpaste, sticky as hell and it was not all the time that it could be squeezed out of the bottle.

Bing remained silent.

Well, he could not squeeze anything out this time around.

Tang Tian saw and simply started cultivating.

"Southern Cross Constellation. Your method is wrong." Bing said blandly.

"A wrong method?" Tang Tian was surprised. He looked at Bing confused: "Then tell me, how should I use it?"

Bing: "You have to hit the fog wall."

"Fog wall?" Tang Tian's eyes fell onto the fog wall.

There were two flaws on the fog wall. One was because of Slaying Lightning Bolt, and the other was due to Great Avalanche. He knew, but he always focused on cultivation and never spent much time on it, so he did not care.

Hit the fog wall?

Tang Tian started to ponder and suddenly, he thought of a question: "How did you know?"

Bing was silent.

Tang Tian stared at Bing, but Bing remained still. Tang Tian kept his gaze resentfully and changed his thoughts. Sigh, this could be a good method for practising.

He stood at the front of the fog wall and started using Broken Shadow Palm. 'Bang, bang, bang,' he started practising.

The power of Broken Shadow Palm was much weaker than Great Avalanche, but the fog wall was getting crushed bit by bit by Tang Tian.

Tang Tian could not help but slap against his head. Why had he not thought about this method before? He thought about his way of practising in the past, punching his fists into the air, and it sounded dumb.

The godlike young lad was once again motivated!

It was the first time he tasted the ferociousness of a Close Quarters Combat expert. Tang Tian only felt an endless energy he could use in his body. The thought of him being able to use any four of his martial techniques, and perfecting them to practice for the killing technique. Woah, woah, woah, then he would be formidable!

After Tang Tian had heard the Principal of Crystal Sky say that the black metal gloves could initiate the Fornax Fire in the Labyrinth of Spirits, and possibly increase his level, he made a trip to the stone pit to find Big Bro Stone. Stone heard he could summon the Fornax Fire and was shocked and happy at the same time. So he handed him the method of cultivating the black metal gloves to the next level.

The method was simple, he just had to wear the gloves as he summoned the Fornax Fire. By continuously throwing punches and attacking, the Fornax Fire within the gloves would continue to refine and go into the next level.

From then on, Tang Tian never took off the gloves.

The Fornax Fire was lively and light. Every step was extremely compatible. No matter if Tang Tian used his palm, fist or claws, it was as easy as A-B-C.

In the past, he had no materials for reference. Tang Tian felt it was not obvious enough. Now, he punched the fog wall daily, and the strength of the black metal gloves started to grow. Similarly with [Broken Shadow Palm], when the black metal gloves were worn, its power was increased by at least twenty percent.

The black metal gloves were extremely awesome, and Tang Tian was looking forward to the bronze treasures.

This time, he reaped several benefits. Other than some Silver Ranked Spirit Cards, he got one Bronze Treasure.

Equuleus Constellation's Bronze Treasure, [Soaring Boots of the Pony].

Equuleus Constellation was situated South-West of the Pegasus Constellation. The Aquarius Constellation was situated to the North, and was an extremely small constellation, slightly bigger than Southern Cross Constellation.

Tang Tian loved these Soaring Boots of the Pony. The Gold elemental bronze coloured boots were engraved with a cute pony. They looked rough in textile and not eye-catching, but they were super comfortable when worn. When in contact with the ground, Tang Tian could feel his body instantly becoming lighter.

And when Tang Tian injected True Power into it, he was as fast as the wind, and the Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada's explosive force was evidently raised to a higher level.

For Tang Tian, it was an extremely useful treasure.

After feeling about with it multiple times, Tang Tian finally understood and could comprehend using the treasure at ease. Every Treasure, would have a Martial Spirit existing inside of it, and they were the origin of a Star Treasure's powers. As long as one put True Power inside, the Martial Spirit would awaken. Every treasure was different, and every Martial Spirit inside would also be different. Some were proficient in fighting, some proficient in support, some could increase True Power output, and some project out True Power.

The higher the level and rank of the treasure, the stronger the Martial Spirit inside of it.

A bronze treasure Martial Spirit, compared to an iron treasure Martial Spirit, was much stronger. The Martial Spirit of the Soaring Boots of the Pony, was just a mini pony. When Tang Tian poured True Power into the pony Martial Spirit, it would cheerfully dash, which was a peculiar sight.

The Silver Grade Spirit Cards were not compatible with Tang Tian, so he would simply sell them in exchange for Star Rocks. In Heaven road, Star Rocks were the currency.


"Hey, Fundamental Tang, I heard that the Honorable Martial Group has employed men to come!" Ah Mo Li was excited.

Tang Tian did not even lift his head: "Come then, come!"

"That is the Honorable Martial Group! Their lowest criteria of joining is to have the fifth level of True Power!" Ah Mo Li looked envious, the fifth level of True Power in Wu An Star was the power of the top notch martial artists.

"Oh, I want to train." Tang Tian still did not lift his head.

After continuously training intensely for ten plus days, Tang Tian's Broken Shadow Palm had finally claimed perfection. He decided to train [Eagle Claw], [Succeeding Loop Technique] and [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada] to perfection, and after that, training in rank four martial techniques.

"Don't train yet." Old Fart Wei suddenly appeared.

Tang Tian stopped, and looked curiously at Old Fart Wei.

"The Honorable Martial Group people are coming." Old Fart Wei said.

Tang Tian was confused: "What does that have to do with us?"

"Oh, let's walk and talk." Old Fart Wei said.

While walking, he listened to Old Fart Wei's explanation. Only then did Tang Tian then finally understand some of the meaning.

Wu An Star was a borderline planet, and not included in the Heaven Road. Regardless of whether it was the Honorable Martial Group or the Onyx Soul, it was not important. But this time, Onyx Soul had caused such a big commotion. Wu An Star was immediately frightened, and quickly contacted the Honorable Martial Group. They then specifically instructed people to come to investigate.

"The Honorable Martial Group is the number one opponent of Onyx Soul." Old Fart Wei said: "This time however, the Honorable Martial group has another mission, which is to pick and choose outstanding young individuals. That is the tradition of the Honorable Martial Group. The City lord has also taken note of this, and if anyone is chosen, Wu An Star would instantly become one of the protected areas of Honorable Martial Group."

"I want to go and find Qian Hui." Tang Tian looked at Ah Mo Li, then looked at Old Fart Wei.

"You look down on the Honorable Martial Group. Immortal Constellation is the Honorable Martial Group's most influential place." Old Fart Wei scolded him.

"That powerful?" Tang Tian was shocked, in his mind, Immortal Constellation was a very big constellation.

"Bullshit!" Old Fart Wei continued: "If you two can even enter Honorable Martial Group, then I would have no worries. They cultivate and groom their young students in a way extremely suited to the individual, and all their martial techniques are not the kind that we have here. The teachers inside have much higher standards. That day, the guy with the name of Wu, if ranked in the Honorable Martial Group, could be considered a normal member. Onyx Soul's reputation is bad, while Honorable Martial Group's could be considered good."

As Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li followed Old Fart Wei and reached the City Lord's residence, they realised it was full of people.

Sima Xiang Shan, Han Bing Ning, Lian Qiu were standing in line, angry.

Due to the incident, Tang Tian's name has risen to fame. The Isolated Spirit Spear silver grade Spirit General was definitely at the fourth level of power, and added on, it was at the great master rank in spear arts, but no matter how terrifying it was, it was still destroyed by Tang Tian. And Mr. Wu, who was burnt to ashes, had an even more astonishing strength, it was rumored to be at least the fifth level of True Power, although many people believed that he was burnt by a fluke.

But, fifth level True Power....

That was a level of power that many people desired to have!

From all these outstanding achievements, in Star Wind City, he was definitely worthy of being called number one. Tang Tian who was initially hailed as the history's most rubbish of the rubbish student, where countless of people laughed and mocked him. But now, no one dared to mock him, as the way Tang Tian unwaveringly and fiercely killed Zhou Peng, had earlier been spread by the witnesses to everybody else.

Definitely cannot offend him!

Definitely cannot make him angry!

The most crucial thing was, absolutely do not be cheated from his silly and dumb outer look, that is all a feint, it was definitely a feint!

Every day, Tang Tian would proclaim himself as a 'godlike young lad', and no one should take that as a joke. It was definitely real, if you don't believe it then you're the dumb one!

Whenever Tang Tian appeared, students with their tongues wagging would immediately quiet down to absolute silence, as everyone would look at his gaze, brimming with reverence, everyone would immediately step to the side and form a path for him to walk.

"Wu?" Standing at his balcony, staring from a very far place, there was a middle-aged man watching the entire scene unfold, with a peculiar face.

The students were a very simple and pure community, and to be able to cause them to have such bearing, it was definitely someone they revered deeply.

He could not help but seriously size Tang Tian up.
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