Chapter 505 – Scream for Ten Thousand Years

 Chapter 505 - Scream for Ten Thousand Years

On the way back to the east courtyard, the gazes that the disciples gave him were very weird, as though they were looking at some weird beast.

Tang Tian could not be bothered, thee past two hours were enough to torment him. But thinking about it, it was truly very miraculous, the other saints and him did not have any difference, they were all here for Sextans Eye, but now he was even helping Cang Yang Fighting Grounds guard against these people.

Back to the west courtyard, Tang Tian relaxed.

Ding Chen and the rest had already seen their Big Boss' capabilities, and naturally did not have any doubts in him. But the other classes were different, Ding Chen was always practising with a serious attitude. He was different from the other disciples, Ding Chen firmly believed that Big Boss Ah Chou definitely could bring them out alive.

Hence, following the mock practice arranged by Bing, they executed it adamantly, without any sloppiness, for their lives were their own.

"The situation is very grim." Bing appeared, with worry in his tone: "This defense, is completely like Tofu gravy, it cannot stop any sneak attacks."

"Then what do I do?" Tang Tian stretched his hands out.

"I have no idea either." Bing said after some thought: "Why not make our move first? Just now during the laying out of defense, I had surveyed the area, the Sextans Eye, should be underground."

Tang Tian's eyes lit up: "Underground?"

"Yes." Bing's expression was stern: "There is definitely an entrance, we just have to find it. Tonight is a good opportunity, with so much movement last night, the fools outside would definitely not make their move in these two days. Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran are injured, they are definitely trying to recover now, this is Cang Yang Fighting Ground's weakest time."

"That sounds reasonable!" Tang Tian was palpating with eagerness from Bing's words.

The midnight sky covered the horizon.

Tang Tian left quietly, he moved into the main court, Bing had already memorized the defense layout of the entire groundsmaster establishment by heart. He did not alarm anybody, and reached the main courtyard.

Suddenly, Tang Tian's body froze in his position.

The Fog Turtle's enormous head was right in front of him, there were no signs of it at all, and he actually did not manage to hear anything.


The Fog Turtle suddenly vapourised into fog, and rapidly shrunk into a door of fog.

"Please come in!"

A raspy old voice travelled from inside the door.

Tang Tian was frightened, but after hesitating for a moment, he stepped through the door. Once he stepped through the fog door, the scene in front of him took a drastic change, the air becoming strangely cold.

Then, he once again froze at where he stood, he was stunned seeing the row of people in front of him.

"Bi Ah Chou!"

Fu Zi Hong saw the person clearly, she cried out in alarm, she had never ever thought that the person who would come at night, was actually Bi Ah Chou!

Tang Tian felt the blood in his whole body suddenly congealing in front of him, the originally injured Fu Zhong Shan, Yang Hao Ran, were filled with vigor and life, the cold and imposing aura caused the hair on his body to stand.

Fu Zhong Shan's capability, was not something he could match, and Yang Hao Ran's aura, was similarly unfathomable.

There was also the old man, his body clearly did not have any aura, but he could float easily like air, the extraordinary feeling made Tang Tian sweat from head to toe.

Trap? Ambush?

"We finally managed to wait for you!" the old man opened his mouth, with a face full of wrinkles, he smiled: "Please regain your original appearance."

Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran stood to the left and right, emitting out cold qi, Tang Tian felt his lips go dry, stupid Uncle Bing, now you don't even dare to appear at all, so unloyal, and still talked about it being a good opportunity, a good opportunity to walk into a trap more like it.....

What made Tang Tian's heart sink even further down was, he could not use Blink, the cavern was filled with the Cold Wave, his blink was completely unusable

Damn it!

He had not been in such a situation for a very long time.

"Please trust us, we have no enmity." the elderly man laughed.

No enmity.......

Then what's with the murderous looking Gods standing there, were they born like that?

Of course, Tang Tian did not dare to say that, although he was a fool but he was not stupid, in such a situation where he could not free himself, to be an annoying troublemaker would be courting death. Sextans Eye had not been found, before meeting Qian Hui, he did not want to die.

The muscles on his face, changed non-stop, very quickly, he revealed his true appearance.

Fu Zi hong stared blankly at Tang Tian, Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran's expressions changed slightly, a faint killing intent emitting from their eyes, this person changed his appearance to mix into the court, he definitely did not have any good intentions.

The elderly man scrutinized him for a short moment, his expression became excited: "You really look alike, you should be surnamed Tang right, what is your name?"

Tang Tian's body shook, his eyes suddenly lit up with a bright light aura. Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran were dumbstruck, right in that moment, the young man in front of them suddenly seemed to have changed into a totally different person, his entire being emitting an astonishing aura.

"My name is Tang Tian" Tang Tian said in a low voice.

"Tang Tian! Ursa Major's Constellation Master!" Fu Zi Hong blurted out, she was completely fooled, she had thought that Bi Ah Chou came from somewhere big, but she had never thought it would be that big.

Since the cards had already been laid on the table, Tang Tian did not worry anymore.

Bing floated out, Ya Ya jumped on Tang Tian's left shoulder and made funny faces, Little Fool held his umbrella and floated beside Tang Tian with a cold look.

Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran's expression changed at the same time, how could they not know Tang Tian's name? Currently, Tang Tian's name was extremely famous, a powerful tyrant. They had not thought that, Ursa Major's Constellation Master, would personally mix into the Groundsmaster Establishment.

This....... Was simply too difficult for people to believe.

Fu Zi Hong had the biggest shock in her heart, she stared blankly at the young fellow in front of her. That youthful face was suddenly solemn, his aura was definitely not inferior to her father and second uncle.

It was this young chap in front of her, who relied on his own strength, forcibly pushed the third tier Ursa Major Constellation to the same level as Honorable Martial Group, Onyx Soul and The 12 Ecliptic Palaces Constellations.

Fu Zi Hong had specially researched this miracle, that's right, in her eyes, it was a miracle, without a chance to ever be replicated!

It was this young lad in front......

He was even younger than her, she suddenly remembered her thoughts in the day, are there really geniuses in the world?

It really did......

"Ursa Major Constellation is not your future."

Cang Yang Yu's sentence, shocked everyone.

Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran froze, Fu Zi Hong reaction was the fastest, she almost lost her voice and exclaimed, but she quickly used her hands to cover her mouth, but Tang Tian's gaze was filled with the most astonishment. Very quickly, Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran also reacted, changing their expressions.

Tang Tian was also dazed by Cang Yang Yu's sentence, he did not think much and asked subconsciously: "Why?"

Cang Yang Yu smiled, but did not answer his question: "I have been waiting here for very long, and finally the day has come. That day when you repaired the wall at the west courtyard, fog turtle had already smelled your Qi."

"My Qi?" Tang Tian was confused.

"Yes." Cang Yang Yu said calmly: "But Sextans Eye is not completed yet, it is extremely dangerous, and I did not want to put you in danger so early on. But, the situation is too dire, I cannot be sure that I can last till that day, hence I invited you here. Although this will let you fall into danger, but I thought, with your fate, only you can dictate and undertake this responsibility."

Tang Tian squinted his eyes, and asked word by word: "You know who I am?"

"You are his son." Cang Yan Yu grinned.

Fu Zhong Shan, Yang Hao Ran only felt a flash in front of them, and lost Tang Tian, the two of them were shocked, they then rushed to block the front of Cang Yang Yu, but a gust of wind passed by them.

How was it possible.... So fast!

Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran's expression changed.

The young lad appeared in front of Cang Yang Yu just like the wind, his hand already touched Cang Yang Yu's body, and caught him!

But in the next moment, his pupils shrunk, his hands actually passed directly through his body!

Woosh, his body, directly went through Cang Yang Yu's body, just like going through fog.

This is......

Tang Tian's figure flew back on the ice wall, he faced Cang Yang Yu, his expression gloomy.

"Very sorry, I also do not know who he is." Cang Yang Yu consoled him without being surprised: "He saved my life, and left me an inheritance, and then made me help him safeguard a few things. He said if he could not come back, his son would come. I promised him, and 16 years have passed, and you came."

Tang Tian looked at Cang Yang Yu blankly.

"You look exactly like him." Cang Yang Yu recalled: "Oh, he also had a spirit general beside him who was very powerful. Other than the Sextans Eye, he also made me look after an ice coffin, please follow me."

Cang Yang Yu floated to the ice wall, he said to Tang Tian: "Please place a drop of blood on the top."

Tang Tian with his gloomy face did not say anything, he cut his finger, dripped a few drops of blood on top of the ice. The ice wall quickly melted and vanished, and a transparent ice coffin appeared in front of everyone.

Indeed it was himself......

"This was a spirit general he passed to me, a badly damaged spirit general. He selected this place, because it could let this badly damaged spirit warrior not disappear. This spirit general is very old, he has always been screaming and for 16 years, he had not stopped, do not be afraid, there is a saying he has already screamed for ten thousand years."

Bing's gazed turned to the spirit general inside the ice coffin, and as though he was struck by electricity, his mind went blank.

As though he was caught in some body arts, the cigarette in his hand dropped on the ground, he completely lost the feeling of his body as he stared at the ice coffin blankly.

The vertically straight up ice coffin, had a thin spirit general inside, both his legs had disappeared, both arms were as thin as matchsticks, he was spasming as though he was holding something in the air, the thin face was focused, it occasionally went crazy, his mouth crazily mumbling words.

"Spanner, spanner, give me a spanner, quick quick, damn it be quick about it......"

"The Joint is damaged severely, give me part number 3 for the join, everyone move quicker, hang on, don't fall down......"

"I'm not leaving! I'm not leaving! If I leave, who will help you fix......"

"Set Number 261, is severely damaged, Commander don't die, Ah Xin don't die, brat don't die......"

He suddenly raised his both arms and shouted hysterically: "Southern Cross Army, advance!"

Bing stared blankly at spirit general, tears suddenly flowing out uncontrollably, the middle aged uncle, knelt on the floor and bawled, unable to breath properly, he kept on gasping, just like a kid.

"Hey, little brat, the name's Screw, when you grow up, I will make a mechanical weapon for you."
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