Chapter 491 – There is a Type of Form Spirit

 Chapter 491 - There is a Type of Form Spirit

Tang Tian knew that after the big movements from the previous night, it was not suitable for him to do anything for the next few days. Very soon, Bell's information caused him to make a decision.

Sextans Eye was truly at Ancient Cold CIty.

And there was some information regarding the Sextans Eye that surfaced. It was said that Sextan's Eye held a gigantic treasure deposit, where countless treasures were held inside, and most importantly, there was a spirit law contained in it.

Theoretically, if there were things that could immensely attract saints, then the spirit law would definitely be one of them. The so called spirit law, was the records and remnants left behind by saints regarding their enlightenments, where inside was the enlightenment and comprehension of the saint regarding the law. Not any saint had the qualification to write a spirit law, and only gold saints had the qualifications to do so, that represented that their enlightenment and comprehension of the spirit domain was already relatively completed, and touched on the true foundations of the spirit domain.

It could not be quantified or defined, on how much a spirit law could help a saint.

After being bestowed as a saint, every step to improve was extremely difficult, and the difficulty of the saint levels were something no martial artists below could understand. Every saint was birthed from killing and fighting countless of people; talent, perseverance and application of qi, not one could be missing. They were all dragons amongst the people, and the geniuses amongst the geniuses. The competition between all these strong martial artists who stood at the apex, was exceptionally cruel and desperate.

Every inch of dedication to improve the spirit domain was extremely difficult to achieve. A spirit domain with a complete system. To a saint with regards to enlightenment, it would be the same as opening another window for him. Furthermore, you can directly learn and incorporate the dao path of the spirit law, because the dao path had already been proven to work.

The matter regarding the Sextans Eye was something not passed down amongst the martial artists, and only spread amongst the saints. Even the few saints of Ursa Major Constellation knew about it. Bell was also the publicly known representative of Ursa Major Constellation that headed towards Ancient Cold City, along with another few representatives from the various powerhouses, along with saints, who were heading in the same direction.

Ancient Cold CIty instantly had a surge of outsiders, and it was as if the guards of Ancient Cold City were facing a large group of enemies, no one knew if any old man that was flying in could be a saint that could exterminate them with a finger. They had never thought that in their life, there would be a day that they would be able to see so many saints. They were trembling in their hearts, to suddenly have so many saints appearing.

The only thing that consoled them was the defense of Ancient Cold City.

Cang Yang Yu had seemed to have anticipated the situation, and on the location of where the Ancient Cold City was, it was coincidentally the place with the most dense cold wave. And reusing the exceptional advantage of the cold wave ice bricks, they had slowly drawn in the cold wave into the ground beneath, and after a long time, the density of the cold wave inside the city walls were at an astonishing density, their protection ability was astounding. The recent cold wave storm, had destroyed many of the inner walls in the city, but the ice brick walls of the outer city were unharmed.

Other than that, the Ancient Cold City arranged 12 treasures, one of them was even a saint treasure! Sextans Constellation Saint Treasure, [Heaven Sextant], which was in the city. Cang Yang Fighting Grounds had been in control of Sextans Constellation for so many years, but it had never been leaked that the saint treasure was in their hands before. This also allowed Ancient Cold City's defense to reach a very high level. Saints were extremely sensitive to energy, so to them, the Ancient Cold City looked extremely different than in the eyes of ordinary martial artists, as the density of the energy was terrifying.

"This city, was not made in one day. Cang Yang Yu truly has racked his brains and methodically planned this out for a long time!" the one who spoke was an old man with white hair, his expression was stern, dressed in Honorable Martial Group elder robes, his aura graceful. His identity was revered, he was Honorable Martial Group Clan Elder Rong Bo, in which the clan elders held high authority in the group, so for him to personally participate, could be said that they were showing seriousness in the severity of the matter.

By his side, Ye Zhao Ge acted like he did not hear anything, his eyes fixated on the churning energy around Ancient Cold CIty, fighting intent flashing past his eyes.

Another Honorable Martial Group Saint also spoke out: "From the looks of it, Cang Yang Yu's ambition is not small. With three saints as disciples, Sextans Eye is a good bargaining chip, to be used for trade, he can definitely trade for a lot of support, enough for him to be successful in his undertaking."

Rong Bo suddenly asked: "Did you guys find out about Cang Yang Yu?"

"No." His subordinate sounded ashamed: "We have investigated on all the information regarding Sextans Constellation, but there were none that spoke about Cang Yang Yu. And we did not find if Cang Yang Yu has any friends. His three disciples are all orphans. He found them after establishing his fighting grounds."

Rong Bo 'oh'd', and asked: "Then what about his whereabouts the past few years?"

"He has never left Sextans Constellation." The subordinate was even more ashamed, Honorable Martial Group Intelligence gathering was very powerful, but he did not expect that they would not be able to find out anything.

"Seems like he is not a simple character." Rong Bo exclaimed.

Ye Zhao Ge suddenly asked: "Clan Elder, does the Sextans Eye truly have a treasure deposit?"

Hearing that, Rong Bo laughed: "Zhao Ge, you're also moved by it? This rumor is most likely real, we have investigated upon it before, Sextans Eye had suddenly disappeared 20 years ago, and landed in the hands of a mysterious person. The reason why we spied on him that time, was because he had connections with a few treasure deposits. He seized the Sextans Eye and disappeared. We were curious, why the Sextans Eye? After that, the clan elders researched it and realiZed, Sextans Eye has a very secret and extremely unique function."

"What function is that?" Ye Zhao Ge asked.

"Sextans Eye can lock directions." Rong Bo's expression became stern: "The Stars of Heaven's Road changes at any time, and even Star Doors will change, so many of the treasure deposits which are sealed cannot be found, because the records of the past, would be moved in time. And Sextans Eye can lock on the direction, so regardless of the changes in time, it can accurately pinpoint the location of that year, where it is today."

Ye Zhao Ge was moved: "It actually has such a clever use?"

"Yes!" Rong Bo laughed: "If not for people leaving behind clues, we would never be interested in Sextans Eye, and would never have thought that, this seemingly normal looking Sextans Eye would actually have such a good use. It is also normal, since many unorthodox treasures, although their levels are not high, but they have very miraculous usages. But, the power of time is very strong, to actually recover the exact location of the past, it requires the Sextans Eye to become a gold treasure, so the direction will appear."

"So it was like that." Ye Zhao Ge was enlightened, but he still did not understand: "Then why does Cang Yang Yu want to publicize it?"

"Publicize? He was forced to do so, that's all." Rong Bo stopped smiling: "In the past, not many people knew about it, but Onyx Soul definitely had the information. Onyx Soul might have wanted to take it, and Cang Yang Yu is a man who had planned well, why would he allow Onyx Soul to take advantage of them? He might as well publicize it, one way is to share it, another is to exchange it for resources, Cang Yang Yu really thought of it well."

Ye Zhao Ge nodded his head, and did not say anything else.

"Zhao Ge, don't worry." Rong Bo said gently: "Elder An may have favoured Jing Hao and has placed a stake on Jing Hao, but in my eyes, you are far stronger than him. Our families are friends, and you are the same as my nephew. You just have to focus on training, and leave all other matters for me to handle."

"Yes!" Ye Zhao Ge bowed.

Rong Bo laughed, and waved his hand: "Let's go, this is a rarely seen Saints meeting, to be able even to witness it and experience it can be considered an experience."


Since he knew that Sextans Eye was in Ancient Cold City, Tang Tian did not have to worry, he had found some ways on how to do battle alongside Little Fool. In this period of time, it was extremely important, as the Zero Energy Body had a flaw of being unable to fly, he was undoubtedly exposed, and would prove fatal to himself.

Tang Tian dominated one of the training rooms.

He was urgently learning how to handle the flying. He was lucky that he was a constellation master, and had a few subordinates, very quickly they found some methods of training the Form Spirit for Tang Tian to refer to.

But Tang Tian realized, Little Fool was actually very different from the Form Spirits in the materials.

Feeling the energy around his body as sometimes strong and weak, Tang Tian felt that it was the kind of feeling like being submerged in water and being pulled out. The feeling of the spirit domain flight and light body techniques were very different, as the spirit domain flight was directly using energy to move. When he saw how Little Fool could control energy, it was extremely fine and outstanding.

But when the man and spirit formed as one, many mistakes would occur, it was truly a tragic sight.

Suddenly, the energy revolving around his body rapidly increased, Tang Tian felt that it was a bad sign, and immediately shouted: "Stop stop stop..."

His body was rapidly being raised higher and higher, from half 1.5m, it quickly became 6m, 9m....

Tang Tian's face became white, the energy around him was quickly going out of control, not good!

Tang Tian who was in mid air suddenly rose rapidly, forming a beautiful arc, turning upside down, he continued to increase, diving down very quickly, he fiercely crashed into the ground.


The sound of his solid body crashing into the ground, formed a large collision, causing him to see stars and his mind to go blank.

Tang Tian twitched on the floor, his limbs were thrashing about, and before he could regain his senses, the energy started to revolve around his body, once again causing him to float.

Oh no!

Tang Tian closed his eyes in despair, his body dropping again.


With a perfect falling posture, he fiercely smashed into the floor, with the large force, the sturdy and tough floor was smashed with a dent of a human shape.

Bang Bang!!

Bang Bang Bang!

The crashing sound continued to sound out, crashing into the ceiling, into the floor, into the wall, Tang Tian suddenly felt as if he had become a pinball in the room.

Little Fool definitely likes to play.....he played too much with Ya Ya already....little kids truly must be careful when making friends....

If not for his own Zero Energy Body, he would already be transformed into a meat pulp, smeared all across the room. Although he did not change into a meat pulp, when he saw the interior of the training room was broken everywhere, with visible dents in the ground, wall and ceilings, all sorts of holes everywhere, Tang Tian started to tear up.

Qian Hui, this godlike young lad is working hard, do you know that?

The materials are all lies....

What was that about, that my Form Spirit and I will be connected?

What was that about, that my Form Spirit and I can merge together as human and spirit?

What was that about, that my Form Spirit and I will never abandon and leave each other?

Tang Tian had completely realized, from all the imaginations while flying around in the air, from the enjoyment of the speed and passion, and enjoying the force of crashing.

There is a type of Form Spirit, called other people's form spirit...

Such a painful enlightenment.
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