Chapter 471 – The Trembling Voice

 Chapter 471 - The Trembling Voice

"Is everything cleared?" Qian Hui asked, she sat upright, her olive green uniform was spotless, she had long straight black hair on her beautiful face, which had a trace of fatigue.

"Everything is clear." Xiao Ran said excitedly: "Fighting with you, General, is truly the most exhilarating, it is as easy as cutting vegetables, so satisfying!"

Qian Hui revealed a smile: "As a lady, you do not have to be so violent."

Xiao Ran was offended by those words,"What, violent? We are engaging in war, if I do not kill, then what do I do, cook? General, spare me, I would rather die in the battlefield than to live that kind of life."

Qian Hui smiled, but did not say a thing. Everyone had different pursuits and preferences.

A smear of gentleness flashed past her deep pupils, her fondest memory was the period of time she stayed in Star Wind City. After that, When the Shangguan Family was in danger in Perseus Constellation, she was unable to witness her family fall in such a predicament, and had no choice but to go forward. But she was currently leading a huge army for Tang Tian.

Whenever she thought of Brother Tian's secrets, Qian Hui's expression would turn solemn.

In the few years, she swept the entire ancient battlefield once, obtaining many rewards, and the faintly discernible clues had started to surface.

With regards to the identity of Brother Tian's father, she had some speculations, but she needed more clues.

However, the most important thing to do now was to communicate with Brother Tian.

When she thought of that, she blushed involuntarily, it was hard to pacify her usually calm heart.

She took a deep breath, with her eyes closed, she prayed in her heart. The firm and persistent young lady looked just like any ordinary person at that moment.

After a moment, she opened her eyes, and the hesitation in her eyes disappeared, regaining her usual sharpness again.

She stood up, ordered in a low voice,"Take this point as the center, within a hundred meter radius, everything needs to be dug up!"

Xiao Ran's heart trembled,"Yes!"

Innumerable spirit generals, converged to the place she had indicated and began to dig.

Two hours passed, a bronze Star Door, appeared in front of Qian Hui. The Bronze Star Door had the bearing of the typical Southern Cross Army, and if Tang Tian was present, he would definitely recognize it. The bronze Star Door, was exactly the same as the No. 07 Army Barracks bronze Star Door.

This was the 62nd Southern Cross Army's bronze Star Door Shangguan Qian Hui had found.

Qian Hui was thinking about how to contact Tang Tian every single day and night. And when she finally met Xiao Ran, Qian Hui immediately thought of an idea. Xiao Ran used to be a martial artist from Ophiuchus Army, and since Ophiuchus Army had such wise spirit general, then the Southern Cross Army's spirit generals must also be as wise.

She was currently in the warzone the Three Great Armies, there were countless of spirit generals floating around, but majority of them held low ranks and were not wise. In order to find a wise spirit general from Southern Cross Army, Shangguan Qian Hui brought Xiao Ran to numerous expeditions, and finally found a wise spirit general from the Southern Cross Army.

The spirit general was named Ah Xin.

Xiao Ran did not like him at all, and was always mumbling,"Why does the Southern Cross Army have such an eerie guy? Isn't he a mole from the Scorpio Army?"

But after he died, the spirit general that was birthed was cladded in Southern Cross Army uniform, which could never be faked. He could pretend when he was alive, but once he became a spirit general when he was dead, only the true characteristics and thoughts would remain and appear.

Qian Hui knew Ah Xin was extremely powerful when he was alive. Because Ah Xin's group, caused her a lot of difficulty the first time they met, despite the fact that she had 5 times as much troops as he had.

Ah Xin's tactics were sly and scheming, making it impossible to defend against him effectively. After 3 days of hard battle, Qian Hui finally defeated his team and held Ah Xin captive.

Ah Xin initially ignored Shangguan Qian Hui, until when she asked about the bronze medal, Ah Xin's attitude changed.

Qian Hui finally understood after she speaking to Ah Xin. The bronze Plate Tang Tian had was actually not a treasure of Crux Constellation, but belonged to the Commander of the Southern Cross Army, and at the most critical moment, could move the sealed Star Doors of Southern Cross Army.

As long as they could find a complete and perfect Southern Cross Army Bronze Star Door, then they might be able to form a connection with the bronze plate.

Together with Ah Xin's assistance, Qian Hui went on numerous expeditions to search for the more bronze door. Ah Xin was scheming, Xiao Ran was fearless, and in the ancient battlefield, Qian Hui was invincible.

They found many bronze Star Doors, but they were either too old or mostly corroded, even if it was just a small part, it would be unusable.

Ah Xin's appearance was decent, gentle, and did not have any aura of a military leader, but more like a poet or artist.

He checked the Star Door, looked up after a while: "It cannot transmit!"

Shangguan Qian Hui's eyes dimmed.

"But we can connect via voice." Ah Xin smiled.

Shangguan Qian Hui trembled, she looked up again, spoke coldly," Xiao Ran, go educate this Scorpio mole."

Xiao Ran became excited and howled, the short haired little girl dragged a big blade as big as a door, tiptoeing, and sprinting towards Ah Xin.

Ah Xin's face turned pale, he was military general, but not the kind of generals who would charge forward, he was far worse than Xian Ran in terms of fighting strength.

I cannot fight head on, then I can only rely on my intellect!

Plop, Ah Xin's both knees on the ground, face covered in tears, regretfulness was written all over his face.

"Spare my life General, It was my mistake! My mistake......."

Qian Hui faced another side, she did not hear Ah Xin's begs for mercy, her face was flushed, her heartbeat was racing. I am about to talk to Brother Tian, what should I say.....

Five minutes later, Ah Xin's who was smacked by the big blade until his eyes became moist, was dragged by Xiao Ran back to Qian Hui's front, with a look of satisfaction,"General, if this Scorpio mole does not behave again, let me have a go at him again!"

Ah Xin was smart, he jumped up,"General, let me fix the Star Door!"

After Ah Xin's meddled with it, the Star Door finally lit up with a weak light aura.

Tang Tian was bored, everyone was engrossed with Project Big Dipper, even the merging of the saint treasures, did not attract any attention. After that, there was a throb in the Desolate Bear Bone which Tang Tian felt, and sent people to investigate, to actually discover a new Star Door.

What was more surprising was that, the Star Door, was actually connected to Big Dipper which was sealed for many years.

Even the thought of it made him excited, Big Dipper was the essence to Ursa Major Constellation, but the Star Door to Big Dipper was lost for many years, for it to be reopened, Tang Tian was quickly full of anticipation.

However, no one cared about him.

He was prepared to explore Big Dipper alone, but Hand Towel stopped him, If your majesty goes forth alone, this humble servant will die. Hearing that, Tang Tian's heart became numb, and he had no choice but to forgo the plan.

In order to prevent the information from spreading, Hand Towel built a barracks near the Star Door so as not to draw too much attention. Tang Yi volunteered to explore Big Dipper, but was rejected by Tang Tian. Exploration of an unfamiliar territory, was never suitable for an army to perform. An Army had bigger goals, and they had more restrictions than martial artists.

Ya Ya and Little Fool played joyously, with Ya Ya's teachings, Little Fool finally learned how to spiral.

Tang Tian shook his head profusely, why is this godlike young lad's martial spirit so dumb and stupid?

Forget it, such a dumb martial spirit, it was not easy for it to have mastered spiralling, Tang Tian was lazy to care more, he did not wish to let this guy master more martial techniques, so he just let the Little Fool play with Ya Ya.

His time to practice, was extremely precious.

The appearance of Big Dipper Star Door, caused surging star power, to surge out from the it, continuously fusing into Ursa Major Constellation, causing the star power concentration of Ursa Major Constellation to continue increasing, the former Andromeda Constellation and Draco Constellation, now named as Andromeda Region and Draco Region, had their star power concentration increase as well, causing the people in the two Constellations to cheer with joy.

The current Ursa Major Constellation, was vast but sparsely populated, therefore Tang Tian asked Huo Ma Er to continue allowing the Lupus Clan to migrate into Ursa Major Constellation.

Hang Towel handled internal affairs perfectly, Pi Pa was his assistant, so there was nothing to be worried about. Pi Pa's sickness was cured by Ding Man, allowing Pi Pa to gain some weight, and looked less fatigue and fragile like she used to be.

No one dared to look down on Pi Pa, she was the one whom took care and supervised Majesty when he was wounded, such a person, who would dare to offend?

There was nothing for him to be worried for, thus Tang Tian had all the time, to be fully focused on practising. No matter under what situation, strength was still the most important, and the thing he could rely on the most.

He did not need to worry about internal affairs, there were no battles, and Ursa Major Constellation was extremely peaceful. Tang Tian also had a fierce reputation, so which neighbouring Constellations, would dare to offend him?

Apart from Ursa Major Constellation, the other constellations were busy fighting, the fight between Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation continued to heat up, the war was tragic but continued to spread.

Equleus Constellation from 10 Equatorial Palace Halls got wrapped up into it, dead bodies covering the land, blood forming rivers.

Everyone knew, the climax to the war was still far away, The other constellations of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, continued to remain silent, but Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation had never given up to win over these powerful ones.

The 10 Equatorial Palace Halls was just an appetizer.

However, to Tang Tian, those were too far to be reached.

As everyone were engrossed with the Big Dipper project, it was difficult for him to even meet them, let alone to drag them to Crux Constellation. He was not arrogant to the extent whereby he believed that he was able to charge into Crux Constellation alone.

Whether or not he was willing or unwilling, he was now the master of Ursa Major Constellation, if he ran off like that, he would definitely be attacked, and be used against Ursa Major Constellation.

He thought that the road to Perseus Constellation had become more probable.

Other than training, he thought of the incomplete trainings he left behind in the army barracks, and took a stroll there.

It had a long time since he last visited the army barracks, causing him to feel nostalgia.

The current training in the army barracks, were simply pieces of cake to him. The kind of feeling whereby one scored A for all subjects, was extremely satisfying and exhilarating.

After sweating it out, he felt an indescribable ease.

In the past, the training, used to be extremely difficult, however, he could currently complete them relaxingly.

Tang Tian was slightly emotional, unknowingly, he had grown so much. When he was with Qian Hui, he was still practising fundamental martial techniques.

Suddenly, the bronze Star Door behind him lit up with a light aura.

"Brother Tian....."

A voice that he was most familiar with, appearing in his dreams countless of times, with a sense of shiver, as though the voice had been through countless of years, sounded out behind his back.

Tang Tian's feet nailed into the ground.

In that moment, his heart stopped beating.
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