Chapter 466 – Changes in the Situation

 Chapter 466 - Changes in the Situation

Development of the situation was beyond expectations.

The destruction of the three Cetus Constellation armies, the seizing of Star Doors, three saints that initiated to surrender, countless Cetus martial artists surrendering, in the blink of an eye, Cetus Constellation was in imminent danger. While in Three Spirits City, With the tune Heart Without Worries, Zhang Ming He was captured and lone wolf Wen Jiang was killed.

Tang Tian's reputation reached its peak. Such an illustrious military achievement, ever since Lion King Lei Ang, no one was able to surpass Tang Tian. Furthermore, Tang Tian extinguished three armies by himself, practically exhibiting the power of a martial artist's capability to saturation.

Although there were a few saints that analyzed that Tang Tian was actually just drawing the power of Heaven and Earth, that shocking scene was fated to remain in the hearts of countless people.

The only regret was that once Gong Qing from Cetus Constellation saw that something was not right, he immediately took the saint treasure and escaped Cetus Constellation with the help of Honourable Martial Group.

Cetus Constellation's star power concentration fell greatly from 31% to 22%.

To Tang Tian, Gong Qing's escape was not a bad thing. The local martial artists from Cetus Constellation were maintained rather well. When Gong Qing was there, the local martial artists' resistance was extremely tenacious, but when the news of Gong Qing's escape spread, morale fell rapidly and their resistance vanished.

There was no need to doubt of the importance of Cetus Constellation to Tang Tian. Cetus Constellation and Lupus Constellation were neighbours, in this way, the five constellations could merge to form one body.

Unfortunately, Lupus Constellations' saint treasure was nowhere to be found and Cetus Constellations' saint treasure was also missing. Only Ursa Major Constellation, Draco Constellation and Andromeda Constellations' saint treasure were left.

Starting from scratch, to use one's own power to hold the power of five constellations, Tang Tian had already become the number one heroic Young Master. In the eyes of the entire Heaven's Road, Tang Tian was extremely sophisticated, resourceful and filled with the vigor of a tyrannical Monarch.

When the people around Tang Tian saw such comments, they would always snort disdainfully.

While the entire Heaven Road was shocked by Tang Tian's power, no one would have thought that it was just the beginning for Heaven's Road.

Following closely was Orion Constellation falling into the enemy's hands. Orion Constellation's saint treasure fell into the hands of the Honourable Martial Group Classification, and Leo Constellation was surrounded by their enemy. Scorpio Master surfaced out, Si Ma Xiao sat on the Scorpio Master throne, and the Clan Union thus entered Scorpio Constellation. Without any signs, Serpens Constellation, Aquila Constellation, Ophiuchus Constellation from the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls merged, forming an all new Ophiuchus Constellation, and they put forth their demand to revive the glorious times of 13 ecliptic palaces.

The entire Heaven's Road was in political unrest, causing everybody to be nervous and uneasy.

No one noticed that a Mechanical Army had quietly went through Cetus Constellation to enter Fornax Constellation. The hungry wolves of Sky Martial Wolf Academy rushed towards Fornax Constellation like currents.

The battle that they anticipated beforehand did not happen, upon hearing the mechanical army was under the famous godlike young lad, Fornax Constellation immediately surrendered without any second thoughts. With a smiling face, they welcomed the army, lowering their heads while greeting.

The students of Sky Wolf Academy, who rolled up their sleeves preparing for a big battle were dumbfounded.

Fornax Constellation was one of Southern Sky's 42 Continents. Southern Sky Constellations were the fifth tier constellations, to be able to hold on to such rich succulent thighs of Young Lad Tang, why the hesitation?

The entire Fornax Constellation was feeling bewildered. What was worth in the Fornax Constellation in getting attacked? They did not have any treasure, but when they thought of Lupus Constellation which was weaker than them, they understood.

Could it be that the godlike young lad had a hobby of collecting constellations of a lower tier?

Martial Artists from Fornax Constellation cheered excitedly, they now belonged to a big powerhouse, and Young Lad Tang had the reputation of being extremely benevolent. It was with the material assistance that he gave Lupus Constellation that made martial artists from Lupus Constellation increase in status. No matter how useless Fornax Constellation was, they were still stronger than Lupus Constellation,

Sai Lei and Mo Leng, the two grandmasters personally entered Fornax Constellation.

"A good place! Star power concentration was low, it has minimal effect on smelting and forging metal, it is very rich with natural fire, and it has a strong forging foundation, just some slight grooming and it will be a good artisan." Mo Leng was quite satisfied, this place was extremely suitable for the Mo Family workshop.

Sai Lei's face was filled with excitement: "No wonder there are no star treasures here, the star power is too low level to birth a martial spirit, but to us, it's a good thing! There is still such a weird place in the world, we have picked up a treasure!"

Quickly, the two of them started discussing how to reform Fornax Constellation.

Tang Tian laid on the bed and sighed: "Aiya, if I lie here even more, my bones will become rusty!"

He had laid on the bed for one month. Using his own power, he got rid of three armies, but at a high cost and it was extremely disastrous. His meridians were snapped, two thirds of the bones in his body were broken, his surging true power was now left with almost nothing. After recovering for a month, with his tyrannical physique, his bones were gradually healing.

Of his entire body, only his neck could be moved.

The only thing that could comfort him was his martial spirit. With Bing's words, the purity of his martial spirit had already reached a mythical level.

Pi Pa grinned, she threw the sliced apple towards Tang Tian, and said: "Master, bear with it."

The advantage of having a pure martial spirit was that his intuition was incomparable, even before the apple flew from Pipa's hand, Tang Tian had already judged the landing of the apple accurately, he stretched his neck, opened his mouth and he bit the apple directly.

Crack crack, without spitting the core, the apple entered his stomach.

Pipa took an apple from the big basket beside him and started slicing again, apple skin piled in front of her.

"Very annoying very annoying very annoying!" Tang Tian wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf, extremely irritated.

Pi Pa was unmoved, she continued to slice the apple.

Tang Tian needed to lie on the bed to rest, so he needed someone's care. Bing deployed Pi Pa over. Pi Pa looked to be gentle, spoke in a fine voice, but she was gentle on the outside, firm on the inside, and in no way will she compromise. With her supervising Tang Tian, everyone was assured.

"As a patient, you must have a patient's awareness" Crane's voice was heard as he hugged a full bunch of flowers and walked in: "Please don't give trouble for people!"

"Hey, Little Crane, saying such things at this time, really is too low!" Tang Tian was extremely displeased, he noticed the flowers on Crane's hands, and jeered: "Little Crane, you know how to buy flowers, are you a man!? Hahahaha!"

With a calm face, Crane put the flowers on Tang Tians bedside: "Buy flowers? You think too much, it's Mr. Magic Flute who had me bring them here. These flowers are all gifts from his female music fans. He felt that throwing it away would be too rude, sending it to a patient is still considered a kind of blessings."

Tang Tian: "Magic Flute......"

"To display his full blessings, I brought all of it here." Crane said leisurely, in his hands were many silver aquarius cabinet.


Countless flowers poured out from the silver aquarius cabinet, burying Tang Tian entirely.

Tang Tian looked on helplessly as he was swallowed by the flowers.

"I have already brought Mr. Magic Flute's regards, and have many things I need to do, Crazy Tang, recuperate well." Crane said with a grin, with that, he left.

Before he left, Crane wrote a word "Admire" on the visitors book.

Crane had just left, before Ling Xu entered, with great remorse said: "Aiya, I have been training too hard recently, youths like us should be basking under the sun and perspiring! The feeling of sweat is so pleasurable!"

Tang Tian: "......"

Bastard, my bones are more itchy now!

Ling Xu brandished his arm, and also wrote the word admire on the visitor's book.

Everyday, Tang Tian's visitor book would be filled with the word "Admire", Pi Pa would then very attentively and considerately change to a new visitor book.

All of you......

Finally, enduring wave after wave of mockery, Tang Tian's injuries finally recovered, and he could start moving.

"The feeling of sun tanning feels so good!"

Tang Tian sun tanned, feeling the warmth from his head to foot, feeling indescribably comfortable and therapeutic. He half laid on the wooden chair, a little lost in thought.

How long has it been since I sun tanned like this?

He could not remember, it was far too long ago. Lots of past matters floated up to his heart and mind, his train of thought could not help but float far. He thought of his life with his mother when he was young, thought of being in Andrew Academy, thought of the time with Qian Hui, bit by bit, he could not help but expose a smile on his face.

Although Qian Hui was still very far, although his dreams have not been completed.

He could keep striving to move forward, he had never thought of giving up!

There are so many young companions who could go through life and death with me, able to fight alongside my shoulders, what is there not to be content about? Although there were many different problems, many different obstacles, but so what? Everyone is putting in effort to make ourselves happy, everyone seizing responsibilities with their initiative.

There was nothing to be dispirited about.

There was nothing to lose heart about.

If I have no true power, training again would do.

Even if it couldn't be trained again, there would definitely be other solutions.

I have not found Qian Hui, so I will continue searching. I am a stupid boy, I don't know how to become more intelligent, and only know how to keep moving forward, That is enough. Because with every step forward, the distance between myself and my dream will be a step closer!

Nothing to be alarmed about!

Tang Tian revealed a smile, compared to the past of still training fundamental martial techniques, the situation had become much better. At least, he had the one and only unique martial spirit!

In his body wasa vivid and transparent little human, with his exact same appearance.

This was his martial spirit, the original spirit flame had vanished and took on his appearance now. Tang Tian's martial spirit caused everyone who witnessed it to be astonished.

Even Saints had not seen such a unique martial spirit before.

Jing Hao had never seen it before as well. With regards to the martial spirits, Honourable Martial Group was definitely the strongest. It was a pity that they were like fire and water with the Honourable Martial Group, and Jing Hao was more focused on sword techniques, his research on martial spirits was limited, so he could not give a reason.

However, to Tang Tian, this were not a problem.

His opinion was simple, since he could not understand, then start researching from now!

So without saying anything more, he called Bing, the three saints, Magic Flute, Jing Hao, Ling Xu and Crane over.

"No one knows what to do with me right now. Then we shall think of stupid ideas, I will be the the white rat test subject, everyone come together to research and discuss, we will definitely be able to carve and polish a little something."

Everyone immediately grew interested, not mentioning the three saints, at their realm, spirit domain was the core of their research. Tang Tian's little man was extremely rare, so he was the best research subject. And for Jing Hao, Ling Xu and Crane, they were not far from being a saint, so their biggest problem was how to awaken the spirit domain.

Out of these people, they all came from various different sects, there were ancient spirit generals, strong saints, a sound type grandmaster, young geniuses, with such an unconventional joint research group, there would definitely be huge reward.

Everyone's eyes lit up.

Tang Tian adopted a very hoodlum posture, summoned up his courage and said: "Everyone come ravage me as much you like!"
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