Chapter 444 – Great Lupus Migration

 Chapter 444 - Great Lupus Migration

Discussions were bustling outside, but Tang Tian and the rest did not have the time to be bothered, everyone was busy from dusk to dawn.

Ursa Major Constellations star power concentration had already rose to 13%. Such a concentration, allowed Ursa Major Constellation which had suffered heavy losses, to actually be full of life!

Practically all of the martial artists of Yan Yong Lie's Ursa Major Constellation were all out. All the noble and aristocratic families had all thrown themselves into Orion Constellation. The remaining few were martial artists who did not have high fighting abilities, although their realm was not low, but the martial techniques in which they trained, were not for fighting, but for business and living.

They were proficient in handling food, how to cook, how to make fine liquor. Their fighting abilities were practically zero.

Fighting, was usually a specialized few that needed long term improvement and talent to comprehend.

These people were extremely unhappy with Tang Tian being the Master, and expressed rejective attitudes.

Crane very quickly realized he could not employ anyone.

Facing such a situation, Crane suggested to Tang Tian to migrate the martial artists from Lupus Constellation. Tang Tian also thought about it, since the locals of Ursa Major Constellation did not like him, who cared about it, no one else? Didn't Lupus Constellation have many people?

13% energy concentration, was a figure that Lupus Constellation would never even dream of, the Lupus Martial artists would break their heads to enter.

Without saying further, Tang Tian agreed, and the matter was naturally given to Crane to handle.

Crane casually sent the order to Huo Ma Er, considering the supporting ability of Ursa Major Constellation, he gave the quota of 1 million.

When Huo Ma Er and the people received the order, their eyes all turned green in envy, it was 13% star power concentration, which was still rising! What percentage was Lupus Constellation concentration? 1%!

The entire Lupus Constellation went into an uproar.

The Lupus King was truly too powerful, to be obtain such a fertile and luxurious land upon taking action, and he did not forget about their poverty and frustrated living.

13% Star Power concentration, that was practically bathing and immersing in star power. Such a place, was somewhere they never dared to dream about. Even for Huo Ma Er who was a travelling martial artist, her heart could also not contain the excitement.

The conditions to settle in a constellation such as Ursa Major Constellation were extremely demanding. Other than the local martial artists, other martial artists from other places had to pay a high quota for the so called "Fees for using Star Power" if they wanted to stay, This fee, to the poor Lupus Martial artists, was an astronomical sum.

Now that they were suddenly notified that they could enter Ursa Major Constellation to stay, it was like they were struck hard by a giant biscuit.

The entire Lupus Constellation, all the big and small tribes suddenly converged at Huo Ma Er. All the old timers were invigorated, saliva spitting everywhere, they were awfully noisy.

Huo Ma Er also did not expect such a scene, and someone from the back suddenly shouted to compete in fights to fill the quota by the results.

The large scale Great Lupus Constellation Competition lifted its curtains just like that.

The time given by Crane was very short, so Huo Ma Er was awfully busy, but her face maintained a happy smile throughout. When the competition started, people finally came to a decision.

Looking at the majestic crowd, Huo Ma Er was suddenly felt sour, her eyes turned red.

For who knows how many years, Lupus Constellation was forever the poorest in Heaven's Road, the most barren living place, the martial artists lived life with barely sufficient food in their stomach, and their lifespans were astonishingly short. Their faces were forever cold and savage, like hungry wolves, not only did they have to brave through nature, they had to fight with each other.

They were Heaven's Road cheapest cannon fodder, the honor of their deaths were only worth a few hundred star coins.

In front of her, all the faces were revealing anticipation for their future lives, the light aura in their eyes was hope.

Although the smile was plastered on her face, she suddenly thought of the first encounter meeting the group of young men, thought about the lives of the Lupus citizens, to be able to change with that one encounter, she felt truly lucky.

The last few mobilized troops from the various tribes that were about to move out, all the reputable and moral clan elders, all of them cleared their throats, and spoke to their tribesmen with their saliva spitting out everywhere.

The cultured and refined Great Clan Elder of the Ice Wolf Tribe spoke sincerely and earnestly: "This fortunate opportunity is never seen before in Lupus Constellation! All of you, are the luckiest people! But, I hope that you all do not forget your mission at hand. Your performance in Ursa Major Constellation, is directly related to the prosperity or decline of our tribe, directly linked to Master Lupus King, and related to our Lupus Race....."


The bad tempered and violent clan elder of Flame Wolf Tribe bellowed: "Brace your skin everyone, this old man will speak the ugly truth, all of you going to Ursa Major Constellation, are not to enjoy, but to suffer! You must all do more than your best there! Such an opportunity, whether or not there is a second time, nobody knows! Whoever dares to hold back, I will break their legs...."


The sinister and cunning looking great clan elder of the Black Wolf Tribe spoke without batting an eyelid: "Ursa Major Constellation are foolish people, stupid to no boundaries. To dare to show such faces to our Master, he he, this is our chance."

"What chance Elder?!" Someone shouted from below.

"The chance to kick them out." The black wolf clan elder said: "Think about it, those idiots are watching us from the sidelines, and you all, if you all perform well, work hard and be diligent, be unafraid of dying, when the Lupus King sees it, aiya, still, only the Lupus Race is more dependable! After that? Lupus King will think, there are too few of them, there isn't enough! At that time, the chance for your brothers and sisters will come!"

The eyes of many of them all lit up, the families of the Lupus citizens were usually very big, who did not have brothers and sisters? And with the recent transportation of food from the Fairy Commerce Alliance that poured into Lupus Constellation continuously, prices of commodities had dropped by a lot, and their lives had changed considerably. The Lupus people's robust reproductive capabilities immediately burst, and many people had even more brothers and sisters in the two years.

"Do you all know what to do?" The Black Wolf Great Clan Elder said coldly: "Using our energetic improvements, set off to push out those foolish, incapable and lazy people!"

"WUUUU!" The young people were worked up.


"Move out!"

The huge group flooded towards the hope like a flood.

Adrian had a complicated look, looking at the jail cell.

Tang Tian actually allowed him to interrogate the captives..


Adrian thought of himself as someone who had seen the world, was resourceful with the world, but he realized, he could not keep up with Tang Tian's reasoning and rhythm. To be mixed with Tang Tian and to be disguised as his assistant, captives who were caught, should remain as captives, but now he had to examine the new captives....

What was wrong with that guy's head?

Plots were not meant to be played this way ok? If you want to force me to cross sides, at least talk to me, and ease my restrictions! I am a captive, how can you be so bold and confident to let me interrogate the captives?

Adrian completely did not know how to describe his own feelings.

He raised his head and looked up to the sky, lost in thought. After half a day, he lowered his head and quietly headed into the jail cell.

After an hour, he walked out.

Inside the dilapidated Ursa Major Constellation Palace, Tang Tian and a few others were studying the spirit generals of Clan Union. Ling Xu was alone facing the four spirit generals, the scene was very lively.

"Interesting." Tang Tian looked as though he was watching a fun scene, with light in his eyes: "Their fighting ability is very strong, completely different from a spirit general who is so blurry, they are very active and have killing intent."

"Yes, in terms of fighting ability, they are very strong. Their instincts while fighting are extremely vicious." Crane had a look of extreme disgust.

"My turn to test them!" Tang Tian leaped up.

"Mr. Hunter is here." Crane glanced at the figure that walked over, and reminded Tang Tian.

"Eh, what is he doing here?" Tang Tian was confused.

Crane looked at Adrian who heard Tang Tian, and became sluggish, reminded helplessly: "Didn't you let him go to interrogate Wang Ye?"

"Oh oh oh, I remember it now! Tang Tian smacked his forehead, and said happily: "I feel that although he is not as smart as me, but he should be able to handle Wang Ye or exploit out something."

Crane: "....."

He noticed Adrian's footsteps becoming sluggish again, and could not help but sympathize with him.

Adrian walked over expressionlessly.

Crane who was kind initiated: "I wonder what did Mr. Hunter harvest?"

Adrian replied expressionlessly: "The movements against Ursa Major Constellation, were orchestrated by someone called Sima Xiao. Sima Xiao is Clan Union's youngest clan elder who has authority, his execution style is extremely hard to fathom, and holds a strong influence in Clan Union. All these spirit generals are hailed as Union Generals. They have appeared from a long time ago, but the higher ups of clan union did not concentrate on it, until the secret push by Sima Xiao. They finally researched out a consecutive devouring method. That was how the strength of the union generals started to rise substantially."

Crane was surprised: "Could the Clan Union be attempting to take over Ursa Major Constellation?"

Adrian: "Not totally, the orders received by Wang Ye, the relative information is more against you. For example, they gathered information about you, and are observing the strength of your army. Wang Ye's other task, is regarding the infiltration of Draco Constellation. But from the looks of it, they did not have any intention of taking Draco Constellation, excluding like the intention of Ursa Major Constellation. That point is very weird, until now, Clan Union, which is formed by small families, does not have a good living environment. To them, a high grade constellation is extremely important.

"Could they have already found a new target?" Crane thought.

"We are unsure as of now." Adrian said: "These few union generals might not be the strongest union generals the Clan Union has."

Suddenly, the [Triangle Sound] on Crane's wrist moved gently, [Triangle Sound] was made up of many triangles, and was a frequently used treasure by Triangulum Constellation, a long distance communication device.

Huo Ma Er had already moved, he had to prepare, the settling of so many people was a relatively complicated matter.

Crane stood up, he nodded his head to Adrian: "I have a few matters to attend to and will make a move first."

Finished, he leaped up, like a free and easy big black crane, he disappeared.

Tang Tian who was unable to hold back any further, he 'wu' out, rushed to the field, took over two union generals from Ling Xu and started to fight.

The wind blew up the leaves from Adrian's side, causing him to be stunned.

The person in front of him had disappeared.

No one forced him to go to the prison cell, no one had any reaction to his interrogation results, no one said if he was going to live or die next, no one said anything about him following that.

It was as if he was forgotten.

No one bothered with him....
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