Chapter 043 – Sea of Purple Grass

 Chapter 043 - Sea of Purple Grass

Behind the Cross Door was a vast patch of purple grassland.

Beneath one's feet, there was purple growing everywhere, and as one looked into the distance, it seemed like a sea of purple, and there was no end in sight. Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li opened their mouths in shock, as they took in the sight.

"Wa wa wa! It's too beautiful!" Ah Mo Li could not believe his eyes, as he stared dumbly at the sea of grass in front of him.

"It truly is too amazing!" Tang Tian had an expression of shock as well.

Old Fart Wei was the first to recover his senses, as he immediately plucked a stalk of grass. From some unknown time ago, he had a small cylinder in his hand and used it to scan the grass, before he heaved a sigh of relief and commented: "It's not poisonous."

"What's that?" Tang Tian pointed to the small cylinder in Old Fart Wei's hands.

"[True Eye Cylinder], it is an Iron Rank Star Treasure that belongs to the Microscopium Constellation." Said Old Fart Wei as he handed the cylinder over to Tang Tian.

Tang Tian received it, the moment it landed in his hands, it felt heavy and there was a small piece of glass within it. Tang Tian mimicked Old Fart Wei's actions and plucked the purple grass as he placed it inside, only to discover that there were words appearing on the glass shard.

"Purple Cloud Grass, non-poisonous, uses: unknown."

"Wa wa wa! This item is incredible!" Tang Tian exclaimed in surprise.

"Let me see, let me see!" Ah Mo Li reached out to snatch it away.

"This is, after all, a Star Treasure!" Old Fart Wei had a stern expression: "It's a war trophy from when I was younger. How is it, pretty impressive right? Oh yes, the Fornax black metal weapons, although they aren't Star Treasures, if you use them right, they can be pretty powerful."

Both of them immediately pricked their ears.

"The Fornax is a pretty strange constellation, and it's the only constellation without any Star Treasures. The Fornax people are well-versed in forging, and they use a special mineral of the Fornax Constellation called 'Fornax Fragments' to add into their smelting, obtaining a unique set of weapons." Old Fart Wei started explaining: "Therefore, the Fornax weapons are pretty similar to Star Treasures. Try injecting some of your qi into your weapons, then summon them."

"Sounds a little silly....." Tang Tian pouted, but he still tried injecting his qi into his metal gloves, as he raised his head: "How do we summon them?"

"Eh, this, I'm not too sure." Old Fart Wei responded with a look of unreliability.

Tang Tian: "......."

Just when Tang Tian felt that Old Fart Wei must have been bullshitting him, he felt a small sense of connection with his metal gloves, could it be that Old Fart Wei wasn't joking?

Tang Tian tried summoning it, as he went along with his gut feeling, calling out lightly: "Fornax."


Bright red flames suddenly appeared from the gloves, and Tang Tian's gloves were wrapped in the bright red flame, however, Tang Tian did not feel the heat, instead the purple grass beneath him started to dry up as they lost their moisture.

Tang Tian stared dumbly at his metal gloves engulfed in flames.

He truly is befitting of his namesake......

Old Fart Wei's eyes flashed with surprise.

Ah Mo Li looked and tried to copy Tang Tian, as he called out the same phrase towards his iron blade: "Fornax."

Hu, flames erupted from the blade, and Ah Mo Li looked as though he was holding a flaming blade, his face full of curiosity: "Oh wow! How powerful!"

These 2 rascals.....

Old Fart Wei's eyebrows twitched.

He coughed lightly: "This is called the Black Metal Flame, the special attribute of all Fornax weapons, however, not many people know about it. In the future, you guys will come across various weapons, mysterious treasures, and you must remember: Only after obtaining their approval, will you be able to access and exhibit their true strength. In the past, I was worried you guys might rely too much on its power, but now...."

Old Fart Wei lifted his head as he surveyed the vast land of purple grass, before saying deeply: "You guys must be careful."

Throughout the vast plain, there were the vague outlines of various other people, some possessed incredible light body arts, as only black dots could be seen.

"Should we hurry?" Ah Mo Li also looked up to observe.

"Hurry? You must remember, in a foreign place, you must definitely not rush ahead blindly." Old Fart Wei had a very wise look, as he looked to the skies: "The time difference between here and Star Wind City must be about 7 hours. It should be dark soon, let us find a safe place to camp for the night."

They saw Old Fart Wei suddenly performing some sort of magic, and in his hands, a small and pretty mini boat appeared. The boat was not even the size of his palm, but it was exquisite, and every detail clear, its sail the most striking. Old Fart Wei channeled some qi into the boat, and they saw that the sail started moving about, before pointing towards a direction.

"[Water Seeking Sail], Vela Constellation's Iron Rank Star Treasure." Old Fart Wei continued explaining: "It only has one function, which is to look for water sources. The distance should be within 200 li."

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li were totally captivated by the different treasures that Old Fart Wei brought out.

Old Fart Wei put away his Water Seeking Sail, and walked in front: "As an old-bird, let me teach you two newbies. Sometimes, even the most simple and humble-looking low-grade treasures could actually save your lives."

"You damn Tyrant! You actually lied to us about your poverty!" Tang Tian's face was black.

Ah Mo Li brandished his black metal blade, as his killing intent soared: "You actually used a silver card to trick me here......"

"Uh...." Old Fart Wei seemed to have realize that his gimmick was up, as he coughed and laughed: "Actually, I specially borrowed this item from a friend, haha......."

"Go to hell!....."

"You actually lied to us kids......"

In the midst of their squabbling, their movement speed was incredibly quick. Old Fart Wei's movement was the fastest, and he seemed to be at ease. Tang Tian's speed was not too slow either, his rank three [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada] was not meant for rushing, but as his meridians were tough, he could maintain the speed. Ah Mo Li, on the other hand, was of a different style. He ran with his legs wide open, bypassing everybody, every step of his sinking into the mud, as each step could send him several feet forward. Thundering as he advanced, the noise shocking anybody who was unfortunate enough to be in his path.

"Tang Tian, have you learned anything about the second crane body?" Old Fart Wei asked as they were travelling. With them going deeper into the vast lands, there were no more signs of other people around.

"Nope." Tang Tian replied helplessly: "The clone doesn't move no matter what I do. Forget it, hopefully the [Minute Collapsing Fist] will have some breakthrough."

"Fundamental Tang, let's have a good round....." Ah Mo Li spoke.

"Careful!" Old Fart Wei suddenly shouted.

Ah Mo Li's feet were about to step on a patch of land, when a great warning suddenly arose in his heart, and managed to heed Old Fart Wei's warning, retracting his feet.


A purple shadow shot out from the ground.

Ah Mo Li curled his body up, and swiftly slashed out with the black metal blade in his hands towards the shadow.

The shadow was split in two, as it fell down to the grass.

Ah Mo Li borrowed the force of his blade swing, as his body was sent flying towards Tang Tian's position. Tang Tian raised his hands and caught Ah Mo Li. His face was pale. Earlier he had acted on pure instinct, now that he gained his senses back, he realized just how close of a shave it was.

Old Fart Wei had a serious expression, as he trod carefully towards the position where the purple shadow landed.

Only then did Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li see the nature of the shadow.

The purple shadow earlier was actually a purple vine, with a criss-cross pattern, shaped like a circular string bag, and the inner walls of the bag were laced with sharp serrated barbs. Both Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li felt their hearts turn cold at the sight of it. If they had been careless enough to be caught by it, then they would have.....

Ah Mo Li's face was pale white.

Old Fart Wei took out the [True Eye Cylinder], which shone on the net vine, and said: "You must be careful, it's called a Purple Cage, and it's extremely dangerous. Its thorns have a paralyzing poison. There's a dissolving agent inside that bag there. Its roots are useful, but they're burrowed very deep underground, too troublesome."

The color had gone out of their faces by then. The colour of this Purple Cage was the exact same as the Purple Cloud Grass, and hiding within the grass, it was almost impossible to distinguish them apart. This sea of purple had just become more dangerous in their eyes.

"I do have a method for dealing with these." Old Fart Wei harrumphed, and a fishing rod appeared in his hands. On its tip dangled a toad.

The toad croaked incessantly as Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li looked on curiously, unsure of what Old Fart Wei was planning.

Only to see that Old Fart Wei took a few steps forward, and as the fishing rod in his hands was swung about, a hint of a shadow appeared within the grass.

"Ha!" Without even unsheathing his blade, he swung his scabbard, and the purple shadow was split in two, landing amongst the grass.

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li stared dumbfoundedly, was this even possible....

After a while.

Tang Tian's hands were holding up 7 or 8 fishing rods, holding them apart, each of them had a toad dangling at the tip, cracking nonstop, as he tried his best to look magnificent. Ah Mo Li was holding his blade up, staring at the surroundings, with Old Fart Wei looking leisurely from behind.

A shadow suddenly shot out from the grasses, and Ah Mo Li shot forward, brandishing his knife.

"Look at my Crazy Cow technique!"

Another shadow.

"Have a taste of my Wind Welcoming Blade!"

"Check my Toad Slash!"

The both of them worked extremely well together, and their progress forward became faster once again.

After walking for about 4 hours, they finally found the water source. It was a huge lake, as it appeared in their vision, it looked as though it was a huge blue diamond, shiny beyond comparison. As they neared the lake, they saw many more lifeforms. Monkeys with wings flying about, lizards looking like fish as well as birds of various colours, flying across the surface of the lake.

There were many snow white stones all around the lake, as Old Fart Wei used his [True Eye Cylinder], discovering they were called Snow Flower Stones, and was a high-grade stone material, but to these three, they were absolutely worthless.

Old Fart Wei decided to set up camp here, as there were many beasts, which was to say, there were no huge types that they had to be on guard from, which made it relatively safe.

Old Fart Wei came prepared, as he pulled out a tent and set it up.

By now, the sky had gradually darkened, and the dusk here was different, instead of orange, it had a tinge of a rarer colour.

There were countless lines of colors in the skies, arranged like the keys of a piano, and it was truly a breathtaking sight.

Old Fart Wei took out some black rocks, as he started a fire, and the black stones crackled in flames. A bright flame shot up, as Old Fart Wei said, these were camping stones, they could burn for an entire night.

The three of them huddled around the fire and chatted.

Tang Tian suddenly asked: "Hey, old man, how can we get first place?"

Old Fart Wei took a double take: "You want to get first place?!"

"En." Tang Tian nodded, his expression serious.

Ah Mo Li looked at Tang Tian: "I'm behind Fundamental Tang! We must get the first place!"

"If we want to obtain the first place...." Old Fart Wei thought for a moment: "We must get the Star Lexicon Spirit Stone."
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