Chapter 406 – Andromeda Project

 Chapter 406 - Andromeda Project


That astronomical sum, caused Angelina and Ta Dun to become petrified, completely scared out of their skin. They had made a projected estimation as to how many energy beasts Tang Tian had, but no matter how all of them had thought, the number was far too many.

Facing the two dumbstruck people, Crane laughed, then quietly left.

On the second day, he heard of Angelina's big movements, and then sought to inquire from the manor's supervisor.

"Her majesty has formally released an Andromeda Project, and is preparing to build a new city with Fairy City as its core, and preparing to build 24 satellite cities." the supervisor respectfully reported to Crane, his expression was brimming with aspiration. Regarding the movements of Andromeda Constellation, Angelina had started the 'cocaine' with regards to the Andromeda Project, inciting very strong movements around the constellation.

Crane was surprised by Angelina's big move. Angelina's bravery was bigger than he anticipated.

"How's the reaction of the people?"

"Extremely strong!" The supervisor replied with energy: "Now many of the large families are bringing everything and migrating towards Fairy City. the density of the energy around Fairy City is much higher than other places, and all the previous masters had disallowed a large scale of people to enter, her majesty is benevolent, by permitting everyone to come, everyone would sacrifice everything to come."

Crane nodded his head, Angelina used the permission as a lure, cleverly using the high energy to call everyone in and gather at Fairy City, that was more brilliant than how he thought of conscripting everyone.

"Will there be anyone who is unwilling?" Crane asked.

The supervisor laughed: "Master you must be joking, why would anyone be unwilling? Her majesty had said, there is a three months period of validity to enter. After that, no one can come in!"

Feeling that his last sentence was somewhat frivolous, the supervisor immediately controlled his smile: "And Master, think about it, it is so chaotic now, at least Fairy City has the Plateau Army and has the assurance of safety. The world is in chaos and human lives are treated like animal lives, all those old men, how could they not understand the situation? Even the young ones can see, so how can they not? As far as it goes for livelihood, Fairy City is the best place in Andromeda Constellation, there are many Star Doors, to create a life, it is not difficult."

Crane muttered: "if this project can be completed, the days for Andromeda Constellation will be much better."

"Master is right!" The supervisor became excited again: "Many people are praising her majesty, saying that if the 24 new cities are built, then the future Andromeda Constellation will become a small Aquarius Constellation."

Crane could not help but smile.

Aquarius Constellation, also hailed as Treasure Constellation, one of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, was the constellation with the highest concentration of business and commerce. Because of its treasures, the cabinet bottles, silver treasure bottles, Aquarius Constellation martial artists started out by delivering goods.

The current top grade carriage, hailed as "The Carriage of the World" Was an Aquarius Treasure Carriage, which also came from Aquarius Constellation.

The martial artists of Aquarius Constellation never compared martial techniques with others, only compared money.

Crane had to admit, Angelina's move was executed perfectly. WIth the Andromeda Plan and the astronomical number of energy beast corpses in her hands, Crane believed she would definitely tie the local power and influence on her own war chariot and soar.

Such a powerful woman!

The ripple created by the Andromeda Project was so huge that the construction of the Wolf stronghold did not catch anyone's attention. 20 billion star coins, also led Crane to heave a huge sigh of relief.

The preparations for Fornax Constellation, the funds for Sky Wolf Martial Academy, the upgrade of Three Spirit City, the funds for the two big laboratories, the construction of the Wolf Stronghold...

In the blink of an eye, the 20 billion star coins flowed from his hand like water.

The terrifying speed of spending money caused him to be shocked, but it also made him full of anticipation and curiosity, to invest 20 billion, and wait for it to flourish, it would definitely shock the world.


Wu Xia's hysterical voice came out from his throat and resonated through the entire room, without the usual grace. Angelina's Andromeda Project caused his entire plans to go bust.

"What is Angelina thinking? Has she gone mad? Don't tell me she doesn't want the other Star Doors? What is she thinking!"

All his subordinates kept quiet out of fear, did not dare to even utter a word.

"Go and check it out!" Wu Xia clenched his teeth: "Find out whose idea was it! Such a big project, it definitely wasn't thought of by her, a small girl!"


Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang's complexion was slightly bad, the Andromeda Project had spread out far and wide, causing them to sense that something was amiss. The Star Door from Orion Constellation to Andromeda Constellation was not at Fairy City.

Angelina had started the Andromeda Project, which also meant she had already decided to give up on the Andromeda - Orion Star Door.

To Orion Constellation, it was not good news. Honorable Martial Group was currently finding trouble with Orion Constellation, and the shark that smelled blood would definitely rush in.

If they did not want to lose the Star Door, they would send a small group of troops to garrison. With regards to the other Star Doors to the other constellations, the contest over the Star Doors would result in the regions to become as chaotic.

Adrian exposed a bitter laugh: "The expert behind the lady is truly powerful. With that move, the situation of Andromeda Constellation quickly became impossible to unravel."

"Are we able to close the Star Door?" Liu Zhong Guang could not help but ask.

Ah Xiu replied: "no, the Andromeda-Orion Star Door is a twin type Star Door and cannot be closed."

Hearing that, Liu Zhong Guang was out of ideas.

There are two types of Star Doors, one was the Twin Type Star Door which was birthed from the star powers of both constellations that merged together. The star power around the Star Door had gone through a deep change, and was out of the control of both constellations. Therefore, there were no ways to close Twin Type Star Doors.

The other type was the Single Type stary door, which were created by a constellation that shoots out its Star Power to another constellation to create the Star Door. Single type Star Doors could be closed with the star power, for example the Star Door connecting Cetus Constellation and Lupus Constellation, which was a single type Star Door. SIngle type Star Door needs to be shot to the constellation, and only powerful enough constellations could create such doors.

Other than Star Doors, Heaven's Road still had many waterways. Some of the star power released by the constellation would interweave to form a unique star power belt, and these star power belts would be artificially changed internally, making the waterways, for example the Season Fields Waterway.

The star power released by the constellation was not constant, and appeared periodically and slowly changed. So, the star power belt was not changed in a short period, but underwent change with the flow of time, its position slowly set in place. The waterway would usually be used for a few hundred years before disappearing, and after another few hundred years, it would surface up again.

The Star Doors were the nodes of Heaven's Road, so the contests for the Star Doors were forever the most savage and ruthless.

Angelina suddenly retracted the entire constellation, submissively giving out all the other Star Doors was definitely not some normal deployment. But after pondering about it, Adrian was able to learn of the advantages.

WIth Andromeda Constellations' currently weak power, it was difficult to guard the Star Doors. By initiating the retraction, she could consolidate her power and protect and maintain Andromeda Constellation's strength. And Fairy City was truly the most important place.

Powerful indeed!

Adrian spoke: "The person who had such powerful insight, is a top quality strategist."

Ah Xiu's expression moved: "There's news."

He retrieved out two sharp silver ear muffs that resembled bunny ears, donning them on his ears, the silver rabbit ears started to tremble.

Lepus Constellation silver treasure [Vibrato Ears]!

Ah Xiu put down the ears, his expression turning weird: "It was Crane. Yesterday, Crane met up with Angelina and Ta Dun. The content of the meeting is unclear, but it was said that after Crane left, Angelina and Ta Dun did not sleep the whole night and were in an intense discussion. In the morning of the second day, Angelina issued the Andromeda Project."

"Crane? The rumored nephew of Sagittarius Empress?" Liu Zhong Guang was startled. That night, his impression of Tang Tian was extremely deep, but he did not have much on Crane, only remembering that he looked handsome.

Adrian was taken aback as well.

Out of the three, the most eye catching and in the limelight, was the self proclaimed "godlike young man" "Just and Honorable Grind Stone" Tang Tian. The next would be the explosive spear talent Ling Xu. In the past few years, there were not many strong spear users that appeared, so Ling Xu was praised by many spear users.

Compared to them, Crane was the dimmest light, but to everyone, the only point that he had was that he was the nephew of Sagittarius Empress.

But, in the war on Lupus Constellation, The Empress did not overshoot her reach, and they could tell that she did not really care for her nephew, so her degree of value on him was limited.

The overwhelming majority of the people did not even take notice of Crane.

Now that the Andromeda Project suddenly came out, and it was actually linked to Crane, everyone was stunned.

"What exactly are they doing?" Adrian muttered.

Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang looked at each other.

Tang Tian was completely unaware of Crane's movements, who flipped the entire Andromeda Constellation. He was just putting his all in training.

Inside the dream in the Indigo Mirror Ocean, his Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand had broke through to the grandmaster grade. The last sentence that Thousand Hand Devil Monarch gave before he disappeared aided Tang Tian a lot. When he began to close his eyes to train the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand, his improvement soared.

Especially his surprising intuition, paired with Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand, he could release a formidable might.

But, he did not relax in his training because of that, but felt that he needed even more training. For example, for the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand to become a tangling martial technique, it could be used to its extreme in a deadlock, but it still lacked a fatal killing technique. And comparing it with his rhythm as a close quarter combat expert, it lacked certainty. He felt that his martial spirit was slowly improving, and if his intuition was able to become stronger, he could definitely increase by another level. And there was his light body techniques that needed to become stronger.....

He felt that he had many weaknesses all around, so what could he do if not for hard work?

An intense pressing feeling surged in his mind.

In a few more months, the second batch of Andromeda battle robes would be completed, the Wolf Stronghold would be completed, and they would need to move out once again. And in that time, what awaited them was not peaceful, but a chaotic battlefield.

In that battlefield, they could not afford to relax.

In the period of his bitter training, it made his spirit, qi and state of mind attain a new level. He had decided to once again enter Three Spirits City, because of the drop of 92% pure Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian. Old Man Fei persevered on, and only when Tang Tian's spirit, qi and state of mind had reached a peak state, could he absorb the blood meridian, so he had decided to do it.


Three Spirits City, Blood Meridians Laboratory.

Old Man Fei's face was anxious: "Boss, no matter how unbearable it is, you must definitely clench your teeth and hold on."

"Ok ok, I got it." Tang Tian laughed, exposing his pure white teeth: "Let's begin!"

The drop of blood entered Tang Tian's body.
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