Chapter 391 – First Battle Plan

 Chapter 391 - First Battle Plan

En. He thought that victory of the battle was within his grasp, but did not expect that his side's offense was constantly counteracted by the enemies.

Blind Chord was much more powerful than he thought, and was able to inflict damage onto Ah Ming. Halfway into the journey, he was intercepted by Young Master Magic Flute. Even though he was already a Spirit General, his strength was well intact. causing the death of Lao Si and injuring Lao Wu. Guan Jiu was glad that Young Master Magic Flute was a Spirit General and not a living being.

This guy must had been very powerful when he was alive!

But Guan Jiu was still very angry. It has been so long since he had encountered such a difficult situation.

Fortunately, the obstacle was finally removed. In front of him stood a troop of pretentious looking soldiers who looked relatively weaker in strength than he expected. Guan Jiu unleashed his pent up killer instinct and shouted at the top of his lungs: "Kill!"

Yong An City had created a mechanical army. But Guan Jiu personally went to investigate it, and in his eyes, the army that was now standing right in front of him was a joke. Guan Jiu let out a condescending grin. However, the Mechanical Spirit Weapons captured his interest. Having observed in detailed, he discovered that if he managed to capture these Mechanical Spirit Weapon, the power of his Flowing Wind Group would be doubled.

The current Mechanical Spirit Weapon was now at its budding phase. If he could take possession of it ahead of others, he could cast away his life as a bandit and become a true Heaven's Road tyrant.

The martial artists of Flowing Wind Group charged towards the group of Mechanical Spirit Weapons like torrential waves bursting onto cliffs. There was not one who was not overwhelmed by a blood-curdling instinct to kill.

There was no weak link in the Flowing Wind Group. Their war cries fell incessantly onto the the battlefield.

Mo Zi Yu tried to restrain his anxiety. Having trained here for so long, this was his first time in a battlefield. Equipped with a Mechanic Weapon Spirit that had a rank 6 star rock as well as 3 Spirit Cards, they were more than prepared for a fight of their lives.

"Team A, prepare to execute the first battle plan!"

Mo Zi Yu shouted at the top of his lungs till his voice grew sore. He, as well as the other students, was excited. First battle plan is a strategy that they had practiced the most together and they were also most familiar with its execution.


Mo Zi Yu bellowed, initiating the group's virgin battle.

The first 3 rows of Mechanical Spirit Weapon assembled into a formation and strode forward. A gigantic bronze arm shimmered in the dust.

More than 30 pieces of 3 meters long cutlass flew straight at the group like a curtain of blades.

Rank six Martial Technique, Greatest Hand Blade!

The charging group of martial artists were surprised by the immensity of the attack and were shocked by the offense's coordination! Could it be that these 30 people are trained in the same martial technique?

The blinding gold rays radiating from the 30 blades blinded their view. The rattling of the cutlass was deafening.

Fortunately, they were experienced in such a fight. Those possessing the Light Body Technique deftly avoided the attacks. Those that did not possess it were well-prepared to block the oncoming blow. An assortment of defensive martial techniques were used while others resorted to depend on their Star Treasure.

Boom! Boom!

The prowess of the Greatest Hand Blade was formidable. No groans of pain were heard by martial artists who absorbed the blow.

A martial artist who managed to dodge the blows possessed formidable Light Body Technique, allowing him to move deftly. He dodged 2 blows, but the force was so strong that he could feel the air current carving into his side cheeks.


He felt a sharp pain on his chest. A stream of blood oozed out from the fist-size hole gaping from his chest.


He looked bewildered. 10 or more strokes of grey rays, like a school of barracuda, seeped out from in between the tips of the cutlasses. Like silent predators, they slowly culled the lives out of those who were hit by them.

Those that managed to dodge this surprise attack were caught completely off-guard. The grey rays seeping from the tightly knitted cutlasses proved to be unavoidable.

Pffff, blood was spilled everywhere.

An unfortunate martial artist who tried to frantically dodge the incessant attacks was hit on the head by one of the cutlass, splitting him into half.

This horrific scene was caused by the rank six Martial Technique, Floating Finger!

Survivors of the onslaught were those who possessed formidable defensive martial techniques. They stood still, rooted on the ground, looking at their fallen brothers plagued with a multitude of holes in the bodies, blood oozing out of them. Some of them were injured, but none of the injuries were fatal.

Suddenly, their pupils shrank after seeing what was in front of them.

Still clueless of how it happened, tens of Mechanical Spirit weapons leaped high into the air. Each had a Ray Spear clenched tightly in their hands.

There were 30 bronze Mechanical Spirit weapon, each 3 meters high, charging down from the heavens towards the martial artists. The scene was breathtaking.

It was a rainfall of Ray Spears.

The remaining survivors of the Flowing Wind Group had multiple spears pierced through their body.

Rank six martial technique, Ardent Ray Spear!


All 30 bronze mechanic bronze weapon landed simultaneously, engulfing the battlefield in a cloud of dust.

Mo Zi Yu could not comprehend what he saw ahead of him. He glanced at those fallen, all lying lifelessly and sprawled across the bloodied field.

Every Mechanical Spirit weapon of Team A had 3 Ranked 6 cards inserted in them; Greatest Hand Blade, Ray Spear and Ardent Ray Spear.

The first battle plan was actually the combination of the 3 different martial technique and executed simultaneously in coordination.

Tang Chou knew that he was not good using the control aura. Hence he invested most of his time at mastering the battle strategy and practicing his swordsmanship. Every piece of strategy the team formulated, Tang Chou put in his heart and soul in mastering it. Not every type of Spirit Cards could be accumulated to 100 pieces, and each of these cards had to possess quality that are very like each other.

In fact, Tang Chou had the ability to create much more formidable battle strategies, but he was limited to his ability to obtain enough of the Spirit Cards of the same quality.

Even though it was only 3 types of Spirit Cards, it took them a lot of effort to accumulate that many.

While Tang Chou was formulating these battle strategies, he often had questions from his students since no one had ever achieve such a feat before. The cards were normally used to improve the mechanical weapon spirits. Even though the Mechanical Spirit weapons had the spirit cards inserted into them, it was difficult for them to emit similar strength and power as compared to those who had wielded and practiced with these cards since young.

What surprised the students even more was that the cards were going to be used as the main offensive attack.

Both Mo Zi Yu and Mo Wu Wei did not understand how an army truly executes its offense but followed Tang Chou's plan nonetheless.

Tang Chou had high standards when it came to the coordination of the strategy execution. How to execute the Greatest Hand Blade, when to use the Floating Finger and how many times it must it be used, the timing of the leap by the rear guards and the height at which they should jump.

From this perspective, it could be seen that Tang Chou had high standards on the coordination. But on the other hand, he did not emphasize on practicing the 3 main offensive moves. He even spent time on telling them stories about the history of the war.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They trained every day. As long as there was a flaw or an opening in their attack, they had to start from the top.

Soon, none of them could keep track on the number of times they had repeated the same offensive movement.

Privately, some students discussed discreetly about the strategies of Tang Chou, saying that his tactics drew similarity to his name. It was dull and ugly.


Mo Zi Yu and the students of Team A stood in awe at the carnage inflicted by Tang Chou's offense; Bodies littered on the blood-stained field.

None of them could believe what they saw.

Such a dull and simple battle strategy. How could it be possible to inflict such immense power and devastation...

The battlefield descended into silence.

Guan Jiu also stood in awe. The Flowing Wind Group was of his creation and had stood by him through countless of arduous wars. Reminiscing the wave of attack he had just witnessed still gave him chills down his spine.


This is, surprisingly, the typical fashion in which an army fights.

He had fought countless wars, conquered multiple cities and planets. But through all these, he suffered only 2 losses, and both were inflicted by an army. Every single time, he had stronger soldiers under him. Every single time, his formation was always more formidable than the previous fight. But he still ended up losing the battle to the army.

In the face of this powerful offense, the army had garnered admiration for their strength and tactics. It was their entire potential unleashed.

What lies in memories and what is currently reality seems so similar to each other.

He was duped!

Guan Jiu was a powerful martial artist and could sense that something was amiss.

Without hesitation, he shouted: "Retreat!"

The entire Flowing Wind Group retreated like waves on a beach.

The rich young Master, who was observing the battle from afar, was shocked by their movements: "Why....Why have they retreated?"

His elder brother, had already sat up, the surprise look on his face had disappeared, stood up and muttered: "Their enemy is an army, the first ever real Mechanical Weapon Army!"

"Army? Mechanical Weapon Army?" Young Master replied, then smiled. He then pointed towards the bronze weapons at the distant: "Brother, were you referring to those troops of dolls..."

His brother's face portrayed a stern look. Young Master's smile slowly faded away: "Brother, you are not playing with me right..."

"I am not." Elder brother replied sternly: "I need to convey this loss to father faster."

Young Master exclaimed: "Brother!"

Is this situation so serious that it requires father's acknowledgement?

"No matter what, during this period, do not issue any sudden movement!" Elder brother said: "The consequence of this battle was definitely out of our expectation."

Young Master was left distraught.

Long Robe Teen turned around and said to the Gold-Haired martial artist who was seated beside Young Master: "Look after Young Master!"

The Gold-Haired martial artist knew that Elder Young Master was informing him to watch the Young Master. "Yes I will!"

With a swish of his hands, the Long Robe Teen vanished and left the scene.

The news of the battle with the Mechanical Weapon Army was valuable and the Long Robe Teen was excited to get hold of it.

Bing was focused on the movement of the troops, both his and his enemies, and was analyzing the course of the battle.

He had always been prepared to enter to fight but was taken aback by the prowess of Tang Chou's Army.

He was surprised by Tang Chou's performance. It was not something he would have ever expected.

He had never realized the impact Tang Chou had on the army's establishment and training. And Tang Chou had sure enough, given him a big surprise after that showing.

Pi Pa's words and Tang Chou's battle tactics seemed to open a doorway for him in the field of martial technique.

He had just witnessed a whole new generation.
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