Chapter 364 – Poof!

 Chapter 364

The Fairy Hoop that was grabbed by Angelina suddenly exploded out with a light aura, as though it had awakened from it's slumber. The Fairy Hoop was entirely golden, as though it was weaved from a golden cane, 13 leaves stuck onto the Hoop.

"Don't let go."

The cold voice made Angelina come to her senses, she gripped tightly onto the Fairy Hoop, not daring to let go. Her heart was flustered and scared. "God, today is the day where I am actually snatching the saint treasure!" she thought.

She had touched the Fairy Hoop once before, and that was when she was chosen as one of the successors. The most important criteria as a potential successor was not outstanding talent, but to not be repelled by the Fairy Hoop. At that time, she had touched the Fairy Hoop for a super short duration, but after that, she had never touched it ever again.

And after being chosen as a potential successor, all of them were fighting in the dark, and in one night the Fairy Hoop became their biggest desire. Although they had dreamt countless times of touching the Fairy Hoop, but when it truly happened, she was terrified. In her heart, the Fairy Hoop was a sacred being that could not be offended, but she was actually stealing it.

After going through so much, Angelina had matured a lot. Although she was still feeling slightly panicky, but she also knew that currently, she had no place to retreat to. She gathered her courage, continued to use strength to grab onto the Fairy Hoop, then extending her other hand, she used both hands to hold onto the Fairy Hoop.

A rich gold light halo was released from Fairy Hoop in Angelina's hands. The dazzling golden light swept through the entire Fairy Palace.

Tang Tian put Angelina down. He took a deep breath. The most dangerous part was coming.

Such a huge disturbance, the entire Andromeda Constellation would know they were here to snatch the saint treasure.

He turned his face and looked at Angelina.

Angelina could sense the Fairy Hoop's sorrow, It could no longer feel Asda's Qi. For some reason, her soft heart was also affected, and tears started to flow nonstop.

Tang Tian shook his head in his mind. He was not entirely satisfied with the servant, her heart was still too kind.

In his eyes, kindness was a weakness, and such a weakness, was always used by the enemy in times of intense war and battles. But thinking about his other self, Tang Tian was slightly helpless, and decided not to think about the problem.

Because what awaited him, would be a huge battle.

He could confirm, the entire Fairy Palace would be flooded with people, all of them rushing in. There were more people rushing in from Fairy City. And he would need to sustain and fend them off for at least 10 minutes in order for the saint treasure to recognize a new Master.

Tang Tian immediately closed all the windows, Asda's palace windows were very special, it was the last line of defense for Fairy Palace, upon closing, it could withstand a large degree of attacks, and it could not be opened from the outside.

Pa pa pa!

He fleeted around quickly, sweeping across all the windows, the slender rapier quickly pricking around. In the blink of an eye, all the windows were locked.

The palace door was shut tight.

The big door was extremely heavy. Tang Tian had tried to use brute force to push it, but it would not budge. But there was a mechanism in which he searched and found which could close the big door.

The palace had quickly become an impenetrable fortress.

It should be able to hold them at bay for about 10 minutes...

Tang Tian looked at Angelina who was being enveloped in the gold light, it would not end so fast. He began to investigate the palace's interior. Usually, the palace was the last fortress of the Constellation Master, and many of the Masters would make them extremely sturdy.

Some might even have secret mechanisms.

Mechanism were things only rich people could afford, and usually, when you had money, then you could purchase good mechanics. Andromeda Constellation was always flourishing with business, so how could Asda be lacking money?

Because of the decline of mechanic techniques, many mechanisms would borrow the power of other things, for example, star treasures.

Tang Tian found the mechanisms quickly, all the palaces were roughly the same, and placed them in the same place.

They were star treasures.

Six silver star treasures, were all scattered randomly around the area of 200m. Inside the palace, there were 5 lit up treasures, a painting, a sword, a storage ring, an umbrella and a wooden case.

The five silver star treasures, one of them was the controller, but which?

While Tang Tian was thinking, bang, the big door suddenly shook.

"Bring down the door!"

"Let me!"

It was Ba Fu. The banging and rumbling sounds became even louder, the big door was shaking, some parts of the ceiling had cracked and was dropping off dust, but the big door still stood there without any intention of opening.

"Everyone use star treasures, I don't believe it won't open!"

If Angelina was awake, she would hear that it was the Great Clan Elder. The usually affable Great Clan Elder, sounded extremely flustered and exasperated at the moment.

The other people started taking out their treasures one after the other, countless light auras being produced and attacking the palace like a downpour.

Bang bang bang!

The ground kept shaking, the glasses of the palace all started to crash and all the candles on the table all started to drop.

Tang Tian was not anxious, they were in the constellation master's palace, which was definitely a turtle shell. But, he had noticed that there were a few powerful people among the enemies. Tang Tian thought about it, and understood that at such a crucial moment, why would they still dare to hide and wait?

Tang Tian looked at Angelina, the dense gold light seemed to be breathing, flickering on and off. Tang Tian who was calm could not help but be surprised.

Angelina was being recognized by the Fairy Hoop.

Time continued to crawl by slowly.

Bang bang bang!

The palace door finally had cracks, pa, the silver umbrella and storage ring crumbled at the same time. Tang Tian remained aloof. His gaze was fixated on Angelina, the golden light produced by the Fairy Hoop was already stabilizing.

The speed of it was beyond Tang Tian's calculations.

That meant that the Fairy Hoop was very intimate with Angelina, and it was natural for them to connect, if not, it would not be so fast.

Ka ka ka!

The sound of the splitting walls that could cause people's heart to palpitate came out. Angelina opened her eyes. Her gold pupils was cold and dazzling. She was releasing a golden light, her golden hair fluttering in the air, her expression cold, like a female war goddess.

Zzii Zzii Zzii, the golden light was like flames that burned at the black cross imprint at Angelina's butt, but the black cross imprint did not have any injury.

Under the golden hair, her stern and beautiful face showed her gaze that was as sharp as a sword, staring intently at Tang Tian.

The dense and substance like golden light, converged in front of Angelina.

"Those who offended, kill them without any pardon."

Tang Tian spoke emotionlessly with a cold vibe, his rapier had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, the sword tip shone with a deep black aura, and releasing a terrifying qi.

Angelina's entire body that was wrapped in the golden aura, suddenly froze.

The flaming gold light on the black cross started to shed like a tide, her beautiful butt being revealed from the golden light, the black cross imprint was imprinted there extremely clearly, following that her beautiful body was revealed.

She stared there looking at Tang Tian in a daze, not realizing that all the clothes on her body were already burned to ashes.

Her face was full of shock.

That was the Fairy Hoop! Under the threat of him, the Fairy Hoop actually....actually retreated!

In her heart, the Fairy Hoop was at a position far above her, and the strongest star treasure under the heavens. In front of it, martial artist were all weak and frail, for it's power was enough to change the entire Andromeda Constellation.

But... it..... Actually retreated!

She actually wanted to use it to teach Tang Tian a lesson, she did not hate him at all. Without Tang Tian, she would have landed in Ba Fu's hands, and her life would be worse than death. But this man, constantly made people angry, so if she could disturb him a bit, she would be extremely happy. Angelina who had finally attained the recognition of the Fairy Hoop, felt that her decision would definitely succeed.


Her mind was in a state of shock, suddenly, she felt fear. If the Fairy Hoop feared his power, what did that meant?

Those who offended? Did he mean her? Or the Fairy Hoop?


The big door crumbled.

Tang Tian appeared beside Angelina without any warning, and picked her up.

Following that, he appeared at the painting like a demon, for there was a door there unknowingly. Without looking, he flicked his rapier behind him, and the little bit of black sword aura flew straight to the sword floating in the air.

There was nothing in the door.

Tang Tian hugged Angelina as they fell below.

Bang bang bang!

The sudden explosion sounded out above their heads, the terrifying energy wave caused people to choke. Tang Tian groaned, it was as if he took a heavy punch, the terrifying qi wave instantly struck them into the hidden river beneath.

Even the river surface was being pressed down to the point where the bed of the river could be seen.

It was the first time Tang Tian felt shocked, the explosive power was much bigger than what he expected!

Could he had overlooked it by accident?

He felt weird, he had just made all the treasures inside the palace explode, and the power of it would definitely be strong, but it definitely would not be so strong to this extent.

Fairy Hoop on Angelina's wrist let out a wail.

The Fairy Palace was built up by every generation's Constellation Master, and in every generation, the Master's Palace was preserved perfectly. All the palaces location were protected and preserved, and no one knew about the importance as much as the Constellation Masters.

With this move, Tang Tian had destroyed the entire Fairy Palace.

Over 100 silver star treasures exploded at the same time, producing an unimaginable explosion.

The dazzling light enveloped the entire Fairy Palace, which could even be seen from afar. After that, the scary light expanded up like a balloon, and with an astonishing speed it scattered silently throughout the entire place, and wherever it touched, the aftermath turned everything into nothing.

The explosion swept the entire Andromeda City, the walls of Andromeda City that had never been set aflame were crumbling, the extravagant and refined restaurant pavilions all crumbled down like paper paste.

With the Fairy Palace as the center, everything within a 20 li radius was a complete black pit.

No one escaped from the Fairy Palace.

Ming Yue who was still enjoying the lake, turned with a shocked look towards the Fairy Palace just as the dazzling light swept the lake, as half the entire Fairy Lake had suddenly disappeared. When the stunning might of the ripple reached her side, she instinctively activated her light body techniques and retreated.

But it was a step too late.

She felt as if she was heavily smashed on a metal wall, her throat was instantly gushed with blood as she spat them out. In the face of danger, she relaxed her body, following the energy, she was struck out over 20 li like a dried leaf, landing on a small hill.

She looked towards Fairy City with a pale face.

Chapter 364- Poof!
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