Chapter 343 – Seventh Brother’s Analysis (2)

 Chapter 343 - Seventh Brother's Analysis (2)

"The martial artist with the most complex fighting prowess with the most complicated constitution?" Zhang Ming He was startled.

"Yes, take a look at his weapons. The Saint Sword Ocean Prison's projection in his right hand, the Safe and Sound Saber in his left. But carefully watch him, his sword techniques are not refined." Seventh Brother's power of observation was extremely astute.

"Now that you said it, I remember it now." Zhang Ming He immediately said: "Tang Tian used to use the technique [Fire Scythe Ghost Claw]."

"Fire Scythe Ghost Claw?" Seventh Brother was taken aback, although he was very familiar with individual families and their martial techniques, he naturally knew where Fire Scythe Ghost Claw came from. Although it was considered strong as a sixth level martial technique, but in his eyes, it was truly not worth much.

"Yea, it became a Unique Martial Technique because of him." Zhang Ming He said.

"Unique Martial Technique!" Seventh Brother's eyes became big, he was surprised: "The Fire Scythe Ghost Claw actually had the potential to become a Unique Martial Technique! Oh my, seems like my research still missed out many things."

"Unique Martial Techniques are just Unique Martial Techniques, what's the big fuss about?" Zhang Ming He snorted. But talking about Tang Tian, he still praised: "But for Tang Tian to be able to make it a Unique Martial Technique, he sure is powerful."

Unique Martial Techniques were the gems of the martial technique system, but it also depended on who was seeking them. To people like Zhang Ming He, they would have interacted with Unique Martial Techniques since young, and they would have teachers specialized in explaining the different types of Unique Martial Techniques, so if they wished to train in it, there were many choices for them to choose from.

Seventh Brother Man Yuan shook his head, he knew as soon as Zhang Ming He touched this topic, it would be like playing piano to a cow.

"That's why, I still am speculating. Tang Tian's body, or should I say the sword blade, has the legacy of a sword technique sealed inside. That's why it created such a scene, for his sword technique is still somewhat out of practice. That's not weird for a sword technique to be sealed in a saint sword, many sword saints like to do that. The black flames of the sword in his right hand are the Void Dark Flames, but you have to pay attention to the blue aura in the sword of his left hand."

"Isn't the blue aura produced by the Safe and Sound Saber?" Zhang Ming He knew his foresight was not as good as Seventh Brother, and could not resist to ask.

"No. Take a look, the blue aura is in fact countless blue light dot particles forming up, and that is the Ice Blue Heart." Seventh Brother said calmly: "Ice Blue Heart is a type of rarely seen highly toxic poison."

"Highly toxic poison?" Zhang Ming He was frightened.

"Yes, there are currently very little people now who are able to resist it's corrosion of the state of mind. But, if you are able to resist it's corrosion, it can cause your state of mind to become extremely calm. There were many martial artists in the past who tried to use it to temper their state of mind, for the results were huge, yet dangerous, so the people who used it were fewer and fewer."

Seventh Brother licked his lips, he was also excited. For such a rare thing to appear, it was extremely anticipative.

"The Ice Blue Heart and Void Dark Flames are all very unknown, and the number of people who know about them are very few. The people who know how to combine the two are even fewer. If not for the time that I witnessed an elder's works, I definitely would not know. These two objects have contradictory characteristics, the Void Dark Flames is explosive, the Ice Blue Heart is calm, and the skill to be able to form two materials with contradicting natures to become one, is extremely rare."

"I remember some of the eastern martial techniques had such weird techniques." Zhang Ming He felt that the lessons he had were not wasted.

"That's right, the eastern side does have such martial techniques, and truthfully, among the ancient sects, there are a total of 17 such types of martial techniques." The bookworm gave such a powerful figure that it utterly convinced Zhang Ming He like convincing a young child.

Seventh Brother extended a finger, and mysteriously said: "And, you better not forget another."

"What?" Zhang Ming He opened his eyes wide.

"Gemini Constellation of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces." Seventh Brother said each word slowly.

"Gemini Constellation?" Zhang Ming He's face became doubtful: "They have closed their doors for so many years already."

"Yes, 20 years." Seventh Brother frowned: "It was weird for them to shut off all their starry doors that year. There has been no news about them, and no one knows how Gemini Constellation is now."

"You think that Tang Tian has some sort of connection to Gemini Constellation?" Zhang Ming He's face became weird, as though he heard a joke.

"I was just saying." Seventh Brother rolled his eyes: "Who are you acting for?"

Zhang Ming He's expression froze.

"Take notice of Tang Tian's foot techniques." Seventh Brother continued: "It should also be a Unique Martial Technique, go to the Immortal Martial to find out. On that, the Immortal Martial obtains such information faster than us. And see that cross slash, it is very similar to his spirit general's. If I am not wrong, that spirit general of Tang Tian's, most probably was a survivor from Southern Cross Army."

"Southern Cross Army? That was 10 thousand years ago. How can he live for so long?" Zhang Ming He did not believe at all.

"He has a very similar mindset of the Southern Cross Army military strategies, extremely typical. Other than that guess, I cannot think of any."

"Southern Cross Army used mechanical weapons, and the current era of mechanical weapons has declined...." Zhang Ming He did not seem to accept his guess.

Man Yuan replied: "You obviously have very little knowledge on mechanical weapons. The Mo Family had just released an entirely brand new type of mechanical weapon, with martial spirits infused in it, called the mechanic spirit weapons. And Onyx Soul has completed out a type of blood meridians weapon, and is also very strong. All these indications means that the mechanic techniques are entering their second golden age."

Zhang Ming He starting to perspire: "Seventh Brother, you also researched on mechanic techniques?"

"A little." Man Yuan replied: "All in all, Tang Tian's strength is fearsome and he has huge potential, completely not inferior to yours."

Zhang Ming He suddenly frowned: "If Tang Tian is only around rank 50, and Ling Xu and Crane are around rank 200. That does not say why, even adding Jing Hao, they could beat Sixth Brother Ye till that state."

Man Yuan replied coldly: "Ye Zhao Ge always underestimates his enemies. Oh, and possibly his mood was restrained for too long, I analyzed that Ye Zhao Ge has a fetish for wounds, he most probably finds joy in getting injured. Another reason, is that Tang Tian's group cohesive strength is very strong, and extremely connected. To be able to create a team that works as one is rarely seen, and I am optimistic about them."

"Fetish for wounds?" Zhang Ming He trembled vigorously, but thinking about Ye Zhao Ge, he felt that Man Yuan was right.

Seventh Brother glanced at Zhang Ming He: "Just like how you enjoy watching girls bathe."

Zhang Ming He was like a cat that had its tail stepped on: "Hey hey hey, Seventh Brother, don't anyhow say such things..."

"You want me to show proof to Miss Yu? I have images that show the truth."

"Ah ah ah ah! Seventh Brother, you are my blood related older brother, whatever you need, this little brother will go through water and tread on fire for you..."

"Lend me this to research for a few days."

"Alright, no problem!"

Seventh Brother kept the imagery happily, keeping it in his bosom, then he glanced at Zhang Ming He: "What? You want to meddle with this?"

Zhang Ming He, who was just taken advantage of, suddenly smiled: "It does not concern me, I'm only curious about it. I can't wait for Ling Xu and Crane to become stronger, ke ke, that way, Sixth Brother Ye and Third Brother Qi will be in trouble, that's fun!"

"The next time you want to peek at women bathing, remember to use a treasure that can disrupt energy."

Finished, Man Yuan left.

The battle caused Tang Tian's name to become famous. Ye Zhao Ge, a powerful martial artist to anyone in the Southern Sky 42 Constellations, was an existence far far away. His one drop of hair was equivalent to their thighs.

The strongest martial artist in the Southern Sky 42 constellations, to be able to kill their way to the Northern Sky, was already considered truly powerful.

Then what about the people ranked around Ye Zhao Ge?

That was too high to to reach!

But for Tang Tian, who represented Lupus Constellation, to be able to beat Ye Zhao Ge, he was practically a dark horse. Many people who first heard of the news did not believe it, and thought Ye Zhao Ge was being merciful, only after they heard that Ye Zhao Ge returned back to Honorable Martial Group with a tattered and torn body, did they become speechless.

Following the Empress' interference and Honorable Martial Group's silence, everyone knew the outcome. Even if Honorable Martial Group was unhappy, that would be another matter.

After the battle, Lupus Constellation immediately became the strongest constellation of the Southern Sky's 42 Constellations.

Almost like agreeing by chance, all the other constellations of Southern Sky all sent out messengers to congratulate Tang Tian for earning the throne of Lupus Constellation.

Everyone knew, despite being extremely barren, as long as Tang Tian and his friends were alive, they would always be the number 1 constellation of Southern Sky. But everyone was even more curious about what Tang Tian would do next. With such powers, such a small Lupus Constellation was unable to accommodate them.

Lupus Constellation was barren with thin energy in the atmosphere. Other than their various exits, there were no other advantageous.

And it was said that Immortal (Perseus) Constellation of the Northern Sky 19 continents had a loose relation with Tang Tian.

Would Tang Tian use Lupus Constellation as a support, and Immortal (Perseus) Constellation as his fulcrum to bite a piece of Northern Sky?

Many different rumors started to spread, and all the constellations started to send out messengers to Lupus Constellation to try and form a good relation with Tang Tian.

Tang Tian did not have the time to bother with them.

He was in closed doors cultivation. After the fight with Ye Zhao Ge, albeit short, he still benefited from it. Talking about disparity, because Ye Zhao Ge was not a sword saint, and the distance between Ye Zhao Ge and being a saint was so far, Tang Tian was extremely clear on the difference between him and a saint.

He felt that he won by a fluke.

If not for Ye Zhao Ge's previous severe injuries, if not for the Safe and Sound Saber's explosion, he was completely unsure of what would have ended up happening.

After breaking free from the weird state of mind, the familiarity of sword techniques also disappeared.

Tang Tian did not feel unhappy, but heaved a sigh of relief, as if his life had once again become familiar to him. He had some sort of resistance to the mysterious power inside of him.

After the fight with Ye Zhao Ge, he was more intuitive about awakening the power.

Ye Zhao Ge did not have any treasures and only used his formless sword qi, but was already so powerful. One was that he was undying, second was that his formless sword qi skill level was extremely high, and third was his aura.

There were no complicated algorithms, only these simple powers had made Ye Zhao Ge a formidable martial artist.

Compared to him, Tang Tian felt his own power was much more complicated, but the result was still not as good compared to Ye Zhao Ge.

Tang Tian had decided to use the time to go through his martial techniques. His martial techniques were not weak, but he obviously did not combine them properly, to form his very own way of fighting.

He finally understood the difference between him and true talent.

Even with all the chaos outside, to Tang Tian, it could not stir any ripples in his calm heart. Everything only reaffirmed himself, that power was the nucleus to everything, and was the most important thing.
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