Chapter 340 – Tang Tian’s Flames

 Chapter 340 - Tang Tian's Flames

Tang Tian's figure was shrouded by a layer of flickering flame, his expression cold, causing people to find him unfamiliar.

Did he finally break through the Suicide Room?

Bing heaved a sigh of relief, he could no longer hold on. Sky Tiger suddenly crumbled loudly, causing Bing to stumble, throwing off the fragments. Ye Zhao Ge's power was truly too terrifying. Even though Bing's power was not what it used to be, but such a perverse person, was actually only ranked 6th out of the youths of Honorable Martial Group?

How strong was Honorable Martial Group?

But, as Bing's gaze landed on Tang Tian, his nervous mind immediately relaxed.

Not only him, Ling Xu also heaved a sigh of relief.

Alright, in everyone's eyes, when discussing about perverse bodies, the godlike young man was not inferior to anyone. Perverse against perverse, that should be right, right? You two should have started fighting earlier, we want to watch it, and bask in the intense battle, clap some hands, that would be good.....

Alright, although he was slightly late, but at least he' was here.

Ling Xu's state of mind immediately relaxed. He was not afraid of dying, but if Crane died for him, right in front of him, even if he himself died, Ling Xu would not rest in peace.


Crane, who was in front of him, was not moving at all.

His injuries should not be too severe, right?....

Ling Xu was emotional, his concern was rolling constantly, but he blurted out: "Hey, pretentious and graceful acting fellow, why are you not pulling out your sword?"

Pretentious and graceful acting fellow....

Crane turned his head with an innocent look on the face: "The sword has a seal from my ancestor masters, so I cannot take it out."

Ling Xu was then enlightened. He always thought Crane was acting graceful by not pulling out his sword, but it was because he could not. Flamingo was also out of energy, seated on the floor, he pitifully caressed it's head.

Just rest, the perverse guy is here.

That's right, the perverse guy is here!

If there was a person who had the possibility of defeating Ye Zhao Ge in the group, then it could only be Tang Tian, that fellow that can never be examined with common sense.

But, something feels off about him....

Ling Xu's expression was dark as he looked at Tang Tian, while Crane's expression also congealed. Both of them thought about the time when fighting with Meng Wei, Tang Tian also displayed a weird state. And after the fight, Tang Tian did not have any recollection of it.

The person in front of them was the same. Exactly how many secrets was this guy hiding in his body?

"You're Tang Tian?" Ye Zhao Ge's voice resonated out from the sky.

Tang Tian did not reply.

Only the crackling sound of sand falling like rain hitting the floor. The tattered and torn trousers could not hide his bruised legs. The sound of the raining sand was unable to hide the sound of the staunch footsteps.

The soles of his feet stepped on the sand, the flames melting the sand and leaving behind black footprints, which were then quickly covered by sand.

He forgot that he had fought endlessly in the Suicide Room, he forgot that he overcame his hurdle of the Wind Concealment Steps and ran for days and nights, he forgot that his body was extremely tired. He could only feel his heart burning, his body burning. But despite the flames, an ice cold feeling still lingered on.

Tang Tian's world was extremely quiet, and could only hear his beating heart and his breathing. He muttered in his mind, as though talking to himself, as though he was murmuring to the cold.

Why does my heart feel like it's on fire.

Because we are going to Southern Cross Constellation, we need to become stronger together, we need to travel across the entire Heaven's Road.

Because of our dreams, our promise under the stars, everyone better not forget it!

Don't be carried away by wishful thinking, Don't say we are young and inexperienced, don't say that the outcome has already been determined.

Don't ever say, hey, stop dreaming!

I am fighting alongside all of you, and my heart's still beating, my breathing will not stop, and I can still touch the sunlight and feel the wind.

Why is my blood so hot.

Because Southern Cross Constellation is still so far away, how can I fall here?

Because I still have so many suspicions, how can I stop here?

Because, I do not have so much.

I just want to win!

I only have one thing to tell you, I am Tang Tian!

I just want to tell you, I will definitely defeat you, and use your body as a stepping stone!

Tang Tian raised his head, his gaze full of fighting intent. So blazing hot that it was hard to look directly at.

Bang!, The Safe and Sound Saber in his left hand was enveloped in a blue fire, the Saint Sword Ocean Prison in his right hand bursting in black flames, and Tang Tian's figure suddenly disappeared.

Ye Zhao Ge's heart was alarmed of the danger, as Ye Zhao Ge felt the intensity of the danger which was so piercing that it caused the hair on his entire body to stand.

For the first time, his face changed.

The blue-black criss-crossed sword light reflected in his pupils, as Ye Zhao Ge could only instinctively use his sword to block his front.

The sword in his hand immediately crumbled into pieces, the indescribable force struck his chest.

Ye Zhao Ge flew out like a tennis ball, forming into a straight black figure that landed into a sand dune.


The gigantic force caused the sand dune to be immediately blown apart.

Tang Tian stood in midair, coldly looking down at the ground.

When the blue-black cross appeared in the sky, Bing was shaken, as though he was struck by lightning, his brain drew a blank, and an extremely old memory surfaced up.

A young man sat down on the floor crying, and a big palm ruffled his head.

"Brat, don't be anxious. The Green Red Cross Scythe, is slightly difficult to learn."

The young man stopped crying, his face full of traces of tears, and asked: "Did Captain take a long time to learn it too?"

"Ah ha, how can I remember these kinds of things." The captain laughed, but then his face turned solemn: "But for this technique, you must definitely train hard at it, because at it's ultimate finishing technique, it is extremely powerful."

"Ultimate finishing technique?" The young man was immediately attracted, his eyes full of curiosity.

"En, it is called [Sky and Hell's Cross Slash]. And only I have managed to master it, ain't I powerful! Wa ha ha....."

"Such a weird name, why is it called the Sky and Hell's Cross Slash?

"Oh, because it's horizontal slash is blue, like the sky, and the vertical black, like Hell...."

Sky and Hell's Cross Slash....

But when he realized that Tang Tian's cross slash, the horizontal was black and the vertical blue, Bing heaved a sigh of relief, but for some reason, his heart felt disappointed. He laughed and ridiculed himself, he always held a bit of hope that Master Captain would leave some vestiges on him.

After regaining his composure from the shock, Bing's attention became much sharper.

Tang Tian's strength is truly very powerful....

But his sword technique was queer, the last time when he summoned the Saint Sword Ocean Prison, Bing had a few guesses, and with the current dual sword cross slash, it was something not any martial artist could use. Other than fundamental sword techniques, Tang Tian did not learn any others regarding the sword.

Unless, there were sword technique legacies sealed in Tang Tian?

Or sealed in the Saint Sword Ocean Prison?

These two guesses, once again landed on Tang Tian's mysterious father. Bing was extremely curious, the only regret was that the cross slash was not the Sky and Hell's Cross Slash.

But, Ye Zhao Ge did not have it easy as well.

Bing shook his head. He planned to find Old Man Fei in time to ask what blood meridians Ye Zhao Ge had, to be able to receive such attacks, but still remain perfectly fine, as though he was immortal.


The sand dune exploded out, Ye Zhao Ge once again rose up into the air, his appearance somewhat miserable. His chest had the imprint of the blue and black cross, which was terrifying.

Ye Zhao Ge's face twitched, the cross imprint on his chest had two different and weird powers, which were continuously infiltrating his body.

As expected of the leader of the group of people, Tang Tian was much stronger than the rest.

And.....this group of people was really worth anticipating.

Other than Tang Tian, three others could injure him, Jing Hao, Crane, and Bing. Jing Hao's sword aura caused his entire body to be left with a bit of flesh, but he was exceptionally stubborn, implicating him to have only 3/4 of his True Power left. Crane was the only one who could injure his body, in which he was unable to recover from. Bing's cross and Tang Tian's cross had differences, but the power was not any weaker.

The heaviest injury was Tang Tian's cross.

Tang Tian did not continue attacking, his cross slash attack had a huge consumption, in which his body was already fatigued.

The might of the Void Dark Flames was not something Ye Zhao Ge found strange, but....

His gaze landed on the Safe and Sound Saber in Tang Tian's left hand, the sword actually also had a strange power.

Sadly, comparing sword techniques, you're too weak!

Ye Zhao Ge sneered, casually taking out a steel sword from his Aquarius Silver Cabinet, shaking the sword lightly, then brandishing a sword out towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian also waved the Saint Sword Ocean Prison in his right hand, the Void Dark Flames became a sword aura that collided with Ye Zhao Ge's formless sword qi, releasing an explosive sound.


The air combusted and shot out, the black flames went flying everywhere.

Ye Zhao Ge did not move, but a light aura flashed past his eyes. As expected, Tang Tian's sword techniques were not proficient. Ordinary people might not be able to sense it, but Ye Zhao Ge had trained in the sword for so many years, and all the minute movements were all captured by him.

"Hahahaha, go and die!"

With his powerful laugh, Ye Zhao Ge released his sword qi like rain.

The pouring formless sword qi rushed towards Tang Tian, he snorted as both swords came vertically slashing down, the blue sword aura and black sword aura both slashed towards Ye Zhao Ge.

Dong dong dong!

The sword auras exploded in the middle of them.

Ripples of crumbling formless sword qi and the blue-black flames aura, all exploded like fireworks.

Tang Tian felt that something was not right, his heart kept lingering around the dim coldness from the start. The thread of coldness caused him to be exceptionally sharp. But, the blazing fighting intent had flooded every part of his body, so the thread of coldness was completely pressured away by the fervent and lava like fighting intent.

Suddenly, some seemingly different formless sword qi, penetrated through the blue and black sword auras, and arriving in front of Tang Tian.

This formless sword qi carried faint light auras.

So his plan was there!

Tang Tian roared out, the Saint Sword Ocean Prison in his hand, exploded out with a dim black light that rose dramatically, a horizontal sword slash!

The thunderous dim sword aura and the formless sword qi crashed fiercely. When the strong powers collided, the dazzling light auras blinded Tang Tian's eyes.

A sword image quietly appeared in front of Tang Tian, Ye Zhao Ge!

Tang Tian's mouth suddenly exposed a satisfied look, and roared: "Safe and Sound!"

The Safe and Sound Saber in his left hand, suddenly lit up with the same dazzling light aura, and fiercely slashed out.

Tang Tian had plotted the attack for a long time, Safe and Sound Saber's power and the True Power in his body, surged up violently.

The dazzling blue light aura appeared on the tip of the Safe and Sound Saber, retracting to the size of a fist, it accurately struck Ye Zhao Ge's sword.


The blue light sphere on the Safe and Sound Saber's tip, suddenly exploded forth.
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