Chapter 339 – Tang Tian is here!

 Chapter 339 - Tang Tian is here!

Crane's sword was as quick as lightning.

Ye Zhao Ge did not dodge, for in his eyes, a strange red smeared across undetected.

Crane's sword fiercely stabbed into his body. Ye Zhao Ge was like a weak puppet, the moment he was pierced, the sword came out from the back, bringing along a rain of blood.

Bing's cross attack was like a heavy hammer, dropping down on Ye Zhao Ge's back.

The bright cross seemed to imprint on his back.

Ling Xu's spear exploded a hole out of Ye Zhao Ge's thigh, exposing the broken white bones.

Han Bing Ning's cold sword aura swept around Ye Zhao Ge's ankles, causing them to become pale white very quickly. The cold qi was like an extreme cold wave, quickly spreading out towards the other parts of his body.

Liang Qiu's black and white fist aura entered Ye Zhao Ge's body, destroying the organs in his body.

Sima Xiang Shan's hook like fingers, effortlessly tore apart Ye Zhao Ge's neck, causing a blood pillar to shoot up. Ye Zhao Ge's ripped apart neck had flesh and blood dangling off, it was extremely terrifying.

Such an attack caused everyone to be stunned. Ye Zhao Ge was so fierce just now, but how could he be so easily beaten?

Unless it was some trap?

Seeing Ye Zhao Ge's situation, no one believed he could survive.


Bing's roar caused everyone to be startled awake, and immediately all made way.

Tang Yi who was commanding the assaulting Lupus Army, was already in range of 100m! Everyone had bright light auras around them, all of the light auras forming as one, enveloping the entire army. Tang Yi raised his Zanbato up high, the light aura condensing to become extremely piercing.

Everyone was stunned by Tang Yi's assaulting might.

The light on every soldier of the army was True Power surging that gave rise to the light aura, and to everyone, the light would be considered thin. But when 200 lights were formed as one, that imposing might, was like an intense violent surge of a vast body of water, causing people to choke.

That was the power of the army, a vast sea of True Power.

Everyone knew that Tang Yi's next attack would be earth shattering!

Even if Ye Zhao Ge had any traps, facing an absolute power, he would not have a chance to survive.

Wait, something was off!

Bing's pupils shrunk, he drooped his head, the bloodied Ye Zhao Ge was still floating in the air, if he was dead, then he would have dropped!

Unless......he was not completely dead yet?

Suddenly, he saw Ye Zhao Ge, who was apparently dead, moving his left hand, and then the strangest thing happened that caused everyone to be aghast.

The lacerated flesh were all wiggling continuously, as though they were growing.

In the blink of an eye, his throat was as new as before. The sword wound from Crane's sword, had stopped bleeding, and the flesh inside was squirming around. The fist sized wound quickly became smaller. But when it became the size of a small walnut, it stopped.

His legs shivered, and the ice around his ankles cracked. The skin that had frostbite all disappeared without a trace.

Ye Zhao Ge opened his mouth and spat out smoke. The smoke was black and white, it was obviously the black and white fist aura that had entered his body.

Everybody on the scene had a change of face, as they stared in dumbstruck at the freak.

What kind of freak was he?

Even Yong Xian Zhong was stunned in his place, he knew that his wife's brother was powerful, but never did he think that he would be so perverse to that extent.

Tang Yi also witnessed the scene, if it was a usual day, he would definitely be shocked. But at the moment he was assaulting with all his might, and there was no other thought in his mind, the surging True Power around him, caused his blood meridians to dilate, even if it was an undying freak in front of him, he was not in the least bit afraid.

100 mounts cavalry stampeding with the power of thunder.

The closer they got to the enemy, the stronger and more terrifying the Qi of the soldiers, Tang Yi, amidst them, was glowing with a powerful current.


Seething with anger, Tang Yi used all his might and fiercely slashed down.


Bellowing out like thunder, striking towards the heavens, 200 scimitar blades slashed down together.

The sky became extremely clear, all the light aura gushed in like a tide, converging into the Zanbato in Tang Yi's hands, dyeing it with a golden luster.

The golden blade aura flew out, instantly causing the sky to turn dark. All of the light around them had converged into the golden light aura!


Ye Zhao Ge bellowed, the sword in his hands suddenly disappeared. He appeared in the air, scattered and smashed.

The countless formless sword qi, formed up like a rainstorm, crazily pouncing towards the golden light aura.

Pa pa pa!

Upon colliding, all of the formless sword qi exploded, fine air flows were conjured up in the process, causing the area around the golden light aura to be fuzzy, as though there were ripples around it.

Ye Zhao Ge crazily swung his sword, as the formless sword qi continued to ravage towards the golden light aura.

The fierce formless blade qi was unable to shake the golden blade aura. The golden blade aura had smashed countless amounts of the formless blade Qi, other than dimming slightly, it was still forcefully going towards Ye Zhao Ge.

It was as if Ye Zhao Ge was being stared at by a dangerous wild beast, his body shuddered, but he bellowed: "Scram!"

The long sword was placed in front of him, gathering True Power.

The golden blade aura collided with the sword.


Like an explosion of the sun, the dazzling gold aura caused the entire ground to become pure white, nothing could be seen.

The terrifying True Power burned every inch of the air, the broken air flow became like sharp blade edges, spreading all around. People who could not dodge all suffered from multiple injuries. But all of them felt more relaxed in their minds, after the powerful explosion, he definitely could not had survived.


A crazy laughter sounded out from the light, causing everyone's face to change, is that possible?

The light aura dissipated, allowing everyone to see clearly. Ye Zhao Ge's sword was left with only half of it's body, his entire body was covered in blood, as though he was soaked in a blood pool, and all the blood dripping down from his body.

His face was also covered in blood, the blood flowing from his forehead to his chin, his entire face looked extremely terrifying.

Other than Tang Yi who was still seated on his horse, the rest of the army had all dropped off their horses, ¾ of them had blood flowing out from their mouths. Tang Yi looked at Ye Zhao Ge who was in the air in disbelief, he could not believe that there was actually someone who could take that attack.

"Who can stop me? Who can stop me?!"

The hysterical and crazy voice was filled with killing intent.

Ye Zhao Ge suddenly stopped stop shouting, taking up the broken sword, he sneered. Countless amounts of formless sword qi flew out of his broken sword. They revolved around him extremely quickly, forming a powerful tornado, rising towards the sky.

"All of you, go and die!"

The broken sword pointed to all of them, and the sky suddenly darkened.

The spinning formless sword qi around the sword body, suddenly formed seven currents, pouncing towards all of them.

Ling Xu's eyes showed despair, the attack he released just now, was the last bit of energy he had left.

Am I going to die here?

At least I am not ashamed of dying under such a strong martial artist's hand....

But, I won't be happy!

Ling Xu's entire face was bitter, suddenly, the scene in front of him darkened, a familiar black figure blocking his front.


"Nice to meet you, I'm a disciple from Crane Sect, you can call me Crane."

".....I am so sorry, we actually wore the same clothes...."

".....I will wear black in future, I truly apologize..."

Crane.... Why.....

The black figure in front of him was like an elegant big black crane. At that moment, he looked so confident that it caused people to be in awe, with a soft voice, he said firmly: "[Crane Sword Screen]!"

Crane Sword conjured 12 sword images, and like a bright black crane's wings, opening up to become a sword screen.

The formless sword qi currents crashed onto the sword screen.

Bing appeared in front of the Lupus Army, Sky Tiger's arms criss-crossing as, he half crouched, and with a Cross light screen.

[Cross Light Shield]!

Tang Yi's body shivered, Master....

Han Bing Ning and Sima Xiang Shan appeared beside Liang Qiu, Han Bing Ning released an ice wall with her sword, while Sima Xiang Shan released a black mist.

Liang Qiu's eyes immediately turned red.

The both of them knew he could not escape, and came to help him.

How could he become a burden?

His hair all stood up, his left palm becoming pitch black while his right palm becoming jade white, both of his palms touching each other, the black and white light screen started to intertwine, and blocked the three of them.

I am actually hiding behind you guys when I am the oldest....


Tang Tian was frantically running with all of his might. His coarse breathing, became loud bellows, his mind was in a blank, he did not know how long he had run for.

He only knew how to run. To utilize all of his energy to run, became instinctive.

His slackened gaze converged again, as the scene at the distance started to have changes.

Recruit barracks!

That was the recruit barracks!


His heavy breathing and his heart thumping boomed in his ears, and his face that was full of perspiration. Tang Tian moved his lips.

I'm finally here.......

Finally, I'm here!

A burst of strength caused his speed to increase slightly. His pupils started to gain spirit, his gaze more focused, his mouth started grinning, and then he laughed.

This warming up, took long enough.....

Sorry, everybody, please hold on for a while longer!

Just a bit more!

I'm coming!

The fatigue in him suddenly retreated and disappeared, Tang Tian's eyes lit up once again, although his breathing was heavy, perspiration drenching his entire body, but the horn for the battle, was already blown in the young man's heart, and his blood had already started to boil.

All of the running, all of the hard work, everything, was just to be able to join the battle, to be able to fight alongside all of you!

All of it is for our promise!

All of it is for our victory!

His sweat dripped onto the floor of the recruit barracks, and the tenacious and burning figure, stepped into the light door.

The light of the underground base was brightly lit, but there was not a soul in sight.

Tang Tian did not stop, he stepped up the platform and started soaring up into the air, and collided onto the beautiful ceiling.

Ye Zhao Ge overlooked everyone below him.

A line of bloodstain dripped along Crane's hand, Crane did not move an inch, and suddenly spat out blood.

Ka ka ka, spider web like cracks, slowly appeared on Sky Tiger.

Han Bing Ning, Liang Qiu and Sima Xiang Shan all flew out, and instantly fainted.

"Not too bad a fight." Ye Zhao Ge sneered coldly: "But, it's over."

He raised the broken sword in his hand.


The sudden explosion sound caused him to be stunned.

The gigantic sand dune that was nearby suddenly exploded out without any warning, the infinite sand particles flew up over a 100 m into the sky.

Ye Zhao Ge's pupils shrunk.

Under the pouring sand, a blurred figure, wielding dual swords, slowly walked out of the raining sand.

"My apologies, I'm late."

The hoarse and gloomy voice, swept the entire field.
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