Chapter 268 – The angry smoke

 Chapter 268 - The angry smoke

Sai Lei's heart was beating fast, he was obviously not here for kind intentions.

Just at this time, a voice came out from behind, "Hi everybody, what's the matter?"

A beautiful blue mechanical weapon had quietly appeared behind everybody, his gloomy and stern voice sounded out from inside.

Sky Tiger's arrival attracted everybody's gaze, especially the Elder Li who kept quiet the whole time beside Young Master Ge, his eyes sparkled as he stared intently at Sky Tiger.

Sky Tiger's build was not the same as ordinary mechanical weapons that were dumb and slow. Sky Tiger was slim and well proportioned, the contours expressive, with the sky blue metal, and the wings on its back, Sky Tiger was brimming with cutting edge technology.

It quietly stood in the sky with its body leaning forward, gaze like a hunter, it's killing intent enveloping the entire area instantly.

The crowd stirred restlessly, the martial artists around Young Master Ge all had a change in facial expressions. The few experts were on the verge of coming out of the crowd as they were unable to hold back.

A hoarse and tragic string sound floated from a distant place.

The tragic string sound affected the people's hearts, causing Young Master Ge's expression to be in a daze. He had extremely normal strength, how could he guard and block against the music. His mind was completely absorbed into the music.

The martial artists beside Young Master Ge all lost face color.

Elder Li frowned, he walked to Young Master Ge and placed his hand on his shoulder. A wave of True Power entered Young Master Ge's body, causing him to awaken, his face immediately exposing surprise.

Elder Li's gaze landed on the balcony basked in the sun, a blind old man was seated there in his wheelchair, pulling on his Erhu. Behind him, a muscular man stared coldly at Elder Li.

Elder Li's heart jumped, a name suddenly surfacing out from his mind.

He took a deep breath, conjuring up the True Power in his body, and asked in a loud voice, "Can I ask if you are the Blind Chord Old Man?"

The old man stopped, his coarse voice sounding out, "It's me."

Elder Li's heart was beating quickly. He did not expect himself to meet a Heaven Road List martial artist at Three Spirits City, and even more he was a strange tempered blind old man. Elder Li reacted quickly, and immediately said, "We did not know it was senior's business, sorry for the impudence...."

"I am but just a subordinate, taking the master's place to guard this area. Blind Chord Old Man said indifferently.

Elder Li's face was ugly at this point in time, every single Heavens Road List martial artist were all proud and arrogant people. They were the world's strongest group of people, and stood at the peak of humanity. Such strong martial artists always attracted customers.

To be able to have the power of a Heaven Road List martial artist, was no small powerhouse.

"I wonder who the noble master...." Elder Li wanted to probe out.

"The master does not like to be known, and regarding all other matters, This old man here is just to guard the door. Work is urgent, I won't ask you to stay."

Elder Li immediately replied, "It was us who disturbed! We will take our leave now! We will take our leave now!"

He pulled Young Master Ge away gloomily.

Sai Lei heaved a sigh of relief, the glowing gaze of Young Master Ge made her hair stand.

"Will they come again?" Sai Lei asked worriedly.

"Ha, they better not, hehe!" Bing's killing intent soared. He had just left on bad terms with Tang Tian, his mood was terribly bad. Who knew he would meet until these guys, and could not wait to fight with them.

The next time I want to take money from Young man Tang, it will not be so easy anymore....

I am a scheming and wise grand tactician, to be able to make such a low mistake, as expected, hanging out with that crazy young man had pulled down my wisdom....

Bing looked up to the sky tearfully, the sorrow in his heart flowed out.

Young Master Ge who was being pulled along, was curious, "Elder Li, who was that blind old man?"

"He is a Heaven Road List martial artist." Elder Li's face congealed: "I didn't think that it would be him! Seems like, we need to check carefully who his backer is! Send people to watch carefully. Do not do anything, but just spy on them. That mechanical weapon was definitely not normal!"

(TN: Heaven road list martial artist is the top 10 000. Heaven road grade martial artists are all the martial artists able to walk in heaven road. What's your opinion on changing heaven road list martial artist to heaven road list GRADE martial artist? Do let me know!)

"Heaven Road List martial artist...." Young Master Ge's face changed, "He is actually a listed martial artist!"

Displease flashed across Elder Li's eyes, strong martial artists wanted respect, much less Heaven Road List martial artists. the Young Master's performance made him angry. But he did not say much, "Young Master please do not be reckless, the other party has unfathomable background, without checking and clarifying clearly, we had better not start a feud."

Young Master Ge was not satisfied, and snorted, "So what if they have a Heaven Road List martial artists, we do too!"

Elder Li patiently explained, "One look and you could tell Blind Chord Old Man is not the mastermind. To be able to make a Heaven Road List martial artist willingly guard a place, how can an ordinary powerhouse do that? A war that ends delicately involves patience. Young Master you definitely must not be reckless."

"So we are helpless like that?" Young Master Ge was not happy.

A cunning look shone in Elder Li's eyes, "Young master don't worry, we are not suitable to make a move, but we can find people to do the work."

"You are saying..." Young Master Ge's eyes lit up.

"That's right, if they are bluffing, they will immediately expose the real person." Elder Li said, "Not all of the Heaven Road List Martial artists see money as dirt. Young Master's eyes were good, that mechanical weapon was definitely not ordinary. It got close to us without making a sound. Such a strong mechanical weapon, I have never heard of it before!"

Elder Li's eyes shone, the moment he saw Sky Tiger, he almost could not shift his gaze away.

He had meddled in mechanic techniques for over 10 years, his eyes was sharp, much sharper than Young Master Ge knew.

Although Young master Ge was rather pretentious, but his insight and wisdom was not lacking.

"If we could get it, it could definitely add a lot to Young Master's assessment." Elder Li was afraid that the young master would make a ruckus, so he planned his words carefully.

Young Master Ge was quiet.

Their clan treated the second generation as equals, they were sent out to various different places, all of them to find their own business, and would be assessed from it annually. The results of the assessment would become their ability indicator.

Not only did he have to compete against his own siblings, but he had to compete with all the descendants of the different lines of descent.

Thinking about his father who was widely known as Iron Blood, his scalp went numb. The competition was tactful, the ironclad law. His father was someone who had loyal supporters. He rose above the 200 people in the clan that year, and therefore gained the position he has today.

Every year he only received an average score, and was not really outstanding.

Hearing Elder Li's words, he calmed down.

"I will listen to you." Young Master Ge continued, "I have the patience!"

Elder Li became satisfied and laughed.

Tang Tian found the latest issue of Immortal Martial news.

The top had an introduction about him, regarding the fight with the Five Hitmen Squad, and some details that were unexpectedly accurate. But at the same time, they had a few guesses. But for it to be battle related, it did not attract much attention. The most current news was the fight between Liu Sect and a Sword Saint.

After looking through every corner, he did not find any news regarding Qian Hui.

Tang Tian was disappointed, but he quickly raised his head, the determination in his eyes once again shining.

Tang Tian was immersed in training, whatever plans there were, he threw it to Crane. He knew his own intellect, his own mind. All the complicated matters always gave him a headache.

Since it is like that, I might as well spend the time training.

No matter what strategies they make, in the end it all boils down to fists that can earn the victory!

Then let me be the strongest fist!

Bing did not have time to ask about his training, so he scheduled it himself.

His recent goal was the [Air Shield Strike Technique], he was still unable to complete the middle difficulty of [Pit of Falling Rocks], but that did not make him give up. He simply began practising waving the shield, the most fundamental move of shield related martial techniques.

Every cycle of practise, he waved the shield 20 thousand times.

His perspiration dropped like rain.

Ling Xu and Crane felt differently, Tang Tian had never felt that his talent in training was any outstanding. From young, no one ever called him a genius. On the contrary, they all mocked and laughed at him while he grew up, grinding his heart which became trained and numbed, forcing himself to be even more determined and tenacious, even more steadfast.

Since it was just grinding, a 100 thousand times or 1 million times, it would still be sharpened.

Maybe there were shortcuts. Smart people would always find shortcuts, while he would just keep on training honestly, training till it was enough.

Perspiration and hard work does not lie.

From the past till now, he always firmly believed in that. There were too many principles in the world, and as long as he understood this, it was sufficient.

Everytime he finished one cycle of training, he would meditate to recover his True Power, at the same time use his martial spirit blaze to temper the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe. The last time he tried it with Power of the Crane, there was some kind of obstruction. He felt that it was the insufficient tempering on Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe, so he began to continuously temper it.

"It won't work! No matter how much you train it won't work!"

An angry shout resonated in the recruit barracks.

"In front of an aristocratic family, all of your perseverance has no meaning! When you first started you had already lost! No matter how fast you run, how hard you try, there is no meaning!"

"They all have teachers, countless materials and treasures, from young they had all kinds of blood meridians, training unique martial techniques since young, how could you hold a candle to them? Your perspiration? Haha, stop joking!"

An angry voice came out from the smoke that kept lingering.

"The society is unfair! Forever unfair! Moles and ants will forever be Moles and ants (weak people will always be weak)!"

"Open your eyes and see! Stop dreaming!"

Since a few days ago, the pair of angry eyes in the smoke would always have some movements. Then... it became like that!

Tang Tian was too lazy to be bothered by it, but it did not seem to have any intention of stopping, continuing its shouts all day, it was overwhelmingly noisy.

Tang Tian who was meditating cross legged stood up, walked to the smoke and said, "Hey, do you know how to shut up?"

"Hahahaha! So did I hit the right spot? Ant, actually you already knew, but you were just lying to yourself, Hahahaha!" The smoke laughed.

"Yes yes." Tang Tian nodded his head, "I already knew, already knew that you are a terrified bitch!"

"You!" The smoke was enraged.

"As expected of a failure." Tang Tian shook his head, "Don't failures always give themselves excuses? What Swallowing Light Steel Fist, you're just somebody with a sharp tongue and a weak heart, and you could attain that steel fist? Truthfully, I do not have any interest with you now. Let me tell you this, if you do not keep your mouth shut, I will erase you."

"You dare!"

"Who says I don't dare?" Tang Tian sneered, "Have you forgotten whose territory this is. Tang Yi, what methods do we have to erase this brat?"

Tang Yi replied, "We can throw it to the martial technique wall, to the swallowing spirit general card, and create a new spirit general."

Tang Tian shook his head, "How can this weak hearted brat produce a good spirit general? Are there any rubbish bins or something around here?"

The Smoke panicked, "You don't want the Swallowing Light Steel Fist? It is a unique martial technique alright!"
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