Chapter 267 – The enemy arrives

 Chapter 267 - The enemy arrives

If stares could kill, Tang Tian's gaze would have killed Bing ten thousand times.

Bing felt the immense pressure, and feeling like he was no longer welcomed, he calmly waved at them and walked away.

"We still have one last important test." Crane waved his hands at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian turned his head quickly, the anger on his face have not subsided, and stared fiercely at Crane.

Crane said calmly, " It is very important."

Tang Tian angrily asked, "What test?"

A ray of light shone across Crane's eyes, "From the current analysis, the Power of the Crane is an important factor for the evolution of the Star Treasure, and we need to confirm if it is the only factor."

Tang Tian was attracted by Crane's words, "How do we do that?"

"It is very simple!" Crane extended out one finger, the light in his eyes becoming brighter, "We will use another Star Treasure to test it out. If this treasure can evolve too, that proves that the Power of the Crane is one of the ways to activate the Star Treasure's evolution!"

"What if it can't?" Ling Xu could not resist to ask.

"Then that means there are other reasons." Crane said.

"What other reasons can there be?" Ling Xu did not understand.

Crane glanced at Ling Xu, and continued without flinching, "There are many reasons. For example, after Peacock had been tempered by Tang Tian's martial spirit, then the evolution began, that could also be one of the reason for the evolution of the star treasure. From there, there could be two reasons, one is the tempering of the martial spirit, the second is the transformation in level, and that could be the real reason. Or maybe both criterias are needed to be fulfilled simultaneously. After finding out the reason, then we can be clear on whichever criterias need to be fulfilled, for example the tempering of martial spirit, how much of tempering is needed. We need to be sure on all of these."

Tang Tian and Ling Xu both looked at Crane with their eyes and mouths wide open, as if they were looking at a weird creature.

"Now I know how smart people are." Ling Xu shook his head, "One thing, for your brain to be used for so many questions, how does it grow?"

Tang Tian was like a chicken nodding its head, "That's right that's right." He suddenly tilted his head: "If only Qian Hui was here, she is definitely smarter than all of you. Qian Hui is the smartest person in this world! Of course, Little Crane, you are also smart, oh, maybe you are number two."

Whatever, Crane did not care, but for "Little Crane"....

After struggling in his heart for two seconds, he decided to give up nagging on this problem. If not, the two of them would totally forget about the test. Crane reminded Tang Tian, "Then let us start the test."

"Oh oh oh, the test." Tang Tian was daydreaming.

"Yes yes yes, test." Ling Xu repeated.

They were on the verge of forgetting about it, I knew it would be like that.... Crane thought in his heart.

Suddenly, Tang Tian embarrassingly turned his head, "Then, what do we test?"

"After saying so much just now, you didn't get it?" Crane looked at Tang Tian seriously. He wanted to make sure Tang Tian was not being mischievous.

"I heard it." Tang Tian rubbed his forward, his expression was a bit of a blur, "But I did not really understand. You said so many things, it was too complicated."

Feeling that what he said was somewhat bad, Tang Tian immediately complimented him, "But it sounded really powerful."

Crane: "....."

As Crane looked at Tang Tian's innocent look, he had already given up on explaining to Tang Tian, and said directly, "Go and find a Star Treasure and use the Power of the Crane on it, and see if it evolves."

"Ha!" Tang Tian's frown became a laugh and he clapped, "That's right that's right, I remember!"

"Hey, little kitty, I see you!" Tang Tian said to the Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe on his hands.

He stopped smiling and his expression congealed, as though he changed into an entirely different person. The lingering mist around his body became dense, his body becoming somewhat fuzzy, as a surprising wave of Qi enveloped the field in a moment.

Surprise appeared in Crane and Ling Xu's eyes.

Tang Tian's release of Qi had somewhat become stronger!

This fellow....

Once Tang Tian revolved his True Power, the Crane body in his body became even more lively, and kept on changing. Tang Tian was automatically attracted to the changing Crane Body, as the details of the fight two days ago came vividly into his eyes. All the scattered realizations and memories flooded into his brain like a tide.

He forgot his goal, and immersed himself in all the small fragments.

All these memories were familiar, yet brought along a distant cold feeling.

He forgot about the flow of time.

Crane looked at Tang Tian, who became like a wooden doll, and could not believe his eyes: "Enlightenment..."

Ling Xu's eyes was filled with undisguised envy, and clenched his teeth, "This pervert! Nothing to do and he gains enlightenment. He does something and he gains enlightenment! Asshole! Despicable!"

Out of the blue, he gains enlightenment...

Crane felt his entire body feeling unwell, his face color was extremely ugly, and asked with disgust, "This is not his first time in enlightenment?"

"First time?" Ling Xu's face became sinister, "He has gone into it countless times!"

Crane was speechless.

After a while, only one word came out of his ugly expression, "Pervert!"

Tang Tian's performance had caused Crane, who was hailed as a genius since young, to feel an immense pressure, and it was simply too difficult for him to take it. Whatever contradiction they had between the two of them gave birth to the pride in his heart. Crane body energy could be said to be accidentally achieved by Tang Tian while training, and after Crane learnt it from him, his progress and improvements had been extraordinary, and all the lost martial techniques of the Crane Sect had been revived in his hands. But, in the blink of an eye, Tang Tian had instantly gained the power of the Thousand Crane Clones Converging Slay, which caused him to be surprised.

It was just the beginning.

Making the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw into a unique martial technique, attaining the Power of the Crane, Star Treasure Evolution....

Now, this guy was once again going into enlightenment.

Although Crane had an extraordinary improvement through time, but compared to Tang Tian he was lacking a lot. Although Crane was humble and gentle to other people, he was extremely proud in his heart.

If he could not even defeat Tang Tian, how could he complete the revival of the Crane sect?

Not only him, Ling Xu was equally proud. From the beginning, he was almost as strong as Tang Tian, but as of now, Tang Tian had shot forward and left him behind, how could he admit defeat?

If he could not even defeat this crazy young man, how could he defeat that traitor?

Both of them were straightforward and upright people, the passionate fighting in their hearts was not hidden at all.


The mist around Tang Tian's body flickered as though it was blown by the wind, suddenly swirling up.

In the mist, a pair of mysteriously lit up pupils shone like the stars.

Sadly, his True Power was still too weak....

Tang Tian's heart felt regret. If his True Power was stronger, then the Power of the Crane would become even more dangerous. But with the state of his current True Power, it was unable to bring out the true transformation of the Power of the Crane.

The regret flashed for a second, and Tang Tian's mind was once again lit up like a sun.

Opening his eyes fiercely, the true power from his body became like a formless stick that stirred, and he muttered, "Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe!"


The Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe in his hand suddenly had a layer of mist, taking the form of a flame.

The cat sobbings exploded out of the entire field.

Tang Tian frowned, he felt it was somewhat lacking. He was not sure where, but the feeling was intense. He closed his eyes, and meticulously went to absorb the feeling.

Gradually, he could feel a trace.

The Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe in his hands was like a cat trapped in a cage, the Power of the Crane caused the cage to weaken, but it was still not enough for the cat to break the cage.

He thought for a long time, and still could not grasp the feeling, and had to retreat out.

"Not possible, just by relying on the Power of the Crane is not correct." Tang Tian shook his head and muttered.

After he finished, he realized that the other two were looking at him strangely, with an extremely weird expression, which caused him to feel weird, "Hey hey, what expression is that?"

"Pervert!" Ling Xu scolded him angrily, and turned to leave.

"Pervert!" Crane clenched his teeth and forced the word out, then also turned to leave.

Tang Tian was stunned, and after a long while did he react, he was enraged, and chased after them, "You two assholes! Tell me properly! Why are you guys scolding me, you wanna fight..."

Three Spirits City.

Sai Lei watched the buzzing scene in front of her, feeling extremely satisfied.

Initially, she was coveting the Lin Family's power, but after Bing's decision to take them down, which was scary and threatening, all the other powerful families were scared away. Although the Lin Family was defeated, from the mechanic techniques Li Family, who stockpiled a huge amount of bronze, Sai Lei bought them with very low prices.

Sai Lei, who was filled with cash, hired more manpower without restraint, and what surprised her was that when the Mo Family heard she was planning to build a bronze fort, they immediately sent a party consisting 40 machine engineers to help. All these machine engineers were experienced veterans, and with their arrival, Sai Lei became much more relaxed, and the process was quickened by a huge margin.

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded out.

"Miss Sai Lei, seems like you are earning buckets and buckets."

Sai Lei was stunned, she turned around and upon seeing the person, her heart beat faster. Standing in front was actually Young master Ge!

(TN: Tang Tian stole from him the last time, and all his guards)

But Sai Lei reacted quickly, as though she had not seen a good friend for a long time, and her face immediately exposed a wide smile, "Hey, Young master that bought First Snowfall the last time, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

Young Master Ge did not smile, but his gaze was stuck on Sai Lei and said, "The last time this Young Master left Three Spirits City, I was robbed, and the First Snowfall was taken too."

"What!?" Sai Lei feigned a shocked look, and immediately said, "It is better that Young master is alright! In Three Spirits City, the law and order is good everyday though."

He continued staring at Sai Lei, seemingly finding that she was not suspicious, he snorted, "If that thief lands in my hands, I will make sure he regrets living!"

Hearing Young Master Ge spitting venom, Sai Lei shivered. What did Tang Tian do to him?

After he finished, he sized up the busy land, and sneered, "Seems like Young Lady Sai Lei has found a backer! I wonder who the Saint is?"

After the incident that happened at Three Spirits city, he was fiercely reprimanded by his father. He was not willing to give up, and as it turns out there was an elder who was extremely excited upon hearing about the mechanical weapon shop and decided to tag along.

The elder's greatest interest was in mechanic techniques.

And after meeting upon that incident the last time, Young Master Ge made sure he brought along an expert this time.

With these people, he headed to Three Spirits City.

The last time, he had not gotten what he wanted, but this time he would not give Sai Lei the chance to escape!

His gaze was extremely cold.
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