Chapter 251 – Mu Zi’s shock

 Chapter 251 - Mu Zi's shock

Mo Wei Tian and Mo Leng stood dumbfounded.

There were very few mechanical martial artists who made it to the Heavens Road List. Mo Wei Tian knew that everyone on the list came from a strong family background. The list definitely did not include the teenager who stood right in front of him.

This scoundrel...

"What a courageous tone." Scarecrow grinned as his body swayed along with the wind.

[Scarecrow], ranked 9854 on the Heaven Road.

He opened his palm, which was covered in thick layers of dry grass. Within a patch of soft dark green foliage, the individual blades of grass straightened, exuding a metallic ring as their tips flickered.

Scarecrow stood motionless. Several straightened needle-like grass blades float quietly towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian wielded his Bleeding Cat Blade Scythe and unleashed a soft slash-like motion.

A cold breeze blew across the landscape as the grass blades shattered into finer pieces, slowly drifting till they landed on the floor.

Tang Tian heightened his senses further. He was shocked that the seemingly soft grass blades were as hard as steel.

"So you do have a skill or two." Scarecrow let out a soft smile: "No wonder the arrogance."

His palms, like the seaweeds dwelling beneath the water, flowed smoothly as more grass blades floated down from his palms. He raised his finger slowly at Tang Tian and whispered: "Go for it."

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The sharp shrill pierced through the air incessantly as a line of fine grass blades launched straight at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was prepared to dodge the oncoming attack. But Sai Lei was standing right behind him and the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw he was wielding was not suitable for defence. In the moment of desperation, Tang Tian thought of an idea.

A simple and unadorned shield magically appeared in Tang Tian hand. It was the Blood Rush Shield!

Tang Tian waved his shield frantically, trying to shield Sai Lei and him from the grass blades. Though he was not proficient in shield martial techniques, his reflexes were swift.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The grass blades showered onto Tang Tian and thundered into the Blood Rush Shield, giving out an ear piercing shrill. Tang Tian was astonished at not just the strength of the grass blades, but also their power.

Scarecrow was initially worried when he saw Tang Tian holding up the shield, but the feeling soon dissipated. Using a shield to protect yourself against [Grass Needle]? What wishful thinking!

[Grass Needle] was a sixth ranked Wood element Martial Technique.

Wood element Martial Techniques were split mainly into 2 types. The first was the Medical Martial Technique and the other was Combat Martial Technique, which emphasized on killing and injuring the opponents. The Wood Medical Martial Technique required attention to details while the Wood Combat Martial Techniques were an intriguing combination of skills.

With a wave of his hand, Scarecrow changed the attack formation using the grass blades. The blades swirled from Tang Tian's side and began to fire at his rear.

Tang Tian was caught by the surprise attack. Sai Lei was now in the line of attack.

"Cover your head and duck down!"

Tang Tian cried out to Sai Lei as Sai Lei, with a face drained pale due to the initial shock, frantically ducked down.

Once Sai Lei ducked down, it reduced Tang Tian's areas to focus on defensively.

The grass blades engulfed the sky. Tang Tian, who was wielding the Blood Rush Shield, was so strong defensively that he was able to shield Sai Lei and himself from the onslaught.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The hair raising metallic screech of needles scrapping on to the Tang Tian's shield was incessant.

Scarecrow was surprised. Though the power of the grass blades were not enormous, it was not small either, almost similar to the 5 ranked flying needle's true power. But the combined power of the thousands of grass blades should have felled any opponents. Yet, Tang Tian had the strength to fend off these attacks without ever lowering his shield and without taking a breather. What strength he possessed!

Scarecrow eyes brightened. He was impressed by Tang Tian's enormous strength.

Scarecrow secretly twitched his finger. With that motion, his inner strength was quietly transferred and infused with a few grass blades, which created a greenish-blue layer covering their surface. The blades floated down from his body and combined with the other grass blades that were surrounding him.

Tang Tian, who was still wielding his shield for protection, suddenly had a feeling in his heart.

Before Tang Tian could react, several grass blades that were shot at him were not sticking onto his shield. These grass blades started to break down, releasing a green liquid which stuck onto the surface of the shield.

Tang Tian could feel that his shield grew heavy, and it was now much more sluggish when he wielded it.

Not good!

Suddenly, thousands of fine threads started to stick out from the green liquid that was stuck on Tang Tian's shield and started to link up with the thousands of needle-like grass blades that were floating around.

Though the force of the individual flying grass blade was not strong, but its sheer numbers, when combined together, created a much stronger force. If it was not for Tang Tian's natural godlike strength, he would have been beaten by the combined force of the grass blades.

Furthermore, these grass blades had minds on their own, launching sneak attacks on Tang Tian when he was not looking.

Tang Tian was in peril. Ding Ding Ding, several of the grass blades managed to slip past Tang Tian's shield defensive parameter, piercing deeply into the floor inches away from Sai Lei's feet. As Sai Lei looked at the tiny holes caused by the grass blades, her face immediately turned pale and her mind turned blank.

I have just discovered a sea of Star Coins...

I don't want to die!

I must not die!

Sai Lei was shivering as she took out from the Aquarius Martial Cabinet 3 metallic spheres that were shaped like walnuts, displaying shiny rays of light.

"Eh? What is that?"

The entire warehouse was under the control of Scarecrow. Any details happening inside the warehouse could not escape his view. The 3 spheres caught his attention.

The 3 rolling sphere suddenly exploded, turning into 3 mini mechanical beasts. They were a bronze squirrel, a bronze turtle and a bronze mountain goat. All 3 beats were very minute, only the size of a person's palm, and their bodies were covered in elaborate and delicate bronze platings.

Initially the 3 beasts were puzzled, looking at each other after being summoned. After getting used to their environment, they all turned their heads towards Scarecrow.

Rays of faint light suddenly lit up from the eyes of all 3 beasts.

The bronze goat leaned his body forward as the bronze squirrel jumped onto the bronze goat's back. The bronze goat then picked up the bronze turtle, and with rays of light emitting from its eyes, lowered its head and started charging towards Scarecrow.

Mechanical beasts?

Scarecrow nearly let out a chuckle. Such small mechanical beasts, what use would they be in this fight?

It was probably the little lady's toys!

Only small kids would spend their time on such flashy but insignificant things.

Scarecrow was amused. He pointed his finger at the beasts as a line of grass blades flew towards them with a blaring hissing noise.

A ray of light emitted from the mountain goat's eyes as his hoofs started brighten up, shooting out rays of bright lights. Its speed suddenly increased exponentially, dodging the line of grass blades aimed at them. As its hoofs grew brighter, its speed also increased.

Scarecrow was caught by surprise. To be able to dodge his rain of grass blades, it seemed like the beasts summoned were more than meets the eye.

Scarecrow held up his fingers as if they were bullets.

Suddenly, the grass blades floating around in the warehouse started to form into clumps and began launching towards the mountain goat at all angles.

The mountain goat did not seem like it was planning to dodge the needle-like grass blades and it increases its speed even more!

So fast!

Scarecrow was shocked when he saw the mountain goat, like a ray of light, it sped even faster towards him while dodging 2 barrages of grass blades. But Scarecrow's grass blades had covered most of the areas in the warehouse. Even with increased swiftness, the mountain goat was not able to dodge the next wave of grass blades.

You guys cannot escape!

Scarecrow, who was proud of himself for managing to trap the mountain goat in his attack, suddenly froze.

The bronze squirrel, which was holding tightly onto the horns of the mountain goat, swung its big tail forward, opening it up to become a bronze umbrella that helped shield them from the grass blades.

Ding Ding Ding!

Sparks flew as the grass blades pummelled onto the bronze umbrella. Then, the bronze squirrel opened its mouth wide while staring straight down at Scarecrow.

The sound of metals striking metals had dissipated. The beasts managed to power through the rain of grass blades.

On the back of the mountain goat, the mouth of the bronze squirrel remained gaping wide. The squirrel stared at its damaged tail and dazed

How was that possible...

Scarecrow also looked in daze.

The bronze turtle that the mountain goat was holding in its mouth started to emit a faint radiance. The galloping mountain goat then spit the turtle out from its mouth, propelling it upwards as the goat also leaped into the air with its eyes blazing with bright rays of light.

In mid air, the goat's front left hoof started to shimmer as it gave the turtle a forceful kick!


Just like the sound when a metal strike another metal.

The bronze turtle disappeared.

In the sea of grass blades that were still floating around, an arrow of light appeared right in front of Scarecrow.

Scarecrow was left dumbfounded. He had never seen such a strange mechanical beast in his life before. Out of nowhere, the bronze turtle, who had a green aura surrounding its body, appeared in front of Scarecrow!

Scarecrow placed his hands together with a swift force.

The grass blades sticking out from his body started to grow rapidly, forming a thick layer of grass patch in front of him like a shield.


The bronze turtle hit the grass patch with a tremendous force

Scarecrow groaned in pain as he took a few steps backwards from absorbing the force. His chest was injured. He nearly underestimated the likes of Sai Lei. Such a mechanical martial artist always seemed to have bizarre weapons hidden under their sleeves.

But, that was all!

The killer instinct could be seen in Scarecrow's eyes. He was determined to thrash the bronze beasts to bits!

He suddenly opened up his palms. A storm of grass blades started to envelope the 3 bronze beasts. The gust from the grass blades nearly blew the beasts of their feet. After the initial attack, the beasts seemed to have exhausted most of their energy.

Grass Blade Hurricane!

The end was near for the 3 bronze beasts after this attack.

At this moment, Scarecrow felt an evil omen transpiring. Tang Tian, which was surrounded by the grass blades, suddenly let out an aura of that Scarecrow felt was of extreme danger to him.

Scarecrow skipped a beat as he raised his head up to look at Tang Tian!

Beneath the shadow among the grass blades, Tang Tian was smiling at Scarecrow.

Could it be...

Scarecrow could felt another bad omen, but different from the first. His eyes widened and his face grew pale.

Sha Sha Sha Sha!

Suddenly, 4 identical Tang Tian appeared right in front of him. The 4 Tang Tian dispersed and launched themselves towards Scarecrow from every direction.

This is...

Scarecrow was worried as all 4 Tang Tian started to charge towards him with ferocity. At this moment, the 4 identical looking Tang Tian disappeared into thin air.

Thousand Crane Clones Converging Slay!

In the blink of an eye, Tang Tian, who turned demon-like, appeared right in front of Scarecrow. Not good! Scarecrow did not have to time to react to his attack. Tang Tian wielded his shield and struck straight at Scarecrow with an earth-shattering force.

The force felt like a charging Star spirit beast, with a tremendous amount of strength and piercing force, striking his body, with pain surging through his entire body.

His body was lifted up!

Before he lost his consciousness, Scarecrow last image was of a shadowy figure wielding a shield.
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