Chapter 222 – High Intellect Robber

 Chapter 222 - High Intellect Robber

Tang Tian looked at the mountain of things inside the Silver Aquarius, his breathing almost stopped.

Just by sweeping through, Tang Tian saw a few bright and sparkly objects, the flow of the auras around them, one look and he could tell that they were not ordinary objects.

I've struck gold!

Hot blood gushed up his mind, but Tang Tian quickly calmed down: "Star currency card!"

Master Ge's will had already collapsed, he took out a star currency card out from his chest: "Everything is in here, remaining of 15 million star coins."

You still dare to say 500 million....

Poor soul!

You have no money and you dare to try and pick up girls!

Tang Tian cursed silently.

Qin Feng stared at Tang Tian intently, he was always looking for an opportunity, but Tang Tian was not giving him a single chance, so he said: "Friend, the Silver Aquarius Cabinet is yours already, the star currency card is also yours, can you let go of our Master, is that possible?"

Tang Tian did not bother with him, and used his other hand to search Master Ge's body once, and as expected he did not find anything. Upon seeing that, Tang Tian's gaze turned to the guards: "All of you take out everything you have, whoever dares to keep anything, then just watch what happens to your Master. Everyone, it is time to show your loyalty."

All of the guards looked at each other.

Qin Feng clenched his teeth: "Everyone take everything out, no one is allowed to keep anything."

Finished, he was the first to take out the scraps from his body, and poured everything out. Very quickly, the floor was filled with brightly colored objects, with all sorts of things everywhere. These guards frequently lived in the wilderness, and all of them had a large amount of things on them. For the sake of the safety of their Master, no one dared to play a fool.

Tang Tian did not even look, since the Silver Aquarius Cabinet had such a large space, and with one thought everything flew inside.

All the guards look at Tang Tian as if they were looking at some weird animal, they had never seen before such an ugly robber who could take so much. Even a greedy robber would not eat this extent of food. Even their paper towels, their fruit knives, their tea cups and everything, nothing was spared.

To be able to defeat Qin Feng, meant that he was a Heaven Road Grade martial artist as well, why would he be here....

Even Qin Feng was flabbergasted, he did not know what to say.

He actually wanted to say, brother, how miserable have you lived and dwelled in this any case you're a Heaven Road Grade... act like one...

Tang Tian was completely oblivious of their thoughts, he could faintly hear footsteps coming towards them. He picked everything up, the floor that was filled with treasures, was instantly empty.

While everyone was staring with their mouths open, Tang Tian suddenly threw Master Ge towards Qin Feng, at the same time turning and running at top speed.

Tang Tian used a large amount of force, causing Master Ge to scream out in fright, tightly closing his eyes. Afraid of hurting the Master, Qin Feng squatted down in a horse stance, and steadily grabbed onto the Master.

The Master had fainted instantly, and Tang Tian at this moment was only a small black dot in the distance.

Qin Feng clenched his teeth, threw the Master to another guard: "Look after him!"

Finished, like an arrow shot out from a bow, Qin Feng rushed out towards Tang Tian's direction.

After a while, a golden haired martial artist rushed forward, seeing the fainted Master, his face changed. He touched the Master's heart, and his face relaxed: "No problem, he just suffered some fright."

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. No matter what, the Master is fine, and that is the greatest blessing.

Ah Mu Duo suddenly asked: "Where is Qin Feng?"

"Qin Feng went to chase the robber!" One guard immediately pointed at the direction where they left: "That way! He hasn't gone long!"

The golden haired martial artist's eyes flashed a ice cold aura, his entire person was like a cold sword unsheathing: "Mo Lin, send the Master back to the house, the rest follow!"

Ah Mu Duo did not wait for his order, and rushed forward first. The rest of their faces were fierce, this matter today, had caused a huge ruckus, and to them, it was a huge shame and humiliation. All of them were proud martial artists, and could never suffer such humiliation!

That fellow, even if he had wings, it would be difficult for him to fly.

Their speed was fast, very fast, as they quickly saw Qin Feng's figure from far away, and the even further robber who was engrossed in running in the distance. The golden haired martial artist and the rest were roused, while Ah Mu Duo whistled out.

Qin Feng heard the whistle, his mind was also roused, and he whistled a reply back.

Tang Tian noticed the people behind, but did not panic, as his face behind the mask exposed a smile.

Idiots, you want to play mind games with a godlike young man, all of you will die very quickly!

When involved in fights, money, and treasures, Tang Tian's mind would function outstandingly well. He maintained a speed that was not fast nor slow, in the hopes to attract them.

The people chasing him thought that he was panicking and did not know what route to pick, but he already had it prepared. Bing had stayed in the surroundings of Three Spirits City for a long time, and all the starry doors around, he knew of them clearly.

Following Bing's directions, the direction ahead should have a starry door.

As expected, not long after, in front of him appeared a small town, and Tang Tian was excited. This small town was called Maple Forest town, a starry door town of Three Spirits City. The name Starry Door Town, came about from the fact that it was a small town that existed because of the starry door. Maple Forest Town had one starry door, directly leading to Maple Forest Planet.

There was no doubting the importance of the starry door, although the activities between Maple Forest Planet and Three Spirits City was not frequent, but it still managed to form a small town here.

Tang Tian's speed was constant, once barging into the town, it brought a lot of surprise.

But when everyone saw the guards chasing behind Tang Tian, they then reacted.

How could Qin Feng and the rest not know Tang Tian's thoughts, and Qin Feng anxiously shouted: "Block him!"

No one moved.

They too was not dumb, Tang Tian's speed and vigor, he was definitely not someone ordinary. In a small place like Three Spirits City, for a Heaven Road Grade Martial Artist to appear, he could definitely go anywhere.

Without a second word, Tang Tian went into the starry door.

After 20 seconds, Qin Feng, who was chasing him behind, went into the starry door too.

One minute later, the golden haired martial artist and the others rushed through as well.

Exiting from the other side of the starry door, they saw the twisted faces of Qin Feng. Everyone in the surroundings looked at this group of people that suddenly appeared in fear. One look and they knew this group of people were powerful. On top of that, they all looked ferocious and should not be offended.

"We've lost him!" Qin Feng was bruised: "After the turn, we lost him!"

"Disappearing suddenly?" the golden hair martial artist moaned: "Seems like this is his territory, he must be hiding somewhere!"

He scanned his surroundings. His vision was sharp as though he could pierce through someone's heart with just his gaze. Everybody around him lowered their head as they dared not look at him in the eyes.

Gui Hu muttered: "He must have taken his mask down and changed his clothes to blend in!"

The others eyes lit up, that's right! This was the most plausible way.

The golden haired martial artist face changed slightly: "each of you will guard one direction and lock this place down. No one shall leave this place!"

A few of them shouted in unison and right away, they guarded in a nearby location at designated areas.

Instantly, a din broke out in the crowd. A brave, martial artist stood up: "What are you? Why should you..."

A ray of golden radiance pierced through this martial artist's chest.


Blood spewed all over the place and into the sky. This martial artist was chopped into half.

The golden hair martial artist retracted his axe and looked at the pool of fresh blood as though nothing had happened. He looked heartless: "Why should we? Who wants to interrogate me?"

Qin Feng and the others knew that the head was truly angered!

But, they were all infuriated. They were not afraid of this group of people, even if there were more.

The golden haired martial artist's ruthless actions immediately gathered disdaine from the crowd. One of the martial artist stood up from the crowd with his face black: "What? Just because you have power, you can kill people as and when you like over here in Maple Forest Planet?"

The golden haired martial artist shot him a look. Brandishing his axe, an eye catching golden radiance emerged from the axe and flew towards this martial artist.

This martial artist face sunk. There was a heavy blade in his hand. With a roar, he chopped over!

The blazing red blade auro was like a python as it crashed towards the golden aura the axe.


Immediately, the python was torn into pieces as fireworks scattered all over. The martial artist face changed completely. He was not in time to react as a glistening golden radiance struck his chest.


The blood spewed into the sky as the martial artist fell face flat onto the ground.

The golden hair martial artist was merciless as everyone around him looked pale. Out of fear, none of them muttered a word.

"Search!" the golden hairs martial artist shouted.

Like wolves and tigers, the martial artists started to search along the crowd.


Looking at Tang Tian panting heavily as he appeared at the recruit camp, he felt odd: "Why are you here? Eh, didn't you help Ling Xu deliver Flamingo? Why are you back here?"

Tang Tian panted: "I had business!"

"Business?" Bing's poker face was glowing with joy now. Quickly, he came over: "What kind of business?"

"Robbery!" Tang Tian said.

"Robbery?" Bing studied Tang Tian oddly: "This isn't your style of doing. Since when did you start doing business that will not help you?"

Tang Tian then told him about Sai Lei meeting trouble and how he followed this group of people and attacked them before he entered the starry door and used the Southern Cross light door to escape. He ended off by saying arrogantly: "They're probably still going rounds and rounds in Maple Forest Planet! Also, they're pretty sure that I'm a big thief from Maple Forest Planet. They would never think that I am with Sai Lei."

Bing was shocked: "Why did you start fighting. Is that all your brain can think of?"

But quickly, he rose to his peak: "Come, show me what you've gotten?"

Magic Flute who was at the side without saying anything, floated around Tang Tian excitedly.

Tang Tian agreed and took out everything from the Silver Aquarius Cabinet.

Bang, a small mountain over ten metres appeared in front of them.

They were all shocked.

After a while, Bing reacted and exclaimed: "did you just rob a storage carriage?"

Magic Flute was also stunned, but then he sighed.

"Wait!" suddenly, Bing walked to the front of the mountain and took up a piece of toilet paper. Looking oddly at Tang Tian he asked: "Why is there such a thing here..."

His eyelids twitched. Then, he picked up a rusty cup from the small mountain: "Don't tell me you picked a pile of rubbish back home? Even if you throw these things on the street, nobody would pick them up."

Magic Flute rubbed his forehead. He could not bear to see.

Tang Tian was slightly embarrassed but very quickly, his eyes lit up. From the middle of the small mountain, there was something shaped like a shield: "Look, it's still glowing. It must be a treasure!"

Bing looked at the shield in Tang Tian's hands and was completely dumbfounded.
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