Chapter 209 – Assault, Flamingo!

 Chapter 209 - Assault, Flamingo!

On a highland.

Guo Dong noticed that there was a messy fight faraway, his emotions were stirred, his skinny chin was covered in stubbles, causing people to think of sharp antler horns, filled with an encroachment characteristic.

The black cape was blown by the wind as it eluded a dark red flaming crow seemingly coming alive.

By his side, a young lad stood tall. The young lad was dressed the same way as Guo Dong. He looked pale and his eyes glowed in comparison, with limbs stretching long.

"The incoming opponent isn't friendly." Guo Dong's voice was as cold as the flaming crow on his cape: "I never thought the secret of Stone Sword Peak would ultimately be found out by others."

His sigh echoed in the wind.

The young lad asked curiously: "don't tell me Uncle you have long realized it?"

"I found out by accident." Guo Dong looked at the young lad with warmth. He was his nephew and he was the reason why he laid low in the sword village.

He was a bachelor which made his nephew the same as his own son. These years, he tolerated the boredom of the sword village all because of Xiao Yu.

But Xiao Yu did not let him down. Under the nurturing of Guo Dong, Xiao Yu's abilities had grown close to his.

As for Xiao Yu, he had just turned nineteen. Compared to those talented immortal martials, Xiao Yu was definitely not inferior.

"I have visited this Stone Sword Peak a countless number of times but I have yet to find the treasure sword." Guo Dong reset his gaze towards the blazing battle. Sighing lightly: "The Xie Family doesn't seem to know the location of the treasure sword so I'm curious what methods would this group of people use to find out."

"Ah Shu, what exactly is the treasure sword?" Guo Yu's eyes were filled with curiosity.

"I don't know either." Guo Dong smiled before he returned to looking cool: "but it was worth the guarding of the Xie Family so it must be something incredible."

"Oh." Guo Yu was slightly disappointed but he thought of another question right away: "Uncle, who is that coming? He's awesome since he can ride on Stone Gravel Beast! If he attacks our village, we will not be able to stop him."

A killing intent grew within Guo Dong as his moustache moved, his voice turned solemn and cold: "He's called the [Sorrowful Blind chord]."

"Sorrowful... Blind Chord..." Guo Yu eyes turned big as he stuttered. He looked surprised: "Blind Chord old man, why is he here?"

[Sorrowful Blind Chord], he was ranked 9900 in the Heaven's road.

No one knew his name. everybody called him the Blind Chord old man. There was not much information about him. He entered the Heaven's Road List much earlier than Guo Dong.

Everyone knew that he was blind from a young age, but his talent in training was extremely outstanding, with a master temperament. Until one day he accidentally stumbled upon listening to a gloomy and hoarse Erhu, and immediately fell for that weapon.

His chord sounds, were extremely sad, and caused people to be unable to free themselves from it.

His personality was unreasonable and grim, and he killed people at a whim. The most famous story of his, was a sorrowful night of blood. That year he was on a road to the city, and fortunately the locals were holding a fighting event, where the experts gathered.

Not knowing why, he pulled on his Erhu.

The dense sorrowful note, enveloped the entire city, and in that night, 109 people commited suicide, including a twenty year old who was stronger than a sixth level martial artist participant in the event.

He rarely appeared in front of people, and it was even more rare to fight in front of people. But his ranking had never dropped out of the Heaven Road List, his power was clearly proven.

"I don't know." Guo Dong shook his head: "He has his means. But, this kind of trick, only he is able to do it. You have to be careful from now on, sound types of martial artists have many tricks up their sleeves, which are all unimaginable."

"Then we..." Guo Yu was not confident.

"Don't worry." Guo Dong smiled: "Not many people knows his weakness, but coincidentally, uncle is one of them who knows it."

"What about Guo Lin and the others?" Guo Yu witnessed the torturous struggles and all the wounds inflicted on Guo Lin's body. He could not help but ask.

"The village will take good care of his family." Guo Dong answered.

Suddenly, his eyes tensed up.

Guo Yu noticed the change in Guo Dong's gaze and looked towards the direction Guo Dong was looking at, exclaiming: "Who is that?"

A ray of flaming red and silvered silhouette intertwined just like a sharp spear piercing its way through the Stone Gravel Beasts!


Ling Xu was excited when he immersed himself in the energy of Flamingo. In battles, the ancient spear techniques were mainly used in deserts and not for sparring.

His Pointed Sea Spear dated long back and still maintained a great deal of uniqueness of an ancient spear technique.

There were several good techniques in Pointed Sea Spear and each of them required him to ride. Ever since he learned it, Ling Xu never used it once. He roamed about settling all three meals a day and stayed in inns. Where did he get the money to ride?

The mechanical beast below him was made with meticulous detail and was something he would never get to see in his life.

It was not one bit oversized. Instead, it was designed like an art piece but it had unusually strong powers. When it sprinted, it was like a series of raging flames.

As the wind blew against his face and whistled into his ears, he felt extremely heroic!

The ancient knights carried the spears and sprinted towards the enemies with no fear!

As his silvered hair fluttered, his orange tinted eyes burn with blazing fire.

Suddenly, his mentor's words flowed into his heart. In the wind, he could not help but start chanting.

"... I vow to treat the weak well, I vow to fight against the violent bravely. I vow to resist all mistakes, I vow to battle for the unarmed and defenseless..."

"... I vow to lend a helping hand to those who asked, I vow to never hurt women..."

"... I vow I'll help my brothers out, I vow to treat my friends with honesty, I vow to love to the end of my life..."

His heart was filled with warmth. It smelled just like his mentor, the one smell Ling Xu thought was unique to his mentor. He finally knew what that smell was.


Mentor, Xiao Xu still could not be like you but Xiao Xu will follow in your footsteps and work hard!

That gentle and friendly silhouette appeared in Ling Xu's mind as a gentle and caring eyes shone on him.

Ling Xu, go forth!

Ling Xu bent over and as though the flamingo had sensed his determination, it sped up and created a crazy blazing red streak.

The scene was shaking while Ling Xu remained still.

In a few moments, Ling Xu nearly rammed into a wall.

The flamingo bent its thin legs and dug its sharp claws deep into the mud.

Slap, the flamingo leaped into the air. Ling Xu's vision expanded as the entire battlefield laid below his eyes. An indescribable heroism set his body on fire as he held onto the silver spear tightly.

Everyone was stunned by Ling Xu who appeared out of nowhere.

In midair, Ling Xu arrived with blazing flames as his silver hair fall on his shoulders. Looking up into the sky, he looked formidable!


The flamingo landed on the ground. Though it was skinny, it landed with an astonishing presence just like a strong drum beating in people's heart, startling their mental state.

The mud flew but Ling Xu was unaffected. He crowed down as he leveled his silver spear: Kill!"

Instantly, the flamingo turned into a raging flame and rushed over.

Shaking his wrist, he borrowed the energy and pierced his spear into a Stone Gravel Beast effortlessly. The flamingo had no mercy at all like a tornado set on fire as it brushed against the Stone Gravel Beast.

When Ling Xu stabbed the third Stone Gravel Beast, the first crashed onto the floor.

With Flamingo, Ling Xu realized everything was a lot simpler. He only needed to pierce his spear continuously. That was easy for him. As such, he could aim and pierce his spear accurately. For the majority of martial artists, this might be a difficult task but for Ling Xu, it was super easy.

Instead, because of the high speed and sudden attacks, the power of his spear increased rapidly!

The Stone Gravel Beast fell to the ground like sliced wheat.

Ling Xu's fighting intent ignited thoroughly to his heart's content. With a thought, the high speed flamingo's figure turned, and ran up the wall!

The interweaving of red and silver was gorgeous, to the point that it caused people to choke, but so dangerous that it too caused people to choke!

The light stuck to the wall swept across, like a pen, smearing across the entire wall with a red and silver interweaving shining paint.

The frequency of the Stone Gravel Beasts appearing grew astonishingly, and Ling Xu took note of the altitude as he gathered them all, the spear forever doing one action, pierce!

Without any flashy movements, without any unnecessary movements, he pierced!

Two entirely different types of style, coarse and wild and succinct mixing together, was actually so dangerous and fatal!

The Xie villagers could only feel a red wind sweeping past them, and all the Stone Gravel Beasts in front of them suddenly falling onto the ground.

After just a few exchanges, all the surrounding Stone Gravel Beasts were swept clean.

While the Stone Gravel Beast King had set its resolve in fighting Xie Qing, the both of them finally took action! Ling Xu's display of astonishing fighting power, was much more astonishing compared to the both of them.

With Ling Xu's help, the entire situation was much more stable.

Ling Xu did a turnabout, and once again rushed forward to kill, alleviating the pressure on the villagers by a great deal.

Then, Ling Xu had a bold idea.

Those bastards hidden behind, they must definitely be hidden behind the stone graveled beasts. If he penetrated through his opponent's defense line then he would be able to force his opponent to emerge from his hiding!

Killing to his heart's' content, it was so exhilarating, causing Ling Xu's fighting intent in his body to soar even further, he could only feel that his entire body was wrapped up by a fireball, and was fearless.

He set his gaze towards the direction of the stone graveled beasts. In his orange tinted eyes, the intention to fight rose.

He patted the flamingo's head lightly with his left hand.

You're called the flamingo right? That was a splendid name, let us fight together!

And break down their line of defense!

Flamingo, go forth!

Ling Xu crouched down with the silver spear behind him. A long blazing fire ribbon hung down like a ball of dancing flames.

The flamingo bent down too as it garnered all its strength to the claws that were buried deep in the mud.

A blazing red and silver colour radiance intersected and radiated once again!
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