Chapter 195 – The pie that dropped from Heaven

 Chapter 195 - The pie that dropped from Heaven

Ming Hou's eyes swept across, although he was afraid of Tang Tian's strength, but those words, had even caused him to be embarrassed.

After that, he actually did not expect that Elder Lin would laugh and reply: "He he, no no it's not tough."

That affable face, in an instant caused everyone to be stumped. Elder Lin, who was widely known to be strict and fierce, when was he ever able to show such an expression?

Even if they handed over 100 million star coins for taxation, even if they offered rare star treasures, Elder Lin always had the ice cold look, don't even ask for a smile, even a gentle look was difficult to get out of him.

"Aiyaya, are you Wu Hou? Hey, you two don't look similar!" Tang Tian looked at the young lady, then looked at Elder Lin again.

Elder Lin smiled like a cheshire cat, not changing his look, but Wu Hou who was at the side, was scared to the point that his heart was at his throat.

Wu Hou coughed lightly: "This is Elder Lin, I am Wu Hou, Teacher Tang has come from a far place, and must be tired, let us quickly enter the residence."

Tang Tian looked at Wu Hou, and was then suddenly enlightened.

All the awkwardness from before was dissolved just like that, and everyone no longer brought it up tactfully.

The entire Wu Hou government became very busy.

Wu Hou, who was initially not satisfied with Tang Tian, was currently facing a huge enemy, and his mental state was stretched taut. The two elders followed them in, and they were completely out of character, with their warm and smiling expressions causing Wu Hou to be even more nervous.

Up until now, he had no idea what was happening. But the one thing that made him feel better was that Ming Hou was even more unlucky. Xia An was dead for no reason, and if Tang Tian really had a cause for coming, then the most unlucky person was definitely Ming Hou. Wu Hou was celebrating in his heart, that he himself had not shown any signs of dissatisfaction towards Tang Tian.

In the big hall, everyone sat down.

Upon seating, Elder Lin smiled happily and spoke to Tang Tian: "It seems like Little Brother Tang is not a local?"

"En, I'm not." Tang Tian sat down, and immediately his attention was attracted by the myriad of colorful cakes on the table, as he carefully took up a piece of green bean cake and put it into his mouth, he was immediately engulfed in the delicacy. In a blink of an eye, he had practically stuffed all the pastries into his mouth, his mouth was filled to the brim, and could not speak clearly.

"Where does Little Brother Tang come from?" ELder Lin smiled even more affably.

"For Boom Howy." Tang Tian could not say the words "Star Wind City" with his stuffed mouth.

Such a foreign and unfamiliar place....

Elder Lin and Elder Yun looked at each other, the cautiousness in their eyes growing even more.

"I wonder how old this little brother is this year?" Elder Yun smiled and ask.

"Servant teen!" Tang Tian choked a little, causing his eye whites to show.

17, this time the two elders heard and understood.

"You're really a promising young man!" Elder Lin complimented: "To reach the sixth level standard at aged 17, that is really rare. Then what blood meridians did you assimilate yourself with?"

Everyone held shock in their hearts, he really was a genius.

Tang Tian received the highest quality tea valued over ten thousand from the young lady, gulping down the entire cup in a mouth, and felt better.

Seeing that, Wu Hou's heart clenched. All the food were top quality golden ranked food, and would carefully hoard and hide them everyday, unwilling to eat. He had taken them out today specially, and never thought that Tang Tian would actually pour it down, it was practically wasting the food.

After feeling more comfortable, Tang Tian said: "Oh, I assimilated with two types." His eyes were already focused on the pastries on the other tables.

Double Blood Meridians!

Everyone was stirred upon hearing that, and a hint of panic flashed across Ming Hou's eyes, while the two elders looked at each other other in silence. The both of them were already convinced that Tang Tian's background was definitely outstanding.

This level of standard, was definitely something that not any random small place could groom. Since it was like that, it could explain the existence of the three powerful spirit generals that were with Tang TIan.

Seeing that Tang Tian enjoyed eating pastries, the young lady immediately ordered her servants to continue bringing him pastries.

From there, Tang Tian's mouth never stopped, he kept on eating, causing even the young lady to feel embarrassed.

Other people might have felt disdain for Tang Tian for his eating etiquette, but the two elders were accustomed to it. In all the large influential families, which had many crazy martial artists, and only these people, who would have outstanding accomplishments in martial techniques,

Knowing Tang Tian's background was special, the two elders knew what they had to do. They were both old veterans that had been in the world for so long, and had been living high and looking down every day, and could not be bothered about the various affairs. But at this time, the both of them were dishing out all kinds of flattery without a hint of stopping, complimenting Tang Tian until he had good feelings about them.

The two of them are such good people!

Wu Hou and Ming Hou's faces were full of puzzlement. The flattery by the two elders sounded really weird to them. No wonder they could be elders, while Wu Hou and Ming Hou could only lead a government, that was the difference between them.

The frame of their minds was as different as sky and earth.

Wu Hou could stay calm despite the tense situation, the situation unfolding was good for him. While Ming Hou could only secretly regret, and continue racking his brains on how he could restore the relationship with Tang Tian.

Ling Xu was extremely bored listening at the side. Tang Tian's performance, had once again showed off his improvements, and his happiness in his breakthrough was immediately lessened by a great deal. Hearing all the people talk nonsense, he became impatient. He could only think of putting more effort in training, and thought to defeat Tang Tian.

He suddenly stood up, and said: "I'm going to train." and walked out.

"Little Xu Xu all the best!" Tang Tian did not forget the shout.

The two elders glanced at Ling Xu. Although Ling Xu was strong, but he was not worth their attention. Their main target was still Tang Tian.

"How long does Little Tian plan to stay?" Elder Lin felt that he and Tang Tian were very close, and the names that he called became more intimate.

"I'm not staying." Tang Tian shook his head, threw away the cake in his hand, and said seriously: "I have urgent business on hand."

"Oh, what is it? Can we be of any assistance?" Elder Yun immediately asked.

The two elders were people who had seen and was accustomed to the affairs of the world, after a few bouts, they had roughly grasped Tang Tian's personality. Although Tang Tian was loud and noisy, but his personality was simple and honest and was kindhearted. These kinds of people, no one would hate him. And this person, who also had such a bright future, anyone would be willing to befriend him.

Ming Hou, who was at the side, was secretly happy, that was good, this brat was not staying in Tian Xing star cluster.

"I want to go to Southern Cross Constellation." Tang Tian explained.

The two elders were caught in a daze, after a while, Elder Lin asked: "Does little brother know the distance from here to Southern Cross Constellation?"

"I have seen the maps, it is very very far." Tang Tian replied truthfully, and clenched his fists tightly, and said seriously: "But I have already set my resolve, no matter how far or how difficult it is, I am still going!"

Tang Tian's words were resolute and decisive, causing the two elders to be moved.

After a short while, Elder Lin sighed, appreciation in his eyes: "This journey of yours has so many unknown dangers. But Little Tian, your goal makes people jealous. If I was younger, I would definitely travel with you."

Saying that, he retrieved out a jade pendant, and passed it to Tang Tian: "Little Tian wants to go to Southern Cross Constellation, then you will have to pass through Cetus Constellation, our Lin family that resides there is not a huge family, but having existed there for so many years, they might not be able to help greatly, but they still have some contacts nonetheless. If Little Tang has any problems, take out this jade pendant to any of the Lin Family, they will recognize it. And will definitely do their best to help."

With a solemn face, Tang Tian accepted the jade pendant, and said sincerely: "Many thanks to you, Brother Lin!"

Elder Yun then took out a silver weapon, and sighed: "We old people really envy you young people. Little Tang, this silver sextant instrument is for you. I used it in my younger days, and it has followed me to many places. It is able to differentiate directions very well on Heaven's Road, and in it there are records of all my previous voyages. Now that I am old, I am unable to move much, this I will give to you, and hope that it will be of use to you."

Elder Yun's expression was a look of unwilling, reminiscing his younger days, it was inevitably sad and depressing. Elder Lin patted his shoulder, consoling him.

Tang Tian was extremely touched, for someone who was insensitive, he accepted the silver sextant, and said loudly: "Big brother Yun don't worry, I will definitely not bring disgrace to it!"

Elder Yun was amused by Tang Tian's reply, he laughed out loud, and the hurt in his heart was lessened by a great deal.

Ming Hou suddenly opened his mouth: "Since it is a long and arduous journey, how can you go without a carriage? I have here the perfect silver Heavenly Steed Carriage, it is fast and powerful, and extremely comfortable, it's interior is big, with training facilities, and an all in one. I seldom go out, and it would be such a waste for me to have it, so i will gift it to you Little brother Tang, to use it efficiently. Little brother Tang, you must definitely give me some face!"

Tang Tian looked at Ming Hou's pleading look, he was astonished, there were people who pleaded other people to accept their gifts?

Listening to Ming Hou's explanation, Tang Tian felt that he really needed a carriage. He and Ling Xu were people who would train frantically, without a training facility, it would be very terrible.

The silver ranked carriage from Heavenly Steed Constellation, sounded very flashy!

"Thank you!" Tang Tian quickly replied.

Ming Hou was ecstatic, his heart finally heaved a sigh of relief, he patted his chest: "To be able to help Little brother Tang, a heroic young man, it is my Old Ming's honor!"

Wu Hou was shocked, that Heavenly Steed Constellation silver ranked carriage, Ming Hou actually had to use a countless number of methods to retrieve it, it was an extremely pricey treasure, to think that he would be so generous as to give it out today.

This fellow could make such prompt decisions!

Wu Hou became very angry, everyone was gifting something, he had to too. If he did not, the originally good relation, would quickly turn sour.

But, what is a good gift?

What Elder Lin gifted was friendship, Elder Yun and Ming Hou, gave treasures that could be used, what could he give?

Just at this time, the young lady sneakily ran to Wu Hou's ears and muttered two words, causing Wu Hou to be shocked.

He thought deeply for a few seconds, and turned to laugh: "My Wu Hou Government has a pitiful amount of treasures, and cannot compare to anyone. My young daughter and Teacher Tang's relation, is definitely fated. Teacher Tang has a huge goal, and have done things that I do not dare to, to which I am really envious and respectful of. My government wishes to offer one thousand rank six star rocks, to assist Teacher Tang's hurries. I also wish that Teacher Tang does not decline it, and to think of my young daughter your student from days to come, maybe come take care and teach her."

Everyone was emotionally stunned.

One rank six star rock was twenty thousand star coins, one thousand, that meant it was twenty million star coins!

Such a large amount of money caused everyone to be stunned. Twenty million star coins, wherever they were, it would be a huge sum of money.

Tang Tian was stumped for words, today was a dream come true for him.

Why is everyone trying their best to gift me something?

That is so weird....

Oh, if only everyday could be like this!
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