Chapter 158 – Ling Xu’s Willpower

 Chapter 158 - Ling Xu's Willpower


A surprising loftiness and grandeur, erupted out from Ling Xu's heart. A burst of unspeakable ice cold force, suddenly wriggled out from his heart, following a foreign narrow meridian, overcoming any obstacles along the way, like an extremely thin and delicate ice needle, in a flash going through his entire meridians. When it passed through the foreign narrow meridians, Ling Xu's body shuddered, as the ice cold force directly went straight for his spine.

"Ah ah ah ah!"

It was an intense pain, causing him to release beast-like wails, the pain was shown on his face clearly, his appearance distorted. The cold force directly pierced the deformed bones in his body, giving rise to a very strong pain, a hundred times more painful than the usual pain he felt.

"Ling Xu!" Tang Tian was shocked, he was surprised and feared from what was in front of him, and he was about to rush forward.

"Don't touch him!" Bing anxiously stopped Tang Tian.

"Bing! What is the meaning of this?" Tang Tian was extremely anxious.

"It's good for him." Bing said: "Only when he can endure through the entire thing."

Ling Xu's mind was in a blank, the pain, was like over ten thousand needles poking into his body, causing him to be covered in bruises. It was not his first time experiencing this pain. Although he would allocate dates to soak in medicinal liquid, but after a period of time, his body would not be able to bear the burden, and would always give him a huge reaction.

He was similar to a wild beast howling in pain, resonating around the whole Gu family, everyone could hear the sound, and turned in fright towards the direction of Ling Xu and Tang Tian.

Gu Xue and Mu Lei's face changed and rushed towards them.

The pain this time, other than the needles feeling, there was an additional cold pain in his bones. Under the acute pain, Ling Xu's body involuntarily bent like a shrimp.

His mind was in a blank, after an unknown period of time, the nothingness slowly faded as an old man walked out, holding a little boy's hands.

"Xu, do not train in the spear arts, as long as you live a good life, teacher will be very happy."

"No! Teacher, I will definitely train to completion in the pointed sea spear! I want to realize teacher's dreams!"

"Ke, Xu, you must first realize your dreams, not your teacher's dreams."

"But realizing teacher's dreams is Xu's dreams!"


The little boy held onto a wooden spear much taller than him, and trained alone.

Fail, Fail, fail again, the little boy's face was pale white, from time to time he would show some pain on his face, but he continued persevering as he trained.

Plop, the exhausted little boy, landed on the floor on his butt, as he cried 'Aoo' loudly.


"Xu, don't be disheartened, it's actually alright, teacher too had never completed the real Pointed Sea Spears."

The little boy stopped crying, he raised his head, the pair of tearing eyes was full of curiosity: "Teacher, has anyone ever mastered the real Pointed Sea Spears before?"

The old man was silent, after a while, he nodded his head: "Yes."

"Who is he? Is he very powerful?" The little boy was very curious.

Pain and sadness could be seen in the pupils of the old man: "He is a talented bad guy, he only wants power, he betrayed his own convictions, Xu, you must always remember, no matter when, to always be a good person."

The little boy had difficulty understanding, what was a talented bad guy, as he nodded with half understanding: "Little Xu will remember. Teacher, how did he master the Pointed Sea Spears?"

"Willpower." Teacher's laugh was filled with an obscured hardship: "Although he is not a good person, but he was the most persevering and had the most willpower. He was the most cruel to himself, he was that kind of person."

"Teacher, what is willpower?" The little boy enlarged his eyes as he asked.

"Willpower is that no matter what circumstances you are under, you will not give up." The teacher rubbed the little boy's head, and warmly encouraged: "Xu you must be a man with willpower in the future ok."

"En!" The little boy nodded his head vigorously, he committed it to memory

Only with willpower can he master the pointed sea spears, willpower meant no matter under what circumstance he must not give up!


Ling Xu, do you want to give, you absolutely cannot give up....

I definitely have willpower, I definitely can master the Pointed Sea Spears!

A solitary thin and weak deformed shadow, constantly falling in the snow, at times releasing wails of pain, the little boy's face was forever pale, as white as the snow on the floor.

Until one day, he unintentionally used the part between his fingers to roll the wooden spear, and the wooden spear spurted out all of a sudden.

He was stunned for a while as he happily cried out loud, he caused the snow on the tree to vibrate and fall.


In the winter snow, a frail figure, bent his back, in the dense snow, used his fingers to constantly bore through the snow layer which was as strong as steel.

In spring, the little boy was half naked, his deformed build, perspiring profusely. Every finger of his wound around a tough and durable leather rope, and at the other end of the rope, wrapped around the branches, were dangling logs which were thicker than his body.

In the summer, the frail figure slowly climbed a perfectly straight and erect cliff. His fingers would chisel into the rocks, perspiration dripping down from his chin, his body slowly moving up., Suddenly his back strength could not continue, and he fell from the several hundred meter tall cliff, loudly smashing into the deep natural pond below. The several hundred meter tall cliff, had countless holes the size of fingers drilled into it, it was uncountable.

In autumn, in the golden forest, a frail figure, would constantly use his fingers to twist the heavy wooden spear, Chi chi chi, shooting towards the dead leaves covering the sky.


No matter what, you cannot give up!

The teacher's words, were like rolling thunder, resonating in his mind.

Amongst the ice cold piercing pain in his spinal column, a foreign force was suddenly released, this portion of force, followed along his body, and entered his ten fingers.

Ling Xu felt that his ten finger bones, suddenly felt like they were as strong as steel reinforcing bars.

The pain did not alleviate, and actually became even stronger, but the bursting force coming from his ten fingers, was very clear, and very attractive.

The mixture of pain and growing in power, was a contradicting feeling, but it was currently distinctly and ingeniously mixing together.

Suddenly, Ling Xu had a sudden comprehension, that was willpower.

WIllpower was that bridge in between the feeling of pain and power.

Ling Xu's face was still as anguished as before, but he slowly opened his eyes, the color of orange pupils appearing. The linking of the meridians of the imposing gesture, that thread of power, continuously bore into his spinal column from his heart, the steady flow giving rise to steel like power, entering his ten fingers.

Relying on the astonishing willpower, Ling Xu began to get used to the pain coming from his spinal column. After getting used to the pain, he tried to control the situation.

He was very experienced in this, his broken body, was the opponent he had to fight with every single day. It was everywhere, his lifelong enemy.

To lose his Qi was to lose control of his energy, he was extremely patient, and slowly kept the energy and power from losing control. He had a violent character, but with regards to his own body, he was very patient. He was clear, his body was like a glass that could break anytime, who knew he would make his ten fingers, train under the circumstance such that they would become like steel reinforcing bars, but the other parts of his body, were extremely weak.

Like a dazzling torch, gradually lighting up in the darkness.

The violent Qi in the air that was enveloping the Gu Family, disappeared without a trace, as though it was everyone's mistake of thinking it was there in the first place.

Hu Hu Hu!

Ling Xu gasped for air, his orange eyes, kept staring at his own fingers.

The ten fingers had a deep dark green metal luster, they were very eye catching, an obvious show of power, caused him to be surprised. The pain in his body was like the sea waves that did not stop, as they continuously assaulted him. But he soon felt that, the sky was very beautiful, the sunlight was brilliant, the world was so pretty!

The threads of power, were transmitted to his fingers from his tightly bandaged spinal column.

His fingers lightly holding onto the spear lightly twisted.

Power exceeding his expectations, erupted from his fingers, and the spear suddenly disappeared.


The Pointed Sea Spears came out like a piece of starfall, bringing out a breathtaking brilliance and hiss that would cause fear in people!


Ling Xu suddenly laughed, as two teardrops followed his cheeks to his chin, like dew drops against the sunlight.

Teacher, I will definitely master the real Pointed Sea Spears!

Tang Tian stared blankly at the astonishing Pointed Sea Spears, as it slowly disappeared from the sky, when Ling Xu's silver spear disappeared from his hands previously, Tang Tian actually did not catch it!

The Pointed Sea Spears that Ling Xu brandished out, was stronger by a fold than usual!

"Hey!" Ling Xu's whose state of mind had cooled down, turned to look at Tang Tian, holding the silver spear in hand: "Thank you for this move!"

"Ah!" Tang Tian was finally awoken from his stupor, he regained his senses from the stun, rubbed his nose and laughed out loud: "How is it? Following this big boss me around, you can have sweetness and drink good stuffs, very awesome right! Come, be a good boy and call me big boss!"

"Idiot!" Ling Xu rolled his eyes, showed Tang Tian the back of his head, without looking back: "Be careful, if not I will throw you far behind, I dislike you as a burden!"

"Shit, lose to you?" Tang Tian was angered, he jumped out, pointed at Ling Xu's back and shouted: "Come, Little Xu Xu, I'll let you taste my enlightenment on the Five Statue Gestures! I'll immediately beat you till you bleed!"

Ling Xu waved his hands, he did not reply, and left.

Gu Xue, having lingering fears heaved a sigh of relief, she had wanted to advise Tang Tian to leave earlier, without waiting for her to open her mouth, she heard Tang Tian speak to himself: "No way, if I am really overtaken by Little Xu Xu, I will lose my face!"

Finished he waved at Gu Xue and Mu Lei, and disappeared.

Gu Xue and Mu Lei could only laugh bitterly, just at that time, a man flustered suddenly rushed in, he was Gu Xue's messenger that was sent out.

"Young Miss Young Miss!" the messenger was very agitated: "The elder has agreed! Agreed!"

Gu Xue and Mu Lei were stunned, soon after they were in ecstasy.

"Really?" Gu Xue was completely relieved of any burdens then, she was very excited, as she started to talk in incoherent speech: "That's great! That's great! Finally Elder Yu is willing to do something! Yan Xia and the rest will definitely be worried!"

Mu Lei punched out heavily, he was extremely emotional.

"Elder Yu said, this precedent cannot be exposed yet. He has already contacted a few of the experts from the other families." The messenger was also excited: "He will arrive anytime! For the rest of the experts from the other families, they will all follow after."

Gu Xue was filled with happiness: "Get the people to prepare downstairs, make sure everything is in order and prepared beautifully for the arrival of Elder Yu!"

Mu Lei nodded his head: "Leave it to me!"

Gu Xue's plea for help, finally let the Gu family see a trace of opportunity to survive.
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