Chapter 150 – The Harvest

 Chapter 150 - The Harvest

"Star treasures?" Ling Xu was deeply attracted to the few items in front of him.

"Mhmm, I never thought these two rascals would have so many star treasures on hand." Tang Tian was also surprised, but he laughed: "Haha, their luck is sure bad, there's nothing that could be used!"

Ling Xu looked and agreed.

A pair of weird looking bronze gloves, a pony, and two glass bottles.

Ling Xu picked the pony, while Tang Tian chose the gloves. Every since his Fornax Gloves had been destroyed, he never found a suitable weapon. Although the Blue Peacock helped in defending, it did not have much of an effect on attacking.

The gloves were made from bronze, and they looked extremely unique. Formed with layers of tiny feathers, they were extremely thick and sturdy. They even looked slightly oversized like a big water bag. In his hands, they felt heavy. Tang Tian attempted to wear the gloves and felt unusually comfortable. Tang Tian felt as though his hands were immersed in a pool of water.

He tried to instigate True Power into it.

Zheng zheng zheng!

The thick, loose feathers suddenly stood tall as though they were awaken from a deep sleep. Like flowing water, they started moving. In the blink of an eye, the gloves changed into another form.

Aye, that was interesting!

Right away, Tang Tian was interested. Before he could react, his Crane Body started moving.

The True Power gushed into the gloves. Ka ka ka, the sluggish feathers started flowing and moving. Tang Tian felt familiar with the movements of the feathers.

Unless, he had seen it somewhere before?

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, the Crane Body Energy! His Crane Body Energy was just like this. It will accumulate layers and layers of True Power?

Just as he thought about it, the Crane Body within him started stirring up some energy. It was as though Tang Tian could hear the cries of the crane!


The gloves stopped changing.

The gloves on his hands had changed completely. What was originally a pair of oversized gloves, now fit on his hands like a thin layer of silk. And, they covered all from the tip of his fingers to his wrist.

Even more fascinating was the sides of the gloves, there was a pair of wings shaped like a crane's wings. It was kept nicely now.

Tang Tian could already sense his fingers were much more active and alive. When he touched the limestone floor lightly, aye, he could not feel any restrictions, his fingers penetrated deep into it.

Tang Tian's eyes glistened.


Tang Tian then tried to instigate the Crane Body once again, chuchuchu! The sharp energy qi gushed out from his fingertips and left five small holes on the limestone.

This power excited Tang Tian. He started to communicate with the martial spirits of the treasures. Unexpectedly, he did not have to spend much energy and he could form a connection with the martial spirit of the glove.

The martial spirit of the gloves was a ball of qi mist. It looked slightly like the form of crane, but the martial spirit was not strong. It could be seen that it had not been nourished for a long time.

He was not sure if it was being acknowledged by the Crane Body Energy, the martial spirit was very intimate with Tang Tian. Tang Tian also noticed that the qi of the gloves' martial spirit made him super comfortable and cosy.

Seemed like he got himself a gem. After communicating with the martial spirit, he finally knew what the gloves were called.

Heavenly Crane Gloves!

Indeed, it was a treasure from Heavenly Crane Constellation!

Tang Tian was energised. This was definitely one of the most suitable treasures he had come by. Instantly, he was overjoyed.

Ling Xu's pony was a treasure from the Equuleus Constellation, which was the same constellation as the Soaring Boots of the Pony that Tang Tian had were from. But the bronze pony's quality was much higher than the Soaring Boots of the Pony. it could call out a bronze stallion which had almost the same speed as Tang Tian's Flamingo, it was an extremely useful treasure.

"If it were a battle treasure, it'd be fine." Tang Tian gazed at the bronzed pony.

"This is already good." Ling Xu was satisfied: "I only cultivate in spear arts. For our meridians, we don't ask for weapons to aid in our battles. If there really are treasures for battle, I won't use them. This small thing might help me save a lot of energy."

The stallion carried Ling Xu, who was holding the silver spear. He did look like a charming young lad.

"As long as you like it." Tang Tian did not agree. But from the beginning, he understood, everybody's choices would be different. There was nothing to force.

His gaze landed on the two glass bottles. In each of the bottle, a drop of blood floated. One of them was dark red, the other had a tinge of silver.

"What's this?" Tang Tian asked curiously.

"This is dwarf and angel blood!" Gu Xue spoke. She had just entered and coincidentally overheard Tang Tian's question and so, she explained: "You don't know about collection, then I'll help you. They absorb their blood meridians from an external source. Once they die, the blood meridians will gather automatically and coagulate into a drop of blood."

"Blood meridians can be absorbed?" Tang Tian eyes were wide opened.

"Mmhmm, some of them." Gu Xue explained: "Some can't. For example, Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians. But each type of blood meridians might not be suitable for some people. You can try. For silver ranked blood meridians, these two are quite good. The Dwarf Blood Meridians can increase your strength and speed, but they might in turn make you smaller in size. The Angel Blood Meridians can increase your speed, and they can make your movements more agile and active."

Ling Xu shook his head: "I'm not trying!"

Tang Tian tilted and asked: "Why?"

"I've already thought through it. I'm following my mentor's path." Ling Xu eyes was filled with determination: "I'm going to follow my mentor's theory and focus on the spear. Not borrowing strength from any external items and realise his expectations for me. This is my destiny!"

With that, it was as if Ling Xu had a tinge of grace.

Gu Xue was slightly surprised, but Tang Tian was happy for Ling Xu. He finally found his way back home, and thus, all the breakthroughs in his mental state brought about such changes. Ling Xu had been a nomad for so many years and had long taken form. As his mental state had breakthroughs, it continuously nourished him. He could foresee Ling Xu was welcoming a phase of time where he would improve significantly.

Tang Tian's understanding for strength left a deeper impression for him.

"Pretty awesome." Tang Tian giggled: "Then, I shall try."

Tang Tian chose the Dwarf Blood Meridians. He had a deep impression of the Dwarf Blood Meridians. If he could absorb the dwarf's blood, then his powers would immediately rise by one rank.

"How do we absorb them?" Tang Tian asked Gu Xue.

"You can just swallow it." Gu Xue was slightly anxious: "Sometimes, there might be adverse reactions. This means that your body is adapting to its strength. You have to pull through it."

Tang Tian replied with an 'oh', and gulped down the dwarf's blood. The dark red drop of dwarf's blood did not have a stench to it. On the contrary, it was aromatic. Tang Tian poured it lightly and swallowed it down.

Gu Xue looked tensed and anxious. She looked at Tang Tian, not willing to blink her eyes. Ling Xu's face was serious. He had been on Humble Forest Planet for so long and had a deeper understanding of blood meridians than Tang Tian. As such, he knew how dangerous it would be to swallow blood meridians.

One minute had passed... five minutes had passed...

Time started to slip away.

Tang Tian tilted his head, looking depressed.

"How do you feel?" Gu Xue asked, sounding nervous.

"Nothing, I don't feel a thing." Tang Tian shrugged and said with an odd expression: "Is this thing a fake?"

"Nothing?" Gu Xue was stunned and she reacted and gasped: "How is it possible?"

Ling Xu was looking confused: "impossible! How can there not be any reaction?"

Then, Mu Lei ran over after overhearing the din. As though Gu Xue had found a cure, she asked Mu Lei hurriedly. Mu Lei had a rich experience. His Heavenly Green Blood Meridians were also absorbed.

After hearing Miss' explanation, Mu Lei was stunned. He had never once seen nor heard of such a thing.

Everyone looked at one another.

"How?" Tang Tian hesitated. He then looked at the other glass bottle: "Should I try that? Maybe the Dwarf Meridians are not compatible with me?"

"Better not!" Gu Xue shook her head continuously.

Slap, a huge palm grabbed hold of the glass bottle.

Extending his head, he swallowed the angel blood into his stomach.

Gu Xue panicked: "Why are you like this?"

Mu Lei did not say a word. He stared closely at Tang Tian. Ling Xu remained silent and stared at Tang Tian too.

Ten minutes later.

"Still no reaction." Tang Tian shrugged disappointingly: "Seems like I'm not suited to absorb blood meridians! Don't worry about me guys, I might be special."

"It should be a problem of essence." Mu Lei said unsurely, but he heaved a sigh of relief: "It's good that you're fine!"

"Hahah, nothing will happen!" Tang Tian laughed, pretending to be relaxed: "What could two drops of blood do to a godlike young lad?"

"Merely two drops of blood?" Gu Xue was obviously angry at Tang Tian's reckless actions and laughed sarcastically: "You do know how much you can sell each drop of blood for yeah?"

"How much exactly?" Tang Tian was stunned and he asked.

"The dwarf blood could be sold for a million star coins, whereas the angel blood could be sold for seven hundred thousand star coins. Since now that you have gulped them down, you have just lost one million and seven hundred thousand star coins." Gu Xue said sarcastically.

"One million and seven hundred thousand star coins..." Tang Tian stuttered. His voice shook.

"That's right, if you're in luck, you can definitely sell them both for two million star coins." Gu Xue laughed at his misfortune.


Tang Tian screamed so loudly that it echoed far away.


Severely impacted, Tang Tian went looking for Bing. Two million star coins was a huge sum to him. Now, he did not even have that much on him.

Bing laughed at his misfortune too: "Oh, two million star coins? How does it feel? Is it sweet or bitter?"

Tang Tian looked vicious. He kept quiet and started throwing a tantrum in the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures.

Poor Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, it became an outlet for Tang Tian to vent his anger. Tang Tian let out all of his steam for a total of 10 minutes, before he came out from the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures.

Tang Tian then sat beside Bing: "Hey uncle, you can still control the mechanical weapons??"

"Duh!" Bing rolled his eyes: "If the instructor isn't capable, how can he teach other people?"

"What do you call that method? It was amazing!" Tang Tian then quickly cast the two million star coins to the back of his head and asked Bing.

"Green Red Cross Scythe." Bing replied without blinking, and said in a matter-of-fact manner: "It is a type of martial technique used to assault in the battlefield."

"Can you teach me?" Tang Tian's eyes lit up, looking sincere.

"Not now!" Bing replied straightforwardly. He never waited for Tang Tian to probe, instead he changed the topic: "How's your Blue Peacock?"
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